Better Than Banning

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Bans are problematic when the thing being targeted is already in wide circulation. Gun being an obvious example. They can decree no new sales but what about the ones already sold – already possessed – by literally millions of people?

Door-to-door confiscation risks physical resistance and is logistically difficult regardless. It is much easier and equally effective to not ban possession of guns outright but rather to require that those who wish to continue continue possessing them pay for the privilege.

That they pay a lot for it. Not just once, either.

An annual registration fee, for instance. With the threat of criminal repercussions for failure to pay, if discovered (as during a “routine” traffic stop, for instance).

Also make ammunition expensive – as via heavy taxes. Not illegal, per se. Just generally unaffordable.

Presto! You have banned without actually banning.   

This method will likely be applied to cars that aren’t electric cars and – most particularly – cars that are not modern cars; i.e., those without built-in spyware (marketed as “apps” and “concierge services”) which present the threat – to the electric car agenda – of  being an alternative to them.

The electric car agenda is about more than just electric cars. It is about connected carsand electric cars are the apotheosis of connectedness.

The source of motive power is almost incidental to the fact that the powers-that-be can remotely control a connected electric car. Its range, for example, can be increased over-the-wire via a “software update.” It ought to be obvious what this implies. If the range can be extended, it can also be reduced.

To zero.

Other parameters can be adjusted just as easily; for example, how fast the car can be driven. Which implies when and where it can be driven, too.

The basis for this is already embedded in many new cars, electric and not. It is marketed as “speed limit assist” – and it is very helpful indeed. The car – connected to satellites via its GPS, which you cannot simply turn off – knows the speed limit and if you ignore it, a warning light flashes.

This warning could just as easily become something else.  At the flip of a switch. This is the stated, eventual purpose of this form of “assistance.” (More about that, here.)

Bear in mind that in almost every modern car, electric and not, you don’t control speed via throttle. The computer controls the car’s speed – via responding to inputs. Which can easily be countermanded by contrary inputs. This is not hypothetical. It is already actual. Many new cars have a “valet” feature that limits speed in this manner.

The same technology can be used to limit the driver’s speed.

And more.

Again, it is just a matter of flipping a switch – of making use of tech that already exists and which is already embedded in most new cars.

Not just electric cars.

Similarly, many new cars have “teen” controls that restrict the radius the car can be driven by a teenaged driver before it sends out an “alert” to the teen’s parents. An adult driver could be restricted just as easily. Keep in mind that new cars are essentially very large, very expensive smartphones; they have software controls you do not own that can be used to pre-empt the “device” in ways you may not like – irrespective of the fact that you are the nominal “owner.”

Read the EULA.

A “connected” car – which is becoming almost any new car – can be controlled in this manner, enabling control over mobility that was previously impossible. And this is why electric cars and connected cars are being pushed harder than Face Diapers.

The reasons for both are essentially the same.

Keep in mind, too, that there is no Second Amendment protecting the right to drive, which is considered a privilege. And privileges can be rescinded at will.

Those who think it is far-fetched to believe the powers-that-be would actually use their ability to control a “connected” car in these ways are apparently not familiar with the way the powers-that-be are already using their ability to control what one may say or write without risking the loss of their ability to be in or transact business, as via the refusal of banks and similar (e.g.,PayPal) to do business with them once identified as a Wrongthinkful Person.

A Wrongthinkful Tweet or Facebook post and – just like that – your electronic car has been bricked.

No Face Diaper? No charge for you!

But if you do not own an electric car or an electronic car, they cannot control you as easily; cannot punish you as readily for Wrongthink. This is a big problem for those who want such control.

It is literally impossible to flip a switch and turn off a pre-computer-controlled, non-electronic car remotely. It is technically possible to disable it, of course, via other means – such as an EMP, for instance.

But this is impractical.

Far more effective – because far easier – is to simply place onerous financial and other burdens on those who “cling” to their non-electric, non-electronic, uncontrolled cars.

One obvious – and also subtle – way to accomplish this is to make fuel progressively more expensive, a thing already under way. The genius of this being deniability. No one in government is “after” your non-electric/unconnected car; it’s just gotten so damned expensive to fill it up that charging up begins to look like the better deal.

