“EPautos” is Offline

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The URL for EPautos.com is offline – hopefully, just temporarily. Some of you have already found your way back using ericpetersautos.com (which is still working normally.

We are working the problem and hope to have “EPautos” back online shortly.

UPDATE: I have been in touch with Dom and we are “this” close to getting the EPautos URL up and running again….

In the meanwhile, please bookmark the site via “ericpetersautos.com” – and all should be kopacetic. The site appears to be working normally. The problem is just a navigation (and Google) issue.


Also, we’re inching close to making it into the black for the month – but we’re still down by about 35 percent. I’m hoping this last minute call to arms will remedy that.

UPDATE: Huge – epic – thanks to Safe Ride! 

Part of the reason – probably the reason – EPautos is down is because we’re understaffed and juggling too many balls with too few hands. Things slip.

Your help will go a long way towards that kind of thing not happening more often down the road.

Please help, if you can. 

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079




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  1. August 31st Be Like…

    Buddy you’re an old man poor man. Pleadin’ with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day. You got mud on your face. Big disgrace. Somebody betta put you back into your place

    And Then…

    September 1st Be Like…

    I’ve taken my bows. And my curtain calls. You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. I thank you all. But it’s been no bed of roses.
    No pleasure cruise. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race.
    And I ain’t gonna lose.

    Because we mean to go on and on and on and on…

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality. I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy. Because I’m easy come, easy go. A little high, little low. Open your eyes.Look up to the skies and see. Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me…

    Libertarian Rhapsody

    • That reminds me of a probation officer I once had. I’d burn CD’s and take to him, found out he was a Queen guy so i took some of that too. One day he asked if it was legal for me to bring him music. I didn’t know which aspect of it he was referring to, me burning CD’s or giving them to him.

      I’ll never forget the look on his face when I replied…..with a Mexican accent “Laws, I don’t care bout no stinking laws”. The funniest part was we weren’t all that different but I was on the bad end and that shoulda drove it home to him and I think it did. He finally laughed out loud and shook his head. Hell, man, isn’t it obvious I don’t follow the letter? I had never thought of it one way or the other.

      That’s my problem, just do things as I see fit. No fishing license? The fish never noticed so what’s the problem? At least the state hasn’t taken over my private pond but I’d expect it at any time. I pay enough to the tax revenooers anyway.

      • 8 you should think about doing the gopro thing in your rig or somewhere. Tell these stories POV as a driver. I’m greatly enjoying reading this on my TV now, but what I’m really wishing, is there was some kind of audio so I could hear you doing the telling of it.

        I’m thinking something that might make sense here, is doing test drives and rants with a co-pilate. (freudian typo, I’m leavin it, don’t crucify me, LOL.) Or maybe you call or skype in somehow.

        Or if not you, get a partner-in-crime like this Cassandra Rules lady. She’s out of DC, and she seems to be ride or die libertarian all the way through. Most recently,she was detained in Ferguson, MO while taking pictures of heroes.

        Twitter: @CassandraRules
        Writer. Reasons not rules make us strong. Stop believing in authority and start believing in eachother.

        YouTube: Cassandra Rules

        PINAC: Author Cassandra Rules

        Just jawboning, but a cool show might be something half Top Gear, and half Cop Block. Like those leather jacket Reason guys, only way less douchy.

        I mean, academic wall-of-text freedom essays are all well and good. And this blog is already miles away from just that, but I really think you, eric, BrentP, et. al. have so much more to offer the cause of freedom what you’ve been able to show so far.

        How could you take this thing out on the road, and do some kind of regional dixie freedom circuit.

        Now that might really be the way to get this thing out of the garage and tangibly into a larger audience and real people actual lives, where it’ll have the maximum impact. That might just be something worth pursuing.

        • Tor, not sure anyone could take my tirades but then again, it could be very entertaining(language….haha). I’d have to do it incognito so to speak. If anything on my rig identified me as such the DOT and every other LEO would be all over me like stink(like they’re not already).

          Maybe I should contact Cassandra. She might be good for a few hours. I wouldn’t expect anyone to put in days like I do.

