E-Rant: The Improbable “Airplane”

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Here are some thoughts about the “airplane” that supposedly flew into the Pentagon on the day the “enemies of freedom” struck.

Or did they?

I grew up in the DC area – and I was there on that day. It has always bothered me that not one picture (or video) of an “airplane” flying toward the Pentagon has surfaced. Bothered me because of the improbability.

As anyone who has spent even a little time in the DC area knows, the place is heavily surveilled. Security cameras everywhere; and thousands of tourists with their own cameras, too.

On that day, all those tourists knew two airplanes had been flown into the Trade Center towers in NY. Every one of those tourists would have been looking up – and had their cameras and video rigs trained on any low/erratically flying heavy jet – which they would have heard coming in plenty of time to snap a picture or record video of it coming in (as dozens of people did in NYC).

How probable – how credible – is it that not one image has been produced showing the “airplane” headed toward the Pentagon? It defies logic; it beggars belief.

Which is why I don’t believe it.

Certainly, something hit the building. But an “airplane?

Perhaps it had a cloaking device… or was capable of hypersonic flight… .

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  1. I don’t know what really happened on 9/11 but it is obvious to anyone who has looked at it with any kind of scrutiny that the official story is a lie. High rise buildings don’t collapse into molten metal and leave nothing but dust even when a plane hits one. The people who built the WTC actually considered the possibility of a plane hitting one and built them to withstand that circumstance. I dated a commercial pilot for a while and he promised me that although flying commercial jets is what he does for a living, he couldn’t have flown a jet into the Pentagon as described. And finally, there is WTC 7. Here we are asked to believe that a steel building pancakes to the ground and turns into dust at freefall speed due to a fire in one corner. No rational person can believe that. I have no idea what the truth of 9/11 is but it sure isn’t the story we are told.

    • I might add that although the official Pentagon story is obviously a lie, that doesn’t mean that the Pentagon was hit by a missile. I will just put this one possibility out there. While no “regular” pilot – and certainly nobody who trained on a Cessna for a few hours – could have flown that path into the Pentagn, it is within the realm of the believable to think that there is some specially trained expert who could have flown that plane on that path. Just because the official story is a lie doesn’t leave us with a clear path to the truth.

      • Youre suggesting that whether or not there were hijackers and passengers aboard Flight 77, that it was REMOTELY controlled? I’ve heard that theory advanced before.

  2. Wow. This is some olympic class tin-foil hattery.

    I grew up and worked all over that area as a field tech. I’ve even been in the pentagon.

    1. There’s no cameras pointed at the pentagon because there are no buildings around. The closest ones are in Crystal City, and the height were you’d install cameras to view entrances is below the the horizon of the low stature pentagon. There’s no reason to point an expensive (at the time) camera in that direction, all it would see is a berm or highway (I395). The cameras that would be there would belong to the pentagon, Why would they give out footage?

    2. Nearly all the WTC footage was people with cameras recording touristy stuff. The pentagon isn’t touristy. You can’t even get close to it. Why would you expect the same footage? Unless it was the Pentagon monitoring the helipad, Why would there be cameras there?

    3. To the west is Washington Blvd. Driven it daily for years. There are no buildings in the flight path, as it is the flight path for helicopters (That side is where the heliport is). So no cameras, easy approach. There’s nothing that would stop a plane from coming up the river (as it did) and veer over Arlington cemetery on approach to the pentagon – it’s the same flight path choppers use.

    4. The airplane hit a building, layers deep, each wall built of solid block. Like hitting a rockface cliff, there would be little left. And what was there was clearly on the news reports and pictures in the wake. I remember distinctly seeing AA logoed parts, engine and landing gear debris.

    5. My brother-in-law was staring out a conference room window, waiting for his boss. He saw it.

    6. A friend of mine was on Wash Blvd – it flew over his head.

    7. There were people interviewed that day saw it.

    8. Were’d all the people on the plane go? The plane is gone, as are the people.

    Consult Occam’s Razor here. The real life government isn’t like you see on NCIS or Blacklist. There are some serious lamebrains working for the Gubmint who could never pull that off, and many, many decent people who wouldn’t. Just because you can’t wrap your head around it almost two decades later doesn’t mean it was some vast conspiracy.