At the same time, offer tax subsidies and other “incentives” to those who turn in their non-electric cars.

A blunter tool is also available, if need be, as regards pre-electronic/out-of-their-control cars. They can be gaslit as “dirty” and “dangerous,” a thing already attempted and successfully, to a degree, in states like California – where extremely stringent emissions test protocols have been in force for years that are increasingly difficult for cars that are many decades old to pass, in part because it is sometimes difficult to find factory parts for these cars and without them, the car can be failed visually – even if it passes the actual exhaust sniff test.

These tests could be “updated” to “modern” standards, too – which pre-electronically controlled cars could not “comply” with unless they were “updated”  – as by replacing a carbureted engine with a fuel-injected engine – at a cost beyond the means of most owners, even if they wanted to mutilate their cars in this way.

Not a ban, you see. Just things that must be complied with in order to retain possession. To maintain your driving privileges.

All for the greater good.

Just not yours.

. . . 

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  1. Something few people know, and I hope they soon find out and take it to court, is the tax on ammo and guns before they’re even on the shelf. I don’t remember how long it’s been but probably at least 60 years, all ammo and guns have a 10% tax on the manufacturer.

  2. A new tool the Psychopaths In Charge have discovered not only to violate the US Constitution, but to completely avoid review regarding it. “But we aren’t making laws against these rights, we’re just making laws that make it very expensive and uncomfortable to enjoy them.” As usual, immediately after taking that oath to support protect and defend the Constitution, they set about finding contorted legal avenues to ignore it. As in asset forfeiture, where “we aren’t taking action against the owner of the property, this is civil action against the property itself”. How can anyone fail to see the fundamental lack of logic or reason, in making churches tax exempt because of the first amendment, but NOT doing the same for weapons because of the second? So goes the pending elimination of ICVs. So goes the right to life without the vaccine.
    Congratulations to the psychosis of the mighty. They have far exceeded my efforts as a young man to occasionally escape reality with hallucinogens. I was never nearly so successful as they are. But then again, I’m not a psychopath. I had a reality to retreat to, they do not.

  3. Life is important for humans, humans don’t mind being alive, you do have a choice if you want to live or die, most choose life.

    Why are full-grown human beings being treated like they are all ignoramuses who were born yesterday?

    A mandate to wear a mask is a punishment, cruel and unusual.

    You are being forced to do something against your will, the desire to have an unmasked face is greater than to be forced to wear a mask.

    How can it be a crime to refuse to wear a mask?

    A lockdown is a punishment, cruel and unusual.

    You are being told what to do, becomes an imposition of will.

    You are being held against your will. Imprisoned illegally. In your own home. There is no escape.

    The real crime going on here.

    Brainwashed people believe the propaganda because if they don’t, another beating will happen until the morale improves. It is hopeless, the masked are totally brainwashed. Not their fault, the fault lay at the feet of the political tyrants out there.

    Democrats think it’s great you are forced to suffer. Republicans think you should suffer, be miserable.

    Why should you even be able to exist? Not your choice, you didn’t ask to be born into this world, life, liberty and happiness is not what you deserve.

    Your social credit score is dependent on whether or not you behave appropriately. Please wear your mask to be totally compliant, you no good dirty filthy swine locked in the pig sty.

    Otherwise, you’re gonna go to hell.

    What will the point in owning a vehicle if you are being told how far you can go and when you can drive it?

    You’re better off walking.

    Conestoga wagons will return and a new Oregon Trail will be carved into the earth once again.

    The teeming masses yearning to be free are streaming across the US/Mexico border.

    What in God’s name for, they’re walking into a trap.

    The tired, the poor, the wretched teeming masses have no place else to go.

    A failure of other governments, Venezuela has a problem with people voting with their feet.

    Deagel is getting it wrong, there is a mass migration into the US, not a mass migration from.

    Probably could happen, a mass migration to Patagonia is a possibility also.

    Live free or die.

