Helicopter Life

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This woman I know, ex girlfriend from a long time ago (before I was married) calls me to relate her woes. She is divorced, too – and a single mom of a nine-year-old boy. She is also really struggling to make ends meet, financially – and (like me) self-employed.

She tells me about her son’s basketball games. These are torturous, never-ending, all-encompassing. As an example, she had to drive (well, she chose to drive) 90 minutes one way to attend three games on Saturday. One at 10, the other at 1 and the third at 3 or so.

Then another game on Sunday.

This schedule is typical. Always, a got-damned game. Hyper-scheduled, scripted and organized.

And then there are the practices.

The kids are kept perpetually busy at mindless athletic drills – the better to prevent them from thinking. And the parents kept perpetually exhausted.

Now, she’s broke, too.

And, like me, she is a freelancer, which means she runs her own gig. Which means she never clocks out. She tells me about a must-deliver deadline for a project early this week – and that she is wiped out and at the end of her rope.

I ask her why is she spending the entire weekend driving to this contrived, over-the-top mini-me NBA juggernaut? I ask her, which is more important – keeping food on the table and the mortgage paid . . . or four pointless, meaningless basketball games?

He’s nine. And not Michael Jordan, either.

It makes my teeth ache.

The kid – and he is not atypical –  is never left alone to figure out how to entertain himself; it always has to be some organized/mass-social thing. Bussed to and from, strapped into the minivan.

Meanwhile, the kids hardly even know each other outside of games/practice. They are brought from all over, the game is played – as if a matter of life or death – and then a diaspora back to the ‘burbs.

The game forgotten as the next one rolls up on the schedule.

I asked: Why not explain to your son that mom has to work and give him some books to read or some chores to do (she hires a lawn service to deal with her 1/4 acre lot) or just let him do his own thing for a weekend? He’s nine – not a diaper-wearing toddler. The kid should be out exploring the woods, creeks, playing with his friends… .


The parents – neurotic about the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety of their offspring –  helicopter hover over them literally 24/7 and well into their teens.

The kids are never free to do what they want, on their own.

And neither are the parents.

End result?

Helpless, dependent and cloying kids who have no idea how to do anything on their own – who expect to be told and led and entertained  . . . by inevitably prematurely aged, beaten/defeated parents.

God help us all.

I am convinced that the Youth loves Bernie – that is, loves authoritarian socialism – because it is what they know. They were brought up to love it. To know nothing else. For them, independent action – liberty – is as unthinkable as letting a nine-year-old kid go for a ride – without a helmet! – around the neighborhood – and without his mom tagging along.

Does anyone remember?

I do.

As a boy of nine, I – like all my friends – wanted to get away from our moms. And we did. With their blessing. They wanted to do their own thing, too.

After school, on weekends, we jumped on our banana-seated bicycles with ape-hanger bars and took off, in gangs or alone. We’d explore construction sites, look for the left over wires from blasting caps and climb on the heavy equipment. Hunt frogs. Play a game of pick-up football we organized. The last thing any of us wanted was our parents around.

Particularly mom.

The worst imaginable insult a boy could endure was to be called a momma’s boy.

We’d be gone for hours. Until it got dark – and sometimes later. It was not cause for an Amber Alert.

We did not wear helmets, either. We jumped homemade ramps. We were not strapped into saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety seats like pint-sized Hannibal Lectors. We walked or ride our bikes to school. Unchaperoned. Sometimes, we’d ask the bus driver – who maybe smoked – to stop and let us off at a different stop. She would.

Imagine it.

We’d run amok and get dirty and cut. No one cried for mom. Sometimes there would be a fight (just fists; this was pre gnomesayin’ days).

Above all, we’d be out doing our own thing. We were – at nine and even younger – proto-adults. Loose, free. Figuring the world out for ourselves. We developed habits of independence; we learned – through experience – what to do and what not to do.

Today, it seems all boys are momma’s boys – or being converted into them, whether by conditioning or pills. Soporific the boys, especially. A steady diet of Ritalin and Prozac cures all ills. If they fidget, they are “ADD.”

More drugs. Counseling.

My friend’s nine-year-old doesn’t even get to cut the grass – too dangerous! – and forget playing with his friends or exploring the boundaries of his neighborhood and see what’s out there unsupervised.

Meanwhile, the girls are bossy and imperious, hyper-social and organized. Proto Hillarys in yoga pants who will graduate, in time, to the pants suits that are their destiny.

It will not end well for either.

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  1. Wow does this bring back a bunch of great memories; my early years were spent in a new development of veterans housing so there were a bunch of us baby boomer kids exploring the woods and the houses still under construction. We rode our bikes everywhere, played “cops and robbers”, “cowboys and Indians” and other non pc games while firing cap guns at each other. Wish I had saved a cap gun to show my grandson, maybe they have some in a museum somewhere. For sure anyone holding even a water pistol nowadays would be shot on sight by some porker who “feared for his safety”.
    You nailed it Eric, kids today will never know what they’re missing thanks to the uber nanny state; I’m too old to move plus I doubt there’s anywhere to go that hasn’t been infested to some degree by the social control freaks ☹️

  2. This is a very relevant post Eric. My nephew spent the weekend in the Pony League (13 year olds, not quite full size field) World Series. Who knew that was even a thing? The whole team was flown out to Los Angles (from Johnstown PA), got to spend a few days at the Double Tree and my sister and the rest of the family drove. The team did pretty well too, making it to the championship game where they lost to the team from Seoul S. Korea.