    • As an aside, the cameras that would be there would have been NTSC (not hi-def). Recordings done, analog, on tape, and not at the hihger rate 30fps used on garden variety. They would be in the single digits fps. Don’t you recall early footage of banks and public spaces? Even the airports cameras showing the dudes checking in we almost stop-motion.

    • So then why did they confiscate all of the surveillance vids, and only ever released a handful of frames (a few fractions of a secon’s worth!) citing ‘National security”? If showing nothing but parking lots or streets and sidewalks, and not the sky or Pentagom, of what interest were the tapes to the gov’t; and why on earth would they seal them???

      Like everything else in these crazy lies…it just doesn’t make sense. If something is done that makes no sense, there is a reason for it, and if that reason can not be logically explained, then something is amiss.

    • The same government that had the atomic bomb created to drop on a nation after it carefully goaded its government into war couldn’t pull off a simple false flag attack? Come on now. Yes there are a lot of lamebrains in government but in certain areas they are pretty skilled. Getting the american people to go to war is one of them. But even there they get lazy and half-ass it from time to time like the fat binladen video.

      I am not a big fan of the not a plane theory, but there’s so much the government lies to us about and they lie as matter of SOP. It is the lies that cause people to speculate. Always these magic bullet scenarios signed off on by government experts.

      • Hi Mark,

        I have heard people say they know people who saw it; I have read news stories… but until I see something dispositive such as a video or still pic of something obviously a 757… I will question that it was a 757. That is a big airplane – and a loud airplane. It boggles belief that a plan that big and loud could fly that low in a heavily populated metropolitan area and not be captured on camera.

  3. Funny how they confiscated all of the security camera footage in the immediate area, which would have shown that there indeed was no plane- and only ever released, what, three frames?- claiming “national security reasons”. What has surveillance footage from gas stations and office buildings of the streets(and skies) of DC got to do with “National security”?

    Oh…they mean their security- as in not being tried for treason and murder and conspiracy, and exposing our ruling class for what it is!

    Just like my best friend’s brother who was a witness to the destruction of TWA flight 800 in ’95(?)….kept his mouth shut, and now works for DHS…..’keeping us safe’….ROTFL!

    This they do right on the streets of major cities in front of many people and cameras….and yet we’re supposed to take their word about ‘going to the Moon’, despite all of the guffaws and inconsistencies and oddities surrounding that….

    Oh, and re: the Pentagon: What a co-inky-dink, that it happened on the very day they were being audited for a missing several TRILLION dollars….and right at the very room where that audit was taking place…Hmmmm- AND that the only back-up records of that financial crime, were….in the WTC…which just happened to go poof on the very same day! My, my…how convenient. What are the odds? Those backward sand-niggers sure had good timing! 😉

    • You would think that fed gov would want to show the “conspiracy theorists” to be crazy people. All they had to do was to release the security video from two or three angles that shows the jet. That’s all it would have taken. Although today now we would never know if it was fake or not.

      I think this is the documentary I saw years ago that interviewed a bunch witnesses and tried to piece it all together:

  4. I really can’t say that I know what happened that day. I’m sure a few people do and they are not talking.

    This isn’t some veteran days before dying of an illness talking about what went on at Area 51 in the 50’s.

    This is something engineered by the elite and we will never know it all.

    But I can say for sure that the official story is bullshit and everyone with a brain knows we’ve been manipulated.

  5. WTC-7 and the pentagon were the biggest smoking guns for me when i saw the 911 event at age 11. The other improbable events were the convenient passports and missing black boxes.

  6. Eric,

    “This is from a guy who flew F4s off – and back onto – carriers.”

    That, my friend, is a skill set this Cessna guy is envious of.

    I wonder if the remake of Top Gun will have the same propagandistic effect as the first.

    All the boys who were enamored and chose a career in aviation as a result of the first Top Gun will be getting fired soon. (Es la ley!)

    I’d like to think that something would inspire kids to want to become pilots.

    Apparently an ever expanding FAA, with more mandates, regulations, and restrictions has not been as inspirational as originally touted.

