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I get mail. All kinds. Most is reasonable; some helpful. Others just  . . . weird. Like the one I just received from “Patrick” (see below) which implies my Great Pumpkin – my ’76 Trans-Am – isn’t really mine. That I stole it – or bought it from someone who did.

“Patrick” writes:

You know what i meant. Where Did. You buy it.Did you buy it used? Did you buy it used? What state did. You buy it in. The reason Im asking is because mine was stolen. Are you able to amswer. Please dont get me wrong.Im not accusing or insinuating anyone here.I d just like to know what happened to it.

Illiteracy left largely as original.

Well, “Patrick,” it seems to me that you have insinuating exactly that. Else you wouldn’t have written that “you know what I mean” (cue Eric the Midget) in reply to my reply to your original “question,” which was “… when did that come out”? (see here) referring to the color of my car.

Which I explained isn’t “competition orange,” as per your original question – Pontiac never offered such a color – but rather Carousel Red, which you should know if you ever owned a 1976 Carousel Red Trans-Am like my car.

Which I bought 28 years ago. I am the second owner. The original owner traded it in at an Oldsmobile dealership, where I found it. I doubt the Olds dealer dealt in stolen goods.

I assume this suffices to convince you that my car was never your car?

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    • Hi Brent,

      I love this! The ’78 appears to be a very rare W72 option TA with the 220 hp version of the 400 Pontiac V8 paired with an automatic transmission. Most of the W72 cars – which can be ID’d by the “T/A 6.6” on the hood scoop rather than “6.6 litre” – came with manual four speeds. In 1979 – the last year for the 400, period – it was only available with the manual.

  1. eric, I have to. Wonder where he came. From. He has a. Sentence structure I’ve. Never seen before. Seen before. Today.

    • Good stuff, Eight!

      Yeah, me too. I smelled the pungent aroma of BS when he mentioned “competition orange” in reference to my car. Anyone who is at all hip to classic Pontiacs knows Pontiac never offered a color called “competition orange.” And anyone who knows Pontiacs would know what Carousel Red is… and not have to have it explained to them.

      • eric, I’d bet you have some things that just make you feel better, certain colors that relax you, not necessarily a relaxing color but such an old “friend” you feel better just seeing it. And so it is, I often paint something I’ve built for one purpose or another, not thing automotive at all, Chevrolet Orange.

        I’ve painted enough engines with it the mere presence of it makes me feel better. It’s my Zoloft in a spray can.

        • 8, one of my buddies in high school got a ’50 Chev Business Coupe from a customer of his dad. They sanded it and painted it with black primer which he left on while he saved for paint. The color he chose was Chevrolet Orange, just like the engine color. Only one I’ve ever seen in that color.


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