    Every spring my sister and I have a conversation about summer trip plans and that she wants to come out and visit. I think if the opportunity came up she’d move out west too, but they have a lot of roots and (thankfully) she’s closer to my parents than I am. But then baseball season starts and all that goes by the wayside. Not only that but some idiot with too much money built an indoor baseball field for winter leagues, so it’s baseball all year round. Once you’re in that world it becomes another social network. All the parents know each other, they all are in the Facebook together, they all know what’s going on in each other’s lives. I’m sure they are in the same boat as the kids, they know the team parents but don’t know their next door neighbor at all, and because they put all this energy into planning, shuttling and fundraising (oh yea, this stuff ain’t free), they never take time to stop and look around.

    My brother in law pushes both the nephews pretty hard but they seem to enjoy it. Realistically he might get a scholarship out of it, but I’ll bet this morning he’s thinking he’ll be a big-league pitcher someday. I think a little of that is OK, let the kid do something when he has the chance. But actually setting the expectation of possibly turning pro is insane. We humans are pretty bad at calculating odds. The number of professional athletes is a rounding error compared to the number of little league and even minor league players, and it’s all or nothing. No one makes any money until they get in the (monopoly) Major League. That’s they way they like it, unlimited supply of and no demand for players.

    When I was in grade school I was on the swim team, mostly because my sister was on the swim team and so therefore so was I. I hated it. She loved it. She’s got a bunch of trophies and red white and blue ribbons. I have a few yellow and purple ribbons. I don’t think it had any real impact on my life other than I really don’t like swimming and a minor fear of catching athlete’s foot. One of the happiest days of my youth was the day they announced the pool would need major repairs and they didn’t have the funding so it closed permanently. I started riding a bicycle and haven’t stopped since. I don’t race, I don’t hang out with other cyclists and I only track my rides to crunch numbers later. If I have a slow day I don’t get upset, if I have a particularly fast day I don’t “share” it and boast, just enjoy the feeling that I did something better than I did the day before.

    When I was in high school I was in marching band. At the time competitive marching bands were a thing. For all I know they still are. I liked that I could hang out with my friends, but I probably shouldn’t have been in band, because my grades took a major hit and I got delusions of being a professional musician. Every weekend for months on end were taken up with going to competitions. Every afternoon was practicing for 2 hours after school. Every August was band camp. The upside was making out in the back of the bus on the way home. The downside was that I really didn’t want to be there. A lot of the kids’ parents were nowhere to be found. I thought they were the lucky ones. My parents (or at least my mother) felt it her responsibility to accompany the band and cheer, get all decked out in the band colors and generally make an ass of herself. She enjoyed the experience much more than I did (well, except for the making out on the bus). She would even be a chaperone for the big spring trips, which made my life even more of a living hell. I figured she was reliving her youth through the band. I hope my nephews don’t resent their parents’ helicoptering like I did, but kids are different today, so maybe it’s not a big deal. We’ll find out when puberty really kicks in I guess.

    (Where the hell did all that come from?)

  3. I know a couple with two pre-teen boys. Both play sports, and neither is any good. Both will be lucky to make the JV team in high school. But I tell ya, those games are LIFE AND DEATH!!! 2 1/2 hour football practices, three times a week, for eight year-olds. Grown men SCOUTING opposing Little League teams for weaknesses. Batting cage sessions during the “offseason”. It’s disgusting. And none of these kids are found without either a ball or cell phone in their hand. I really do feel sorry for those kids, because they’re paying a high price for their parents stupidity. Social shaming needs to make a comeback, and yesterday.

  4. Nothing is worse than todays parents, getting with other parents, and finding “wives and husbands” for their kids – WHILE THEY ARE STILLIN HIGH SCHOOL.


  5. “Meanwhile, the girls are bossy and imperious, hyper-social and organized. Proto Hillarys in yoga pants who will graduate, in time, to the pants suits that are their destiny. It will not end well for either.”

    Living in the putrid petri dish of NY, I see it already the results of masculinized women taught that they have to be men to be respected and that men are always the enemy. The result is that so many women are absolutely miserable – the men who still retain an ounce of testosterone cannot be bothered by them and opt to date Asian and other more demure ethnic groups. The other men use the Hillary beasts as cum rags. They know the lies to tell them to get a DNA spray and throw them away. It is kind of amusing to witness.

    Having worked in an office with low estrogenized women – it became comedic to listen to them bitch about men and the glimmer of hope in their eyes when they found a new sucker, er uh man – who as soon as he got what he wanted or realized what he was getting, was out the door.

    The frankensteins’s monster of a social experiment is producing its intended aberration. One would think that the victims of this malice would be chasing the doctors Frankenstein through the streets with pitchforks and torches by now.

  6. The society has been engineered against boys for decades. My first taste of school in kindergarten had a chain smoking frustrated woman as my teacher. She had an abject hatred for young boys, namely Euro-Christian boys and made certain to do her best to send them into the labyrinth of “special ed” – her reasons were two-fold: 1) she got rid of a boy, boys taking away from house time with preferred little girls and effeminate boys destined for the gay pride parade or broken on the alter of marriage before an overbearing beast. 2) She and the school would reap financial rewards from the federal government to “instruct” special ed.

    At five-years-old this harpy who now surely burns in hell, sent me for a psychiatric evaluation. A five-year-old… I still have the report nearly 40 years later – I was stubborn, above average intelligence with advanced for my age linguistic ability – but needed a “firm hand” as I would challenge “authority”. Gee – a smart ass boy.. Cue the Ritalin. At five-years-old this twat was trying to put me int the puzzle factory with retards and lunatics for being a BOY.

