The Truth Will Out

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It’s interesting to note that the EV “transition” is only about three years old – about as long as the “pandemic” took to grow old and for many people to become rightly cynical about what they were sold.

About “masks” and “vaccines” then. And charging EVs, just now.

It’s turning out to be not quite what was advertised – and people are becoming more . . . hesitant about it, as a result. A new J.D. Power study finds customer satisfaction with the EV charging infrastructure is declining.

The 2023 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study finds that “Despite the increase in public charging stations across the United States, customer satisfaction with public Level 2 charging has declined to 617 (on a 1,000-point scale), 16 points lower than a year ago and the lowest level since the study began in 2021.”

Shades of “safe and effective,” eh?

Level II – in EV etymology – refers to the kind of charging that is one step below Level III “fast” charging, which only takes about 6-7 times as long (about 30-45 minutes) to recover a partial (80 percent) charge as it takes to get a full tank, which you can get in about five minutes or less.

At a Level II charger, you can get a partial charge in a few hours.

And they ask me why I drink, said the Greaseman all those years ago.

How did we get to the point in this country that people are pretending there’s nothing unreasonable – nothing idiotic – about waiting 6-7 times as long (best case) to do what we used to be able to do in less than five minutes? To planning not just our trips but our lives around finding somewhere to charge and having the time to wait for it?

Probably because so many people became accustomed to pretending that walking around with a “mask” over their faces – and that it was no big deal to be pressured to wear one – wasn’t unreasonable and idiotic.

“Though purported to be the wave of the future, satisfaction with DC (direct current) fast chargers has declined even further, dropping 20 points to 654. More troubling is that satisfaction in both charging station segments has declined in nearly every attribute measured in the study. Since consumer skepticism regarding public charging availability is the primary reason vehicle shoppers reject EVs, this performance could prove to be a further hindrance to EV acceptance,” the study says.

Ayn Rand had something to say about this. Ideas have consequences. Especially idiotic ones.

The government specializes in these, chiefly because it can. Or rather – more precisely – because it can get away with it. Absent the coercive power of government, bad ideas result in failure – and the bad ideas are rejected, because failure is – what’s the word? – unsustainable.

But when bad ideas are backed by the force of government, they cannot be rejected.

They are suffered.

It is why, per my recent column on “frontovers” – i.e., people running over kids they can’t see because of the atrocious blind spots modern high-riding SUVs and crossovers have – people will continue to suffer the consequences of the atrocious blind spots modern high-riding SUVs and crossovers have. Because government will never acknowledge it was a bad idea to effectively outlaw cars people could see out of via regulations requiring cars to achieve impossible high fuel economy that artificially incentivized the mass-marketing of SUVs and crossovers. Instead, government forces more of the same – with “advanced driver assistance technologies” to crutch the problem it created.

It is why people continued to wear “masks” long after it had become obvious it was an idiotic compliance ritual.

Because government forced them to.

It is why the American taxpayer is paying the bill for “standing” with the failed state that is Ukraine – no matter how much it costs him.

“The declining customer satisfaction scores for public charging should be concerning to automakers and, more broadly, to public charging stakeholders,” says J.D. Power’s Brent Gruber. “The availability of public charging stations is still a critical obstacle, but it isn’t the only one. EV owners continue to have issues with many aspects of public charging, as the cost and speed of charging and the availability of things to do while waiting for their vehicle to charge are the least satisfying aspects. At the same time, the reliability of public chargers continues to be a problem. The situation is stuck at a level where one of every five visits ends without charging, the majority of which are due to station outages.”

Really? Do you think so?

At around the time the customers were expressing dissatisfaction, Ford CEO Jim Farley was experiencing it. He got a “reality check” – his term –  about what it’s like to drive a truck that doesn’t go very far that takes forever to get going again. “Charging has been pretty challenging,” he posted on social media. At one of many stops, he described waiting 40 minutes to recover 40 percent charge. Meanwhile, he could have pumped a full tank of gas into a non-electric F-150 and been good to go for about twice as far as a fully charged electric F-150 (the Lightning) might be able to go, if it’s not too cold or hot out. If it’s not hauling or towing anything.

Instead of asking whether all of this is a good idea, though. Farley – and J.D. Power – pretend it isn’t. “Public chargers must be placed at appropriate places,” says J.D. Power. Farley empathizes with Ford’s customers who bought into the EV idiocy – but does not tell them they (or he) ought to stop buying into it.

And they ask me why I drink.


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  1. Eric was spot on about the plan to eliminate cars altogether:

    “By the year 2030, the following 14 cities in the United States are planning to completely outlaw all meat and dairy consumption, as well as all private vehicle ownership and use, in order to conform to the “green” climate standards of the so-called C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group:

    • Austin, Texas

    • Boston, Massachusetts

    • Chicago, Illinois

    • Houston, Texas

    • Los Angeles, California

    • Miami, Florida

    • New Orleans, Louisiana

    • New York City, New York

    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • Phoenix, Arizona

    • Portland, Oregon

    • San Francisco, California

    • Washington, D.C.

