Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 7/2/19

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Here’s the audio of my talk earlier today with Bryan Hyde – who hosts the Loving Liberty podcast in Utah!

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  1. Hey Eric,

    I just listened to this, excellent as usual. However, I think your answer to Bryan’s implied consent question was incomplete. Implied consent is a legitimate concept, just not when applied to government. If you enter a restaurant and order dinner, you have given implied consent to pay for it. You have a duty to pay for it even though you did not give explicit consent. But, this is predicated on the fact that the restaurant is legitimately owned private property.

    When people apply the argument that by staying in a given area one consents to government control of that area presupposes that the government has legitimate ownership rights of everything in that area. This claim is no more valid when applied to government as it would be if applied to mafia control of a given area.



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