    • Hi T,

      Me too! Though my friend also told me stories of teeth-aching boredom as he and his fellow pilots waited to get back in the air. Lots of bureaucracy. But, all worth it when the catapult snaps and both afterburners are lit and the bird goes from nothing to airborne in less time than it took to read this sentence!

      • I hope they get very bored. All they do is commit murder in the name of their nation state god with me paying for it with a gun to my head. If they all crashed it would be fine with me

        • Amen, Mark3!

          That’s how the police state operates. Offer some benefit at the expense of others if you do the state’s dirty-work. The more they regulate the innocent, the better those benefits look to those devoid of conscience or morality- like the cock-suckers on the SWAT team who live in states where they wouldn’t even be able to have a lowly pistol as a civilian….but doing Unle’s dirty-work, they get to play out their fantasies on those who have not harmed anyone. They become the criminals, and we must subsidize them.

          Get to play with cool toys, so it makes killing people and perpetrating injustices easier to justify in their own minds. And people from all strata of society play that game- which is why there is no hope of ever having a Libertarian society as long as any such pricks are alive.

          Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Mao…they all would have been powerless had a significant number of people not been willing to do whatever they said for the paltry benefits that were proffered.

          • Hi Nunz, so true about mass murder; would be physically impossible for Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. to single handedly execute millions of people so they found plenty of psychos willing to do their dirty work. Stir up some old resentments and jealousies among the peasants and let them steal their victims stuff after they kill them. Worked great for Mao in the “cultural revolution”. Don’t like your teacher, he’s a hardass? Well just cut his throat and toss him in the river, that’ll fix things. I read a great essay by Bill Bonner a few years back saying we owe Mao a debt of gratitude for keeping China backward for as long as he did since now that they’ve got their mojo back they’re whipping everyone economically.

            • Hey Mike!

              Sad thing is, all that the psychos in power have to do is offer a paycheck and a uniform, and literally half of the population will vie for the “privilege” of doing their bidding- because of the religion of government, which legitimizes virtually any evil which one can do, if done in the name of/under the command of government.

              Just look at how ya can walk into virtually 99.8% of homes right here in ‘the good ol’ USofA’ and see pictures displayed of children and relatives in uniform, who are ‘proudly’ doing whatever they are commanded to do….and those displayinjg those pictures are proud; and all around them afford the uniformed persons special respect and admiration…..

              Talk about Stockholm Syndrome, eh?

              And now it’s even worse; now that we are inundated with a bunch of invaders who have no connection to our heritage, ancestors, values, history, etc.- who, when in the employ of gov’t, will have even less conscience than our fellow ‘Mercans in that same role; and who may even revel in the opportunity to wreak havoc upon us.

  7. Eric & everybody,

    The nostalgia of late is philosophical deep.

    I remember the moon deal as well as 911.

    But I also remember, “libbys on the label – https://youtu.be/_fivBoHfgEs

    How about when many things were Beatrice? https://youtu.be/JccHan4-lvE

    I’ve been eating Tombstone Pizza since it was made in Medford, Wisconsin. K-R-A-F-T ruined it. – https://youtu.be/vKspf06XuaQ

    Kraft-Heinz recently came out with an “Original”. It sucks.

    Given the boondoggles that have been been the Apollo Program and 911, what do you think has fucked you the most?

    The conversation from one pound canned goods to 15oz (or less), and the conversation from a pound of meat to 14.5, 13.5, or 12 ounces?

    Or the media’s assurances that security and safety is necessary?

    I know Eric has written about paying more for the same or less, but I’d like to know what everyone thinks is more detrimental, overt government propaganda or the daily dicking one gets from daily activity like eating.

    • Hi Mike,

      I concur. The single blurry image we have – of “something” coming in extremely fast, so fast it couldn’t be clearly seen – is compelling evidence. Along with the total absence of any photos or video of an airplane flying in.

      The principle of parsimony. What is the simplest explanation?

      It is a missile, flying at supersonic or faster speed.

      • I can maybe understand the debris of a plane crash being cleaned up quickly, but wouldn’t they have wanted to leave everything in place to investigate? If so, where are the engine parts that should be scattered on the lawn? These things have distinct shapes. The whole thing is puzzling. Smells like rats of the government variety…

        • Hi Nunya,

          Yup. It smells a lot. Much can be speculated about – but the complete absence of photographic/video evidence is unnerving. It is so improbable as to be literally incredible (not believable). The more I consider this, the more convinced I am that it was missile hit. This would explain the blurred image of something hitting the building at very high speed – speed too high to have been an airplane.