    • Seattle, Washington

    All 14 of these cities are part of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which has an “ambitious target” of achieving “0 kg [of] meat consumption,” “0 kg [of] dairy consumption,” only “3 new clothing items per person per year,” “0 private vehicles” owned, and only “1 short-haul return flight (less than 1500 km) every 3 years per person.”

    This is all outlined in “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World” report, which was originally published in 2019 and “reemphasized” in 2023, the year of what appears to be a major financial collapse and possible transition into a new world order.”


    2030 Remake of Oliver Twist:

    “Please Sir, I want some more crickets”

  2. Mish Shedlock outlines the full horror of EeeVee charging in the Sceptered Isles:

    UK Madness

    ‘As of May 30, 2022, in the UK, new home and workplace chargers being installed must be “smart” chargers connected to the internet and able to employ presets limiting their ability to function from 8 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 10 pm.

    ‘In addition to the nine hours a day of downtime, authorities will be able to impose a “randomized delay” of 30 minutes on individual chargers in certain areas to prevent grid spikes at other times.

    ‘The UK Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 came into force on June 30, 2022. All home installed electric vehicle chargers are required to be separately metered and send information to the Smart meter data communications network.

    ‘Potentially this legislation allows the electricity used for charging EVs to be charged and taxed at a higher rate than domestic electricity. The technology enacted also enables the rationing of electricity for EV charging because the government can decide when and if an EV can be charged, plus it also allows the EV battery to be drained into the grid if required.’

    EeeVees are being shoved down our throats by control-freak apparatchiks. Did anyone seriously think these same ‘crats would then refrain from imposing repressive, hogtieing controls on home and public charging?

    Anyone with a lick of sense will steer clear of their enforced, electrified sodomization, now publicly announced with malice aforethought.

  3. There are numerous problems that ordinary Americans are facing every day, such as ordinary expenses continually going up, people devastated by fires like in Maui, and high levels of crime in large cities, but the Biden Thing consistently shows he doesn’t care….Instead, the Biden regime wants to spend $1 BILLION on electric school busses in addition to sending MORE money to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev……

  4. There is a long list of disadvantages with EVs, and a very short list of advantages. The current batteries are fit for small, lightweight cars used for short drives to work and shopping. A battery pickup truck is a big mistake.

    One claimed disadvantage by many conservatives is that owners will have to replace very expensive batteries during the lifetime of their EV. That may be true if the battery pack is damaged in a crash. But there is no evidence that is true for an EV whose batteries were NOT damaged by a crash.

    The best article I found on the subject, and highly recommended on my energy and climate blog today, was by Road and Track:

    • Richard,

      The problem is it’s impractical to determine whether the battery was damaged in a crash. It would have to be removed, disassembled and inspected. How else could you be sure? The insurance mafia is going to (reasonably) assume the battery was damaged and require its replacement. Because if there’s a fire, there will be a massive loss.

      • For many electric vehicles, there is no way to repair or assess even slightly damaged battery packs after accidents, forcing insurance companies to pay for a new battery pack. Time will tell how serious the problem of EV accidents are, even those that do not directly damage the battery case. How could one possibly test several thousand cells after an accident?

        The deterioration of batteries over time has not been the problem that many conservatives claim.

        And the number of EV fires per 100,000 vehicles has been very low. The spontaneous fires of a parked EV are rare, but can’t be prevented or predicted. That problem is likely to get worse as EV batteries age.

        The two problems with solid state EV batteries now are high cost and damage from crashes. Toyota is hyping solid state batteries without ever mentioning the high cost. And it seems no one is mentioning the internal damage during charging: A critical challenge with Li-SSBs, however, is that they are prone to short circuit when charging due to the growth of ‘dendrites’ the filaments of lithium metal that crack through the ceramic electrolyte. Maybe another
        “coming in ten years” battery, like fusion power coming in ten years, and a climate emergency coming in ten years.

        There is more to learn about EV battery deterioration over time, and from accidents. A good rule of thumb is to consider what we already know about EVs — lots of disadvantages, and few advantages. Then assume the same pattern will continue as new EV issues are discovered (more bad news than good news).

  5. My sorry black ass has to stand around here ’til hell freezes over and waits because some dumbass white shithead decided a worthless EV is what I have to drive.

    Is the message you see and is revealed.

    Not my fault. it’s yours.

  6. The holier-than-thou dyed-in-the-wool true blue believers devoted to the Electric Vehicle Religion (EVR) hath spoken! They pray harder than anybody ever could!

    The answered prayer or something, Good Lord. You are the worst kind of heretic if you won’t believe in the holy electric vehicle gospel. Another Judas on the planet! You’ll burn in hydrocarbon hell!

    The answer is no kind of propulsion comes free, unless you are the Earth enslaved to the Sun’s gravity, there is always a price to pay. Gravity has plenty of pull and power, so there.

    Name it a Special Energy Operation, SEO, never goes away. Might wax and wane, but it is endless. Gravity is always there.

    It’s called labor, work, no free lunch, you will move to produce something. Laws of Nature do rule. You have to eat, you need energy, requires work, nothing can be substituted.

