Eight Hut! Hut! Hutting “Heroes” Hold Five Kids At Gunpoint

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Apparently, because “someone” called in a tip that “someone” – not these kids, who were unarmed – “had a revolver.”

Hut! Hut! Hut!


Video footage released by the Grand Rapids Police Department shows at least eight officers responded to detain five unarmed black youths March 24 after a report of a fight at basketball courts nearby.

The videos show one of the detained youths wailing and crying as he lay on the ground with his hands stretched above his head. Officers drew their weapons on the youths because they had received a report that one of them might be armed.

“Can you please put the gun down?” one of the boys asked.

Another youth is heard saying, “I do not want to die, bro.”

The youths try to tell the officers that they have video on their phones of what happened, as one of the boys continues to cry, “Don’t shoot me.”

“We are not about to die we didn’t do nothing,” another of the boys says to try and comfort him.

Officers attempted to comfort the youths as well, though they had their guns drawn.

“Calm down, calm down, it’ll be alright,” Officer Caleb Johnson said. “They’ll give you directions, OK?”

The families of five black youth said they were unfairly singled out and held at gunpoint after a disturbance at the Kroc Center.

Johnson was the officer who found the group of five friends walking down Francis Avenue near Melville Street.

Johnson was looking for a group of teens that included a male wearing all black with a black backpack, and another male wearing a red top and a black and red Adidas zip-up jacket – descriptions given by a witness to another officer near the Kroc Center minutes after police responded to a report of a fight about 7:15 p.m. on the basketball courts.

The witness said he saw the male drop a revolver.

Ten minutes later when Johnson found the group of five youths on Francis Street, Johnson got out of the car with his weapon drawn.

Standing behind the door of his vehicle, Johnson said to the group, “Guys, get on the ground.”

Confused, some of the youths did not immediately get on the ground – and so Johnson repeated the order.

“Hey, get over here,” Johnson said, motioning with his arm. “Keep your hands where I can see them and get on the ground.”

As other officers arrive on the scene, the youths were directed to stand up one at a time and walk backward toward the police with their hands on their heads. Once they reached the officers, video footage shows the boys kneeling to the ground and then being handcuffed.

Detaining all five youths took about 10 minutes, and officers kept their guns drawn the entire time.

Almost 50 people spoke at a packed city commission meeting to call on the GRPD to change its policies.

After police determined that the five youths were in the wrong place at the wrong time, the boys waited in the back of police cruisers for their parents to arrive. All parties cooperated – but the parents were upset.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean no disrespect, but you all have to understand that’s my baby,” said Shawndryka Moore, mother of one of the boys, crying as she stood outside of the police cruiser with her son inside. “We don’t deal with police. I don’t have charges. We don’t do this. All this stuff that goes on in this world – I worry about my kids every day. That’s why I don’t let them go nowhere.”

Of course the Hut! Hut! Hut! “Heroes”  never did find the man who had a gun.


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  1. Eric,

    I would say you wish us all to be Alpha Plus caste men who think for ourselves.

    I think t’s better conforming to reality to maintain and acknowledge a voluntary caste system like in Brave New World.

    Alphas are men who build invent and fabricate machines, buildings, roads, economic and trading systems. Those who make our advanced lives possible. Engineers programmers researchers technicians who keep all these things functional and improving.

    Betas are women children pets. Fathers mothers neighbors. Good folk who live and let live. Yet exclude those they don’t want to associate with. Doctors service professionals commodity producers.

    Gammas are all the working stiffs, truckers laborers mechanics who get us all from A to B. From Monday to Friday. The hero majority of westerners who give more than they take. The providers of fleece and profit who carry the weight of the deltas and epsilons.

  2. We should defend and support our people when appropriate

    There are tangible first order Western Values which are required before we can even begin to discuss second order things like NAP and when if ever we should fly the black flag of anarchy.

    I don’t endorse violence. When we are attacked we must, of course, defend ourselves.

    In the long run, there is no telling what we may have to be prepared to do in order to survive.