          Not that we have numerous pictures and video of both airplanes that hit the WTC towers, including the moment of impact.

          • When we ABSOLUTELY should have! As you say, these are densely populated tourist destinations. IK cameras weren’t as ubiquitous then as now, but still… the whole thing reeks. Does not compute.

      • Jarhead is, well, a “Jarhead” or “Marine”. Mike and Foxtrot are the Phonetic alphabet for the letters “M” and “F”. Hence, “Jarhead MF”… “JAR” will suffice..

        • Thanks for this, Mike!

          If the video is not doctored, it’s the proverbial smoking gun as whatever that is, it’s not a twin-engine wide-body jet. The neat hole I saw for myself. I cannot conjure such damage arising from an airplane because there is no evidence of vertical stabilizer or wing/engine strikes. The only “explanation” is that these folded into the hole because the aluminum was soft relative to the stone of the wall. But that still doesn’t work because the hole is too small. And the airplane wasn’t – couldn’t have been – moving fast enough…

          • ….and not to even mention that even a professional airline pilot with 30 years experience probably couldn’t pull off such a feat of getting a plane THAT low, and making the necessary turns, and then hitting the target- all while maintaining enough speed to stay aloft. Totally impossible!

            And the “coincidences” of the audits of the missing trillions……at both locations. If it were truly an act of foreign terrorism, then the terrorists sure did the criminals in our government a HUGE favor by hitting those particular targets at THAt particular date and time!

            That alone is such a wild coincidence, that all but the worst idiot would rule it out immeejittely.

            • Nunz is right. Apparently the pilot executed a number of corkscrew turns from a high altitude and made a direct ground level hit on the building from cessna training. yeah right. Maybe the guy could fly the space shuttle too? Its all bullshit. the real question is what really happened to that plane.

              • My guess as to what might’ve happened to the plane [pure speculation of course- but seems the most reasonable and obvious answer viz-a-viz Occam’s Razor) is that they likely diverted it out over the ocean and blew it up/shot it down.

                In retrospect, I wonder if TWA Flight 800 wasn’t a practice run for that, gone wrong? Or maybe not even gone wrong- maybe a test to see how many would see such a thing- Flight 800 having been shot down just off the coast of densely-populated Long Island….and yet there were only a handful of witnesses- all of whom were easily silenced- including my friend’s brother (Who now works for DHS- It’s amazing how easily you can get someone to sell-out!).

          • Certainly the aluminum skin and structural members of the aircraft will burn quite readily (in fact, a special class of extinguisher meant to put out fires fueled by metals such as Aluminum and Magnesium, type “D” or “TMB” (Trimethoxyboroxine) is needed to combat aircraft fires. The wings would have likely folded up and followed the fuselage in; however, the fuselage itself, in this head-on collision with the wall (itself, to get the 757 to hit in nearly level flight “on the deck”, a remarkable feat of flying for a trainee who perform poorly in his aircraft simulation training), would most likely crumple up, accordion-style, so that the hole in the outer Pentagon ring is made, due to the sheer mass of metal,fuel, crew and passengers,and cargo is believable. But even then, there are several things that are puzzling:

            (1) Where is the Vertical Stabilizer (ie. “rudder”)? In most cases where an aircraft impacts, even head-on, enough of the tail section survives the impact and is not consumed by the fire, if the wreckage burns. Typically the tail section breaks loose and is stopped on the ground as the rest of the wreckage continues by sheer momentum.

