The Big Lie – and the Small Truth

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It’s not the Big Lie that succeeds.

It is the small kernel of truth that makes the lie succeed.

Consider the ‘Rona. A small kernel of truth – some people were getting sick – used to propagate the lie that everyone was at risk of getting dead. Unless, of course, they accepted a one-size-fits-all regime of “lockdowns” and “practiced” patently silly (and incredibly dehumanizing) sickness kabuki, including the wearing of something over their faces – it didn’t matter whether it served any medical purpose – so long as people turned themselves into NPC people by effacing their faces.

It succeeded.

America became a kind of sickness gulag. Millions of people have been turned into possibly permanently damaged weaponized hypochondriacs, obsessed with sickness and death – because of a concerted, deliberate campaign of mass hysteria intended to create the impression of mass death impending. All of it premised on the nugget of truth that some people were dying  . . . almost all of them people already dying from other things, such as old age and cardiac/respiratory problems, possibly pushed over the edge by the ‘Rona.

The truth is that very few people have died of the ‘Rona, as opposed to with the ‘Rona. It is an important distinction. If someone is killed in a car crash and they are found – at autopsy – to have clogged arteries, it does not mean they died because their arteries were clogged. To assign the death to “cardiovascular disease” rather than the car crash is inaccurate and misleading. To do it to inflate heart death numbers is deliberately misleading.

The big truth – actively suppressed –  is that very few people are at significant risk of dying from the ‘Rona. It is why almost all of us have not died over the past year, including the millions who refused to practice kabuki.

Children and young adults have almost zero risk of dying from the ‘Rona. Another big truth.

A “case” is not a death – or even getting sick.

The healthy cannot spread sickness they haven’t got.

These big truths have been effaced by the Big Lie – made potent by the small kernel of truth used to maliciously exaggerate the actual risks of the ‘Rona and to occlude who is at risk as well as why.

Because the truth would have calmed the hysteria and that would have prevented America from becoming a sickness gulag, with millions of scared-out-of-their-minds people begging to be treated like suppurating lepers and demanding that everyone else be treated that way, too.

This technique isn’t new.

But it works – and that’s why it’s used over and over again. It works when a working majority of the population lacks or never developed the ability to think critically. This is usually achieved by getting a working majority of the population into government-controlled “schools” – in air finger quote marks for the obvious reason – were they are trained what to think as opposed to taught how to think.

Before there were government-controlled schools, people were taught how to think first – and then how to use that faculty to determine what they thought, by considering a set of facts and drawing conclusions from those facts. They acquired the habit of discerning the principle at issue in any given question and applied that to the particulars.

This inoculated them agains the Big Lie, spread by the kernel of truth. They are not vulnerable to specious – and dangerous  – claptrap such as that peddled by the man who is credited with having coined the term, Big Lie.

Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

He whipped up genocidal hysteria toward “the Jews” – as in all of them – and it worked because of the small kernel of truth that some of the radicals pushing communism on Germany after WWI were Jewish.

A thinking mind understands right away that indicting every person who happens to be Jewish because of the actions of other people who happened to be Jewish is not only unfair but idiotic. Should every German be considered a Nazi because some of them were?

One size ought not to fit all. Because it doesn’t.

But when thinking people are in the minority the Big Lie – based on a small truth – can swell to such potency as to overwhelm all in its path. In Germany, it led to the organized mass murder of an entire class of people – an industrial age witch hunt (and burning).

In America, it has led to a surrender of normalcy and the imposition of a sickening and dangerous abnormality. This will lead to much worse if the lie is not stopped in its tracks by the truth.

All of which depends on people recovering their ability to think. It is pretty scary to think that where the Corona Chips ultimately fall depends on that.

. . . 

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  1. More good stuff from Dave Cullen. I’m not religious but did grow up in a religious home. One story that’s incredibly relevant these days is the one about the wise man who built his house upon a rock. The COVIDIAN retard that built his house on the sand now thinks he’s free because he can fly since he wears a diaper and/or agrees to be an experimental lab rat. The dumbfuck forgot he would have considered that tyranny a year ago.