    I personally knew of two others boys whom she tried to condemn to special ed, neither requiring it. How many more did she condemn in her career of breaking young boys? Surely she was teaching for 30+ years. Easily she could have destroyed hundreds in that time – three a year for 30+ years.

    This is what is aligned against boys back in the 1970’s. Before third wave feminism, before the stranglehold of cultural marxism. They have been breaking boys who would become men for decades. The preferred model of boy is an effeminate simp, unquestioning, un-observant and docile. It is the model of “citizen” that is commanded now. If a child can not be broken, he will be drugged and then broken. How else can you explain the Eight Year Act of Terrorism that only concluded this past January? Imagine trying to pass off such an effeminate simp as a president in any other age?

    The plan is working and has been for quite some time. I remember George H W Bush being criticized as being weak – a man who piloted warplanes against the Japanese and was forced to ditch in the Pacific Ocean was once painted as weakly – regardless of what we now thing of HW and his family, his acts during the war show he was not a weakling.

    • Whether or not he was a weakling he’s always been a vicious, scheming psychopath. There’s nothing positive that you could say about him that I would agree with.

      • I agree – but after what we were saddled with for the past 25 years, HW by default seems like a patriotic grandfather.

        My point was that HW was painted as a wimp in the 1980’s – for 8 years 0bama was propped up as a “man” in mom jeans who frequented gay bath houses… The war on masculinity could not produce a more direct product.

        • Yeah, I saw your point and it’s a valid one, but Wobbly Bush could only be seen as a patriotic grandpa by airhead GOPtards. That fucker is so transparently phony and evil that only TV addicted GOPtards have any regard for him whatsoever.

          Not saying that you’re one of that crowd, but I’m telling you where I stand on the subject of the Bush clan.

      • Ed, gotta agree with you there.

        I recall a conversation with a AFColonel later recruited by the CIA and later nearly died following an “accident ” when he decided he no longer wanted to be their patsy.

        When discussing Bush 1’s military career he got het up and said “I’ve ditched a plane too but I never lost a crew member or left one behind ”

        I could tell he knew more about the circumstances involving Bush than what was said. He seemed to have a real hard on about the situation.

        He was so Pissed I didn’t query him for details although I would have liked to hear more about it.

        • Good point, 8. That’s the part of his vaunted “service” that is always left out of his legend. Wobbly is so blatantly full of shit that I used to regard that act of his as pure arrogance, but I’ve come to see it as proof that he’s an idiot. The arrogance he wears like a jacket, but the stupidity is part of the evil in his character.

          In my experience, evil people are always stupid. The idea of an evil genius isn’t valid. Genius is proof of a sterling spirit and has no place in the makeup of an evil person. The most any of these evil politicians and the elites who run them can exhibit is a sort of low animal cunning. To me, that’s impossible to mistake for genius, though some people do.

    • It took me considerable study as an adult to understand what happened to me in school.

      Even the boys who don’t break are heavily damaged. The damage becomes instinctive reactions to situations.

      There’s a reason men have been almost exterminated as grade and high school teachers.

      • I can only imagine what the schools must be like today.

        Back in the mid 70’s when I was in 7th grade, there were still quite a few male teachers…but I only remember ONE who was actually a man. One Martin “Fartin” Hart- and older guy, who was very well-spoken and dressed well; very intelligent; and…..in the summers, instead of going on extended vacations or spending his time with little kids coaching sports, or having BBQs for his wife’s friends and relatives, he’d work at construction.

        I’m sure he’s dead now (He’d have to be over 100) but if he were to materialize and set foot in a current school, they’d probably arrest him just for being a reproach to metrosexuals, simps and feminists!

        • Ah yes, the teachers’ summer gig. My grandparents were all teachers and except for my grandfather who became a principal, the all worked in the summer. It was normal. In fact, most school districts laid off the teachers at the end of the year and they had to be rehired in the fall. That’s the way it was. If you were a bad teacher you didn’t get rehired, simple as that. I think it also made better teachers because they got some real world experience and knew what the kids needed to know to hold a job.

        • Yup, your right about the decline of male teachers below high school. Grade schools they were always rare. But get to junior high, it would often be the opposite. (I went to a private school that was both primary and junior high) Actually one of the third grade and one fifth grade teachers were guys.

          The junior high was mostly men. All but one were male (4 full time), all with over 25 years in the classroom too (all would get summer jobs too, one was actually a homebuilder in the summer). That one woman, who was fresh out of college, was probably the most incompetent teacher I ever had. Why they never sent her down to a primary grade (or got rid of her), I don’t know. But she managed to keep her job nearly 15 years.

          She was of course one of those haters of boy activities. But being jr high guys we saw right through that and gave it right back to her, which she hated. She handed out detention like candy, but being the new teacher, we could go to the senior teacher who would quash most of them (which probably made her angrier).

          But looking at my school website today, there is only a part time male music teacher. He is one of five men in the building, and the only one with a teaching job. Only the part time music teacher, Principal, Director of Development (whatever that is), Athletic Director and the Custodian are men. The rest of the staff is entirely female. So most kids there today won’t have a man as a teacher until HIGH SCHOOL.

