Latest Radio: Real News With David Knight 3/1/19

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Here’s the audio of my most recent appearance on Real News With David Knight. We talked about auto-immolating Teslas and the ongoing efforts to throttle our mobility by controlling our cars:

. . .

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    • The only problem is AOC is DANGEROUS! I don’t think many Americans appreciate how dangerous she is. She’s all over the media, who treat her pronouncements as Gospel truth. I think that she has George Soros’ money backing her too, because NOBODY comes out of nowhere like she did to defeat 10 termer Joe Crowley, who was #3 or #4 in the Democratic Party leadership

      • There was a time when someone like “AOC” who has the apparent mentality of a 5-year-old would not even be able to find an audience, let alone get elected. What makes her dangerous is that there are hordes of useful idiots coming of voting age who demand that the gunvermin give them free everything. They salivate at the stupid, nonsensical drivel that comes out of AOC’s mouth and they will vote for it.

        • As I said above, AOC did NOT get to Congress her own! Yes, she may have out-hustled and out-worked Joe Crowley (who did little or no campaigning; he didn’t take AOC seriously), but that doesn’t account for her rise to Congress. She answered what amounts to a casting call put out by Justice Democrats, a George Soros funded group whose aim it is to put socialists into Congress. You can learn more here:

          • I have no problem believing AOC is a Soros plant – however Soros & company would not have been able to put her there without the willing complicity of people dumb enough to be manipulated into voting for her. That there are so many of such people and that more of them reach voting age every day is scary as hell.

            • She only got like 16,000 votes; for a big city district, that’s nothing. Joe Crowley, the 10 termer she defeated, just mailed it in; he didn’t campaign at all because he thought the vote would be automatically his. Secondly, AOC’s district is largely Latino now, so I think there was some tribalism working in her favor.

              • She was handed the primary via vote fraud, then the media made her a rock star before the general election. She was being quoted and hyped in the media as though she was the president before she got to congress.

                AOC is living proof that elections are fraudulent and that a media creation can be installed in office anywhere at any time.

                • Hi Anon,

                  Indeed. Recall how Obama came out of nowhere, literally – and was – suddenly – everywhere. Shortly thereafter, he was president.

                  AOC and “Beto” O’Rourke – the Mexican Irishman – are being similarly anointed now.

    • I prefer “Occasionally Coherent”. And yes, she is a thoroughly dangerous woman. What she does is normalize bad ideas i.e. “Green New Deal”. These ideas are horrible and will destroy this country, and people have said so openly, but there will always be a few people who don’t get the memo and will continue to believe that AOC actually had her head on straight when she said them. And so, the bad ideas slowly make their way into the mainstream discussion.


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