Heroes Murder Another Dog … at The Wrong House

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A post on Facebook by Debra Blackmore of Hesperia, CA show the graphic aftermath of Heroes mistakenly coming to her house:

This is my dog buddy. The Hesperia police of San Bernardino County were called out for a domestic violence call and came to my house. Which was the wrong house. My son and brother in law were here and five dogs. They came in to the breezway and buddy when out to see who was coming in. Tony and buddy were sitting on the patio. Dwayne was in the kitchen. Buddy didn’t have a chance to bark. They shot him with their 45s. Didn’t let any one see buddy for 10 min. Animal control said he needed to go to the vet. But it would cost too much if she took him. So our family dog lay bleeding to death while they removed the officer who shot him. The Hero in charge said they went to the wrong house and sorry. PLEASE repost. Let people know how wrong this was.

The Hesperia police department confirmed the incident on their Facebook page.

Hesperia Dog Shooting Incident on Redwood Ave—

On Monday, June 6, 2016 at 12:34 p.m. deputies were called by a citizen reporting a domestic disturbance to the residence on his left. Deputies responded, and based on the information from the reporting party, they approached the residence and rattled the fence to alert any animals on the property. No animals appeared to be present and deputies entered the gate. Shortly after entering, two small dogs ran out into the yard and then a large dog ran out and was immediately aggressive toward the deputies. Both deputies perceived that the dog was going to attack them and one of them fired a single round at the dog with his handgun. The bullet struck the dog and he became incapacitated. A man exited the residence and made contact with the deputies, and it was at that time the deputies discovered they were at the wrong location.

Deputies asked the person at the residence if he wanted to transport the dog to receive medical aid, the man declined. Deputies contacted Animal Control for assistance, however the responsible party declined to have them transport the dog.

 Ronelle Blackmore says the police are being less than honest about what occurred:
This is not at all what happened. The officers detained my uncle and brother in law for ten minutes and would not allow them to aid Buddy while he laid bleeding to death. They never offered to transport the dog. They did call animal control who arrived and told them it would be better to transport the dog themselves because she would charge to much. She also made a comment that if they wanted to adopt a new dog the animal shelter had a deal on adoption fees for veterans. The truth will come out and anyone who wants to hear from the witnesses can come to the Grape Ria city council meeting tonight. I’m so sad that they won’t own up to the truth. This dog didn’t even get a chance to bark he came around a corner and was shot.

“As far as I’m concerned, my kid could have come through on a bicycle and got shot,” Dwayne Blackmore said.

“And they just seem to think that, ‘Oh well, sorry.’ That needs to stop. They need to do their job better,” Debra said.

Refer: Sheriff’s Public Affairs
Phone No. (909)387-3700
Case No. 191603909

John McMahon, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department


  1. Why does anyone want anything to do with the psychotic circus. Clowns are creepy in general. Killer clowns, especially so.

    Why legitimize their psycho circus of statist clowns?

    America has the kind of “good collectivists” like Bucky, who would at least make an honest effort to engineer a better world. If indeed, such a thing is even possible

    Doing better with less

    But such humble things are completely overshadowed by the insane “psyientists” and all their clowns with their evil idiot ideas to increase scarcity and suffering and transform the formerly free world into the insanest show on earth


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