      • One of my neighbors had gone to the same catholic grade school I went to for four years back in the 1960’s, he STILL wasn’t over what the teachers did to him 50 years later. What a track record schools have had for decades now, and they have only gotten more destructive to boys

  7. My brothers and I had friends that lived on the block. About a block away was this semi-wooded area that we called the “prairie” (what an empty lot is called in Chicago area). It was a failed housing development (it was the late 70’s early 80’s during the recession of Jimmy Carter). Some streets had been pushed in and about 4 houses built on the edge of it (probably the models). But thankfully they hadn’t bulldozed all the trees. So we had trails, ramps, trees, privacy from adults. There were streets no one drove on, but they had a few lights that worked, so you could play until it was pretty dark. It was great. But alas, it no longer exists.

    We kids preferred it over the park a few blocks in the other direction. Interesting side note, just before it got developed (late 80’s), a few scenes from the movie “the package” (Gene Hackman) was shot in those woods. We kids thought it was super cool they were making a movie on our prairie! So when I watch the movie, I look for glimpse of our old woods as Gene runs through and shoots at people (just like we kids had done ha ha).

    My nephews don’t have the freedom we did back then. My sister in law was one of those kids scheduled with too many things. My brother tries to not over due the scheduled stuff, but its a losing battle. I think he got it down to one thing per kid this summer.

    The only organized activity we did was swimming class at the high school in the summer (3 weeks in June). We did that with the neighbor kids too. Some would do little league baseball, but the schedule was light compared with what they do today. And they didn’t get upset the week you missed because you were away on vacation.

    • Oh my gosh, Rich! That place sounds like freaking paradise!!!! Whether as a kid…or even now, there is NOTHING I love more than finding some abandoned relic of civilization.

      Heh, that is the total antithesis of organized activity nonsense. And what I don’t “get” about that, [disregarding the detriment to the kids] is how the parents tolerate it! Their lives are on a constant schedule. Their lives revolve around this BS- and for what? Just something to occupy time; waste money; and make the kid into a conformist (Gotta have a UNIFORM for every activity! Hey, your just one of the group, not an individual!)

      • It was pretty great. It came to a fairly quick end though. It was developed when I was in high school. By the end of high school the whole neighborhood went to pot when the ghetto breached the river. Just like that, one summer it was still a decent place, the next summer, a freaking war zone. We had to move my senior year, after a guy got murdered at a house behind ours.

    • You forgot about building ‘forts’ in the prairie. Mine was in-ground under a crab apple tree. Built entirely of discarded construction debris and stuff found in the prairie. I still have a 1930s car bumper I found back then. It’s one of my art pieces. Some years ago I parked on a street about 15 feet from it. Some of it was still there in the ground.

      • We had mostly bike jump ramps and trails etc (dirt bikes were huge back then), since there would be periodic “cleanups” and we would lose some or all of our junk. So our forts weren’t much, and wouldn’t last. Maybe had the streets not been put through, the woods would have been “deeper” and the cleanups wouldn’t have happened.

        You would never know it was there if you looked at that area now. All row houses and a church with a huge parking lot. Yup, the razed paradise and put up a parking lot. The hood is so bad now they had to fence in their parking lot with barbed wire.

      • LIFE as a pre-adolescent for me, was all about finding construction materials! And virtually every cent of my allowance ($2 a week) was spent at the hardware store on the corner, on nails!

        I must have been the only 8 year old who had his own tools! Adults used to borrow from me! I still have the little egg-beater style hand drill!

        • Oh I forgot…. I found the necessary tools in the prairie too. Found a shovel. Used that until it broke to dig the hole. Most of the nails I drove with a rock. I still have that rock. Perfectly shaped for my hand and the nail striking surface is slightly dished. Nails? The guys building the houses just dropped them everywhere. In a few minutes I could easily pick up as many as I could hold. Did that over and over again. Easily a couple boxes worth.

  8. Eric,
    In 2014 my daughter, then 8, and her friend, then age 7, got picked up by the Prince William Co VA police as they were walking around the block.
    Walking around the Goddamned block.
    Two SS-turned-Gestapo thugs stood in our front yards and made each set of parents decide which individual parent was going to get charged. They explained that the commonwealth attorney suggested a felony neglect charge – a Goddamned felony neglect charge – but the magistrate in his infinite mercy decided to lower the charge to Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.
    You know, the charge you and I heard was in store for the people whom we shoulder-tapped for beer at the 7-11 when we were 14.
    For walking around the Goddamned block.
    When all was said and done, and we got everything expunged, we had spent the equivalent of FOUR MONTH’S MORTGAGE, in NORTHERN VIRGINIA (which for you less-local readers, is up there with LA and Long Island as far as prices go) on lawyer fees. Our friends, the parents of the other girl, spent similar.
    I verified with the PWC police on two subsequent occasions that they charge the parents of unattended children – for felony neglect – as a matter of policy.
    Point is, your friend does not have the options you posit.

    • Hi Fish,

      I used to live up there, so I get and feel your pain. And, hers.

      It’s startling how much has changed in just a few decades.

      I no longer recognize this country.

      • It’s not a country anymore, it’s a work camp that is fast becoming a concentration camp. They are coming to kill us sooner or later – our dying ferociously will be all that can slow it.

    • But you could give those kids sex-change meds, and they’d praise you for it; probably even pay for the drugs with other people’s money.

      I’m getting out of this hell-hole before i die! I made it off of Long Island 16 years ago….out of the country completely is the next step. I’m sure even N. Korea can not be as communistic as this place!