    One cabbage head like me isn’t enough, 200 more is better. Even if they are all cabbage heads. Fact of the matter, cabbage does buy cabbage, the edible kind.

    An empty stomach rules, end of story.

  7. So even with this Ford CEO-or whoever the hell he is-figured out how unreliable the EV Ford Lightning is, he still hasn’t learned? Talk about being stuck on stupid.

    • The Ford engineers put on a happy face for top management, and do not report bad news about EVs they are working on. For a while, the development engineers only took short trips and never had to recharge on the road. That’s easy street. When they started taking long drives that required fast charging on the road, their satisfaction dropped like a rock. First, the driver has to locate a fast charging station. Easy if you have a passenger with a smart phone. Not so easy if you are driving without passengers. Then you’ll have a half hour to waste at a charging station. No bathrooms. No drinks and snacks to buy. If you need a restroom, you’ll have to make another stop at a real gas station. And that’s assuming the EV chargers work and there is no line. I guess you could use the spare time while charging to complete a J. D. Powers srvey?
      … Most EV chargers outside the home are not fast 480 volt chargers.

      Concerning the J. D. Power EV charger survey. I read everything Powers had on their website. They did not reveal the questions asked. That is a big red flag for me. I rejected the Powers press release for my own blog, and suspect the year to year differences are too small to be statistically significant.

      It is obvious that some fast chargers do not work. And sometimes there is a line. I have read studies where up to 25% of EV chargers did not work properly. If that percentage is correct, most EV drivers on long trips (the few brave EV drivers) will eventually meet up with a broken charger. But if you used a fast charger just one time, and it worked as promised, you could have a biased positive view of chargers.

      I prefer the opinions of EV owners who have a lot of experience with fast chargers, and that it likely to be very few people. Even then, an EV owner might be biased: If you bought an expensive EV, would you want to admit that using fast chargers on the road are a weak point, making your EV buying decision look not so smart.

      Leftists force EVs on others.
      Leftists buy EVs.
      Will leftist EV owners be reluctant to criticize their beloved EVs?
      Yes, they will be reluctant, IMO.

      I read recently that 70% of leftists (aka Dumbocrats) think Jumpin’ Joe Biden is doing a good job. Could you possibly trust such deluded people to fairly evaluate their beloved EVs, or EV chargers?

    • Hi Shadow,

      Farley – Ford’s CEO – bought in. Now he’s got to double down, eh? Just like the people who still “mask.” And will add another on top of the one they’re already wearing, too.

      • I wonder what Farley’s excuse will be the first time there is a report of a driver freezing to death in the Winter, because their EV stranded them in the middle of nowhere because of an inaccurate range reporting on their screen? Whoops? We are sorry about that? I am sure they will come up with some excuse. But hey, they are still great!

        • Hi Shadow,

          Farley, et al have drunk the Kool-aid and are now “invested.” They cannot admit they made an error because they are part of the plan. Once this plan is understood, it all makes sense. The plan is to largely eliminate private car ownership, using the electric car to achieve this. To dramatically reduce individual mobility. To herd people into serial-paying for “transportation as a service.”

  8. Lies narratives and propaganda only go so far. Eventually there is a tipping point where people can no longer lie to themselves about how bad something really is. The covid-con made th compliant even more deeply entrenched in slaveryvl whole those leaning towards thinking and living have given up on trusting “authorities” in larger numbers.
    The EV thing is no different as people see how they are not a on size fits all solution to gas prices, “climate change,” racism, and “homophobia” only those genuinely interested or religiously committed will go along.

    Our entire life is a series if offers, if we can say no in large enough numbers the choice is ours.

  9. Here is the USAF YAL-1A built by Lockheed Martin:

    The real arsonist is the fake president Biden (who ordered the hit) who said:

    “We’re laser-focused on getting aid to survivors,”

    “‘Laser-Focused’…? Interesting choice of words when everyone is talking about DEWs,” commented @WallStreetApes. “I don’t believe in coincidences, do you?”


    Biden did not go to the disaster site – because he is in on the plot to transfer Lahaina to the globalists. Remember when GWBush was reading the My Pet Goat book at the elementary school on 911?


    Remember this? Biden says gun owners would need F-15s and nukes to take on the US gov’t

    Biden said. “Those who say the ‘blood of patriots,’ you know, and all the stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government. Well, the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots.”


    DEW weapon beam pics:

    Whole subdivision gone, but all trees ok:

    DEW weapon burn lines:

    Fast food resteraunts burned in the middle of parking lot, but not gas station:

    weather satellite catches beam igniting fire:





    • In my opinion, what happened to Lahaina is part of a much larger plot of World War 3 with China, Russia, and Iran. The war is already going in Ukraine and soon will get much bigger.

      I will be looking for a new false flag, possibly bigger than 911, whereby Lahaina is seized as a military asset, and a new Pearl Harbor sized naval base is built. That would explain why all of Lahaina was torched, and why the residents got violently sick from the FEMA bottled water. That explains why the schools were closed, why whole families got burned alive, why the siren didn’t go off, why the pipes had no water, why the fire department did nothing, why the Las Vegas false flag shooting police hack was brought in to block residents from fleeing.

