Virginia Beach Heroes And Their Agonizer

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Police in Virginia Beach, VA have been caught on video assaulting two teenagers after pulling them over for a broken light license plate light. The cops subsequently tried, and failed, to delete the footage captured via cell phone.

The cops claimed that they could smell marijuana, so had probable cause to detain 18-year-old Courtney Griffith and her 17-year-old friend Brandon, remove them from the vehicle and search it.

The quick thinking Griffith pressed record on her iPhone and placed it on the dashboard, capturing the entire incident.

When it became apparent that 4 cop cars had followed her home into her driveway, and that one of the officers had previously arrested her for possession of marijuana, Griffith asked for a sergeant to be called to the scene.

Meanwhile, her friend cited the fact that he is a minor, and that police were duty bound to call his parents.

When the boy asked Griffith to make sure the incident was being filmed, the police officers clearly became angered and began barking orders to get out of the vehicle.

The cops then pepper sprayed the boy directly in the eyes twice, before breaking out tasers and stunning the kid several times until he literally fell out of the vehicle, being beaten on by five cops, according to his own account.

The boy was arrested and is currently being held in jail until July on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Griffith told The Free Thought Project that the cop who grabbed the phone attempted to deleted the footage

“They arrested me, never Mirandized me or Brandon, and they sent me off with a summons. When I went back to my car, my phone had been brought off the dashboard and was on the drivers seat. I asked the cops who deleted the video, after looking for it in my folder, and they all started laughing. It was sickening. I later found it in my recently deleted folder,” Griffith said.


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