AGW Exercises His Authoritah

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Here’s a video depicting what happens when you decline to show the proper obsequious “respect” for an armed government worker.

A trucker flips one the Bird.

In response, the AGW uses his Authoritah – the threat of murderous violence – to “pull over” the trucker and teach him a lesson. The trucker has broken no law and the AGW even concedes this. But he goes out of his way to hassler the trucker “because he can”  – straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

This happens routinely in what has become of America, a country in which the populace has become used to the application of arbitrary Authoritah by armed and costumed geeks like this one, who clearly has psychiatric problems and as such is precisely the sort of person who ought to be “red flagged” – have his guns taken away for the sake of public safety –  if such a practice has any legitimacy.

The AGW is clearly a bully with very thin skin who can’t abide anyone not genuflecting before his magnificence. Whatever you may think about the vulgarity of throwing the Bird, it isn’t illegal – even when thrown at an AGW.

AGWs – who like to style themselves “law enforcement” – ought to know and respect the law. And not punish people who haven’t broken it, regardless of their hurt feelings.

But we know the score. To hurt an AGW’s feelings is a de facto criminal act, to be punished at whim and according to the discretion of the AGW.

Human roaches. Nothing more – and actually a lot less. Roaches don’t have a choice. They were born roaches. AGWs choose to do the “work” they do – and as such are culpable for what they do.

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  1. There is an old cossack adage about this. Something like the one who doesn’t kiss the boot is less likely to be close enough to hack off the leg with a saber. The guy who tells you to fuck off when you try to force him to wear a seat belt is an honest man.

    If cops were smart, they would know that they are outnumbered and depend on the tolerance of their masters (the citizenry) for their life. If this guy had shot from a blind, he wouldn’t have posted the video…

  2. Stupid is as stupid does. In a commercial vehicle you get plenty of hassle without trying. He could do a level 2 inspection on the truck and surely find something that was questionable if not downright illegal, like a non-working back-up light. And we all know how important it is to have a light backing up that provides light that helps a driver in no way.

    It reminds me of a city-slicker friend I had in college who caught a rattlesnake and kept it for a pet. He’d get it out of its cage and “play” with it. All us west Texas guys would marvel at playing with something like that. He finally got bit, damn near lost his finger. I don’t know what he did with the snake besides getting rid of it, probably set it free on his front porch.

    I’ve taken a lot of chances in my life that were completely unnecessary but playing with a rattler and shooting a state trooper the finger are two I’ve managed to avoid. I really didn’t see any outcome as good as what happened and he’ll be lucky to keep his job.

    Why go out of your way to piss of a predator? If someone accused me of not having the balls this guy does, feel free. I think I just have better sense.


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