Texas AGW Indicted for Murder

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A Farmers Branch, TX armed government worker has been indicted for the murder of Juan Moreno, who was gunned down by Michael Dunn – who previously “served” as an AGW in the military.

This case – and many others like it – highlights why military “service” and civilian peacekeeping are incompatible. In the military, people are taught to kill without hesitation; to shoot first – and ask questions later. To “dominate” the “enemy.” That kind of “training” – plus a dose of PTST (which afflicts many who have “served”) equals a hair-trigger threat to our safety.

“Service” in the military ought to be an immediate disqualification for “serving” as an AGW.

It won’t solve the fundamental problem, of course. But it would make it less of a problem.

Related: It is also time to end this business of according AGWs military-style ranks such as general’s stars and colonel’s eagles. AGWs are civilians – just like most of the rest of us.

Letting them pretend they are military only causes them to act the part.

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  1. He might just be acquitted by a cowered jury. You can bet that the courtroom will be “stacked” with officers in uniform in order to “encourage” the jury to acquit. This happens in courtroom across the country whenever a rogue police officer is put on trial. Acquittals are the result.

  2. I recently saw a US Forest Service (Dept of Interior) vehicle marked ‘Law Enforcement’. Actually I’ve seen these for years, but seeing the recent vehicle has me asking again? Why and who authorized these thugs?

      • eric, the feds have been out of control for decades. A bunch of guys I knew back in the 80’s were given holy hell in various ways during a fishing trips to Amistad for various things, one being cleaning fish and throwing the scraps back into the lake. I had never heard of such and had no idea there was a downside to that. There probably isn’t…..unless you’re a Park Ranger and you’re looking to make everyone feel uncomfortable.

        2 years of this and they quit going. They were harangued for nearly everything the “Rangers” saw them do. Don’t dare tip a cold one in front of them. Crazy land has been coming a long time and it’s really gotten a hold in many places. Take Sweden and their all female govt….please. Everyone in the country wants them to be gone and mostly likely they’re there because “illegal immigrants” voted them in.. Sad. https://lewrockwell.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6ad24f4cd1574f1f7b8a0a03a&id=e2199ebf0f&e=62e95e6f13

  3. For a very long time, if I’m not mistaken, military service actually would disqualify one for the police. Only the various highway patrols were exceptions, and we all know what fun those guys were. It’s much the same as with their uniforms. The original idea was that blue would be very distinct from military garb, and light years from the SS-black ninja costumes the bullet head goons like so much these days.

    Cops now are the standing army / occupation force our founders so feared.

    • Between World Wars “eins” and “zwei”, one went into the military because he was a misfit that couldn’t handle a regular job, as one fictional buck sergeant, Luther Rizzo (GW Bailey) of “MASH”, put it, “where else but in the Army can a guy be a ‘bum’ and get PAID for it?”, or, one was a career officer whom was also a scion of a wealthy family, like Patton, but promotions were few and far between. Once “Dubya-Dubya Two, Da Big One”, and through the Vietnam War, when the draft was in effect, military service was ubiquitous, so be a vet had zilch cachet as far as employability in law enforcement. No, Bill, being a vet was never a ‘disqualifier’, but even with most state civil service rules giving veterans’ preference, they didn’t particularly stand out.

      I saw more of this militarization of the CIVILIAN police agencies in the wake of several events: (1) The Vietnam War, with more the grunts going on “search and DESTROY”, and with the inability to distinguish the ‘enemy’ from the ‘civilians’, all became treated by default as the enemy; (2) the elevation in the public esteem of the military after Desert Storm. amd (3) the evolution of the “new breed” of cop and policing as epitomized in Joseph Wambaugh’s “New Centurions”, among his other works. That, along with glorifying the police in ‘reality’ shows, especially “COPS”. I think a Star Wars themed parody of it, “TROOPS”, puts it best…”All suspects are GUILTY! Period! If they weren’t guilty, they wouldn’t be ‘suspected’, would they?”


      This have given rise to a perception that it’s a WAR “out there” (i.e., in every minority filled area, and now, to the rest of us), and cops have devolved from “peace” officers to AGWs, roided up, nervous, belligerent, and ready to pounce, knowing that their union and the ‘system’ won’t hold them accountable.

  4. Laurence Vance should be required reading for every mayor, city councilman, selectman, police chief, city solicitor, and municipal insurer in the country.

  5. The only question is this: who did this guy PISS off? Normally, the PD suspends the AGW with pay; does a pro forma ‘investigation’; declares the shooting ‘justified’; and then returns said AGW to duty as if nothing happened! Mr. Dunn pissed off the wrong person to get prosecuted…

    • MM, just what I was about to say. Evidently the guy he killed wasn’t “poor” enough. Peasants are easy to off and not pay a price. There was some “suction” in his life somewhere. If it were my friend they wouldn’t have had time to “indict” him.


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