Life is Short

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Local guy – a guy I know – got killed last night (news story here) driving his rat rod VW Beetle. No one knows yet exactly what happened; only that he lost control of the car and veered off the road into a ditch. He was apparently partially ejected from the car and crushed underneath it.

He was 45.

Like most of us here, he loved cars. He had a thing for old VWs especially and did some fine work. The rat rod he died in had just been completed and it appears he was out enjoying the first nice day of the year so far when this happened.

Then, gone.

It is always surreal when this happens; we tend to think life is forever and never that this day might be the last one.

Sometimes, it is.

It is important to remember that it could be. Life happens – and so does death.

We have this moment. Nothing else is promised much less guaranteed.

Be careful out there. We are all more fragile than we know.

Godspeed, Danny.

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  1. I cant imagine what the transition is between life and whats next is. Its a one way street. I guess its blackness. Ive had two close family and an old goirlfriend pass in the last two years. I still mourn them. For some reason I thought they couldnt die. The fact we’re given life is a miracle all by itself. And its so fragile. Just be a good person while youre here I guess. What the heck else can you do

  2. Hi Eric ,

    So sorry to hear this. One never knows when their time is up. Some die laying in their bed. Some die in a squirrel suit on a cliff somewhere because they pushed it too far. Had a gf years ago, didn’t work out, too much distance. When I finally came to my senses and looked her up, found out she’d met a guy, got married, three months later had a car accident, ended up in the same hospital she worked at, died a week later on her 26th birthday. Cried for a week I think. Life can be long or short I reckon, make the most of it. At 50 I’m still trying to work that out. Hope you and your crew find peace and solace. Cool rat rod, I’m betting I would have liked him. Prayers for ya brother.

  3. Rest in peace, Danny boy

    I always think of a kid I knew in HS I’ve known since middle school, let’s call him Z

    Wasn’t close, but my home town’s semi small enough to know whose who. Kid was 17, at a party and his parents wanted him home.

    Problem with my town are the Deer, you don’t need cops with those giant rats around. If I remember correctly, swerves to avoid one, hits a fence and is flung out the windshield.

    Don’t assume anything, just live your life to the fullest when ya can (cause sadly, we got jobs)

  4. Things like this make you realize how absurd to current ubiquitous concept of sacrificing the present to reap; some hoped-for bonanza in the distant future is.

    People throw away their youth to “prepare for a career” [Translation: A slot in the rat-race]
    They endure misery foir 40 years so they can have a nice retirement- if they live that long; if their pension doesn’t go bust; if the market doesn;’t crash again… Then maybe, they can have a few good years when they’re too old and infirm to enjoy it….

    A friend who is worth several million, has always worked very hard- Getting up early, doing physical dirtywork; living like a pauper. Now at 70, he comes down with prostate cancer which has spread to the bone. NOW he’s finally spoending some of that money- buying his first new vehicle since he was a kid, etc…..

    A couple I’ve known for 40 years; European immigrants- always said they’d go back to their country eventually. The prosperity they’ve had here has just about killed them- faring sumptuously like kings has made them fat and sickly. They finally bought a house back in their country- but they’ll likely never make the move before they die, as they are both sickly- the husband is pretty muich an invalid now- and even if they make it back there…they won’t be able to enjoy it.

    Time and health are most precious riches. Cherish and enjoy every single day of your life, Tomorrow may never come- and if it does, you may not be able to enjoy, and would definitely regret it if you sacrificed younger days for it. People who sell-out their lives for toys and standings in the rat-race, look back and wonder where all the time went, and what it was all for; the things they spent their lives vying for, are but distant meaningless memories.

    • That reminds me of my Wasted Youth: booze, drugs, sex, and fast cars – I didn’t do any of those things! What was I thinking ????

      • Me neither, Dread! Life is too short to throw away our health and longevity on stuff that really has no value other than alleviate boredom. More than half the kids I grew up with are either already dead (Didn’t make it to 50) or are like old men already at my age (57 next month)- and for what? Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed good health my whole life, and am still “young” (I had a chance to a date a hot 23 year-old a couple of years ago- but never having used drugs, my mind is still intact….so I thought better of the opportunity and passed!)

