Reader Question: Good Home for 1992 Roadmaster?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Sarah asks: I am no longer driving. I have a 1992 Buick Roadmaster, maroon, with leather seats, still runs well.

I am no car lover but I hate to see this car given to some drug dealer who will destroy it.  Is there an automobile museum that might like to have it as a gift? It does have some problems. The window behind the drivers seat does not work. The passenger seat in front does not work. The glove box does not work. There is a scratch on the passenger side and several Walmart parking lot dents where the finish is not broken. There is one spot on the trunk where I think the paint is disturbed. I think it still gets about 28 miles per gallon.  What should I do with this car? It belonged to my uncle and he was so proud of it. I have driven it for about 24 years.

My reply: This is a great car – one of the last affordable full-size/RWD and V8-powered cars made. I know just what you mean about the horror of having some baggy pants, gold-toofed thug turning it into a gnomesayin’ mobile on dey 22 inch reeeeums.
You didn’t mention where you live. If you were within reasonable driving distance, I’d be very tempted to come get that car myself! Please post a follow-up comment letting the readers here know your general location (state, etc.) and perhaps how to contact you.
I am betting there will be someone here who is very interested in that car!
Another option is to place an ad in Hemmings Motor News, which is “the bible” of the old car hobby. You are very likely to find a buyer who appreciates and respects the car.
Bottom line, you are the owner – and you don’t have to sell (or give) it to anyone who doesn’t pass muster.
I would hold onto it until you find someone who does!

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  1. That car would be the perfect excuse for me to buy a new paint gun. 28 mpg is what the wife’s Cutlass gets.

    The only thing better would be the 96 Anniversary model station wagon. I doubt you’ll find anyone giving one of those away.

    I hate to say it but a Buick with a Chevy engine was the most reliable car they ever made.

    Of course Scotty Kilmer wouldn’t admit it since his list of the best top ten engines doesn’t mention the small block Chevy, the first factory engine to be balanced.

    • Hi Eight,

      I don’t know this Scotty Kilmer dude, but if he did not include the Chevy small block in any list of “best engines ever,” the guy is suspect…

      • eric, excuse me but I omitted it was a list of the top 10 best V8’s. Scotty had a Mustang back when. I once raced a GT 500 with a double carb 428, a 67 or 68 I believe. The old Malibu et it up.

        When I was a freshman in college there was a guy down the hall from me who had a Hemi Charger. No doubt when he was “trying” to go somewhere. You’d hear that Chrysler starter working overtime with the occasional cough, choke, wheeze, die. He’d finally get it lit and it shook the rafters….but he wouldn’t race me.

        I had a great time racing people who would demand to see the engine they were up against. Right there on the chrome air cleaner top was “275 HP”. Some didn’t believe that.

        I was reminded recently by my best friend of the time when some guy with a hot Camaro in a nearby town came to specifically race me and put the Lie to rest that Malibu was the eater of fairly much anything. He came with friends and cheater slicks….and it did sound bad. So we unloaded everybody and raced driver to driver. He, of course, got me bad off the line with a Rock Crusher and drag slicks to my close ratio and 3.31 rear gear, and while it did run strong the look on the guy’s face when I went by him in 3rd gear was priceless. His cheering section was going a bit apey so I’m told. He was a black guy so they were giving my white friends a lot of grief. We both pulled up to the starting line and reloaded. I heard him say, well, we all heard him say “Shut the fuck up”. And that, as they say, was that. I never saw him again.

  2. Dang, that is almost the gas mileage of my little 4 cylinder 2006 Chevy wagon, and a damn sight more comfortable. Isn’t progress wonderful ?

    I wouldn’t mind having the Buick to replace the Chevy, but it wouldn’t be a museum piece. I don’t even have a garage for it and it would be driven until one or the other of us got too damn old as well.

    Buttercup wouldn’t like it because it would be too big for shopping in town.

  3. I bet there is a reader here that would want that car!

    Maybe a potential revenue source for the site? Maybe twice monthly available cars article, and successful match ups and sales sending Eric a commission cut (5-10%)?

    • That’s an excellent entrepreneurial idea Rich. The web’s only libertarian car site can expand into the libertarian car brokerage/marketplace.


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