    The New Abnormal and The Conflicted Mind of Joe Normie

    • Hi Anon,

      There is a common thread running through this whole thing and it is that many of the Freaks are not interested in good news; or rather, they appear to desperately want to cling to their psychosis – their endless fear and endless insistence upon Kabuki. They appear to take a sick pleasure in it. They are immune to any contrary facts. They are like people you’ve probably known who can never see a solution to anything, only problems.

  2. Absolutely agree. It was the small truth that was blown into a giant lie before anyone knew the facts.

    This should serve as a stark reminder that the govt lies, those who seek power lie, those who benefit from the lies lie.

    They care not one bit for your, your family, freedom, job, business, etc
    They will propagandize you at every opportunity
    They will censor you for disagreement

    And the stupid masses will cheer it on
    The education/media establishment has achieved its’ goal of creating a dumber america
    And with that dumbness, they will control us

    There are the remnant, but will they be enough?
    In the case of covid, the truth looks like it may win out eventually
    But will people learn the lesson.
    I think not

    Shut it all down and reset it

    • RE: “Shut it all down and reset it”

      That’s exactly the plan our overlords have for everyone. In order to enslave us all.

      Surely you’re not cheerleading their plan?

      Perhaps you meant it in a different way?

      • I do.

        The system our controlers have placed upon us – the system that allows dictator politicians and beaurocrats to run our lives – is what needs shut down.

        Their reset is to reset your assets, property, and freedom to be redistributed by them via a retooled financial system. Though one wonders what system could be better than the one we have to destroy our wealth.
        The “great reset” version is geared more toward getting govts in line with the will of world controllers, but they will necessarily sweep us all up in it to.

  3. I noticed that my local Albertson’s removed their “Masks Required” signs and replaced them with ones that say “Masks Suggested for the Un-Vaccinated”.

    At what point do we hoist the black flag and start slitting throats?

    • Just don’t wear a mask and if asked about vaccination turn the question around. Ask the interrogator for THEIR “proof of vaccination”. Throw them for a loop.

      • I have been vaccinated against several diseases.
        Smallpox, polio, diphtheria, tetanus (several times), pertussis (whooping cough), at least.
        Younger people may not have been vaccinated against smallpox, but may have been vaccinated against measles. Other possibilities exist.
        So yes, we can all answer truthfully, “I have been vaccinated,” if that is how the question is put. You need not divulge specifics, unless you are traveling abroad.
        In which case, you may well need other vaccines, depending on your destination.

        So what is the next intrusive (if not illegal) question? Have you been baptized? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior? Inquisitive busybodies want to know, since we are talking theology.

      • I’m lucky enough to live in a place where they’ve never tried to enforce it. I’ve never put one of the filthy things on my face, have experienced pushback only a handful of times, and have blacklisted just a few businesses.

        But that’s what pisses me off about it. Nobody cares where I live. So just take the fucking signs down and be done with it. Nope, got to drag it on forever.

        I’m sure it’s all about lawyers and litigious fuckwits. Maybe if enough of them show up hanging from street lights, the rest will start to get the message.

  4. There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
    “COVID-19 coronavirus”.
    However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.
    In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be disproven by careful research.
    A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.
    You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.
    99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.
    Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.
    Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…
    The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.
    Sound familiar?
    Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” being used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.
    Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.
    For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.
    In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.
    It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.
    Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more.

  5. Now that restrictions are being lifted around here there seems to be a large group of covidiots that are demanding that they be kept up, even rolled back. I wonder if deep in their tiny brains there flickers a realization that they’ve been played and need to keep the sickness kabuki going to justify their decision to join the cult. OK dipshits, continue wearing your face diapers, wear a deep sea diving helmet if it makes you feeeeeel better, but leave me alone!
    There was a Helen Reddy song titled “Leave Me Alone” back when she was popular, can’t remember most of the lyrics but the chorus went something like “leave me alone, hey leave me alone…” good theme song for the busybodies.

    • I wondered that today as I was in Home Depot. SO MANY DIAPERS!

      Maybe it’s just a pride thing like you said – they want to keep up the kabuki bc otherwise they look like (bigger) fools, if that’s possible.

    • I wonder how many instinctively realize the mask has supplanted the hammer and sickle as the new symbol for international Communism? In other words, are they consciously (or unconsciously) wearing it as a symbol of solidarity with the Fat Cats?

