2020 Cadillac XT6

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Cadillac already has a three row SUV  . . . so why make another one?

Probably because it needs a different kind of three-row SUV. One that’s almost as big – and nearly as roomy –  as the one it already has in the lineup.

Just not as expensive.

Until now, the Escalade was the only Cadillac that could accommodate more than five people. It’s also the most expensive Cadillac, with a base price of $75,195 that sails to six figures when fill spec’d out.

That’s a price only a few people can afford – even including Cadillac buyers.

The new XTS gives buyers room for more people at a price more people can handle.

What It Is

Cadillac’s newest – and almost-biggest SUV.

Technically, the seven-passenger/three-row XTS is a crossover SUV – the difference being it’s more more car-like than truck-like under its skin.

The Escalade – which is a rouged-up cousin of the Chevy Tahoe – is based on GM’s half-ton truck architecture. It has body-on-frame construction and comes standard with a big (6.2 liter) V8. It has truck-type four-wheel-drive with 4WD low range gearing.

It can also tow 8,100 lbs.

The XTS has an integrated body and frame – unibody construction, like most cars – and is front-wheel-drive, with an all-wheel-drive system available. It does not offer low-range gearing – and it comes with a smaller (3.6 liter) V6 and a lower 4,000 lb. maximum tow rating.

But it also comes with a much lower price – $52,695 for the Premium trim with FWD, topping out at $57,095 for the top-of-the-line Sport trim with AWD.

Yet it has just as many seats – and almost as much room.

What’s New

The XT6 is a new model, just added to Cadillac’s roster. It slots in above the XT5 – and below the Escalade. It’s also another Cadillac that’s not a car – which few seem to want anymore, regardless of price.

Cadillac used to sell cars exclusively as recently as the ’90s. The came the SUV craze. We’re now in the midst of the crossover craze.

The why probably has to do with cars – including Cadillacs – having gotten smaller by the ’90s and people still wanting something that wasn’t.

What’s Good

Three rows for buyers who need them – for about $20,000 less.

Not as hulking as the Escalade.

Newer than the Escalade – which hasn’t been significantly updated since about five years ago.

What’s Not So Good

Less capability than Escalade – especially towing.

Almost as thirsty as the Escalade – despite having a lot less engine.

Like the Escalade, there’s surprisingly little room behind the third row.

Under the Hood

All XT6 trims come standard with a 3.6 liter, 310 horsepower V6 paired with a nine-speed automatic and either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.

The V6 is more or less the same engine used in many GM vehicles – including the current Camaro.

Interestingly – laudably – Cadillac continues to stick with larger engines rather than turbocharging smaller engines.

XT6 competitors like the Audi Q7 and Mercedes GLE-Class come standard with much smaller four cylinder engines that have to be turbocharged to make up for their lack of displacement.

But all that boost increases stress on the engine and adds more parts to the vehicle – both of which could and probably will eventually lead to more expense down the road. Besides which, the little fours still don’t make as much power as the Caddy’s doesn’t-need-a-turbo V6. The Q7’s standard 2.0 liter four only summons 248 hp – and the Audi has the effrontery to cost more than the Caddy ($53,550 to start). You can get a supercharged 3.0 liter V6 in the Audi – and it makes a more respectable 329 hp. But that’s hardly more power than the Caddy’s V6 – and for a lot more money ($63,300 to start – which is about $6k more than a loaded/top-of-the-line XT6).

Look out!

Also interestingly – and not as laudably – the XT6’s 3.6 liter V6 uses only slightly less gas than the Escalade’s enormous – and enormously powerful – 6.2 liter V8, which makes 420 horsepower and manages a not-bad (for that much power) 14 city, 21 highway.

The AWD XT6 only manages 17 city, 24 highway.

Towing capacity is also much less – just 4,000 lbs. vs. 8,100 for the Escalade.

It’s also less than rivals like the Q7, which can pull 4,400 lbs. – even with the much smaller (2.0 liter) turbocharged engine under its hood.  

With its optional supercharged V6, the Audi can pull 7,700 lbs. – nearly as much as the V8 Escalade.

Look out!    

One more thing. While the Caddy’s V6 doesn’t have a turbo – or an intercooler – it does have direct injection. And doesn’t have a port-fuel-injection circuit to forestall carbon fouling of the valves because of the DI.