            (2) The two Rolls-Royce RB-211 engines placement on each wing, with an attitude of near-normal to the wall (the “yaw’ of the plane, relative to the wall is less than 5 degrees), would be well OUTSIDE the hole made in the wall. Of course, could, as the plane disintegrated, the engines have followed, along with the remainder of the wing, into the hole? Possible, but highly UNLIKELY, more than likely, as the plane impacted, assuming that the engines hadn’t already contacted the ground on the way in, leaving quite the “skid mark” or trenches, they’d tear loose of their mounts and tumble on through. As the engines are made largely of steel and titanium, they’d be akin to a bowling ball gone mad as they tore through the walls. We see that sort of phenomenon with the Flight 175 impacting the South Tower, where on of its engines, carried through on momentum, ended up three blocks away. But we don’t see any engine-sized holes aside the main one at all, not on the outer wall, and no path that these engines, now shorn from the aircraft, would continue on their own momentum. However, in most cases, the engines survive fairly intact, and some engines have even been salvaged from lesser wrecks and put back into service! That these engines both disintegrated, apparently, is a mystery.

            (3) How the pilot, such a novice that he nearly washed out of the flight school, managed to bring a 757, an aircraft that he had NO experience with, let alone ANY airliner or multi-engine plane, ON THE DECK, a maneuver that would challenge even Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (who pancaked in a 737 safely into the Hudson River in 2009). Please consider that the height of the 757 is 44’6″ (standing on the ground) and the height of the Pentagon rings is 79 feet, so how the maniacal pilot managed to bring this bird in, level flight, on the deck, and not apparently “pancake” the aircraft, nor strike at a high attitude of approach, and impact just barely above the walls, but the engines never apparently contacted the ground, is yet another ‘mystery’.

            (4) Also, the aircraft has to, in order to land or even fly “on the deck”, be slowed considerably, to near stall speed, else it experiences turbulence from ground effect which causes it to bounce and become uncontrollable. This is an issue which plagued the F-111 ‘Aardvark” with its early terrain-following radar, several were lost until some bugs in the automatic controls were fixed and the Air Force limited the speed of the bird when flying “on the deck”. Certainly there was nothing in the simulator to train for that! Yet the hijacker pulled it off. But let’s assume that the 757 had slowed down, to say, 240 kts (IDK what the reported speed of Flight 77 was as it impacted the Pentagon, nor if anyone knows). We have the purported video of the crash, which shows an explosion, but we don’t actually SEE the aircraft itself. So, if, as I theorize, the aircraft had to be going not too much above normal landing speed in order to be controllable at all, it might have been going about 350 feet per second. The length of the Boeing 757-200 is about 155 feet…SOOOO…assuming a normal NTSC frame rate of 30 frames/second in the video posted on Wikipedia, from initial contact to the tail would take about 9 frames at the speed I suggest is the most likely for approach. If the aircraft is for some odd reason managing to be controllable on the deck at near CRUISING speed (highly implausible), it still would be visible for about 4-5 frames. So, why in the hell hasn’t anyone posted a frame-by-frame view of the impact? I mean, even ten year earlier, with VHS, for pity’s sake, horny nerds were doing that to get a glimpse of Sharon Stone’s “sweet spot” from “Basic Instinct”! Yet another ‘mystery’!

            (5) I’ve also seen a picture of a supposed landing gear wheel found in the corridor between the Pentagon “rings” Again, that’s possible, though, unless and until the rather large aircraft tire that’s mounted on it burns away, but as airliner wheels are made of MAGNESIUM (best strength-weight ratio, a critical factor in material selection for most aircraft parts), any fire that burns away the tire would likely consume the wheel as well, or at least MELT it down! Another puzzle..

            Look, IDK that the “missile” theory is any better, unless you want to tell me that someone got a hold of a Tomahawk cruise missile and managed to put on it a low-yield nuclear warhead (akin to the “Davy Crockett”)…to cause damage like what we saw happened to the Pentagon, you need either a large amount of explosives OR a massive warhead, and the 757 did have mass. OTOH, the factors I’ve described do cast doubt that a 757 was used at all, let alone Flight 77, but I can’t explain what then happened to the aircraft and its passengers. Naturally, we won’t see the grisly, charred and well-cremated remains of the passengers and/or unfortunate Pentagon workers, but that alone would tend to refute many of these ‘conspiracy’ theories.

            Yet just what I know already sets off my “bullshit” detector…I just don’t have a reasonable explanation for what actually happened, as there’s been too much “obstrufucation” to get at the truth…which is likely what those that purport to be our “betters” have had in mind all along.

