28-Year-Old Michigan “Hero” Beats 83-Year-Old Man

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An 83-year-old man is headed to court for a resisting and obstructing felony charge received during an incident involving Michigan state police that was not recorded due to an allegedly “malfunctioning” dashboard camera.

Owner and operator of Warner Township’s only bar for 51 years, Larry Sevenski said he was informed on St. Patrick’s Day by a patron that armed government workers – “heroes” – were parked just outside his property waiting to pull over motorists suspected of drinking and driving. What happened next would leave Sevenski in the hospital with a broken nose and arm that required eight pins to repair.

According to Sevenski, he took off in his vehicle onto Highway 131 in order to look for the “hero” before turning onto Thumm Road. He then U-turned back onto Highway 131 and was pulled over from behind by a Michigan state trooper. Sevensk said he immediately pulled over, got out of his car and walked toward the patrol vehicle.

83-year-old Sevenski denies attacking 28-year-old trooper Brock Artfitch. At a preliminary hearing in Antrim County District Court on Wednesday, Artfitch recounted his version of events, saying that he and his partner pulled over Sevenski for cutting the corner too close and failing to signal during the U-turn he made.

Artfitch testified that Sevenski walked quickly toward his patrol vehicle while pointing and shouting, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” Sevenski then ignored orders to return to his car and walked directlytoward him, Artfitch said.

During the preliminary hearing, Artfitch maintained that he put his hand out and pushed on Sevenski’s chest in attempt to walk him back to his vehicle. He testified that he asked Sevenski if he had any weapons and said the elderly man responded, “I wish I had one.”

According to 28-year-old Artfitch, he then grabbed Sevenski’s left hand in order to pat him down and said Sevenski “squeezed” his hand “very tightly” and reared his right arm “back in a punching position.” That’s when a fearful Artfitch said he used an arm bar take-down on the old man.

The move left Sevenski’s nose bleeding and glasses chipped, presumably from his face smashing into the ground. Artfitch testified that he and his partner handcuffed Sevenski as he was screaming in pain that he had a broken arm. An ambulance was then called and EMTs began administering first aid to the old man.

Sevenski was – of course – charged with resisting and obstructing police, a felony, and given a ticket for failing to use his turn signal. He was then taken to the hospital were he underwent surgery on his broken nose and arm, receiving eight pins in a shattered elbow.


“They said I couldn’t talk to them. I was breaking some kind of law, I don’t know. It got crazy, all at once,” Sevenski said. “They handcuffed me, and they hurt very bad because I have a reversed shoulder and I can’t put my arm behind my body. . . [I] just don’t know what I did wrong.”

At Wednesday’s preliminary hearing, District Judge Thomas Phillips found that there was enough evidence to send the case to trial in Circuit Court. One thing that could shed light on the situation is footage recorded by Artfitch’s dashboard camera. When Sevenski sought a copy of the video in order to vindicate himself however, he was told by Michigan state police that it could not be provided to him.

The missing footage was scantly mentioned during the preliminary hearing. What exactly happened to the footage is unknown. Michigan state trooper vehicles are equipped with cameras that automatically turn on when their flashing lights do. State police spokespeople have blamed the missing footage on “technical failure,” saying the camera eventually begin recording by the time paramedics were treating Sevenski.

“There was a technical failure with the video camera installed in the patrol vehicle involved in this incident,” state police Lt. Mark Harris said. “While the camera log shows that the camera started recording when the patrol car’s lights were activated, the camera malfunctioned and did not write the incident to the memory card.”

The incident has left the community of Warner Township in an uproar while the story continues to circulate in local newspapers and on social media. On Wednesday, many of  Sevenski’s supporters protested Artfitch’s actions outside the Antrim County District Court House. Lawyers for Sevenski have stated that they plan on launching a “vigorous defense” when the case is heard in Circuit Court.

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    • Hi Anonymous,

      Yes – and revealing. They want people who will mindlessly follow orders – “it’s the law,” I am “just doing my job.” The only weapon we have to combat what’s happening is ridicule – to bring them into general contempt. I am doing my best toward that end.

  1. You know what really puzzles me about this? What kind of man wants to, or is even willing to, beat the hell out of an 83 year old man, period. Maybe I hang around the wrong sort of people, but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who would do that. To say nothing of the fact that the video camera “malfunctioned.” Or the fact that the DA charged the 83 y/o. Or that the cop isn’t even being investigated.

    • Hi John,


      My Dad died a few months ago; about the same age. The idea of striking or pushing a frail old man boggles me. I would not lift a finger to aid that “hero” if I saw him being mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs. Hell, I’d sit back and enjoy the show.