    • I follow a popular automotive forum that is mostly populated by millennials and written by them. It’s a place where I often irritate people and have been shadowbanned twice. Anyway… one day one of the writers discovers driver safety films or similar filmed in the chicago area in the early 1970s. Then some notice… the early grade school age kids walking around the neighborhoods on their own. They are aghast. Then most everyone who was a child in that era has to explain to them that it was normal then and good and not dangerous.

      It’s not going to be a good future because these people are programmed to always live in a managed environment.

    • Kidnap, coming to a theater near you in August:


      “The film is a heart-stopping action thriller following a mother (Halle Berry) who will stop at nothing to rescue her kidnapped son.”

      It’s all about the stranger danger.

  9. Eric, before you jump into a bounce-back relationship with an old flame, which I am getting the vibe you may be thinking of doing, spend an hour or two here, first.


    Just saying, brother…

    Oh, and I got the e-book, reading it now, thanks!

    • Going MGTOW is stupid, as it does not solve anything, it’s just societal evasive maneuvers. Better solution is to change the legalities that create the MGTOW mindset and movement.

      Male + Female = offspring. MGTOW + Recreation – procreation = end of the line.

      Men really need to understand a crucial element GOD put into the DNA of women: The more masculine the man, the more feminine the woman in relation to him, and vice versa. Contrary, the more feminine the man, the more masculine the woman. The problem with women will sort itself out within one generation of men who have testosterone in their testicles and are unafraid to become men again and lead families and do so uncompromisingly. False social myths need to be exposed and revealed as de-population agendas the elites have.

      • Changing the laws still will not change what women have become. It would aid justice, but it’s not going to lower the divorce rate nor make couples happy- speaking of which, to me, that is the primary benefit of MGTOW- i.e. to come to the realization that traditional womanhood and intersex relationships are dead; and thus it behooves us to stop wasting our time pursuing that which no longer exists; or to try and “make things work” which are destined to fail. We are freed to concentrate on being happy without women.

        When I was younger, I thought it was just a matter of finding “the right woman”. I did realize that the right woman for me was a very rare specimen. Then I came to the realization that even with “the perfect woman” it would not work today because our culture has become such that it is no longer possible for either gender to truly fulfill their respective roles and obligations. There are too many “outs”; too many distractions. Anyone who has been through the government or private/parochial school system, and who has not rejected the mass media at an early age, will not even understand what proper conduct toward the opposite gender is, much less marriage.

        And why would anyone want to procreate in an environment where their offspring can not be free, but will rather be micro-managed tax slaves? I believe the “depopulation” agenda to be a false dichotomy. If it were true, they would not make the information so easy to find.

        The plantation owner doesn’t want to decimate his slaves. The more of us there are to serve them and pay taxes, the richer and more powerful “they” grow. They got a captive workforce of slaves. Maybe they’ll kill off the worthless eaters at some point, but look at the reality: In places like Europe and the US, where the birthrate is drastically declining, what do they do? They bring in hoards of foreigners- by the millions.

        Here in the US, in areas like NYC and Long Island where i used to live, where the middle class are packing up and leaving in droves, again, they are bringing in foreigners by the millions- and all from cultures with high birthrates.

        Maybe they want to depopulate some of us…..like those of us who will not create future tax slaves to serve them- They are certainly doing a good jon of replacing us with people who are more comfortable and accepting of slavery. (Of course, all their plan is going to achieve is the destruction of functional productive society, because they can not control savages as easily as they control civilized Westerners- and as the last vestiges of Western morality and values are destroyed by their cultural Marxism, they will find that they have killed the golden goose>)

        • The internet has made material on management’s plans easier to get than was ever planned. They do intend to depopulate to some minimum number hence the push towards automation. However it will fail for reasons I’ve outlined previously. So much would be too expensive even for them without the mass market.

          I don’t believe the eugenics origins have been cast aside. But the definition of unfit may have changed. There are also battling camps in the so-called “elite” and its difficult to sort out what may be one faction vs. another.

          • Hey Brent,

            Yes, that info is certainly out there. I guess they want it to be out there. I believe that info is a red herring.

            Think about it: Why are they subsidizing the making of babies, if they the agenda is to depopulate?

            If they really wanted to depopulate, all they’d have to do is stop all the welfare programs. The birfsrate would SHRIVEL. And again, why, despite which party is in charge, are US and European borders wide open for both legal and illegal immigrants?

            The slaves are their meal ticket. They fear nothing more than the tax base and labor force being decimated. WE are the ones who pay…not them, so it’s no skin off of their nose if they have to keep people up. THEY reap a nice take off of the transfer of our wealth to whom they give it. If they felt that keeping up people (subsizing the having of babies) was too expensive, they could just stop doing it…no need to make all kinds of elaborate plans and conspiracies.

            • The welfare systems and so forth serve various purposes. They crate a weaponized underclass. They break family allegiances and build state ones. It makes more of life political. It breaks a people thoroughly. Pits groups against each other. So on and so forth.

              It all serves to break down those best can oppose the ruling class. The productive middle class has to flee one neighborhood after another. Pay high taxes. Loses social cohesion. More fall into the underclass.

              It is destroying resistance and possible threats. It’s an intermediate state.

              Population reduction never came off the agenda. There is simply a matter of getting from A to B.

              If they really wanted a bunch of low/no skilled workers the central banks wouldn’t be funding an automated centrally controlled future.

        • Hi Nunzio,

          After almost a year now of being single, I am coming around to the MGTOW point of view. It is bleak out there. You’ve read my rants. I agree with yours. Cultural-social pressures have shattered normal male-female relationships or made them exceedingly difficult.