      These things were NOT government incompetence, they were engineered to level the town and kill off the residents because they have BIG PLANS for Lahaina in WW3.

      Lahaina was another Waco, a hit, that is why Biden didn’t show, he ordered it. Biden is a monster. WW3 is on. I’d bet money on it. China could seize Taiwan and Guam, and that would put Hawaii on the front line standoff in the Pacific.

      That is my opinion, and since I am a crazy conspiracy theorist, I am probably wrong, so don’t listen to me.

  10. A video of the asshole Sheriff in Maui HI.

    Everybody really needs to watch this video about the Top Sheriff in Maui. This guy was the one and same that investigated the alleged Vegas massacre. Apparently his reward for screwing up the investigation was apparently this gig in Maui.

    This guy shows nothing but contempt for citizens. I mean in your face contempt. This is the asshole that would not allow the evacuation of Maui and in fact had his deputies route them into the fire. One of the deputies was heard to say “We’re just following orders” You can watch and make up your own mind BUT in my opinion this is exactly what all the ‘officials’, and govt (s)elected jerks we are stuck with that consider us low life trash.

    The POS governor should fire him immediately but hell,,, he is just as bad. So how does a commie New Yorker get (s)elected in a state 4000 miles away?

    • Not sure if I can take watching the sheriff as I still feel kind of sick watching the video of the equally arrogant mayor. Those poor people of Lahaina.

      • They are arrogant because they are on the defensive, just pawns in a much bigger plot. They know what is really going down but don’t say a word. They got their high paying jobs, and all the perks that go with it, because they follow orders like good little soldiers. They have literally sold their souls to a satanic system of evil.

    • Towards the end of the video, the woman used the word ‘cowardly’ to describe how the AGW behaved. Right on.

      Cowardly, word of the day.

      The psychopath-in-charge is just that.

      Lots of grief and heartbreak for the good folks there.

      None of it is good news.

      • But, Drump!

        It takes a real man to hang out hidden by the side of the road waiting for “speeders” – and then extort them for money on behalf of your employer…

  11. Whenever the coercive force of the government does something to change things, behind the scenes are people plotting to get rich by looting the public. Government is a tool used by the unscrupulous to get something they can’t market by normal means. EVs are a case in point, and Elon Musk became the richest man in the world farming the credits while his customers got burned alive or have to wait long times to get a charge. Elon Musk doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you have to wait to get a full charge, or if you are inconvenienced, he cares about getting rich and laughs at your stupidity if you buy an EV. His EV is free, BTW, and he is a billionaire.

    How many times has Elon apologized for burning a customer alive with his product? Zero. He doesn’t give a shit about you at all, or if you are a dupe and buy a Tesla to save the planet. He does not care about the planet, if he says he does it is just what he has to say, expected to say.

    Say I build fighter jets. How can I sell my product unless their is a serious military threat or wars? I need war for my product to sell to a government customer. You and I can not afford an F-16, we are not allowed to buy one. So to sell F-16’s I need to “invest” in a war mongering Congress critter who will always support war and selling F-16s to allies. Governments buy F-16s and they must justify the purchase to us. That is why they lie, and must lie, and they know it, it is job requirement for them. That is why Left or Right doesn’t matter they all support the war, the two political parties are both wings of the same vulture.

    All of Congress continues to fund the Ukraine debacle. These heartless bastards don’t give a rat’s ass that half of the Ukraine peoples have fled the terror of the Zelensky’s war, nor do they care that Ukraine is a bombed out shit hole war zone, nor do they care about the half a million killed, or the millions wounded, missing limbs, etc. They are getting rich, they are staying elected, they have political power and prestige, eat the best foods, drink the best wine, screw the best women, drive the best cars, own the biggest homes. They own thousands of shares of the best companies they keep fully funded.

    They don’t care about you or the earth. John Kerry lectures us about climate change, something he knows NOTHING about, he is a science dunce like AOC of Greta, he is simply repeating the narrative to get rich while jet setting around the world, staying at the finest hotels, eating the best food, and having everyone around him agree with his politics. While you are forced to ride a bike to get to work, he will never give up his private jet, and that was his intention all along – and get this – the voters in his district will keep voting for him no matter how bad it gets.

    The fact is, everyone who virtue signals buying an EV is screwing us all. They do this because they believe the narrative on the television – which is an electronic device which is used to propagandize the masses through a single electronic signal from a small group of owners who work with the political parasites to rule over us. The television is literally our downfall, and we are never going to turn it off, let alone shoot the boob tube. We love the screen, we want really big ones from Best Buy and we hang them on the wall and watch grown men throw around a football around and slap each other on their ass, then the commercial cuts to a Butt Lite tranny commercial. And we wonder why fags are increasing.

    The owners are mostly unconcerned about the dissident voices since (((they))) are putting the visual TV signal right into the living rooms of every Amerikan. Every night on the “news” they repeat the meme “climate change” over and over and over. They show emaciated polar bears and make hysterical claims all the ice is melting, and little Greta believes it hook, line, and sinker.