Several manufacturers have added a dedicated PFI circuit to the fuel system – not to fuel the engine but to to address the carbon-fouling issue that DI engines are vulnerable to. It’s an interesting question as to which is more stupid – not adding the stand-alone PFI circuit (whose only job is to wash the backsides of the valves, to keep them from gunking up) to address the DI-created problem or replacing PFI with DI in the first place – which adds significantly to the complexity and cost of an engine without any meaningful benefit to the vehicle’s buyer.

So – why DI?

Because Uncle.

The government has effectively forced the industry to switch over to DI in order to achieve angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin differences in miles-per-gallon (for CAFE purposes) and emissions (for EPA purposes) reductions.

It’s all make-work, made at your expense.

On The Road

Though it’s nearly as long as the Escalade – 198.5 inches vs. 203.9 – The XT6 has a shorter (and not as tall) hood, which makes it feel like a smaller, more maneuverable vehicle.

It is definitely a much lighter vehicle – by about 1,500 pounds.

That’s a difference you can feel – especially in the curves.

While the Escalade rolls along like a Pullman sleeper car once you’re out on the highway and pointed straight ahead – which is nice –  all that weight (5,856 lbs. vs. 4.411 for the XT6) sloshes around in the curves.

Not so nice.

This problem is magnified by the Escalade’s 8 inches of ground clearance vs. 6.7 for the XT6. Cadillac has done a lot to hide the fact that the Escalade is a rouged-up Tahoe – and the Tahoe is basically a Chevy Silverado truck with its bed enclosed and carpeted and seats bolted to the floor – but there’s only so much you can do to make a truck behave like a car.

Being almost 1,500 pounds lighter also explains why the XTS is nearly as quick as the Escalade, despite having an engine only slightly more than half the size. The Escalade gets to 60 in about 6.1 seconds, the XT6 in about 6.8 – a difference discernible only by the stopwatch.

But the Escalade feels less thirsty because it has a much larger fuel tank – 19 gallons for the FWD version vs. 26 for the Escalade. You can actually drive the V8-powered and 1,500 pounds heavier Escalade about 150 miles farther on a full tank.

The V6 is a nice, revvy engine – and the nine-speed automatic is calibrated to let ‘er rip to the near 7,000 RPM redline with pedal to the metal.

Shifts come faster than you can keep track of them, too – there being literally twice as many as was typically the case only about ten years ago. This isn’t a bad thing – as such – either. The V6 rabbit punches its way through all nine, then settles down to a near-idle at 80-plus MPH highway speeds, something made feasible by the 0.62 overdrive gearing in ninth.

This is one area where Uncle’s fatwas have had the unintended happy side effect of making new cars better. The steep overdrive is an expedient used to squeak out more MPGs- and the nine-speeds are there to “step” the transmission to that steep OD without lugging the engine mid-way there.

But an incidental thing occurred along the way that is far from insignificant. We now have cars that can cruise at speeds that require almost no RPMs to maintain. As a  point of comparison/reflection, a car like my ’76 Trans-Am spun its engine faster to maintain 55 than the XT6 does to maintain 75.

And that’s all right, momma.

At The Curb

The XT6 hasn’t got the loutish presence of the Escalade – but that’s probably something many would-be buyers would rather avoid.

The Escalade is a love it – or hate it – thing. Some people buy it because of its loutish looks; but just as many likely don’t – for exactly the same reason. But that’s not the only reason to prefer the less-louty XT6.

It has the room – as well as the seats. 

With its third row folded flat, the XT6 has 78.7 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s not quite as much as the Escalade’s 94.2 cubic feet. But it’s about 85 percent – and the XT6’s third row is roomier (29.5 inches of legroom) than the Escalade’s – because of the XT6’s crossover architecture and lower floorpans.

You don’t sit tucked.

And you don’t have to duck.

The XT6’s second row seats have a minivan-like “tip and pitch” function that makes getting to the third row easier, tool.

However, neither of these two have much room behind their third rows: 12.6 cubic feet for the XT6 and just 15.2 cubic feet for the Escalade.

The XT6 does have something else – which you may not want: At least ten standard ssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety “assistance” systems, including (deep breath) Forward Collision Alert, Following Distance Indicator, Automated Emergency Braking, Front Pedestrian Braking, Front andRear Park Assist, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Safety Seat Alert and (exhale) Speed Limit Assist.

The Escalade – being an older design – is less encumbered by all this sssssssssssafety Christmas Tree-ery. It has fewer lights and buzzers hassling you.

GM is particularly pushy when it comes to force-feeding this stuff. It’d be nice if these “assists” were available – and so, avoidable.

But they’re not. If you buy the XT6 – any trim – you’ll get all of them.

