Is Anyone Parlering?

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Parler is supposedly back online but I’ve found it impossible to get back on Parler. I get the log-in screen; I’ve tried my old log-in and password. I tried creating a new log-in and password. Nothing works.  The screen just “sit there.”

Has anyone been able to get back on?



  1. Hmmm… I have a Parler login, though I haven’t been on there in a while. Just now I decided to hit it to test what you’re saying. It doesn’t even give me a login screen, just their logo looking like a cup refilling with red wine continously. Doesn’t matter too much to me, I gave up on antisocial media (including alternative platforms) several months ago.

  2. It’s an analogue to Twitter. Twitter is utterly useless for discussion, and mostly exists to call out and flame others, so I never saw any reason to join Twitter-Light.

  3. Hi Eric, I was invited by John when they went beta thus I have been there from the very beginning. When Parler got bullied off the planet, I waited patiently for their return. When they returned, it was a different place, within a week after they reopened, I got a violation for several innocuous postings and decided that I was no longer wanted on the platform … I immediately closed my account and left … since they fired John, it’s clear that they sold their collective souls and free speech is no longer their goal …

    Haven’t looked back and not losing sleep …

  4. Eric,

    I’ve been able to get back on Parler for weeks now. The problem comes AFTER logging in though! There’s no scroll box along the side, so I can only see the top of my feed; I can’t see anything below the first post or two. That was the same story for my notifications, but I can at least scroll through them now. So yeah, I can get ON Parler, but I can’t do much once I’m there…

    • Same thing here too. All my posts from before the shutdown seem to be gone too. Big tech won this one, sad to say. I think social media in general has jumped the shark. I would rather have lots of websites like this one, run by actual people not some loathsome corporation. They all get too big for their britches.


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