          Women conditioned to have male expectations, but warped by female emotions. Men browbeaten to be more like women and yet somehow still be men. Instead of marriage – and family – we have “partners” who breed kids who are then raised, effectively, by the state – which has assumed almost all significant parental authority.

          Marriage can be wonderful – until it’s not. And when you come to discover that the commitment you made isn’t shared to the same degree by the person you committed yourself to, it seriously wounds your psyche. You will never be the same. That sort of commitment becomes psychologically impossible to ever enter into again. Hence the second marriage “prenup” – which is a not-so-tacit acknowledgment that the marriage isn’t going to last. So why bother with it?

          The second marriage, I mean.

          Barring abuse – sexual/physical – or legitimate mental torture – a marriage ought to be a commitment for life. You love this person unconditionally and they feel the same toward you. The “spark” may ebb and flow, there will be hard times – but you love this person, deep down – so you never give up on them or on the couple. You work on it, your spouse works on it.

          That is marriage.

          But that sort of marriage is gone. Today’s marriage – despite the vows – lasts as long as the man or woman is “happy” and once they’re not, the marriage can be conveniently thrown away, like an expired warranty card.

          This is brutal on the man – or woman – who really thought it was forever and never would have ended the marriage, absent something horrific such as physical or sexual abuse. The committed spouse committed with everything they had – emotionally, financially.

          Then they wake up to find that not only is their spouse opting out, they are facing the loss of assets and security built up over many years.

          Every man who gets married thinks it will not happen to him; that she is the exception. But she is on the receiving end of Oprah and Ellen and a juggernaut of dissatisfaction peddlers who will convince her she is not “fulfilled” and that he marriage lacks “meaning,” hear me ro-ah-oah-ro-ah-oar (loathsome pop song).

          Kids: I would have liked to have them. I am good with kids, despite my best efforts and general inclinations. But I hesitated for all the reasons you list. I would be a heretical dad – and likely, a caged dad. I would let my kid run around unsupervised; ride a bike without a helmet, red pill him (or her) at an early age about the nature of government and our role vis-a-vis those who rule us.

          Not many women today want a dad like that.

          So, I am at a crossroads. I am still young enough to date and maybe even be a dad. But do I want to do that? Should I even consider it?

          Being a relatively normal man in this time and place is a weird thing to be…

          • Eric,

            Nicely stated. Keep in mind, I was just throwing that out there, I’m not at all familiar enough with the MGTOW “movement” to be an evangelist for them, but at first glance, it makes a lot a of sense, especially someone that has gone through what you have over the past year or so.

            I guess the best advice is use extreme caution out there. As a married old fart, I sure would not want to be in a young, normal, red blooded man’s shoes these days.

          • Wow, Eric, you have summed it up PERFECTLY!

            Imagine if you had had kids with your ex. The kids pay the price for your ex’s choice, and will never know normal life as a secure child of one home; never be raised as you desire them to be; and your heart is perpetually broken- not just for the ex, but doubly or triply so for the kids.

            HAhaha, yeah… “partners”- that says it all. Any time someone in my presence says “My partner…” I always say “Oh, are you in business?”.

            Everyone knows that businesses which are 50/50 partnerships ALWAYS end in animosity, and the 2 partners splitting up. Most banks won’t even lend money to a business which is organized as a 50-50 partnership.

            Only in the man-and-woman “partnership” the woman holds all the cards because Uncle. She can leave at any time, and obligate you to pay for the rest of your life. Women want a real man? How could they have one when they’ve stripped them of their power aqnd authority?

            Hey, but we should “Man-up”- which apparently means to tolerate anything and sacrifice ourselves on the altar of feminism.

            Back to the kids: We’ve basically adopted the system which the Soviets had implemented years ago- where the parents (more often unmarried than not) drop the kid off to be raised by strangers, and just pick him up in the evening to take him home to sleep. Daycare; school; sports. Every child is just a cog in a blur of institutions and organizations- the parents are irrelevant.

            The Soviets abandoned that system after only a couple of decades, because it produced nothing but physically and mentally adults, and dependence. I guess we’ve adopted that system here now, because Americans were not fully subjugated yet. It just takes a generation or two until the people reared by such a system are nothing but useful idiots who can offer no resistance.

            • Man up. Shaming men into sacrifice. It has always been like that to some degree but there used to be a somewhat equitable deal involved.

              Today? What does a woman offer? Nothing. For there is nothing left in the deal that a woman is socially or legally obligated or even expected to do. The social and legal obligations for a man are more numerous than ever.

              I think most every married man I know if he wants the sort of things women traditionally did as little as 60 years ago they have to do it themselves.

              I suppose there is supposed to be sex involved. So what if a man is in rational control of himself and determines the price is too high? Then the shaming is deployed some more.

              • Brent,

                I think that is exactly what is behind this idea.

                Women bring nothing to the table in a modern marriage, other than a metric fuck ton of liabilities, pratfalls, nagging, drama, traps and emotional, legal, and physical dangers all stacked almost 99-1 against men.

                Oh, and sex, that is usually “given” grudgingly, is unsatisfactory and, as is usually the case with most “modern” women, nothing that scores of other men (and women and animals and God knows what else) have already had.

                Fuck ’em: leave them to their lesbianism, dildos and cats.