The Rest

While crossovers are common, the Cadillac’s available infra-red night vision system is pretty uncommon. The XT6 also has rearview mirror with built-in closed-circuit view of what’s behind you when you’re backing up.

The BMW-style toggle shifter on the center console is highly imitative and lacks tactile feedback but it’s in keeping with the weird modern obsession to electrically activate everything.

The available 14-speaker Bose surround sound stereo is very good – and the Caddy’s cloud storage system for personal preferences/vehicle set-up  is very unusual.

It is, however, also at least implicitly creepy. GM knows your preferences, too b- and can access your XT6.

This is The Future.


The Bottom Line

That said, the XT6 offers most of what the Escalade does, in terms of people and cargo-capacity, for tens of thousands less. It may not be able to pull as much – but that may not matter to you much.

. . .

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  1. My favorite Caddy was the 76-79 Seville. Bill Mitchell created that car sometime during the early 1970s for Cadillac buyers to experience a downsized ride, maybe in response to the 1974 Arab Oil Embargo. It had a sheer style and decent appoiontments, though the dash didn’t lay out as nicely as early 60s models. Most came equipped with 85 mph speedometers.

      • Hi Handler,

        I wish I’d been around before Mitchell retired; I would have loved to have met him. I did get to meet – and interviewed – Bill Porter; I need to dig that one up and repost it!

        • eric, While I’d like to have met Bill Mitchell, it was Brock Yates who had me drooling of speed, any sort of speed and especially speed outrunning the cops long before the Cannonball Sea to Shining Sea Dash happened.

          It was 1968 when I got my first “car”(as opposed to a pickup). That same year, just a couple months later, I would rig hidden switches for running and brake lights. I felt I wasn’t giving up much when the first run was made. I was too broke and young(who else would drive with me?)to enter that race. I’m sure they would have let me run but I didn’t have the funds or the time(taking off from college)or the co-driver. I realized years afterward I didn’t need much money or a co-driver.

          Every time I was on the road with someone else it was me who fixed whatever was wrong if we had trouble. I generally only needed somebody to “hold the light”. I’ve scrabbled under a car, pulled the transmission and set it on my chest while exchanging throwout bearings. You have a lot of incentive to get the bearing changed quickly with a Muncie sitting on your chest. I had a friend who watched me one day and said “Goddamn man, don’t that hurt?”. I didn’t answer cause I was busy. When I got the transmission stabbed and tightened up I crawled out, ripped off my shirt and showed the mark a Muncie makes on your chest. I asked him “What do you think?”. I wasn’t even using a jack. I pulled up over a hole to make the change. I replaced everything under there with C 60 parts including the clutch fork and the engine pivot ball. Amazing it all fit but an old guy(musta been 40 ha ha)told me they would fit. Nothing like going to the wrecking yard to get upgraded parts.

  2. > rouged-up

    Is that anything like porcine lipstick? 😉

    I saw a XT4 the other day – I didn’t even know they were making them. It’s one of the better looking CUVs, but I expect Lincoln is eating their lunch.

    Chip H.

  3. Hey Eric & Everyone!

    I know- not really the place for this (Well, at least it does have relevance to cars, of which Cadillac used to be a manufacturer of… 😉 )

    This is a case where I hate to have been right in my past assessment…..but here is proof that the temporary dialing-back of the CAFE standards is just for temporary expediency; and that in-fact, Trump is doing as any other player who ascends the throne would do, and is doing his part to dutifully further UN Agenda 2030 as the defacto world government has decreed:

    G. Edward Griffin: Trump Wants To Replace NAFTA With UN Agenda 2030 In Disguise:

    Ron Paul says:

    I dunno- you guys who continue to waste your time by voting for any of these turds, and give your assent to their tyranny as if the political theater and lies they spew were true, boggle my mind. I repeat: The only difference between Trump or Mittens or AOC or Hitlery, are the words they speak and the audience whom they play to. They all do the same thing.

    • …I mean, as much as I’d love to work to keep Hitlery or commie Sanders or Bloomberg or Pete Buttfooker out of there….voting for another member of the club is NOT doing anything to achieve that. Having a spectacle which alternates supposedly opposing parties to keep half of the peons pacified is not helping us, but is rather helping THEM.