    If you want to see the dysfunctional reality of our culture, take your dog for a walk after dark down any suburban street – you can see the giant flat screens lit up in every house – and the signal flickering colors and images throughout the living space, and then you can just wonder how in the hell did we end up like this. We did it to ourselves, we are allowing the psychopathic signals directly into our homes – our sacred space we allow the monsters to lie to us.

    The way back to sanity is to turn the television off, stop believing the liars, become skeptical of anyone in authority telling you that you must do something right now. We need to learn to have an automatic reaction to the use of force against us, and always disagree with them and their demands and their latest narrative trying to stampede us.

    Government is a tool by evil people to loot us. All those with them are liars and killers. Cops protect them, IRS agents loot us, politicians lie to us. That is just the way it is and always will be. Every day I am not in the war zone I am grateful.

    • The Ohio Coshocton Tribune had a story about some Amish boys who took their horse and buggy to town to shop – then were confronted by store employees to wear a mask.

      Amish don’t have electricity, or televisions, or ELECTRONIC SIGNALS programming them to act like stupid sheep. They also don’t vaccinate, so they have zero autism in their ranks, which is like a control group.

      I bet Amish are not concerned about EVs or the demise of gasoline cars. Our society is mentally ill and begging to be destroyed by nuclear war, and if that happens it will be horrifying and destroy modern society, but the Amish will continue on with their lifestyle.

      At one time, we were like the Amish, living simple idyllic lifestyles, but we got sucked into the modern world.

    • Hey Jack,

      Thats a very good explanation of where we are this very moment. For the last ten or so years I’ve operated on the assumption that when I’m told something by GovCo it is always complete and utter bullshit. Wish there was an actionable way to make money off their old worn play book. Make their money then convert to real money. Build wealth, stack coin, help your tribe, and become (moar) or less unassailable.

      • Yes, a good survival strategy is to insulate yourself from the system. That includes not using their money or debt.

        The world is going to hell (actually it is hell) but that doesn’t mean you have to go down with it. When the Titanic sinks, have a wet suit and a surfboard.

        • Nice. Still working on that being insulated and unalienable bit. I think your right about the world being hell now. Its like everyone here now is an old soul who’s been here before. Maybe all the souls ever minted are gathered here now.

          I got rid of my debt, I’m going to give serious thought about going long surfboards and wetsuits. Thats actionable advice there. Especially if I’m living by the water.

          • Anyone on the Titanic could of easily survived if they had an insulated suit, wet or dry, and an inner tube. The system wants you to be vulnerable, they want your compliance out of fear. That is why they ban prepping and gardening. That is why they want electronic everything so they can cancel you if you do not comply.

            • Fear is the greatest weapon the enemy has against us. You’re born, you die. In between what you do with your life has meaning or it doesn’t. Walking through life without fear is a high calling of sorts, imo.

              Money converted into wet suits and inner tubes seems like the main purpose of all the striving and sliding. Working just to eat, living paycheck to paycheck is dehumanizing. After a certain amount of it, the lesson is lost. You either learn and build character or you don’t.

              Doing some good on your own terms, after you’ve put on your own oxygen mask works for me. Setting yourself up with the things that reduce or eliminate your vulnerabilities, the ultimate F-you to TPTB

              It amazes me over and over how many people cut tail and cave at the slightest threat of being cancelled. The digital $$$/Gulag is closer than most realize. Buying or selling only if you have the QR code just means I’ll have to fight with whatever I have on hand. At the end of the day people just need to realize ((they))) can kill you but they cant eat you. They only get your soul if you bow down and give it to them.

    • Re: Ukraine. An example of the sheeple/statist thinking on that: I overheard an older woman telling another that “we have to be in Ukraine, or else Russia will take over all of Europe.”

      Oh great, the domino theory again. That’s why we “had to” be in Vietnam, of else all of Asia would turn commie. Well, we lost that war in 1975, and all of Asia didn’t turn red. Less than 20 years later communism collapsed.

      Most of us who post here are capable of rational thought. Sadly, a large percentage of the general public is not. (Thank you, government schools.)

      If Russia really does want to take over Europe, I say let the Europeans defend themselves. Which is what the U.S. should have said in 1917. That was a war we had no business getting involved in, and our involvement resulted in the sequel, WWII, and perhaps the Cold War as well.

  12. Meanwhile, I added 530 miles to the “range” of my Ford Focus in two and a half minutes. The same song was still playing on my radio as my gas fill-up was that short.

    A “fast” charger is complete b******t. I will take the worst gas station over a power cord any day.

  13. Okay. Lets try some logic. First, we know they want to reduce the number of privately owned cars. Then in 2050 eliminate all privately owned cars. They give a crap about the CO2 bs. It’s just a means to an end. Sooooooooo

    What makes anyone think they’re going to improve the charging infrastructure or increase the capacity because of the complaints coming from people and pundits that soon will not be allowed to own anything? OR do the lemmings think they’re just kidding and its all another conspiracy theory?

