Economic Chickenhawks

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Medicare for all sounds great – unless you don’t want it. And would rather not pay for it.

This is the always-unspoken problem with collectivist policies: They include you in – at gunpoint, if it comes down to it. Even if you don’t partake of the “free” whatever it is, they’ll make sure you get – and pay – the bill.

Your “fair share,” as it were.

Collectivism, in other words, requires victims. And you can’t victimize people without force.

These are facts that must be thrown up every time some mewling uplifter eructs about his – or her – “plan” to do X. Ask the uplifter and purveyor of “free” things whether people who aren’t interested in “free” anything can say no, thanks – and won’t have to worry about armed government workers Hut! Hut! Hutting! them for declining to pay for all that “free” stuff they don’t want.

Never let them get away with their Big Rock Candy Mountain schtick. Make them squirm. Make them admit that what they are actually advocating is that certain people be given “free” things paid for by others. Reveal the uplifter for what he – or she – is: A person who “helps” by hurting.

He – or she – is not the person who is “helping” anyone. They are the people ordering others to “help” – at their expense – or else. They are economic chickenhawks, similar to the military species who thrust out their chests and scowl angrily about regime-changing evildoers from behind a podium – or bullet-proof glass.

Never in the face of actual bullets. They are for others to take.

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  1. I heard a Bill Maher soliloquy moaning about the overpopulation problem. My first thought was “you first, Bill. No one is forcing you to live on the planet.” But then I got to thinking: He’s got quite the lifestyle. He got that by convincing a few people who also happened to convince millions of people to pay for HBO to give him a few million dollars to put on a show. Take away enough people and the number of HBO subscribers will drop. Maybe enough that those few people who come up with the programming for HBO might not have the millions to give old Bill for his little show. This is the basics of mass communications. Take away the masses and you can’t communicate. By having millions of people pay him a few pennies a month he can live in a mansion. Thousands of people? Well, maybe he can have a place in the woods next door to Eric, if he’s able to convince a few of those people to pay up for his thoughts.

    Insurance, mass production, government all work the same way. By taking their vig from you they can offer some sort of service or value. But that all depends on having masses of people buying. 10,000 cars sold is a horrible failure unless they have a Bugatti logo. Cheap insurance is only cheap if you get enough people buying policies. And government can only take so much from people before they leave the high tax area or just stop paying.

    • The nonsensical messages abound…. overpopulation is a problem but then they grow government in a way that needs exponentially more productivity to support it. Productivity that can only be generated by more people.

      Then they import people from other countries that need government services.

      They want to bring about collapse. It’s the only rational conclusion.

      • The assumption is that the people calling for population control somehow know the correct amount of people. And they think they’re the ones who survive.

        When the SHTF we won’t need Bill Maher.

        • “Population Control” is directed primarily at WHITE people to scare them and delay/deny their procreation. When’s the last time they told Africans to stop breeding? Or Indians? Or even Mexicans? Never. All of them pretty much outbreed Whites and not a peep about it. Whites are the enemy of the State and need suppression so what better way than to fear monger

          • Hi Spoke,

            The people who aren’t reproducing – or who are reproducing less – are the ones who think about the responsibility of having kids, “do the math” and realize they can’t afford it.

            The irresponsible maggotry of all races breeds with abandon. They don’t care who will take care of the kids they produce; they expect – they demand – others care for them.

            This imposes economic obligations on the responsible – who don’t have kids of their own because they can’t afford to provide for their kids and other people’s kids.

            For example, the loathsome tax on property I and other “homeowners” are forced to pay to fund “the schools,” even though we don’t have any kids in those schools.

            I think I’d have to at least double my income to be able to afford a kid. One kid. Because I’m being mulcted at every turn to pay for other people’s kids. And in my neck these other people are almost all white – just FYI.

            • With the state involved for those not on welfare kids are very expensive burdens. Even a trip in a car is a big hassle and requires expensive extra equipment. Everything requires parental involvement when there isn’t a bill to pay for someone else to supervise. There’s no just sending kids outside to play anymore.

              • Morning, Brent!

                I was thinking about this the other day myself. Have a kid – have to buy a new vehicle as my regular cab truck won’t legally let me carry a kid and a passenger. No just letting kids jump in the rear. Then saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety seats. These are not cheap. And then – as you say – all these over-organized/group activities until they are in their late teens; no just go out and have fun playing with your friends.

                What sane person willingly buys into this?

                • After reading your comment, something occurred to me: you don’t see kids playing sandlot baseball or grass lot football anymore. We used to do that all the time when I was a kid! Now, the streets, sand lots, and grass fields are EMPTY…


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