          Will and Sonny wouldn’t approve of my language for certain. You’d certainly need video to understand my tirades though.

          As an aside, last week I as attempting to change trailers and the fifth wheel was being recalcitrant to say the least. I kept having to get into the rig and move it a bit and finally got it to release but couldn’t get the handle to stay in the release position. This was in pitch dark and it was hot and humid and in a hurry(nearly always). But I broke into a smile with nobody but the yard dogs to see, thinking about Sonny climbing out on the back of a speeding tractor and pulling the release handle on a load of gasoline.

          I once got burned(by cotton)when some idiot had put a bale on my rig in the second row on a flatbed. Of course I didn’t notice since there was no smoke and any bale that had been in the system was supposed to be culled and put in a potential burn yard. I though I saw something and then an oncoming driver flagged me and I pulled over. The trailer had a new floor and brakes and the tractor was spiffed up and tuned up. I could never get the fifth wheel to release and got burned trying to do so(that and kicking off bales, little 500 lb ditties they are). Then I realized I had just fueled and had 300 gallons of gasoline right under the fire(good old days). I ran down the highway trying to warn everyone to not drive past it as it was about to blow. An oil company guy stopped and gave me first aid(I hadn’t felt it but he noticed)right before it all blew up. Sunday morning comin down…..for me. I had to drive by that rig for a week til it stopped burning…and I was 20 years old. It hurt my feelings.

            • Tor, I have the open mind…..though the closed mouth doesn’t come easily to me…..online. But I never speak of anything consequential nor of a private nature.
              My best friend once said I was the place to speak to and never hear of it again. I don’t feel a need to repeat anything said to me. The B&C gives me hell for it. I tell her whatever someone wants you to know will be told to you. If they wanted everyone to know they’d pass it along.

              I don’t mean to pick on the opposite sex but they seem to take offense to anything told to someone else(or think something has been told to someone else)and not to them. If they kept their mouths shut they just might get told something private….and important. Don’t expect me to relay it.

              • Before coming here, I would talk about anything and rotate my user names, sometimes I’d be more than one person at the same time, if somebody was paying me to get eyeballs on their stuff.

                I’ve committed to being only one person here and not create illusions or use trickery using various online techniques I’ve acquired over the years.

                Some of what I enable people to do, does enable person B getting paid due to the efforts of person A, which is understandably infuriating to Eric, since he’s a struggling type A.

                And if some creators work is easier to acquire from a type B rehosting source, I don’t hesitate to get it from there.

                The idea that being transparent, simplistic, and submissive to any kind of authority is of higher moral caliber than being clever and elusive seems childish to me.

                I get that being the alpha dog means being bluntly yourself, and spreading your truth is probably the ideal.

                But sometimes being invisible and deceptively clownish as a beta dog works even better, and with a lot less risk and effort.

                All a beta dog need do is avoid alphas and he can have litters and litters of puppies with all the hot beta, gamma, delta, and epsilon females he can handle.

                The idea that mouth breathing Julius Streicher type mono-linguists are of noble bearing. As they dutifully Have officially sanctioned intercourse with their officially designated hausfraus.

                And Gypsies and Jews are of lower class because they eschew and transcend false constructs of forced culture and lockstep language and actually sate their true appetites. That lunacy absolutely boggles my mind.

                I look at all non-violent “crimes” as a valid field of inquiry and necessary realms of understanding.

                In the long run crime usually doesn’t pay, I don’t dispute that. It’s always a danger when I feed my loved one’s illusions, rather than restrain myself to only building stable realities. Eventually the stories we tell dissipate, and what remains is only the truth.

                But what will never pay, is to dismiss the importance of illusion and telling others stories to keep them alive. You’re not doing anyone a favor by ignoring vast regions of wisdom and experience as being “too immoral” to even discuss and to master. They are just another arrow in your quiver, and they might save someone’s life.

                It’s juvenile magical thinking, and that will leave you defenseless to the evil Jews and scheming rich people who employ someone like me, who will nod my head in agreement to your face, all the while doing whatever I’m paid to do, and making mincemeat of you and your efforts while hardly breaking a sweat.