            • My rule on events like this is to stop with what shows that the government is lying or telling us a fairy tale. Any speculation about what happened simply creates an avenue of attack. I wish people wouldn’t speculate because the defenders of the status-quo, the so-called “skeptics” will prefer to attack the speculations because speculations are weak.

              • My thoughts exactly, Brent.

                We can know what DIDN’T happen; we can know we are being lied to, and that the truth is definitely not what we are told it is.

                But to know what really did happen, unless we were a party to it, is nothing but speculation; and I have seen more people abandon the whole truth movement because of all the wild speculation, that I suspect that the gov’t employs agents of disinformation to spread such speculation, which in turn is picked up and spread by others- and then when the speculation is debunked, those who believed in it feel like idiots, and end up questioning or renouncing the whole quest for truth.

                To know that we were lied to, is enough. To know that we are lied to over and over again about everything, is more than enough to brand Uncle as a pathological liar and criminally insane entity which engages in mass murder.

                We may personally all entertain various speculations as to what really happened; what could have happened- but when we start promoting those ideas as valid alternatives, we start entering tin-foil hattery.

                The two things we can know for sure:
                What they tell us is NOT the truth.
                Our government was at the very least complicit, because there were too many “coincidences” and timing which would have required the knowledge of classified military information that no one person would normally have access to; and that the crime was purposely covered up; evidence destroyed; blame put on the wrong parties; real investigative questions not even addressed.

  8. Anybody that believes a bunch of short Middle Eastern rubes (armed with box cutters) successfully hijacked FOUR planes that day needs a reality check.

    • Try to get my moped keys from me and I’d be ready to put up a fight… the keys to my plane?!? and all ya got is a box cutter?! Doesn’t seem logical… as an American, I’m a natural born defender of what’s mine.. and a natural protector of my personal space.. I don’t believe everyone would have sat quietly and just “let” that happen.. does not compute.

  9. Honestly, the only way that ANYTHING could have hit the Pentagon without at least an attempt being made to intercept it, is if someone important wanted it to get hit. It’s not just cameras: do they really expect us to believe that the building which is the very heart of the military-industrial complex has no security, no radar, no early warning systems, no alerts, not even a guy on the roof with a pair of binoculars, that could have spotted an airplane way out of position and doing strange things? Plus, the Pentagon is close enough to the White House that you would think ITS early warning systems (plus likely human sentries) would have picked up the plane acting threatening. But somehow we’re supposed to believe that a big, lumbering, noisy passenger jet managed to sneak past all of that, plus the shutterbug tourists, plus all the government and private security cameras pointing in every conceivable direction, to hit the Pentagon unnoticed like some kind of ninja plane, in the exact spot where financial records were kept, and then leave a clean crash site free of massive debris and/or human remains? Plus, considering that (we’re told) planes had already been hijacked and used as missiles earlier that day, ATC should have been keeping a much closer eye on it anyway (don’t remember if any alleged passengers managed to get word out or not, but if they were then ATC should absolutely have been paying attention to that plane).

    Just defies belief that that could have happened.

    • The Pentagon is akin to an ICEBERG…only a small portion of what’s there can be seen from the surface. What’s often forgotten is that the Pentagon was authorized for construction in 1940, and work began in 1941, some months prior to Pearl Harbor, and largely completed by 1943. It was then designed to meet the needs of the pre-WWII US military.

      Anything above ground, frankly, is not all that important. Though over the years, especially after 9-11 the area has been “sanitized”, most of what’s critical is either underground and/or off-site anyway. As for financial records, I doubt the terrorists had any idea of where, had they the discretion, they could cause the most havoc. As for the crash site, there was considerable debris, those walls were fairly massive. However, I’d not heard any reliable information to the effect, once rescue and recovery efforts began, “where are the bodies?” Anyone know of any BELIEVABLE information that “no bodies” were recovered from the crash/explosion site?

  10. Five minutes or so AFTER the first tower was struck Flight 77 was hijacked over Ohio and was flown into the headquarters of The Most Powerful Military In All of History and no military intercept was made or seemingly attempted. Yeah, right.

    The Project For A New American Century had written their plan for remaking the Middle East more to the liking of Our Most Reliable Ally In The Region. They stated that one stumbling block was how to implement this Grand Plan. They wrote that it would take a “Pearl Harbor-like event” to put the plan (Rebuilding America’s Defenses) in motion.

