Heroes Hut! Hut! Hutting!

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Video taken by a local resident in DeKalb Illinois shows fully equipped militarized police training to storm American homes.

Ryan Scott, who filmed the event notes “If you’re wondering how your tax payer dollars are being spent in DeKalb Illinois, wonder no further. Up to 25 officers were training in condemned houses today on Pearl street.”

“Most of the officers were in tactical gear carrying battering rams, blast shields etc.” Scott adds.

“What was once the sleepy town of DeKalb is no longer sleepy. In this video, you can clearly hear an officer caution me to move away from the training location because they were using live flash-bangs.” Scott also notes.

“The training was being conducted in a residential area, with occupied houses residing directly next door to the “training” houses. Scott also reveals.

“This is the police state.” he concludes.

In the video, County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Pettengell is heard explaining to reporters and other residents what is taking place.

The interview was posted by the Daily Chronicle, which also provided more details on the event.

“These are all houses that are going to be destroyed for development. That gives us the opportunity to come in and train in them. We’re doing search warrant entry tactic training today.” the officer declares.

The officer tells the bystanders that three houses are being used in the exercise.

“We try to make this as realistic as possible. All the officers are wearing the full gear that they would wear if this was a real situation. They are all carrying the weapons that they would use.” the officer also notes.

The superviser also reveals that role players and volunteers were placed in the houses to act as “the bad guys in the situation.”

“It’s very rare to get houses like this,” “I don’t know if we’ll be back in these houses again, we do different locations throughout the county.” The officer tells the bystanders.

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  1. I have an old house I’d gladly volunteer for such hero training, as long as I could watch. It’s been abandoned for 9 years and has a leaky roof. The ancient floors are rotten and it would be hilarious to witness the heroes crashing through to the basement…..

  2. I have friends in DeKalb, and they moved there to be away from this type of thing (Yep they know about this and are pissed). DeKalb is a rural area far outside Chicago, the biggest institution there being Northern Illinois University . Why the DeKalb PD would have any need for these tactics and equipment, well, we know they don’t. They probably “justify” it because they have a “gun free” zone (the college) and thousand of students denied their right to defend themselves.

    The Peoples Republic of Illinois doesn’t even allow colleges to set their own rules about guns, they have banned them at all colleges public and private. When I was the victim of an attack on my campus in college (in Illinois), I had to use my mag flashlight to defend myself. Thankfully I was not charged with a crime when I hit him on the head.

      • Because I was the security guard (otherwise I wouldn’t have had the flashlight), the cop was running up to me from behind and saw me hit him. And it only knocked the attacker to his knees. I only knew the cop was there when I saw the laser sight on the guys chest (he was STILL taller then me on his knees).

        I ended up saving the attacker from being shot by that cop, believe it or not. Glad he didn’t take the shot, the bullet would have gone right over my shoulder, and the bang from the shot would have been bad for my already bad hearing.


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