Six Heroes – One Kid Without a Helmet

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In this video posted to social media, several officers from the Los Angeles Police Department can be seen harassing the family of a minor who was riding a bike without a helmet.

As the argument progresses, the cop states that the young man is going to get a ticket “for whatever vehicle code violation,” to which the minor interrupts, “vehicle code?” The obviously outwitted policemen can only respond, “Listen, I’m not going to sit here and explain myself to a juvenile.”

The video starts off with the police arguing with the videographer. He asks the police why they are there, giving the kid a ticket. The cop explains that they “have the right” to give the child a ticket, then threaten the man with arrest if he “interfered.”

Even though the juvenile comes outside when his mom tells him to, the cops still arrest him. He was arrested for not wearing a helmet, riding the bike with no hands and in the end, making the cop look like the uneducated bully he is.


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