  4. Nice car. Caddy will do well with it. Good looking, priced right, fits a hole they had.
    But, to me, it’s FWD architecture is a no go. Sad, that Caddy is/was mostly RWD, and this ‘acadia’ rebadge is sad to me.
    I think you missed the main competitor in the 3 row ‘midsize’ market, the Durango. I think the Durango invented the segment?? Maybe you did because it’s not a ‘luxury’ brand? However, what it is, is RWD, and a V8 is still avail. (and in non-DI).
    I am also sad to learn that GM has not added the PFI circuit to their DI engines yet. I’m pretty sure ford has in my ’18 F150 5.0 V8? Which would also mean they did to the 5.0 mustang as well?
    Another competitor that comes to mind is the new Lincoln Aviator. It too, is now RWD, (yes!!!!), although it has fords recent move to turbo most of their engines. I believe that the Aviator will do better than the XT6, just my guess.
    I’m holding out a little hope for Caddy if they build their Escala and Elmiraj concepts. Those are the Caddy’s people like me would desire to have, which is big-ass sedans.

    • It is a known fault at this point that TM vehicles cannot see stationary objects while traveling at interstate speeds. Yet they get away with it because they put a note in the owner’s manual. It’s absurd and speaks to the political agenda. Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, etc would be raked over the coals, tortured in the iron maiden, put on the rack, and waterboarded if any of them put out a product with such a fault.

    • So the auto pilot feature fucked up and the driver is cited. Why isn’t the citation mailed to Tesla HQ? It was their software piloting the car, not the driver.

      This is going to get very interesting with so called self driving vehicles. Why would I be expected to pay for insurance when I’m not the one controlling the vehicle?

      Right now the police are saying that despite auto pilot features you’re expected to pay attention and override as needed. No thanks. I’ll stick with my fully manually operated vehicle.

  5. “The XT6 does have something else – which you may not want: At least ten standard ssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety “assistance” systems, including (deep breath) Forward Collision Alert, Following Distance Indicator, Automated Emergency Braking, Front Pedestrian Braking, Front andRear Park Assist, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Safety Seat Alert and (exhale) Speed Limit Assist.”

    Wow. With the addition of just a few more “assistance” systems, GM cars will not need any windows at all! That will be a big benefit for crash resistance…. aerodynamics too. 🙂

  6. “Just not as expensive.”

    Pardon me but isn’t Cadillac supposed to be expensive? Of course it, like most others are far out of my debt range.

    • In the past Cadillac was expensive but also offered great value. A Cadillac was noticeably better in almost every way than its less costly brethren, had engines and features unique to the marque, and had very high resale value to the point where one could trade in for a new one every couple of years at little cost. From the end of the war through the 1960s Cadillac truly was the standard of the world. Then in the ’70s and ’80s things started to go Very Wrong…

      Today Caddies are mostly just tarted up generic GM vehicles that have more crap in them, many equipped with 4 and 6 cylinder engines to boot. The idea of a Caddy with less than a smooth, powerful V8 just doesn’t make it.

      • I had to take a ride a while back with my neighbor’s girlfriend. I seriously thought her car was a Hyundai. It was a Crapillac! Totally indistinguishable but for the logo on the grill.

        • Nunz, how the mighty have fallen! It used to be that a Cadillac was something to aspire to, it put the world on notice that you had arrived. With the possible exception of the Escalade that ship sailed a long time ago and even that model seems to be more of a “gangsta” thing than anything else.

          • Ah, definitely, Jason! I freaking hate the Escalade! Partly because it’s gaudy and ugly- and partly because the barbarians like it so much (I guess it echoes their taste!); and partly because it ain’t a real truck- I mean, it’s “sort of a truck”- a girly truck, maybe.

            Ah, everything’s upsaide down. Like: In the 70’s, Chevy trucks were better than Ford; and Cadillacs were much nicer-looking and overall better cars than Lincolns.

            By the mid 80’s, it was all over for Cadillac. I’d compare my former ’92 Town Car to any Cadillac of the time, and the Caddies couldn’t hold a candle to it by then.

            And Caddy came out with one mechanical abomination after another; The 3-6-8 engine; then the HT-4100; then Norstar…..and the crappy trannies that’d blow a $5 plastic part that would cost $3K to install….. What a crap-fest it became.

            But man, before that? Doctors, lawyers, engineers and executives drove Caddies…. Now, only the senile and Ebonics-speakers do.

  7. “That said, the XT6 offers most of what the Escalade does, in terms of people and cargo-capacity, for tens of thousands less. ”

    However, it’s more than twice as expensive as my new Kia Sportage with no more “sports utility”.

    • Hi Clay,

      You’re right, of course… the dirty not-so-secret is that there really ins’t much difference between a luxury-badged vehicle and the not-luxury-badged… other than price. But people will pay extra for the prestige of the badge.