        Friend o’ mine (Same one with the cancer) rode motorcycles all of his life (still does, at 70)- had numerous crashes; never really took care of himself; so, even by the time he was myu age, he already had an artificial hip; knee; bionic shoulder parts, etc. lives on pain pills fdor all the arthritis….and has been under the knife more than 20 times (O-K, once was for being shot by a hit-man) which probably contributed to/caused the cancer.

        People probably think I’m boring, but I enjoy the simple pleasures and more intellectual pursuits. “Thrilling” experiences, like getting high or going real fast don’t hold any water with me, for they are mere physical and very temporary experiences.

        • “People probably think I’m boring, but I enjoy the simple pleasures and more intellectual pursuits. “Thrilling” experiences, like getting high or going real fast don’t hold any water with me, for they are mere physical and very temporary experiences.”

          Same here, Nunz! My coworkers always tell me that I’m “missing out” by not going to the club, getting wasted, having sex, etc. Ha! The only thing(s) I’m missing out on are either a night at the pen, paying child support, or even a long nap in the “pine box”. The latter will come eventually anyway, but I digress.

          • BG,

            I remember years ago, I’d be taking a long walk at night with my dog [My idea of fun!], and I’d walk past some restaurant down by the lake, that would function as a discoi; and I hear the thumping music playing; and some gaudily-dressed person coming or going; or someone heading to the parking lot with some skank, -and I would realize the huge chasm that exists between the world-at-large and me- by considering that one could easily find 100 people who’d gladly go into that disco, but none who do as I was doing- walking through the quiet streets with my dog for 4 or 5 miles, and thinking; and enjoying the atmosphere and the quietness and the weather……

            To think…such a pursuit was so unique: I once had a prospective customer call me, and in process of talking he thought he knew me, and said “Are you that tall skinny guy with buck teeth and the yellow truck?” [I knew who he was talking about- a friend and competitor of mine]- to which I replied “No”, and realizing that this person’s house was oin a route that I’d often walk past with my dog at night, I just said “You’ve probably seen me; I walk all over town in the evening with my big black and white dog”- and immediately the guy knew who I was!

            I couldn’t fathom ever setting foot in that disco. Just hearing the remnants of the noise that escaped the building from a distance…sheesh! I like quietness (Yeah, even in my teens and 20’s)…..

    • Nunz, you really nailed it with that one. In retrospect getting stuck with the bill for a welfare case’s bastard was really good for me. Seeing government for what it is (force and fraud), and being put in a position where it is obvious that it is NOT worth it to slave away for a future plan which is absolutely uncertain. We don’t know when we will pass on, and there is no point in striving to accumulate in this world where property rights are an illusion.

    • Thanks, RK… it’s a bummer. We think someone (or a deer) may have pulled out in front of him and caused him to swerve abruptly, resulting in loss of control.

      • eric, one of those “didn’t have to be” deaths most likely. I saw this time and time again growing up. People would roll a car, get thrown out and then killed by the car. I don’t believe in mandatory seat belt laws, esp. for big rigs, but I wear one although I use a device to keep that damned chest belt off me. It makes the entire system less safe but I can’t live with that damned strap.

        OTH, I have no problem with just a seat belt. It’s saved my life, YMMV. I believe the only reason for shoulder belts is “so the cops can see if you’re not wearing one”. How would they know with just a seat belt? They wouldn’t so that’s one less source of income….for them.

        Well, I’m sorry this guy bit it. It’s almost always a tragedy for several people at least. RIP.

  5. That really sucks. Unfortunately I can’t say it will get better as you get older. People just keep dying on you.

    Hell, the whole world I knew is dead and gone, and has been replaced by some twisted bizarro funny farm.

  6. So sorry to here this, Eric. 🙁

    Makes it seem even worse, that it was someone out enjoying himself on an early nice day…..


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