  6. Eric, I disagree with one of your premises. Not only has no one died from the rona, no one has died with the rona either. The rona is a myth. All of the evidence for it is based on the PCR “test”, which is not a test. Every positive “test” that has been analyzed has found previously known flu pathogens, and no trace of the genetic code the rona is claimed to be characterized by. How the genome for the rona was arrived at is an even bigger joke than the PCR. This illness is no different than what hit me back in 1996.

    • A common and understandable falsehood. There definitely was and still is a slightly different ILI which can be seen in the later severe stages to have a rather unique symptom profile. I live and work with people in direct medical care of the victims.

      Now we call it covid but is it actually caused by the saracov2 virus? Jury is still out on that. It’s viral for sure based on spread and symptoms but I don’t think the proof has been made about which virus that might be.

      Now is it a world wide deadly pandemic? No. Absolutely not. The latest from John I. of stanford puts the IFR around .15% with an extremely heavy slant towards the very old and comorbid.

      But there is a “new” respiratory illness just based on symptoms and quantifiable blood markers.

      It’ll just take its place alongside the pantheon of viruses that kill people every year in the ‘pandemic’ known as Flu Season(which never, ever was just Influenza)

    • And i’m sure the branch covidians will just say it was us folk who refused the diaper that caused the spread not to slow. They will claim if only we had listend to pope fraudci and worn 2, 3 or even 4 diapers at a time, 24 hours a day this would have all been over months ago.

      Now we are ruining it again by refusing the holy anointing and consecrating the jab of obedience. If only we diapered and allowed ourselves to be genetically modified all would be sunshine & rainbows.

      • Antilles,

        Of course, I’m sure you’re right. If they listen to studies such as this at all.

        For them, “The Science” just consists of dictates to which they give blind obedience. It is really the new game of “Simon Says”, except now it’s “Science Says”, whether or not any actual science was done.

  7. A trick used here (in Panama) was saying that 80% would have mild symptoms, 15% would require hospitalization and 5% would end up in ICU, and of those, 50% would die. Oh, and MSM calling the virus “deadly”. No mention of age, so almost everyone was scared.
    Sad thing is the government has been giving statistics stratified by age range; it is clear as day that folks above 60 years old are getting hit the hardest by a huge margin; yet MSM still calls the virus “deadly” and most people are still scared (some have actually come to their senses, but they are still too few). Guess they haven’t heard about H5N1.

    Now back to the US, did you see the sleight of hand the CDC is doing regarding testing of vaxxed people? For a vaxxed person to count as a case, testing should be done using a Ct of 28 or less, have to show symptoms and be hospitalized.

    Of course, if one is not vaxxed, the old standard applies. And speaking about vax, if one dies 28 days after receiving it, they go to extremes to try to say it wasn’t it.

  8. Hey Eric,

    I think you called it… your crystal ball was working well on 3-Jul-2012:

    Your web page suggested that article as I was reading this one. Whattaya know… Obamacare. Yeah, I had recently postulated with like-minded friends that Obamacare was “the toe in the door” for all of this madness. I realize that’s an oversimplification but it really seems foundational rather than coincidental.

    The whole Obamacare tyranny put into the minds of sheep that it was somehow the govt.’s job to mandate personal health practices and obligations. And, no surprise, Obamacare has been at the top of the list of Republican/conservative failures and, just to heap on my ever-growing disgust with the man, one of Trump’s famous failings as well.

    As a matter of fact, I don’t believe any of them. They had clear opportunity to get rid of it more than once. It’s all theater and they never intended to do any such thing. And, here we are again, at the hands of unimaginable (for the “land of the free”) medical-based tyranny that just feels like an ongoing extension of the whole plan.

    Maybe I’ve missed it but I have yet to hear a single congressional Republican voice any real concern about this govt. overreach nor the degree of unconstitutional orders being enforced for more than a year now. Not even Rand Paul who is chasing ghosts in Wuhan rather than doing anything real about pushing back this insanity.

    • And I can’t think of a single one that hasn’t worn a diaper at least for the cameras.

      What they do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what they’re saying.