        • My thought exactly, Rich. I can’t even fathom how Crapillac is still even in busyness- They depreciate like Fiats; they no longer have a distinctive look, and they’re more of a laughing stock than a status symbol.

            • I recognize it. It’s the present I have trouble with.

              Some days I just want to step through the portal of an Atavachron. Ok maybe drive through it.

                • Yes, I am bit younger than Eric so I did experience some of it. However in the last decade plus much of the entertainment I choose was made decades before I was born.

                • I’m Gen X. I wish I would have been born 20 years earlier or 20 years later. It sucks seeing a formerly decent place slip away. It would be better to be either “newly wed” or nearly dead as my silent generation mom would have said.

                  • Ditto, Swamp!

                    Fellow Gen Xer. We’re in a weird spot. Unlike the Millennials, we can remember the America that still was America. Unlike the Boomers, we’re still young enough to want it back.

                    • Eric, just think about what it’s like for those of us that experienced the U.S. of the 1950s and early 1960s. Today it’s like we’re living in some crazy dystopian scifi story exceeding the most paranoid fantasies of decades past.

                      Despite being an old phart believe me when I say that I would very much like to have it all back, and so would many other oldsters that I know. The future has turned out to be a bust in so many ways.

                    • Amen, Jason!

                      I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s, and I’d give anything to have those days back- and always wished (even in those days) that I could experienced earlier decades which were in many respects even better. (Glad to have escaped the 40’s though- with all of the war nonsense).

                      What kills me, is that my sisters (and many others) who grew up in the 40’s and 50’s don’t seem to appreciate what they had, nor are they disturbed by the present insanity. Then again….gradualism and propaganda…bread and circuses….the masses don’t even seem to notice the differences or care.

                      All I know, is that I think of the 60’s/70’s world daily, and miss the sanity and pleasantry and joy- and am just so glad that I got to experience that world- but will ever lament that it’s never coming back.

                      We can flee the tyranny now extant, and create our own little islands of sanity and beauty….but we’ll never find (in this life) what we have lost.

                      We had the privilege of living at the pinnacle of the cu8lmination of the most functional and benovolent culture [relatively…] that has ever existed on earth.

                      And now we have witnessed it’s destruction, and are witnessing it’s replacement with something that is neither functional nor benevolent.

              • Cadillac still has fans. I work with a 2 owners and 3 striving to get one. What do they all have in common? They are all black. Maybe Cadillac has targeted them with advertising? Anyway, these fellows are keeping Cadillac rolling.

                • Bin, they’ve always been into Caddies.

                  My mother (a native NYer) lived in SC for a while in the 1940’s- and she literally used to see ’em living in actual shacks, with the stereotypical new Cadillac in the driveway.

                  In the ’90s, when I used to buy and sell cars, EVERY Cadillac I ever sold was purchased by a schvatze.

                  They’re still stuck in the “Cadillacs equal classy” mentality.

                  I have a friend who has a repair shop back in NY on road which is a dividing line between expensive middle class subdivisions and the ‘hood. He fixes so many Caddy’s it’s ridiculous- and they’re always from “the hood” side- people used to try and get him to take foodstamps as payment, or wanting to put the bill on the installment plan.

                  It’s so stereotypical, even in the ’70s on the sit-com All In The Family:

                  Archie Bunker arguing with his liberal son-in-law:

                  Meat-head” What’s the difference between Sammy Davis Jr. and [the cullid neighbor] Lionel Jefferson?

                  Archie: “Twenty million dollars and 5 purple Cadillacs!”

            • As a kid in the ‘burbs of Detroit in the 1960s-1970s I was in awe of the Eldorado. 19 feet long, wide as a living room and the inside looked like a gentleman’s club (not that kind of club get your mind out of the gutter) When I turned 55 I decided to buy and restore a ’71 Eldorado convertible – Tiffany blue with white leather, and 529ci of turbine smooth (updated)big block Caddy power. What a great car. It’s like old America again- smiles, waves, thumbs ups, and fun! The downside is parking places are now painted for Yugos or Privices so I have to park out in center field. Ahh the price of privilege!

              Someday I’d like to write a piece on “when America was big”. I miss big- big roads, big cars, big houses, big money, big fun. I see the day coming that Americans forget what being great, and big was as they scooterr-poot around in 90 cubic inch sardine cans like the Euro fags do.

              • Amen, Auric!

                And now we live in a ghetto of “tiny homes” and “[not so]Smart Cars…..

                The degradation of popular culture is even more disconcerting. Remember when people used to have enough self-respect and respect for others to actually dress nicely, and dress their children nicely and make them behave?