      • Eric: Sorry to hear of your father’s passing. Lost mine about 7 years ago. Still hurts.

        Re: helping police. It really is depressing. 20 years ago I would have automatically helped any cop. Now? Only if I know and like the cop. Other than that, I guess I’ll film it. Around here they won’t even give first aid…they just call an ambulance and watch people die.

      • One day I had deal with road-raging ahole. Long story short he follows me into the parking lot of my destination. Old overweight fart with a cane. After telling him what an asshole he was he decides he’s going to attack me. While he hobbled I got in my car and left. No way was I even going to hit this guy in self defense because of how bad it would look. Even if he lived.

        • Hi Brent,

          Yup. It’s inexcusable to strike anyone who is vastly inferior to you, physically – who is incapable of doing you real harm unless you simply stood there and let them pummel you with their feeble kicks, etc.

          That “hero” cop had many options – talk him down, stay out of his reach, if need be – but just had to use force against an 83-year-old man. No deference to age and fragility; no de-escalation.

          Obedience – now.

          I looked at the picture of the “hero.” Another typical buzz-cut wanna-be SS untersturmfuhrer type. The look and attitude of the same.

          I have nothing but loathing and contempt for them. They are subhuman. Lacking normal human empathy and reasonableness. A sociopathic thug, but with the backing of the state.

          Such a person ought to be shunned by all decent people. But many – including Gail, I suspect – will defend this guy and admire this guy because he wears a badge and is an “officer” of the state they revere in exactly the same way that a dog venerates its master.

          • “It’s inexcusable to strike anyone who is vastly inferior to you, physically” Unlike engaging in a ‘battle of wits’ with an unarmed Clover

            • Exactly, Phillip!

              PS: I am still trying to figure out why your posts (and several other people’s) are still being held for Moderation.

              Did I mention I despise computers?

      • eric, not me. I carry my “tire bumper”. I get along well with dogs. I’d be there helping them. I’ve dealt with really cobby dogs for decades. They understand if you are helping or hurting. Never seen a head as tough as a 24.5 truck tire….and if one came along, I’d just give it several extra “bumps” to “cure” it.

        Just had an old friend today tell me of going around a sheriff’s car on I-20 with his pickup set on 75 mph. A quarter mile ahead of it he pulled back into the slow lane. Then lights came on and followed him at a distance. He finally pulled over and they stayed 30 yds behind him. This 300 lb., 5 ft. tall female exited the patrol car and eventually asked for his license. He asked what the problem was and she rotoundly said he had changed lanes without a signal.

        This was more than he could take and he started cussing, told her in the last 40 fuckin years he hadn’t been stopped for such a stupid thing. He kept on in this vein. She returned to her vehicle where he could see an old timer in the passenger seat. She finally sulked away and didn’t write any ticket, warning or other. He continues on with his crew. BTW, his step mom was a DPS. He knows how to play their game. Oh, and then she asked him for his phone number. He proceeding to yell at her it was none of her fuckin bidness and no way in hell he was giving his number to anyone. She retreated and they both went on. This is the best way to handle this dufus shits.

        I treat the DOT as if they were just recently off the bus. They look at my license, grandfathered in for over 50 years and take on a different tone. I have NEVER had one call me out for not stopping at a stop sign. If they want me to stop, I have the right to proceed to a spot “I” deem safe and I drive like always, never stopping unless it’s needed. I have never had one say anything about it.

        Somebody please explain to me what a corner “too tight” is. Don’t think I’ve ever heard this one before. He’s damned lucky it wasn’t my father. New headline, “Occifer Dipshit was found face down in a field with several apparent bullet holes in his body. His death is being investigated by “blah blah blah”. Fuck him and the Gail horse he rode in on.

    • Violent thugs, that is who. That is who signs up for the police now. Just like the people who sign up for the military. They know what they are signing up for.

      • It’s not 1960 any more.
        Watch for his bar to lose one or more licenses and have inspection problems etc and so on until it unexpectedly closes. That’s usually how a small business owner confronting government goes these days.

          • I’m not sure what is going on in the video but all I can think is idiot prepper. Barb wire fence, super electric gate. They are ready to take on the world. Not making any excuse for the goons. Just pointing out how full of crap most of these prepper people are. They have absolutely no power to stop anything other than their cell phone. If the shtf they would just be over run.

          • Todd, WTF do you get they’re peppers? Are the obviously rich with solid walls topped by sharp glass and electric wire “preppers”?

            I live rurally behind a locked gate that you wouldn’t dare attempt to knock down with a vehicle you want to continue using as do most people in the country and I know not a single prepper.

            Oh I’m prepared for the long haul though…till I need another case of Shiner, a few more bottles of Perrier and another bottle of bourbon.


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