Latest Radio: David Knight Show 7/2/19

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Here’s the audio of my chat earlier today with David Knight over at RealNews; my segment starts at about the 1:46 mark.

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  1. The progressive income tax in Illinois hasn’t happened yet. The house has voted to put the constitutional amendment on the ballot but it still has to go through the state senate to get there. Then the voters need approve it.

    There is a difference on how software people do things and how mechanical engineers do things. Software processes do not have the potentional failure analysis that mechanical engineering does. The software mentality is simply not up to snuff for what software is now being used for. Furthermore software people are not apparently being held accountable. Remember what happened to a GM mechanical engineer that misdiagnosed a field failure of an ignition switch that landed on his desk? Notice how that is not happening to the software people.


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