CA Heroes Murder Another Dog

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Cops Show Up At Wrong Address, Execute Pregnant Dog


Sheriff’s deputies in La Puente, California shot and killed a woman’s pregnant dog this weekend after responding to a domestic violence call at the wrong home.

Rosaleen Banner, owner of the pit bull Tata, told reporters with CBS Los Angeles that she discovered her dog in a pool of blood late Friday only moments after gun shots rang out in her front yard.

“I know people have bad intentions toward pit bulls but it all depends on how you raise them,” Banner said. “Not all of them are the same. And she was lovable.”

According to Capt. Timothy Marakami of the LA County Sheriff’s Department, the two deputies were left with no choice after pepper spray failed to stop the dog from attacking a female deputy.

“In order to stop the attack, they deployed (pepper) spray, which didn’t stop the dog, and when the dog charged again that’s when the deputy actually fired to stop the attack,” Capt. Marakami said.

Banner, who also showed reporters a “Beware of Dog” sign attached to her fence, argued that Marakami’s claims were unfounded.

The deputies claimed they never saw the sign, according to a post by Banner on the “Justice 4 Tata” Facebook page.

Cops Show Up At Wrong Address, Execute Pregnant Dog DeadTata

“My baby was in her fenced yard, not on the street or out of the gate,” Banner said.

To make matter worse, Banner revealed that her dog was only hours away from giving birth.

“My dog was pregnant,” Banner said. “She was due today to have her baby.”

Since the shooting, several petitions calling for both deputies to lose their jobs have begun circulating online.

Unfortunately, Tata joins countless other innocent dogs that have been gunned down by police in recent years.

Just last October, disturbing video out of Texas showed a police officer calling a dog towards him before shooting it at point blank range.

A small black lab was shot dead while sitting inside a vehicle last July by an Idaho police officer who claimed the dog was a “vicious” pit bull.

A Michigan police officer shot and killed a 10-month-old puppy last May after the dog allegedly “charged,” causing the officer to “fear for his life.”

That same month, a Pennsylvania state trooper shot and killed a family’s dog just feet from a 5-year-old’s bedroom window after the officer responded to the wrong home as well.

Last February, an Idaho officer officer was caught provoking a man’s service dog shortly before killing it outside a 9-year-old’s birthday party.

In all cases, the offending officers were cleared of any wrongdoing.


  1. Wonder what these cowards would do if they had to search a registered kennel with all animals caged..

    “It skulked up to me from behind the locked cage wagging its tail so I emptied my mag into it.. I feared for my life!”

    .. or a baby left in a car in a casino parking lot..

    “It blinked.. I could tell it was evil so I fired my 40mm M203 into the door from over 14 metres away, because that’s how long it takes the round to arm itself. Some poo came out of my pants, I think.”

    ..or a spider hanging off a patrol car’s visor..

    “It crawled out from under the visor.. I could just tell it was going to spin me into a cocoon and suck my guts out.. I fired as many rounds as I could from my M60.. The patrol car left the road doing somersaults at a speed of about 100MPH, because at the time I was chasing a suspect doing 3MPH over the limit of 30.. The dead and dying are everywhere because bullets were sprayed while the car was spinning in mid-air, which could not be helped.. The spider cannot be found so it must have survived, which is unfortunate because it caused so much destruction.. I was afraid for my life but luckily there’s only a crack in my windscreen..”

    ..or, more accurately..

    “Officer 86th Airborne, there’s a distress call here about a cat stuck in a tree.. If everything goes to shit because you’re a certified dickhead, you know what to do.. It’s in the manual, page 20.”


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