    • ‘Obamacare has been at the top of the list of Republican/conservative failures’ — Eure Majestat

      Until today …

      GOP Releases $928 Billion Infrastructure Plan, as Two Sides ‘Inching Closer’ to Deal

      Biden wanted $1.9 trillion. Repukes counter with $0.9 trillion. Compromise at $1.4 trillion or so, all borrowed or digitally printed.

      No different than negotiating the best price with a Vegas hooker. Throw in a couple of lines of blow to seal the deal.

      One is shocked only that Repukes can be bought so damned cheap. They habitually undercut the market for actual professionals, who have standards.

      • How old is this joke: “If Democrats filed a bill to burn down the Library of Congress, Republicans would demand that the arson be phased in over five years.”

  9. To be brief and crass, the populace aren’t thinking worth a shit these days. They are often likened to sheep, goldfish, lemmings, whatever stupid herd animal you’d like, and for good reason.

  10. I am sad today. One of my best friends of 20+ years is considering getting the jab, and his under 20 son as well. I turned him onto alt news like this, so hopefully it helps.
    He is absolutely a critical thinker which baffles me. My only guess is he is reading propaganda/censored MSM news.

  11. Eric,

    It’s all in the wording as well. Someone posted an article to Gab yesterday that was trying to help show people that natural immunity is a thing and is better than being jabbed, but it was the wording of the headline that really got to me, that i had to say something. The headline was something along the lines of “Survivors of covid infection showing natural immunity”

    The word that stuck out for me was Survivors. Seriously, that word makes it sound like most peole who contract convid die from it and the “lucky few” who survive are immune. I couldn’t let that headline stand without a retort so i posted, “Survivors, you mean like 99.98% of the people that catch convid.” When you see headlines like that it should be bo no surprise that most people beleive the convid death rate is between 10 & 30%. This is an obvious case of using wording to manipulate people’s feelings and cause weaponized hypochondria to flourish.

  12. ‘It works when a working majority of the population lacks or never developed the ability to think critically.’ — EP

    Herdthink reduces a crowd’s intelligence to the level of dimwitted bison in a blind stampede. ‘Renewable energy’ blacked out California last summer, and Texas last winter. Now the madness has spread to Taiwan, which blacked out last week.

    Guess why: a nuclear plant near Taipei was shut down in 2019, to be replaced by ‘renewable energy’ which isn’t online yet, and never will be as stable as the mothballed plant.

    But ‘renewable energy’ rolls on to wreck formerly sensible countries, along with its seductive cousin, EV fever.

    Last week, in response to the Ford Lightning’s debut, I joked that Ford should press for the $7,500 federal EV credit to be extended without volume limits.

    Silly me: any form of political deviancy you can imagine already exists. Quoting an emailed letter from Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ):

    ‘Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced S.395, the Electric Credit Access Ready at Sale Act, on February 23, 2021. S.395 removes the limit on the number of electric vehicles sold by one manufacturer that qualify for the $7,500 tax credit for 10 years.

    ‘I believe the electric vehicle tax credit has been successful in helping to grow sales of electric vehicles, and I support efforts to extend the tax credit so that this progress can continue.’

    Classic fedgov perfidy: change the rules mid-game to mulct even more money from working folks and shovel it into the smirking maw of Big Biz and Butthead Billionaires.

    Elon thanks you, Senator. Me … not so much.

  13. A nearly insurmountable task in the near term. The vast majority lack even the basic brain wattage to think critically even if such a skill were taught. The majority of the remainder who at least have the capability have had their critical thinking ability hobbled. The majority of those with unhobbled capability won’t use it. And all of these people are so deluded as to believe themselves to be smart, well-informed, critical thinkers who would never fall for a Big Lie. Recovering the ability to think critically will first require acknowledgement that it’s missing. How does that happen under the present circumstances?

    • > have had their critical thinking ability hobbled.
      Of course.
      Buy what you are told to buy, at the price we set.
      “Vote” for the puppet of your choice. one pair of lying lips being like another.
      Sally or Sue, there ain’t no difference between the two.

      And when we, your self-appointed CorpGovCo masters, want your “opinion,” we will tell you what that “opinion” is, that being the function of CorpGovCo propaganda, a.k.a. “The Big Lie from the Big Electronic Eye.”

