Reader Question: SARS and WuFlu?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Greg writes: I tried to post this in the comments area but since I have many links to medical websites the comment is blocked as spam. Forced vaccination rests on this flawed premise: “There is no treatment or cure for SARS CoV-2”. This is a blatant lie used by government figures to push this agenda. I’ve compiled a short list of treatments available. First-treatments using non-drug methodologies: High dose vitamin therapy using vitamins A, C, D ,iodine for short term (4 days)

Dilute (.04 %) Nebulized H202 and iodine (1 drop 5% Lugol’s) in 3 cc .9% ordinary saline solution
Nebulizers available from ‘only nebulizers,com’  Food grade H202 available at some health food stores. .9% saline available at pharmacies. Iodine available from lugol’
I use the dilute H202 and iodine nebulized every other day as a prophylactic.
Therapies using drugs:
America’s Frontline Doctors


My reply: Excellent, Greg! It hardly needs additional comment from me, beyond the usual asterisk that rationality and facts are not factors when attempting to reason with the Sickness Psychotic. You would have more luck, I suspect, attempting to explain Algebra to a rooster.

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