                • And even the sex…

                  Even discounting the fact that it’s only good or even tolerable for a handful of years, because women age badly (And even more so today than ever- I’ve been seeing 20 year olds who look like flabby old used-up whores….)- but even under the best of physical circumstances, sex really isn’t anything if you’re not 100% onboard with girl, with mutual love and a meeting of the minds, etc. And really, who has that today?

                  So people just “have sex” instead of making love- and no one is satisfied, so they have to take boner pills and use props and play games and do perverted kinky things…which of course, doesn’t help- it just alleviates the boredom and makes it different.

                  • Nunzio,

                    Yup, quite right, and when all the sex play and toys and porn does not bring back the “-Gina Tingles”, then she’s off to find them somewhere else.

                    Also, regarding looks, I’ve noticed that many times as well, but just dismissed it as middle aged grousing.

                    But there seems to be no denying the fact that many women, even 20 and 30 somethings, are looking more and more like used up strippers and porn stars; harsh, hard, with bad hair, bad figures, overly made up and slathered in cheap tattoos and piercings.

                    • Don’t you know the man is responsible for the woman’s feelings just like he’s responsible for everything else. They are strong and independent yet hold men responsible for every last thing in their lives.

                      As to looks, tattoos, and such they start wrecking themselves earlier and earlier these days. One place I go there’s this girl works there 17 or 18 years old… two visible tattoos already.

      • The PUAs like to use a market analogy but then ridicule the market option of not buying when the price is too high. The price won’t come down with this whatever it takes for reproduction attitude. All that will result is men being pushed into further bondage. That’s the whole premise of this ‘man up’ line of thinking and it is part of the shaming technique used for at least over a century that got things to where they are today. Much like the fed printing more money more of the same doesn’t fix the problem.

        ‘Man up’ is the way to get men to work themselves to death and die in wars. To be more productive. It’s always been a con into subservience. To make a deal that if a man does these things he will earn himself that wife and children. The Ralph Kramden ‘king of the castle’ is every bit an illusion and always was. But today the deal has been altered so dramatically more and more men are realizing what it really is.

        A leader simply goes his way and the followers follow. That’s how it works.

        • Morning, Brent –

          I am building a ramp so I can easily ride one of my motorcycles into the house and park it in my office. I like the idea of being able to glance over my computer screen and see the Kaw triple. I get to do this now because I’m single again and it’s my house and I can do whatever I want.

          A strange feeling.

          • Good morning eric, can’t wait to see that Kaw in the house. When I was young, watching the earth cool, I had single friends with bikes in the house.

            A few might live together like I did before being broken to the bit. It wasn’t uncommon to see a large room full of bikes, smell motor oil and gear lube along with high test….and exhaust.

            One of those places you don’t share with the wife. A place you can sit down with a cold one, whip out your Combat Commander and use the cleaning kit still on the kitchen table.

            6 of us lived in a huge old house that rarely had only 6 people in it.

            I sat down at the dining room table one Saturday morning with the GM parts number Holley with one of those kits they used to sell that had a replacement part for damn near every piece in the carb. We’d all just had a 4 way hit of Orange Barrel and everyone sat very intently watching me go through the disassembly, cleaning and reassembly process. It was spiritual.

            Everybody walked outside with me while I installed it and fired the engine. THE only time I had it perfectly adjusted after a rebuild.

            It was tuned so well I felt compelled to back into the street and do a couple burnouts. I eased it back in the driveway and noticed the widow neighbor watching us. She was a really cool person and never complained even on Sunday morning when people were passed out in the yard and various other places. I have no doubt you could never even make it through one of those nights these days without an army of badged thugs doing their worst.

            This country has gone to hell, and like you, me and Bob are looking for some place to seek shelter from the storm. peace out….

          • Funny, I’ll bet if word gets out that you have a bike in the home office you’ll probably attract a woman.

            Once there though the bike will be gone, banished back out to the garage.

        • Heh, yeah…the PUAs. That’s basically how this whole mess got started; by men who cared more about “the big P” than anything else. They ruined the bitches for the sincere guys; and in order to avoid being rapists, created a virtual matriarchy in which the woman has the ultimate power because she gets to determine which supplicants are allowed in.

          Instead of her making herself desirable as a potential wife who will be an asset to a husband in both character and utility (with love, sex and beauty as bonuses) the culture of the sexual revolution (Not the 2nd one of the 1960’s, but rather the first of the c. 1920’s) allowed them to sit as queens on pedestals, and to choose a suitor who displayed the most appealing mating ritual of riches and submissiveness.

          Yet another casualty of the war on Biblical morality.

          And as much as I love The Honeymooners (I do have the DVDs!) even that seemingly innocent show was a part of the propaganda- from Ralph being portrayed as a dim-witted selfish abusive idiot, to Alice constantly telling him “Ahh, shaddup!”, to the episodes (one in the Original 39, and one in the “Lost” episodes) about Ralph’s encounters with the IRS, in which he goes a rant about how good it is to be a citizen and pay taxes in such a great country…..

          Gotta go, I think I’m getting a call from “The investment firm of Merryl, Lynch, Pierce, Fedder, And Ziggy” 😀

          • It was more the white knights who did the submission stuff than the PUAs. The white knights largely bore women but they set an expectation bar while creating the adverse legal and cultural environment. The PUAs are more responsible for being the dancing monkey that does whatever women respond to. Lot’s of rules are supposedly made to control the behaviors they exhibit but the rules are used against other men instead. It’s sales-pitch excuse to give women power enforced by the white knight types.