                It’s far more than seatbelts that can’t be forced. It’s all of your beliefs and crutches that must stand on their own once you remove the truncheons of central authority.

                In a voluntary society, you have no right to fairness. Or of being provided answers. Or expecting people to play the games of their lives with all their cards showing face up on the table.

                The giftpilz is in the eye of the beholder. I find conformity and watchful intolerance poisonous. There is no right to quiet, docility, and smiling simpering consumerism and militant self-denial.

                Maybe one of those poison mushrooms have thier way with your wife and she’s grateful. Pay your kids to spill the beans about you, or to work against you for a pittance.

                When the market speaks and says a good story and filmed telling of said story is considered worth a thousand times a well constructed machine, then that is what’s good and right. Assuming the market wasn’t coerced.

                Kardashian haters and speeder haters are one and the same clover archetypes, aren’t they?

                Maybe women want a Brave New World, where babies come from a machine.

                Only a clover would wax philosophical about when life begins, while ignoring the nuts and bolts of the living machines that incubate the babies.

                It’s unpleasant, sure, but the fact is a life growing inside a woman’s body is nobody else’s concern. We don’t live for each other, it’s hers to kill or sell on eBay as she alone sees fit.

                Unless she voluntarily agrees otherwise, and explicitly so.

                Which I’ve never found hard to obtain. There are alpha women that I wouldn’t come within a 100 yards of.

                But that still leaves all kinds who enjoy being what I want and struggle to accommodate my urges as best they are able, even as they see alpha ladies bending men to their wills and tastes, often using the machine men of state to work this dark magic.

                If you think about it, women are already successful anarchists and libertarians in our society.

                They’ve achieved high levels of autonomy and freedom, even though they’re greatly outmatched by men on many fronts.

                The biological fact is, once we’re sexually attracted to someone. Or familially connected to someone. We’ll tolerate all manner of offenses and unpleasantness. We’re hardwired to do that.

                Back in Asia, the pictogram language version was taught only to men, and the alphabetical language version was developed for women.

                We’re using a feminine language that women are able to read with ease, which means we are somewhat defenseless.

                Latin used to be the refuge for learned men who enjoyed private correspondence with other learned men where clovers and women were powerless to interfere.

                That’s one of the things I like about this place, conversations here often go over the head of weak-minded metrosexual clovers, who are utterly incapable of grokking any kind of masculine prose.

                • Tor, strange just reading this as I just told my SO basically, in different words, what it was that drew me to epa. Basically, it is the intelligence of the commenters here. Not all have been as freedom minded as they have become after hanging out here for awhile.

                  I include myself in that group of people who didn’t really have a clear regimen of what I’d say about certain situations although I did already know how I viewed them, but didn’t put it into the same words or phrases I more often use now.

                  A couple years ago being toasted all the time on alcohol due to my thrice broken leg I often lapsed into HeinLeinian speak although Julian May, Ray Bradbury, Authur Clarke, and many others figured into my writing along with others of fiction/reality such as Steinbeck. I never relayed the story of Snowball(2400 lbs of black bull), the cowboys I was having hell with and others(wife) attempting to control me with Snowball being my only friend(other than Cholley Jack). Every time I thought of relating it, the task itself was too daunting for anything less than a long article, not something to relay in a comment.

                  Nobody likes a bum, especially one with a broken leg. They might tell you differently but few can tolerate someone down on their luck. I tell you this because I think you can relate to it and even understand a situation such as that. It took a chance encounter with my now employer and a ridiculous set of circumstances involving cattle water and the lack thereof and having to move an entire herd one day after only going to water them and finding the well dry, the transfer tank piping stolen and only my farm as a refuge for extremely hot, dry cattle. I found myself, broken leg half healed, herding cattle and into a situation with an old Longhorn mama cow and her young calf with mama forcing me to run for the first time in more than year. I then found myself hauling cattle all day and a leg that night I would gladly have given to anyone who would take it. And to think I started the day headed to get a big rig, bring it home and haul hot mix the next day.

                  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do that story justice. And don’t think many people would care to hear it but if there were anyone of that mind, it would be here, on epa, I’m guessing.


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