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Eric , great blog would love to
chat but I cant register. I did reg and filled out form then tried to log on ………….invalid username tried lost password doesn’t know me???? please help.

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  1. Hi Eric, I like your commentary – political and car-wise – and I used to be a regular visitor to your website. I’ve stopped coming here – and I thought you should know why: it’s that awful login bar at the top of the screen.

    I have enough logins and passwords for websites that genuinely require authentication, that I don’t need another. I understand that you want a tighter-link to your readership, or that you might be contemplating a pay-wall in the future, but another login/pwd for me to remember is one too many.

    And when not logged in, the login bar blinks annoyingly every time I scroll or move around on your website. I primarily used an iPad to read your page, so others may have a different experience — but yours is the only website on which I have had this ‘blink when scrolled’ experience on the iPad. And that bar sometimes sticks mid-page, which blocks the content.

    I think you changed your content-management system a little while back which about when I first got the blinking bar.

    Anyway – I thought you should know; if it was my website, I would want to know. I am not saying you need to try to please everyone, but it’s the reason I rarely visit anymore, despite enjoying the content.

    All the best , ED

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for relaying your concerns; Dom (web master here) suggests a couple of solutions:

      * Sign up for the RSS feed (under “tools”).
      * Register once – and click “save password.” Then you should never have to worry about logins/passwords again and you posts will not be held in the Moderation queue awaiting approval.

      I don’t like having to set up all these firewalls, either – much less deal with them.

      But if we don’t have them, the site would be inundated – literally – with thousands of spam posts within 24 hours.

      So, it’s an unfortunate necessity until a better alternative comes up.


      • Thanks for looking into the solution Eric; I completely understand your desire for a way not to have to moderate 100’s or more posts a day.
        To protect my own privacy, I flush my browser cache and url history every couple of days or so. Unfortunately, your login-cookie would go out with the rest and I’d be back in the same boat as before – having to remember and enter a login ID/pwd.
        IOS7 on iPad/iPhone promises a solution, but that’s a ways down the road. In the meantime, I wish you well with your site and your message. ED

  2. Hi,
    Another new member here, thought I had the same trouble.
    It turned out that the ‘Confirmation” Email was going straight to the spam box of my Gmail account.
    Check your junk mail box, it may be the case with you too.

      • Hi Zane,

        Give it another try; you may have been inadvertently deleted. We get a tsunami of BS “new users” every day and have to weed them out… I will be sure this does not happen to you if you’ll register one mo’ time.



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