            Anyway I simply wanted to point out that the PUAs have the same man-up attitude as the feminists. Do whatever it takes. Infinite price level acceptable. It’s their idea is always this ‘self improvement’ and learning ‘game’. If you make a 100K go make 200K. If you’re strong get stronger. If you don’t dress fancy, dress fancy. If you don’t like playing games learn how to play and do it anyway. On and on about doing what women respond to, faking it if need be. Pay the price in other words.

            And I mention the honeymooners because it was part of the conditioning. It was the prototype of decades of television. So was “I Love Lucy”. Between the two there has hardly been a new script written in decades. At least in I love Lucy, RR was generally the rational one.

      • @pyra

        Avoiding cops is also “stupid”, when you look at it your way.

        Yet I doubt there is a single person here that would disagree with the concept of avoiding cops at all costs.

        Yes, it does not “solve” anything, but it may very well keep you, your family and your pets alive.

  10. The societal pressure to behave this way is crazy too. I have a young child that still needs supervision when playing, however, I let him roam as much as I can. When I take him to the park, I just grab a book and let him go do his thing – and other parents come over and tell me how dangerous this is. For instance, when he was climbing around a jungle gym, at which he’s very proficient, another kid’s mom was standing near him, ready to catch him if he fell off, and giving me disapproving glances. He’s good at this because he has been allowed to do it, so I don’t worry about him falling because he doesn’t. In my neighborhoods, kids walking to school by themselves are a reason to call the cops and social services. It’s disgusting. It makes me want to leave the country so he can have childhood freedom like I did.

    • Man, the differences between then and now are STARK, eh, Opp?!

      I remember when I was c.12 I’d take the bus to a bigger town, which was always fun to explore. One time, my cousin and I went together (We were the same age), and we walked down the railroad tracks a few miles and went exploring. On the way back, walking on the tracks still, through town, a cop sees us and says “Hey boys, if a train comes along, it’ll spoil your whole afternoon”. We just laughed and said “We know; we keep an ear out for ’em”. and continued on our merry way- unmolested.

      Imagine that scenario today!!!!

  11. I remember the days of my childhood as being the times of greatest freedom I have ever known. Whether out riding my bike, or walking in the woods, or fishing, or building forts with friends, it was a true taste of voluntary/anarchistic society. The world was ours. We worked things out among ourselves with no interference from parents or “authority figures” (who were often miles away). We figured things out, and LEARNED. It was the total and complete opposite of the communistic conformist schools; thus, a microcosm of liberty vs. authoritarian collectivism.

    After having a taste of that liberty, we learned to appreciate it. We learned the difference between liberty and servitude; between doing what we wanted vs. what others wanted us to do. When that liberty was encroached upon, we felt the seriousness of the threat, and resisted.

    These kids today; they’ve never had a chance to experience the liberty; they don’t have a clue as to what has been taken from them, or that it is even possible to exist apart from a highly organized system of rules and punishments, like a glorified Pavlovian dog. Liberty is foreign to them; if they see someone promoting liberty, they see this as the antithesis to the system in which they are comfortable, so they must eradicate “the evil”.

    And darn, Eric! You NAILED it perfectly with your description of the girls today! They’re like some mutated AI creatures who have never existed before in history! Not human; a product purely of the state which has emasculated men by drugging and punishing boys for normal boyish behavior; and by ruling that men must be subserviant and can lose half of their stuff and have to support the precious quuen bee[itch] and her offspring for the rest of his life if she decides to leave for any reason [In addition to supporting a bunch of strangers and their kids through taxes![

    The fact that there hasn’t been a revolution yet, is pretty much proof that society-at-large has been successfully subjugated.

    • “These kids today; they’ve never had a chance to experience the liberty”

      That’s the point. This condition was not arrived at by accident IMO. It was designed.

      The “experts” intentionally chose an idealized obedient grade school girl for their model of child behavior. Any deviation from that became abnormal. I’m sure you remember that girl, every grade in every grade school in the USA had at least one. The character “Lisa Simpson” was given many of those traits.

      With regards to how men and boys are treated, it’s very sad but I think the Star Trek episode “Spock’s Brain” is becoming prophecy in a way.

      • I agree, Brent. (Well, I really can’t comment on the Star Trek part of your comment, though, as I’m not a Trekkie).

        I hear that now, people are even treated like grade-school children at places of employment- i.e. one has to bring in a note from a doctor if they miss work due to illness; If another employee doesn’t like something you’ve said to them, they can run to a supervisor and “tell” on you; etc.

        Nothing good can come of a society in which adults have become like this, except perhaps that the inevitable crash occurs soon and all such perish, before they have filled the earth with their offspring who will be worse than they are.

        • Spock’s Brain is probably the worst episode of the original series. But it’s so bad it’s entertaining. Basically there was a planet where an ice age started and a giant underground technological complex was built for the women and the men toughed it out on the surface. This lasted for centuries and then they needed a new ‘controller’ for the complex so they stole Spock’s brain for it.

      • Spock and Data, both are supposed to have little to no emotion but they act very emotionally. Data moreso than Spock in most ways and he’s a machine.

    • I call it the Palestinianization of the West. We have had our rights, lands and culture taken from us. We can be murdered at fiat – ask Lavoy Finnicum. The natural response when there is nothing left to be stolen, not one more right taken nor act of insufferable malice given – is to lash out with everything that is left. A ferocious death is the best resistance left and becomes the norm. The media will of course “label” any such resistance and paint in all the tried and true colors – but the valiant go out with a smile on their lips and pride in their hearts.


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