                When the music playing stores and offices was “beautiful”, instead of abrasive and grating?!

                What we have lost!

                • “and dress their children nicely and make them behave?”

                  Once the discipline is gone, it does not come back. At least two generations have gone by lacking basic manners and discipline. Shit kids grow into shit adults who in turn raise even shittier kids.

                  The civilized world is going feral. Quickly.

                  • Ain’t THAT the truth, Anon!

                    The decline I’ve seen just in my 57 years…. It’s literally a different people, culture and country today. That’s why I don’t consider it a big deal to leave this country to escape the over-the-top tyranny (as I plan to do in the near future)- ’cause now, our culture here is no better than sanywhere else- as we’ve supplanted what we used to have with all of those other cultures from everywhere else- and it’s now even worse here, ’cause the government and media are actively working to suppress OUR culture- to the point where the very victims of this cultural genocide are not only not fighting for their own survival, but are actively now advocating and participating in it’s own destruction and have thus become the enemy of their own people.

                    • Nunzio, If you’re truly planning to escape, I’d recommend doing it sooner rather than later. Get out while you still can.

                      II say the above without any intended malice. I will be sixty-seven in a couple of months, and I also sorely miss the America we grew up in.

                    • Indeed, Trevor. I know a few people who have vamoosed over the years since the writing has been on the wall in the U.S. for some time now. Probably should have done so myself when I was younger.

                      This place hardly resembles the America I knew, which despite its flaws was a pretty damned great place to be. At this point I’m too old and don’t have the resources, and probably won’t have to worry about it too much longer in any event. I just hope the elitists’ final putsch doesn’t happen until I’m gone. (I feel sorry for the young people who are going to have to put up with the New World Odour for 50-60 years or more.)

                    • Thanks, Trevor. I completely agree! I’d be gone already, but my soon-to-be 95 year-old lives on my property here and depends on me…..

                      I am indeed beginning to fear that I may be missing out on the closing window of opportunity. Things are going to hell faster and faster these days….and Trump has not staunched the destruction, but rather is accelerating it just like all of the others… 🙁

                      It’s to the point where it’s not even so important where one goes at the moment…but rather that just we get out while we can, and get a chance to rest and regroup and then start over with a renewed attitude.

                • Nunzio: I 100% agree with the cultural rot stinking up the place all around us. I recall reading a piece on Marxist thought control which explained the cacophony known as “Modern art”, the ugly ass Architecture and grating music et al. Basically Marxists from the Frankfurt School (now Columbia school) upset and degraded polite society as a means of advancing their stone grey filth of a cast system- we are the undesirables and they are the lords. Bottom line: this shit is on purpose.

                  • The co-opting of education to serve the needs of globalist elites predates the Frankfurt school.

                    Compulsory edu-macation began in the mid-19th century and like so many other elitist/globalist developments was the brainchild of John D. Rockefeller.

                    The goal was to limit the intellectual growth of the general population. This was to create (as George Carlin observed in his famous “hit the nail on the head” rant) an obedient society of workers without the motivation to question the ruling class.

                    This was needed in order for the corporate oligarchs to gain and keep control over the people, and by the early 20th century this plan was in high gear.



                    • 19th century alright, Jason- Karl Marx- and then subsequently the other organizations, such as Frankfurt, whose goal it was/is to propagate Marxism. And once again, the tribe who started it and is pushing it, is exempt, ’cause they (“They” being the non-peasant class among them whom they largely exterminated via Hitler) can send their own to private schools.

                    • Nunz, you seem to be ignoring the role of our many homegrown elitists, the Rockefellers chief among them as well as others, who have organized and pushed for absolute centralized power concentrated in a few hands. There is no single “tribe” responsible, but there are specific individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds.

                    • Aww, but as I’ve said before, Jason- when the goys do it, it’s more like the Mafia- They’re just doing it for their own purposes or the purposes. And while that’s bad enough, the point is that it’s not on the same level as what the Jews do.

                      The elite Jews do their thing as a concerted effort- all working together on a worldwide basis- and so it has been for hundreds of years.

                      And even most of the powerful goys; if you follow the money, you’ll usually find that it traces back to something ultimately controlled by the you-know-who.

                      For instance: Any fambly/organization heavily involved in the military-industrial complex, ultimately is controlled by and thus promotes the interests of Is-a-hell….be it directly via the propagation and support of wars (whether ones that directly impact Israel’s enemies, or ones to control or destroy other non-Mid-East nations in order to further the Globalist agenda); and or support and propagate other facets of achieving Globalization, such as control of banking, media, medicine, edumacation, cultural destruction, etc.

