Today’s Hut-Hut-Hutting Heroes

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Can a camera save us from illegal searches? What has the role of the police become? Clearly, the good ol’ days of “To Protect and Serve” is going the way of Mayberry RFD.

In this video, we clearly hear two police officers discussing vehicles parked in front of a house. No complaints. No discussion of any wrongdoing. Simply multiple cars at a house. Forget that this was during graduation and families all over the city were having family celebrations; to these cops, people visiting each other is enough to arouse their suspicion. They even go so far as to start running plates. The vehicle they seem to have targeted was…GASP….from another home in Carrollton.

Carrollton seems to have a longstanding reputation as having a police department that harasses the youth in the city. They appear to target them, and find reasons to pull them over with the intent to do whatever it takes to find even the smallest amount of marijuana.Carrollton Speed Tax (CST) on Youtube has numerous videos of police pulling people over for generally innocuous things like registration stickers, then claiming “I smell pot” so they can force a search. Almost all the videos come up empty handed, which seems to prove that it’s all a game for them.


Carrollton Texas Police Department
Facebook page
Phone 972-466-3290

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