    They just burnt down a city,,, you wouldn’t know it by the news because there as barely any news on it. A hundred, maybe more dead. No big deal to Americans. Again it’s conspiracy theory to blame DEW.
    The clot shot,,, conspiracy theory. Nine Eleven,,, conspiracy theory.

    What in the world will it take to get people to understand the crazed PTB want many of us dead.

    They could care less how long it takes to charge a EV. They laugh at our stupidity of buying the junk.

    • Hi Ken,
      Amazing isn’t it that every evil thing done by govco is a “conspiracy theory”; the PTB are going out of their way to smear RFK,Jr. by prefacing his name with “conspiracy theorist”, which shows they’re scared that the serfs might believe him. On the rare times I get into a conversation about the assassinations of his family members, 9/11, etc. and the response is “those are conspiracy theories”, I reply – no, that’s a conspiracy FACT.

      • Every election starts with promising candidates that inspire and give hope to the beat down masses, then as it progresses the radicals are pushed to the side, excluded from the debate, not put on the voting roster, until election day comes, where you have your standard two choices, the right and left wings of the same vulture. In the end, the result is always the same, Ziowhore A or Ziowhore B is elected.

        The election is a game, they play with us like a cat with a mouse, and the best solution is to completely ignore them and go about your prepping business to survive the coming collapse into neofeudelism.

  14. Are front-overs truly a problem? Did people not accidentally run over small creatures in their Continentals, LTDs, and Riviera’s? How about pick up trucks? Semis? Tractors? Maybe parenting was better 30 years ago.

    SUVs and crossovers were the tides of a turning market in the automobile industry. I don’t remember government offering any incentives for a GMC Jimmy or an Isuzu Trooper. Could I agree that SUVs and Minivans allowed car manufacturers to get around CAFE standards because both vehicles were built on truck chassis allowing them to be exempt from certain fuel standards? Absolutely. Government refuses to acknowledge they have lost the war and continue to bare down on unrealistic gasoline expectations. Most drivers will never purchase the weaker vehicle and that is what CAFE standards do…create pansy ass cars.

  15. From the fine article: “Non-charge visits remain an issue, and results differ by geographic location: The study finds that 20% of all users say they visited a charger but did not charge their vehicle. Reasons range from the charger being inoperable to long lines to use the charger. EV owners in the Miami-Port St. Lucie-Ft. Lauderdale Combined Statistical Area (CSA) had the worst experience in this regard, with 35% of visits failing to result in charging. The CSAs in Seattle-Tacoma, Denver-Aurora and Dallas-Ft. Worth each had 29% of visits failing to result in a charge. The Cleveland-Akron-Canton CSA had the lowest percentage of failed visits with a charging failure rate of 12%.”

    80% availbility nationwide? Only 71% in Denver, and a dismal 65% in Miami? That’s 127 DAYS PER YEAR that you can’t charge when you wish. People won’t tolerate “only” 99.99% uptime from their ISP, and that’s 52.60 minutes per year of downtime.

    Now to be fair, they included no pedestal available as a reason for not charging, and there are plenty of gasoline pumps that aren’t available all the time. In fact just yesterday I tried to fill up and for whatever reason the pump wouldn’t let me continue without entering my “club card” information even though I don’t have or want one, so I had to drive ACROSS THE STREET to another station.

    Being an early adopter is hard for sure. And if the EV were really a revolutionary product I think people would be more willing to forgive the faults. But seeing they have SO many disadvantages when compared to gasoline powered vehicles I don’t really see how they’re ever going to be viable transportation.

    Meanwhile, there’s transportation that would be ideal for electrification: Rail. Just add catenaries, pantographs and third rails. Traction motors don’t care where the angry pixies come from. But because of regulatory capture, its a non-starter. Not even talking about high speed boondoggles either. Just traditional rail freight and maybe increasing some intercity passenger service, but instead of diesel engines, just electrify them. Of course while you’re at it, might update the brakes from pneumatic to electric… oh but that would change how trains operate, so that’s against the rules… And might add passenger traffic… oh but that’s another quagmire of regulations, so aside from some very expensive excursion trains, that’s out too. And besides, Warren Buffett doesn’t blow capital on improvements, not when that money could be used for acquiring more monopolies.

  16. Green power comes a cropper:

    ‘For the first time since the UK’s annual renewable energy auction began almost 10 years ago, the system for awarding subsidies is seeing no developers bid for offshore wind power this year as a result of rising costs.

    ‘In the past, offshore wind farms have been a success, with farms along the UK coastline benefiting from state financing. But supply bottlenecks and rising costs are now forcing companies to submit lower bids, pushing down the maximum price they can offer.

    ‘Bloomberg writes that “the funding on offer this year may be too little to attract any bidders.” A lack of bidders for offshore wind could, in turn, “pose a major setback” for the government’s cliiiiimate targets.’ — Bloomberg, via ZH

    Here in the USA, Mish Shedlock just wrote about how ‘Biden’ is jiggering the fedgov’s Davis Bacon ‘prevailing wages,’ so that instead of being based on surveys of contractors, blue states can jack the federal project ‘prevailing wage’ to whatever level unions see fit.