                      C’mon- there are only a few million Jews in the world, and most of them aren’t the elite variety- so in order for a handful of them to have an impact on a few billion people, of course they must use others- other rich and powerful entities, who in-turn use unwitting everyday people (Such as “Christian” Zionists, or just plain employees who work for their companies but who haven’t a clue as to what the actual agendas of those organizations are.

                      I mean, C’mon, how else could a nation of a few million people possibly get the biggest superpower to fight their wars to the tune of half of our GDP (!!!); give them money; overthrow our own laws and Constitution while promoting a nation which neither adheres to the values enumerated in that Constitution, nor the new laws which have superceded it (e.g. we have to embrace “diversity” while Israel flaunts homogeny, etc.) and even sacrifice the lives of the superpower’s “children” for Israel’s cause? In other words they get the US to uphold their[Israel’s] interests, by doing things contrary to our own.

                      There is no way that such could be the case, unless what I say is true.

                    • Well Nunz, that’s just something we’ll have to disagree on. Make no mistake about it, the Rockefellers are all about implementing a socialist world State. They are not merely like the mob, satisfied to simply make themselves as wealthy as possible, and they’ve been at the world domination game longer than the Marxists. As the following quotes from David Rockefeller illustrate, these bacon-eaters are quite guilty of the things that the Jooos are typically accused of – and are proud of it:


                      Additionally, had National Socialism been successful it would have given Communism a real run for the money when it comes to long-term evil, and Mr. Hilter, Mr. Bimmler, etc. were all of the foreskin persuasion. Somehow though if the “1000 year Reich” had a longer run, I have no doubt that at least some people would still be excoriating the Jews (any that were left) for Communism while turning a blind eye to White Christians for Nazism. 🙂

                      Israel is a different issue. Essentially created by the U.N. (a Rockefeller institution by the way) via General Assembly Resolution 181, today Israel is a nasty little brutish regime with human rights violations miles long. I personally believe that our intent is to “hire” them to do our dirty work in the Mideast, but as is common when one criminal organization hires another, the “employee” which is supposed to be subordinate may have ideas and ambitions of its own.

                      The rank-and-file Jews as well as the even larger number of Zionist Christians that support Israel, and even those who lobby for it, are largely useful idiots for the power elites.

                    • Oh, I do agree with a lot of what you said there, Jason. The Rockefellers et al (even the Ford Foundation) are indeed working toward the globalist agenda- but they didn’t invent the idea; and I think if you would follow the money and connect the dots of history, you’d find that the reason they are working toward that end is because they were absorbed into certain alliances which helped them to further their wealth and their own personal goals.

                      Of course, that doesn’t absolve them of one iota of guilt- but the point I was trying to make is that the gentiles on their own did not invent globalism; but there’s no disputing that the Jews did, and have been working toward that end since before any Rockefeller ever had his first dime.

                      Another of saying it: They all suck- but the Jews are the masterminds and overall controllers.

                      And I do agree too, that the vast majority of rank and file Jews, Christians, and to a large extent atheists and liberals, are indeed just useful idots- that is exactly what I meant when I said that the “peasant classes” are just being “used”.

                      I mean, some stupid 22 year-old girl with a fresh “journalism” degree goes and works for some paper- be it a local rag or a big-city one- even without any prodding or control from her employer, she helps further the agenda just by promoting the values she was indoctrinated with in school for the past 17 years- and which she believes are “bettering the world” and “helping people”- without having a clue that what she essentially has been programmed to do is to destroy the culture and nation of her own people, and further the aims of globalism and Zionism.

                      Heh, I think you and I probably agree on more than we disagree on- maybe there’s just an element of misunderstanding sometimes.

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      But which Jews? All of them, corporately? Or just some of them? Should all Jews be held responsible for what some Jews did? I don’t follow . . .

                      How about this one: I am pretty sure all the men involved in subverting the Articles of Confederation were Christian (at least nominally). Washington, Hamilton, Jay… the Federalists, generally. Was there a Jew among them?

                      They created – conspired to create – the centralized panopticon which we are enslaved by today.


                      Does this mean all white/Christian men are diabolical? If so, I am due for my session inside an oven….

                    • Nunz, I seriously doubt that “the Jews” were the first ones to think of “ruling the world” even if for the sake of argument one were to accept the premise that as a group they adhere to such a desire. (A premise I do not believe.) Every empire that has ever existed had the goal of ruling as much of the world as was known at the time and could be grabbed by force of arms. The idea that “the Jews” came up with it first is kind of ludicrous on its face. (Also pointing at someone else and saying “But he started it!” really is kindergarten behavior.)