    We must change as many minds as possible in as many different venues as possible. There are many who believe, during that period we must start running for public office.

    Politics is power. Meta-politics is all very well,but we must have our hands on the levers of power. I am convinced that there are many communities in which an attractive NAP conscious westerners can win elective office.

    The best thing for young people to do is establish and career and a family. Make money and make children. If you have money you can contribute to groups that on the front lines. If you have special skills such as video, graphics, sound, design, you can donate your services to the anarcho western capitalist cause.

    Others believe political office is a superficial type of power. If someone was to run on the Republican ticket and upon getting into office enact some part of anarcho capitalist law, the system itself wouldn’t allow that and they would likely be removed from power.

    Some advocate identitarianism such as Golden Dawn over in Greece.

    They’re open about their anti globalist multiculturist beliefs and the average person accepts them because they are able to do more for them than the government can.

    They do food drives for westerner Greeks in a nation where food is more scarce or expensive than the united states. Ingraining yourself into the community is the way culturally conscious westerners can go forward if they want to reach political office.

    For a few people who can afford the exposure, the best calling is full-time activism. Each of us must choose his path, and the same choices are not best for all.

    Post-Election Thoughts
    by L. Neil Smith

  3. Western man has progressed as he has because of his bold, individualist ethos. You cannot achieve great things as a conformist and follower.

    On the other hand, we have become atomized. Westerners must realize that we are not merely individuals but part of a great and wonderful family with ties to each other.

    We must strike a balance between heroic individualism and heroic dedication to the group. At present, we are far too individualist.

    What is the population of the Western world?

    • Hi Tor,

      This may be a false choice.

      Yes, we have kith and kin – family, friends, the broader society. But “dedication to the group”? What does that mean, exactly? If it means being involved with others, taking into consideration how what one does affects others, etc. – great!

      But whenever I hear phrases such as “dedication to the group” I hear the keening of a Clover who wants to be the one to use force to compel others to “dedicate” themselves to the “group” – as he defines. it.

      Brent put it right when he observed that the problem with a collective is that someone has to run it. Thus, “dedication to the group” invariably works out to mean: You will do as I say, for the “good of the group” . . . as I define it.

      • I’m saying self preservation and thriving of this site and the commenters you find valuable is itself a value.

        Sacrificing altruistically for an ideal is evil.

        Running this site at too great of a loss until you lose your wife and home is wrong and destructive.

        This same principal applies to those of our kind in a macro sense across Western Society. And perhaps our partners like say Japan.

        A NAP adherent muslim sharia believer is toxic to our way of life. Especially if he knows only Arabic and non-western concepts.

        Ideally we don’t issue fatwas but intrue life or death situations we would. Trump is right when he says Islam hates us. It might be a necessary evil to colonize oppressive oil rich nations, ideals be damned.

        At least worth a conversation.

        Allahu Akbar means Allah is greater. Beyond all or words and deeds. Beyond all sense and reason. None of us need be forced to confront it.

        But those wh so choose should be allowed to. There is no law or market in the 50 some Islamic nations. Asia is going to run over us all if we don’t get to the ugly business of confronting the ugly reality that govt alone is but one tyrant in a world filled with tyrants.

        • Hi Tor,

          I welcome everyone regardless of sex or whatever; but with the understanding that authoritarian collectivist sentiments will be challenged.

          On Trump and Islam: The Islamic parts of the world have legitimate reason to hate us – and as you know perfectly well, it’s not because of “our freedoms.” I am no fan of Islam or any virulent, proselytizing conversion-by-the-sword faith. As far as I am concerned, they are all batshit. That said, the effusion of hatred toward the West today is a function of the West’s vile record of interference in, exploitation of and mass murder of the people of those regions for the past 100 years. I suppose I would be ready to ululate and participate in an attack on them if they had been bombing my country for decades or screwing with it and exploiting my fellow citizens like Filipino sex workers…

  4. re: Gail Morrison and “clovers”

    Good thing my family doesn’t post here, because they would all get clovers. It’s unlikely, they’d ever be cured of their wrongthink, even if they spent years here. Dingbats every one.