    Increased wage costs then will burden all the solar and wind power projects funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, making most of them money losers despite heavy subsidies.

    Thus one arm of Big Gov works at cross purposes to another, producing the familiar ‘clusterfuck’ effect when an irresistible force collides resoundingly with an immovable object.

    What’s ‘Joe’ gonna do? Head for the beach.

  17. More from the Epoch Times on Jimmy’s Excellent Adventure, and the browned-off Canadian guy, Dalbir Bala, with a malfunctioning F-150 Lightning:

    ‘His problems began at his next stop in Albertville, Minnesota, when he received a “faulty connection” message in his truck after he plugged in the charger. He dialed the number on the charger for assistance but received no response.

    “It was in the shop for 6 months. I can’t take it to my lake cabin. I cannot take it for off-grid camping. I cannot take for even a road trip,” he added. “I can only drive in city—biggest scam of modern times.”

    And if he HAD reached customer assistance, he would have received a singsong greeting from a lady in his native India, asking for his customer ID number.

    Back to Big Jim:

    “Long hauling in an electric truck is an act of pioneerism, not because it’s hard or dangerous, but because it’s a new way to experience America,” Mr. Farley wrote in a LinkedIn post on Aug. 7. “Shifting from fueling stations to charging stations requires new behaviors and opens new possibilities.”

    ‘A new way to experience America’ [stranded and hopping mad]? ‘New behaviors’? ‘New possibilities’ [which ones]? ‘Pioneerism’ [GAH!]?

    You’re high, Jim. And badly out of control. Buyers can read right through your thinly-veiled euphemisms, to understand that you’re peddling them a PIG IN A POKE.

    And we’re not having it.

    I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again, no, no

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    — The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again

  18. Is the media actually using the term “EV hesitancy”? If so, as with the term “Vaccine hesitancy”, “_______ hesitancy” is a term designed to SHAME those who refuse to be part of the massive experiments or agendas that the globalist/ technocratic elite wish to foist on the masses. What next, will the media and governments also be using the terms “CBDC hesitancy”? “Lab grown meat hesitancy”? “Insect hesitancy”? “Green energy hesitancy”? Or perhaps even “mask hesitancy” should these criminals try to force people to wear face diapers again because of a declared “Tripledemic”.

    • Hi John,

      Not yet – that I’ve heard. But I use it – in a derisive/mocking way – because it is very important to mock the absurd. The Left understands this. We need to learn it.

      Laugh at these losers. Call them on their stupidity. Make them look ridiculous. Because they are.

      • Eric,

        Another good way to mock these Lefties is to say that the billionaire psychopaths of the world “thanks them” for buying their bull crap such as that about COVID, the mRNA COVID jabs, EVs, and cliiiiiiiiimate change. For years they’ve bleated about how evil billionaires are, and yet over the past few years, they seem to have aspired to be billionaire psychopaths themselves.

    • “Hesitancy” is standing at the door of the plane on your first parachute jump.

      This is defiance. As in, “I fart in your general direction”

        • Old joke

          Bob was telling of when he was in training to be a paratrooper. He told his friend John that when he hesitated at plane’s door the drill sergeant told if he didn’t jump he would f*** him in the ass. John asked, “Did you jump?” Bob said, “Just a little”.

  19. ‘satisfaction with DC (direct current) fast chargers has declined even further’ — eric

    Have you ever put coins or paper money into a vending machine, which then jammed, or failed to dispense, or delivered an item that was broken, out-of-date, or unrefrigerated? There aren’t many vending machines in America any more, like the ubiquitous cigarette machines once found in every restaurant and theater lobby.

    Two kinds of countries, comrades: those where vending machines are regularly maintained and unfailingly work (e.g., Japan), and the rest of nations where you can’t trust them (e.g., USA).

    Public EeeVee chargers are a kind of vending machine. At any given moment, around a fourth or a third of them are unavailable, malfunctioning, or vandalized. And that’s not going to change.

    One can make up a dozen reasons, ranging from lack of vocational education, to labor shortages, to parts outages, to (my favorite) the general shambolic incompetence of a country that can’t win wars any more, can’t stop petty criminals, and can’t maintain vending machines either: it’s just too hard.

    Next time copper prices spike, gangs of vandals will be chopping the cables off those public charging stations, and nearly all of them will be broken. It’ll be like that scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex arrives in the lobby of his shabby public housing high
    rise, gives a contemptuous kick at the flimsy sheet metal door of an elevator that’s been broken for months, then climbs the stairs.

    USA: fix it so it can’t be fixed, in response to crap like this:

    • Re: operational maintenance and general “keep it nice”

      Stopped at the WA State Park at Vantage (Ginko petrified forest stuff) for a motorcycle trip rest break, 102 temp it was time for some shade. The access road is full of potholes with the resulting rocks and gravel spit up onto what’s left of the pavement. Real sporting on two wheels.