      CorpGovCo, lying our asses off, and getting away with it, for a long damned time now.

  14. The destruction of the American Mind via the GovCo Minimum Security Indoctrination Centers has been known for decades…

    “The most serious problems of freedom of expression in our society today exist on our campuses. The assumption seems to be that the purpose of education is to induce correct opinion rather than to search for wisdom and to liberate the mind….Attitudes on campuses often presage tendencies in the larger society. If that is so with respect to freedom of expression, the erosion of principle we have seen throughout our society in recent years may be only the beginning…”
    ~ Benno C. Schmidt
    President, Yale University
    Speech, March 1991

  15. I was a product of gubmint institutions. I didn’t realize I wasn’t thinking for myself until sometime in my mid-30’s. This was well after 4 years of college as well as work and life experiences. It was like a fog was lifted and a weight off my shoulders.

    I credit the fog lifting to my interest in reading, my innate skepticism/contrarianism (which I had assumed was “bad” thing that I should correct, until I began to realize the truth), and the fact that we began homeschooling our children, whereupon I began to reclaim my own book learning.

    Re The Big Lie: a wise man once said, “If something is 99% true, it’s still a lie.”

  16. Unfortunately, I think the majority is more terrified of actually thinking than they are of the virus. Note the ridiculous outrages some express when their thought free conclusion that one must wear a fashion accessory over their face is challenged. And that’s just those who can’t control their outrage. All of the most widely used information sources are pushing the Big Lie as hard as possible, riding on the brink of being totally discredited if and when the Big Lie is exposed. In India, Ivermectin is being extensively used, with great success. You won’t hear about it, because such would cause the FDA to withdraw its Emergency Use Authorization of the vaccines, which requires there be no other effective treatment. Not saying the FDA would do such a thing, unless such information magically became widely known. Which n this climate is highly unlikely.

  17. RIP Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal and Target Liberty, two of my daily doses of libertarianism for more than a decade. Never met him personally but through his work I found him to be a solid thinker and a class act.

    • Wow, another good man dies, far too young. I wonder what the hell happened. Terrible though, speaking of thinking people, we just lost a proper example. The other bitch is, of course, that the goons and scum seem to live forever.

      • “…..the goons and scum seem to live forever “
        Certainly true of war criminal Kissinger; he’s my candidate for the Antichrist. Hoping to outlive him long enough to go piss on his grave but I just turned 74 and I might not make it.

        • Well, Mike, all you have to do is drink the blood of the young… Works, I’m sure, for guys like Kissinger and Dick Cheney.

          Otherwise, I wish you luck on your grave pissing escapades!

          • Bill Sardi has Formula 216, some pretty good write ups on it, perhaps it’s a good substitute for young blood. … even for old people?

            Time will tell.

            Just a, heads up.

            • I will miss Robert Wenzel. I read his stuff everyday. Smart guy.

              I only wonder, did he educate enough people that there’s someone young to step in and fill the void, so that perhaps other young people will obtain, economic understanding, as he presented it?

              I hope so.

        • If you care to take a road trip to SoCal, you *could* piss on Dick Nixon’s grave.
          Yorba Linda, Orange County, CA.
          Just down Santa Ana Canyon from where I live, in western Riverside County.
          Never figured it to be worth the trip, myself.

      • A friend of mine has a theory the psychopaths are allowed by God to live so long to give them every possible opportunity to change their evil ways before being condemned to hell. This seems too cruel to us to be true.

        • It’s worse. “Adenochrome therapy” is no joke and is being used by the “powers that be” to extend their lives. Not only is infant and child blood being extracted for infusion, the recipients being the “powers that be”, these infants and children are subject to extreme pain and torture while the extraction is taking place in order to maximize the adrenaline components extracted.
          This”procedure” has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years, being practiced by a certain “chosen tribe”…and being used by today’s “movers and shakers”.
          Betcha none of them are taking the mRNA vaccine poisons…

          • Yer crrrrrrazy anarchyst,

            That’s not real. The nooos deboonked it. And this Audi Q8 commercial in no way references that fact, what with the woman entering the butcher shop, taken to the back room when told she “has a taste for…adrenaline.” No they’re just being random!



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