    If you doubt me read the report…

    And Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. When asked why he killed JFK Oswald’s last words were, “I’m a patsy.”.

    • So if the pentagon was hit with the missile strike as others say, what happened to Flight 77? Not doubting — just would like to hear what may have occurred in it’s entirety.

      • Hi Vince,

        I have no good answer; but it’s a separate question. There was sleight of hand going on that day. The complete absence of any still pics or video reeks to heaven. Also, the early images of the impact scene – with no damage above the hole (where did the vertical stabilizer go?) nor on either side (where did the wings go?) . . . we will likely never know the truth. But I am certain what we were told is false.

        • I’d simply like to know what happened to the ENGINES of the 757! Why didn’t they hit the ground as the plane went in, leaving some big RUTS in the ground, and where are the engine-sized holes in several layers of walls as these massive and very SOLID (at least compared to the aircraft, made mostly of aluminum) as the engines, shorn from the wings, go tumbling on their merry hell way?

          • Hi Doug,

            As Brent says, we’ll never know – probably – what actually happened. But we can see what probably didn’t. I’ve watched the video of the whatever-it-was striking the Pentagon as well as the government’s own reconstruction of the flight path. Whatever-it-was came in straight and level. And so fast that no cameras were able – apparently – to get a clear image. Neither seems plausible to me.

            Techie accuses me of “tin foil” speculation but I still haven’t heard a believable explanation for the absence of any video or still photography of the “757.” The key thing here, in my mind, is that everyone knew planes had already struck the WTC towers before the “757” struck the Pentagon. Therefore, everyone in DC was on the lookout for airplanes. I can attest to this as I was there, just like Techie says he was. I recall standing outside with my friends looking skyward for anything as we kept glued to the latest news.

            It is simply not credible to me that no one in the vicinity of the Pentagon, in the supposed flight path of the “757” (there are numerous residential buildings in the area near the Pentagon) took a pic or video of the “757” as it made its approach. A “757” isn’t supersonic; it is not invisible to the eye. Watch the numerous videos of the two planes that hit the towers in NY. There are in both cases several seconds of pre-impact video. No “technical” difficulties recording them.

            There should have been at least a few videos of the “757” that supposedly flew into the Pentagon. That there are not is extremely suspicious.

            Also suspicious is the risible idea that a jerkoff who had a few flight lessons in a Cessna could pilot a heavy jet at several hundred knots airspeed just a few feet off the deck in a horizontal suicide run. As I mentioned earlier, my friend who is an ex-Navy pilot isn’t buying it. That carries weight with me.

            • I have read just about all of the writings on this subject. The most convincing is the theory that the DoD had sold off their cameras and defensive capabilities to 7-11s all over the South. They were waiting to get some more capable cameras and AAC missiles and junk but there was a delivery hole. The Indians and Paki’s threatened expensive lawsuits from the Convenience store industry if the Pentagon did not deliver on the contract.
              I know this to be true as I collect a fat check from you ‘tards.

  11. A missile likely hit the Pentagon considering (if my memory is correct) a hole to small to fit the narrative of a plane and lack of debris. IMO the 911 WTC was a gold heist and a Pearl Harbor for the Empire to attack the MENA. It also shushed the story of the Pentagons 2.1 trillion missing money (now 21 trillion). Not idea of the reason for the hit on the Pentagon…..

    • ” Not idea of the reason for the hit on the Pentagon…..”


      No idea of the reason for the hit on the Pentagon…..

      Any way of editing a post Eric?

    • The section of the Pentagon that was hit was the area where the financial records of the Pentagon were stored. There is no way a large commercial airline could have flown just a few meters off the ground, twisting around tall buildings and streetlights and trees and fit into that small hole. But I clearly remember reading on Fox News about the missing $2 trillions on the 10th of Sept. 2001.

      • Hi Joe,

        I’m not a pilot but a friend of mine is. An ex-Navy (carrier) pilot. He doesn’t buy it. He told me that in the first place, a 757 isn’t capable of executing the violent maneuvers attributed to it – without breaking up en route – and in the second, the idea that some geek with a few hours in a Cessna could execute the maneuvers is risible. This is from a guy who flew F4s off – and back onto – carriers. I listen to what he has to say.

