Post-Wreck Hut! Hut! Hut!

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Here’s a charming dashcam video of a post-wreck Hut! Hut! Hut! which took place recently in West Virginia.

A guy attempted to get away from an armed government worker; a car chase ensued. The driver of the car being chased lost control, wrecked spectacularly. The AGW drags the man out of the car and he and his fellows – half a dozen of them – proceed to beat the man, who was probably badly injured in the wreck and who clearly is not “resisting” his tormentors.

According to the accompanying text, the AGWs were fired – but not criminally charged – for the actions shown here.

It is baffling that those empowered to enforce the law are able to violate it with lesser consequences than are imposed upon ordinary people who do the same.

Shouldn’t those whose job it is to know the law be held to at least the same standard as others?

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  1. “It is baffling that those empowered to enforce the law are able to violate it with lesser consequences than are imposed upon ordinary people who do the same.”

    It’s not baffling at all if you don’t live in a free country.

  2. It is an affront to their authority for this guy to have the audacity to ignore their little flashing lights. I mean who the hell does he think he is? He must be punished.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Yes, it’s interesting – isn’t it? I mean, the reflexive (conditioned) tendency of most people to not even think about the legitimacy of those little flashing lights and the Authority which they represent. It takes an awakening – and most of the population is soundly asleep. They have never consciously considered why they must submit to Authority – as distinct from being a good person and living one’s life in such a manner as to avoid imposing oneself on others, or causing them harm.

      • And now that I am in the know, I am ruined. All of life’s considerations are now painted with the brush of the non-aggression principle. There’s no going back short of re-education, senility, or amnesia.

  3. Eric,

    Back in the early ’90s, I knew an ex cop. He said that, if someone ran from them and they later caught the guy, he WAS getting a serious beatdown-no question about it.

    • Marky,

      “serious beatdown”

      It’s called a tuneup.

      Embrace your servitude Marky.

      You too can learn to love Big Brother.

        • Tell me about it. A cop murdered a 16 year old boy on a motorcycle just a couple miles from me. There’s a winding road between Sand Springs and Tulsa where people routinely “speed” because there are never any cops around. Well, a group of young speed demons were having fun one hot summer day, taking those turns at probably 80+ when a god damned asshole cop was driving in the opposite direction. Mr. Piggy saw the first one pass by with others coming up behind the first. What does this murderous bastard do? He “pulls a slow U turn” essentially blocking the opposite lane, knowing full well other bikers were coming up fast. One of the bikers could not avoid hitting the police car and died on the scene. A witness to the crime who happened to be a nurse tried to help the victim, but the costumed killer shouted at her to get back in her car. I can’t imagine what kind of psychopath would think it was worth murdering someone because he thought he was traveling at too dangerous a speed. It burns me up just thinking about it.

          There’s a memorial set up at the site of the “accident”. I have often fantasized about hanging a dummy in a cop uniform from the power line pole near the memorial with the word MURDERER on it.

          If the cop’s name was known to me, I shudder at the thought of what I might be inclined to do.

          Of course his friends in the highway patrol “conducted an independent investigation” and found that officer dickhead did nothing wrong. He’s out there free to murder again with impunity.


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