    • OPERATION COVIDIUS (the last attempt by the SRF & Billionaires in deploying a FAKE PANDEMIC in order to CHANGE Their Civilization) was/is the success it is mainly due to the vast amount of modern moron slaves using “smart”phones… So no doubt that “smart”cars would be blocked if they went farther than 5 miles from the slave quarters GPS location!

      Their last attempted to deploy a fake pandemic FAILED because the numbers of users of “smart”phones was still very low.

      • “Their last attempted to deploy a fake pandemic FAILED because the numbers of users of “smart”phones was still very low.”

        That, and (anti)social media was still in its infancy. These two things are the SOLE reason people no longer miss their freedom. Hell, they actually want to ABOLISH freedom because “thinking is too hard”.

  4. This is why I drink! Even if I can keep my ‘01 Corolla from rusting out, which is tough here in the road salt belt, I think Uncle might issue a fatwa declaring any cars not Big Brothered to no longer be allowed on “his” roads. This would probably be presented as a “cash for clunkers” offer, with a fairly generous cash offer to lure the rubes not thinking through the full ramifications of said offer. Those of us holding onto our older cars will then most likely face onerous fees for registration, insurance, etc. as several here have mentioned. Gas will also be taxed to ridiculous heights as well. Time to start looking for an old diesel and get a couple heating oil tanks to store fuel for it.

    • Three things important resources for the coming IC purge,

      Wood gassification, bio-diesel, distilling.

      Massive infrastructure is nice and convenient, but not the only way.

      • My thoughts exactly, Anon.

        Unfortunately, massive infrastructure is also a way for the gov’t to cling to control and relevance. Therefore, I suggest we find other ways. And it can be done! We’ll all be stronger and freer for doing so.

        • I have this dream. One day I will be driving my ancient diesel on rendered bureaucrat. Remember, the fatter they are, the more they produce.

    • Get that old diesel while you still can.
      One “problem” with diesels, from a government control freak point of view, is that the user can make his own fuel from discarded waste products (used cooking oil).
      Independent citizens? Big problem for the commie-nanny types.

    • Hatter,

      Hitting Trucks in general. Chevy and GMC dealers can’t get any new Colorado’s or Canyon’s on the lots because of the chip shortage. And they are having issues with the silverado & Sierra as well.

  5. While I occasionally miss the rush driving used to provide – the good old days on my hog or KZ1000, the MR2, the Jeep, even the Corolla (stick, of course) – vehicles ceased being much fun about 20 years ago, in my view.
    The licensing/insurance/tax/registration/traffic law/enforcement expenses and hassles, coupled with the surreal smartphone characteristics of almost all new vehicles, leave me happily sans voiture and sincerely hoping never to drive again. But I wish it weren’t so.
    If I feel sick at heart reading what has been done and is being done to and via the automotive industry, I’m sure it’s worse writing about it. But as the Chinese say, 加油!(add oil, keep fighting!).

      • Those niners were awesome bikes. When I was a kid, a guy in town had one running with what I suspect were basically open headers. It was loud, obnoxious, fast, and every boy in my school perked up noticeably when we heard it coming. It sounded like freedom, and we couldn’t wait to grow up and get one ourselves.

        • Amen, Karalan!

          I’ve had mine for years – for just those reasons. Right now, it has a Kerker 4-1 pipe but I intend to install the original 4-4 pipes when I have the money to do it. The thing sings. It is also as strong and solid as an anvil. Very hard to hurt one. I’d ride it across the country without hesitation – except as regards it getting wet!

  6. Many people are catching on–even if they aren’t really catching on. All one must do is look at the prices of old, good condition vehicles. Especially pickups and full size SUV’s.

  7. I am surprised – but not surprised – at the speed at which technology has enabled the gubbmint to exercise control over our lives

  8. ‘New cars are essentially very large, very expensive smartphones.’ — EP

    BINGO, Eric. Maybe that’s Reason #1 why I instinctively loathe them; the stupid screen marring the dash.

    Reason #2 is their lard-assed obesity. Only vintage vehicles still conform to Billy Joe Shaver’s timeless dictum:

    ‘She were built for speed, with the tools you need …’

    Read the EULA and weep … or wipe, as the case may be. 🙂


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