The New “Stop Resisting”

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This video is interesting because it depicts the latest AGW technique for evading the still technically-the-law requirement that a person has to be suspected of a specific criminal act before AGWs may legally require the “subject” to present his Papers.

A man is sitting in his legally parked truck, attending to some business. He isn’t doing anything illegal – but “someone” called and a crew of AGWs descend and begin to demand he answer their questions and produce ID. The man asks what crime he is suspected of committing. The AGWs cannot articulate any, but are “suspicious” and “investigating.”

The man’s refusal to surrender his rights by answering their questions or producing his ID results in the AGWs accusing him of “obstructing” – in other words, a person asserting their lawful rights by refusing to “cooperate”  with AGWs intent upon violating them is guilty of a criminal act.

Which becomes the basis for these despicable thugs-in-costumes to manacle the man and threaten worse.

The entire time, the AGWs gaslight their victim, berating him for not making their job easier.

Der Tag can’t Kommt soon enough.

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  1. When the first AGW went to call ‘Terry’, he was EXPLICITLY TOLD that the man was in the right; he did NOT have to produce ID, since no crime had been committed or was in the process of commission! Did anyone catch that? Then the guy with the mustache came over and told a bunch of lies…

  2. Yes, this is a very common LEO tactic, thoroughly taught in cop school. Take even a DUI “investigation” which presumes the reasonable suspicion of a crime, allowing for detainment but not immediate arrest until and unless more evidence is found. Simply asserting your right to remain silent upon first contact with the LEO, or asking for a lawyer, will immediately be construed as evidence AGAINST you, proof of DUI, and away you go in chains.

    • Hi Jack,

      Yup – and it’s a double outrage because it is, after all, without legal support. Put another way, these “law enforcers” don’t know – much less respect – the actual law. Compounding this, they are never charged with a crime when they flagrantly violate the law, as here. Were an ordinary
      citizen to accost an AGW in this manner and then physically prevent him from leaving and putting him into handcuffs, it would constitute multiple felonies.

  3. I was turned in for a suspicious vehicle. A long-haired cowboy driving a big rig must have been enough for this fat little bitch at a convenience store to make the call. Once stopped I wondered why Albert was out that late. He called me by name and said I was reported as “suspicious”.

    I didn’t know what to say and he didn’t either. He was pissed about having to suit up and come out on such a bullshit thing. He told me to take it easy, I said same and we parted ways. The term “ludicrous” comes to mind, probably for both of us.

    • Morning, Eight!

      “Suspicious” is a wonderful word – from the standpoint of an AGW – because it can mean anything he likes and nothing he’s obliged to define objectively. You are just “suspicious” – now hand over your papers.

      It’s sickening, isn’t it, what America has become?


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