    Also few woman would ever truly feel welcome. I suppose she could adapt, and learn to keep quiet. The things she doesn’t understand or agree with.

    A woman supporting Trump against the dominant world narrative is a sign of someone swallowing the red pill.

    A woman fighting the 55 national speed limit is another good sign. Especially when she is likely the one who got the thing repealed is another hugely positive sign.

    Yes Trump is wavering and displaying all kinds of dissonance. But to declare he is no different than other republicans seems a bit premature.

    Gail has a whole lifetime of rightaction to stand on. Like Edith Bunker, she might always be a dingbat about certain technical topics. But she is a good soul and of good stock having brought new quality lives to our brood.

    Your are mostly a bunch of Meatheads who think you’re better than your elders because of various philosophies, but where are all your good intentions other than in bits and bytes and inks and papers.

    I pity all you solo flyers without a loving flock of familial dingbats.

    • Hi Tor,

      It’s when Gail glibly advocates war – and so, death – that she invites a harsh response. Her reverencing Trump isn’t so much the issue as her reverence for authority.

      We have to deal with her statements, yes?

      My mom is just like her, by the way.

      • I’m certainly no expert dealing with women, MamaLiberty’s departure proved that.

        Why would a women be against authority when it gives so much to them and takes so little from them.

        Women generally don’t have individualistic beliefs, the have a stack of beliefs they’ve acquired from others. (authority figures)

        I like many aspects of Trump but hope he doesn’t follow through on saber rattling and prohibitionist policies. Perhaps dissonant, but at least I see it.

        A women just knows she likes Trump, or Tucker Carlson, or The Freedom Caucus and wears the off the rack as it were. Nothing is tailored or self made generally speaking.

        If L Neil Smith is riding the Trump Train I feel pretty good about taking the ride. There is much to act on.

        We can fight for better in the future. But first lock in guns regs and taxes improvements while we can.

    • Tor, I come from a family of dingbats. I could list things they have said and done all day that defy logic. I was once in a store my older sister managed(sic)when this elderly guy came in. He was friendly, seemed to be clean, didn’t smell but seemed to like a good joke and to just simply joke. I spoke with him and he was fairly witty. My sister just blurts out “I wish “they” would put that old man in jail. Wow, it was hard to take it all in she seemed so mad about it. I asked her why “they” should jail him. “Oh, I just can’t stand the guy”. I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming…..or in this case, having a nightmare. No, that’s what she said and I’m awake and this poor soul has no idea how lucky he is “Sis” ain’t the decider. Jeeeez.

      • The thing about Gail is she is an emergent type of cultural property Eric says he wants to protect.

        A damn fine fertile and productive piece of property at that.

        She is not optimal with her beliefs, but her deeds such as producing non-state dependent children. Not wearing a uniform or trying physically to force men to serve her.

        These are things that make her a non clover.

        Yes her militarism is a strike against her, but her fertility and authentic femininity is a homerun that puts her above many in the scoring column and batting above .300.

        Essence of femininity is hero-worship of masculinity

        For a woman qua woman, the essence of femininity is hero-worship–the desire to look up to man. “To look up” does not mean dependence, obedience or anything implying inferiority.

        It means an intense kind of admiration. Intellectually and morally, i.e., as a human being, she has to be his equal; then the object of her worship is specifically his masculinity, not any human virtue she might lack.

        This does not mean that a feminine woman feels or projects hero-worship for any and every individual man; as human beings, many of them may, in fact, be her inferiors.

        Her worship is an abstract emotion for the metaphysical concept of masculinity as such–which she experiences fully and concretely only for the man she loves.

        The higher her view of masculinity, the more severely demanding her standards. It means that she never loses the awareness of her own sexual identity and theirs. It means that a properly feminine woman does not treat men as if she were their pal, sister, mother–or leader.


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