        • Eric

          IMO,,, Ground effect alone would not have allowed the flying that close to the ground at the speed they say. It had to be a missile of some sort.

          • Ken,

            You’ve lost me.

            “Ground effect alone would not have allowed the flying that close to the ground at the speed they say.”

            With a wingspan of 125ft, ground effect would keep the plane from stalling if it was less than 12 stories above the ground.


            If it was going much faster than stall speed, wouldn’t ground effect tend to make it very difficult to fly into the first storey of a building?

            • “Ground effect” is where, as the aircraft itself passes close to the ground, there is a compression of the air in between the lower surfaces (mostly the wings, though the fuselage and tail do factor in) and the ground as the aircraft passes. Much like the lifting forces on the wings themselves. If the aircraft is going much above stall speed, it tends to go turbulent and very much buffets it and even can cause the pilots to lose control.

              This is yet another reason that typically when landing the aircraft has the nose up, the idea being to get close to a stalling speed and altitude without dropping the aircraft from too high, this also smooths out the descent.

              I’d have to look at a frame-by-frame of the approach of UA 175 as it was flown into the South Tower to get an idea of how fast it was going; just due to the altitude (about 800 feet), it had to be far lower than the type rated cruise speed (about 525 mph), but certainly somewhat faster than the rated stall speed (about 125 mph), as the aircraft was in LEVEL flight, not attempting to land (e.g, nose up). The Wikipedia article on UA 175 indicates an approach speed of 590 mph, which would be believable IF (1) the suicidal pilot(s) used a high angle of approach, and (2) the pilots had the SKILL to hit, given that angle, a difficult and improbable target. The Air Traffic Control had it tracked in level flight at normal altitudes for approach, and were probably assuming it was attempting to form up to land at Newark Liberty. Once the 767 passed Liberty, with an approximate speed of some 880 feet per second (nearly three football fields in length), it would take about a minute and ten seconds to get to the WTC at the reported speed, so there was virtually no time to react if the victims knew they were targeted. As it was, the first indication was that the plane was headed directly for the Empire State building (which itself was hit by a North American B-25 ‘Mitchell’ in July 1945), but at the last moment, the 767 turned and headed into WTC2. When it hit, it was at a banking turn, and struck the tower obliquely, unlike what AA 11 had done to the North Tower (i.e., hit it squarely).

        • We can thank the fictional ‘Baby Herman’ from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” for this choice phrase: “The whole thing STINKS like yesterday’s diapers”. I kinda liked Herman’s “ASSistant” though all we (lamentably, TOO briefly) see of her is here rather lovely, shapely derriere in white shorts.


          Never mind how the wreckage from the Twin Towers, especially the STRUCTURAL STEEL, was rather hurriedly removed from the site and disposed off, under circumstances of very tight security. Typically, for a demolition project the scope of the three huge skyscrapers felled on 9-11, it takes MONTHS if not YEARS of planning, and certainly in the case of WTC 7, which suffering very little damage from the aircraft crashes that supposedly (but not believably) were responsible for the collapse of both WTCs 1 and 2, it would take several DAYS to properly plan and execute (by placement of the thermite charges and demolition circuit testing) the obvious PLANNED demolition that it was. Indeed, over one audio we hear, with regard to WTC 7, “PULL IT!”.

          The entire reason that the cleanup and scrapping project was done in SECRECY? Obviously, if, as many believe, this whole tragedy was planned IN ADVANCE, the one thing that couldn’t be hidden if the structural steel were open to scrutiny would be the “burn-through” holes that the demolition process, using thermite or similar, leaves.

          As to WHOM, if indeed, as many think, actually masterminded the plot (BTW, I have little doubt the 19 Saudis associated with Bin Laden were involved, but as to their ability to pull this off by themselves…very doubtful), and it was the worst ever “False Flag” operation in history, I’m satisfied this was the Mossad’s finest “achievement”, ever. Not that little ol’ me has the “Smoking Gun” that would incriminate those bastards, if I did, I’m very rich, very famous, and soon, quite likely, very DEAD. I go on the simple basis: Cui Bono?


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