      The facilities are a neglected mess. There is one vending machine outside that is “on” but won’t dispense any product, sits out in the sun where the veneer front has peeled away. Next to that is the new solar powered kiosk for your daily or annual state park pass with a faded hand written “out of service, get your pass inside” sign taped on. Note that back in the 60s 70s the state parks here were free, clean, and maintained.
      Now it’s 10 bucks a day or 30 something for an annual pass for a run down dysfunctional mess. Great progress comrades!

      We’re past the point of anything Gov related can be expected to work to our (middle class) benefit. Parallel systems steering clear of them now evident, such as home schooling and home schooling co-ops, local farmers markets, “free cycling”, etc.

      • Hi Sparkey,

        You are right. Nothing government mandated, tampered with, or touched functions. Yesterday I drove (round trip) five hours to buy seafood. My husband thinks I am nuts and the kids complain about the long drive, but I have gotten to the point I need to know where my food comes from. I don’t trust the USDA and FDA to do their jobs so (at least in regards to my family) I do it for them. I am constantly scouting out new farms and bakeries while building relationships with butchers and fishermen.

        As you mentioned there is an entirely parallel system that runs effectively and efficiently but the system can’t be built “after the fact” but must be established before the SHTF. I hope each and every one of us has such a network in place because it will be godsend if needed.

      • Much of the failure of government services comes from the overpromise of retirement pensions. Another large chunk comes from fear of union reprisal for managing employees. And of course the collapse of the tax base after they drive away all the business.

        Ultimately though, without economic incentives that tie success with service, entropy is inevitable. Just as well, thinks the state parks department, we don’t want all you filthy horrible people stomping around our “natural” environment anyway. So if you get annoyed by the decline and fall of the visitors’ center, that’s just fine.

  20. I like to read some of the liberal websites. Yahoo, Slate, HuffPost etc. Keep an eye on what the enemy is up to kind of thing. I especially focus on the comments as opposed to actual articles, that gives an idea of what the average Joe libtard is thinking. Anyway, it seems that the tide may be turning on EV’s. Anytime I see an article about electric vehicles or anything to do with them, there are far, far more negative comments and criticism than positive remarks. I think even the lefties are realizing that it’s a pile of unworkable and impractical bullshit. Unfortunately, as far as COVID and masks, they’re still not getting that message. Way too many idiots who are still extolling the virtue of the Fauci brand of science.

    • I believe that the Cybertruck disappointment will be the Waterloo for the fallacy of EV half ton trucks if not the entire concept of the modern EV as a mass market vehicle.

      Coming soon. At that point, however, it may be too late.

  21. How long before the Marxist demand all gas stations must have charging capacity or face fines or imprisonment. It’s coming to gas station near you.

    • Hi Hans,

      Here’s another question….after the Biden Thing tried to FORCE millions of Americans who have a job to get vaxxed 2 years ago via OSHA diktats, how long til he tries to FORCE people to get an EV via a “Climate Emergency” declaration or a decree that ALL vehicles on public roads are to be electric only.

  22. @Eric – Didn’t your review of the F150 Lightning cover admonitions against using “fast” chargers present in the owners’ manual? Farley seemed to break that rule repeatedly in his cross country trek, even touting the deal with Tesla.

    From what I understand, telemetry from every charge goes back to Ford’s database through the sail phone app. How long will it be before the inevitable class action gets filed when the company starts denying warranty claims for battery replacement on the basis of Supercharger usage or nitpicky details about home setups?

    • Hi Roscoe,

      Yup. It is literally right there in black and white. The same as it was on the boxes that “masks” came in. The Ford owner’s manual advises avoiding “fast” charging to preserve the “health” (i.e., longevity) of the battery. And also probably to reduce the risk of a fire. The “mask” boxes told people – if they read the box – that the idiotic “mask” would not “stop the spread.”

      But idiots can’t read – or think.

    • “Farley seemed to break that rule repeatedly in his cross country trek, even touting the deal with Tesla.”
      Because Farley knows that without the use of “fast” chargers, EVs are a non-starter. I suspect that if most new EV owners read that recommendation NOT to fast charge in the owner’s manual, they wouldn’t believe it. “That has to be a mistake misprint or a problem already solved, because I would never own an EV that shouldn’t be fast charged as often as I please.”

      • People who own EVs usually have an ICE or hybrid vehicle too. They do not use their EV for long trips — maybe once, if they are brave. As a result, very few EV owners do much fast charging on the road. They slow charge at home. The lack of fast chargers per 1000 miles of highway, and the ones that don’t work, will make a long trip in an EV a nightmare. But would EV owners complain about fast chargers if they have never used one?

        • You’re right, Richard –

          The fact that many – probably, most – people who own an EV also own a second/back-up vehicle that isn’t is just further evidence of the class divide as regards these things. Also the hypocrisy. If EVs are so magnifico, then that is all these people ought to be driving (when they can). But, no. They know the things are gimped and won’t suffer it. They have the money to avoid suffering it. And that’s cool, were it not for the fact that the rest of most of us haven’t got the money to have a “spare” $50,000 vehicle to fall back on when the $50,000 EV is tethered to a cord or otherwise out-of-service.

          It’s nauseating.


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