Reader Question: Ass-ists?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dan asks: Why do the car companies call all their nagging “safety” technology “assists”?

My reply: Because language determines how we think. Who controls what words mean controls thought. Thus, we have been conditioned to regard “taxation” as something other than theft, though the only difference is that “taxation” is theft made legal.

Similarly, it is easier to peddle controlling people by telling them you are assisting them. Imagine what would happen if, rather than Intelligent Speed Assist, they foisted Intelligent Speed Limiter on us. The answer is obvious – which explains why it is marketed as assist rather than limiter.

I spend a great deal of time parsing words because this will ultimately decide the outcome of the struggle. If we can succeed in exposing what they – the control freaks and busybodies who are “the government” – are up to by deconstructing their  euphemisms and rhetorical dodges, we’ll have a chance at recovering our liberty.

Because most people won’t support theft and control when spoken of openly.

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  1. George Carlin did a great rant on the devolution of language; my favorite was how “shell shock” became “combat fatigue” became “post traumatic stress disorder”.

  2. Answer: Because that’s what “ASS-ISTS” do. They sit on THEIR ass, and invent clever ways of making money and “jobs” by dreaming up and “enforcing” the most ASSININE garbage to control and manipulate other people.
    Suppression of independent and critical thinking is BIG-ASS business, and what better way for them to do so than to barrage our collective-ASSes with all these ASS-ISTance devices in your automobile? Let’s face it, most of these ASS-ISTS have nothing more productive to do than to BE a Royal Pain-In-The-ASS!


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