                      Beyond that, what the heck does religion have to do with it? The thought experiment I like to put forth is, “If you were to find that Christians were doing this rather than Jews, would you be excoriating “the Christians” as a group in the same manner?” If the answer is an honest “yes” then at least there is consistency. If the answer is “no” then one’s motivation has to be open to question.

                      People have the same capacity for good and evil no matter what their ethnicity. I think we do agree on most things, but as a Libertarian I do not believe in assigning collective guilt. This is why I do not collectively blame “the Christians” for what the Rockefellers have done and continue to do, or for what Mr. Hitler did, not to mention all of the good Christians going back to at least Alexander Hamilton responsible for the predicament we currently find ourselves in here in the U.S. There is plenty of blame to go around, and blaming “the Christians” would not be an entirely inaccurate assessment – but it would still be the wrong thing to do.

                      If you want to find out who the current elites are who would rule the world, probably a good place to start would be the Bilderberg Conference attendees. Count the foreskins – you may be surprised! 🙂

                    • Hi Again, Jason!

                      Ah yes- TRUE- the Jews were neither the first nor the last to desire world domination- but the thing is, they ARE the ones who have persisted at working toward it for the longest time.

                      Other groups- various nations and empires, they’d basically try to accomplish their objectives of domination solely through military force- and their empires would gain a little a little ground, and then fall apart after a few centuries, and that was that.

                      The Jews on the other hand, have largely NOT used military might to achieve their ends- except in as much as they could manipulate other nations into using their armies to achieve some objectives- but rather, they have used banking, media, institutional and governmental infiltration, media, false flags/terror, social and economic philosophies (e.g. Marx and the Frankfurt bunch, for some), etc. to achieve their ends- and unlike the various other empires, the Jews have largely not done their work from a central location- but rather as they were scattered around and among many countries- so they were hard to identify and repel, as until 1948 there was no one nation as HQ- but rather, it has been their culture that has been the focal point of their solidarity.

                      And it depends what you mean by “Christian”. A true Christian doesn’t want to dominate anyone- our kingdom is not of this world. But nominal Christians? Well….you KNOW that I have warned about the Catholics/Jesuits; the Mormons, to name a few- so yes- I’ll call out anyone who promotes evil, or who belongs to an organization that does (I have expressed criticism on here for Tom Woods- partly because i don’t see how a Libertarian can belong to an org [The Calf-licks] that actively engages in worldly politics and promotes itself as the rightful ruler of this world.

                      And it’s not the RELIGION of Judaism I criticize; It’s the cabal of Jews, down through the years, who promote/have promoted Globalism and Zionism whom I rant against. (Why don’t you? If you realize what the Rockefellers and et al are doing and criticize that, why not do the same towards those who have been at it longer and have a bigger organization, and are doing much more?)

                      And what of Jews Against Zionism?

                      Alright…more tomorry- I gotta go beddy-bye, so I can get up in the morning, or my kibbutz will be kaput!


                    • Hi Ya Eric!

                      Of course not ALL Jews! No one is saying that.

                      And of course, various members of all demographics, groups, ethnicities, religions, etc. have done bad things- the foibles of human nature are extant in all humans…..

                      BUT, the thing is, of the small minority of people in the world who comprise the Jews, a significant number of them have engaged in an organized behavior which is designed to give them ultimate control over “the gentile dogs” who comprise the rest of the world. Such has been the dream of Babylonian Talmudic Judaism for 2500 years- and they are realizing the fruits of their long-practiced efforts more now than ever before.

                      It’s not just that individual Jews or groups of Jews are engaging in random acts of treachery and evil, and being called out because they happen to be Jews- but rather there have been and are organized Jews behind the scenes of most of the major events which have shaped our world, for centuries- including communism, liberalism; Freudianism, central banking, militarism, terrorism, etc.

                      Why does the US fight Israel’s wars, to the tune of nearly half our GDP?

                      Why are our pigs trained by Israelis/Israeli tactics?

                      Why does the US decry “terrorism” while supporting and defending the most terroristic nation on earth?

                      (I could go on, but you get the gist)

                      Hint: The answer ISN’T because some Southern Baptists voted for a few senators because of an erroneous belief that they should support an officially atheistic nation whose residents refer to their Savior as “The bastard son of Mary”.

                      What Ben Franklin said of those Jews 200 years ago is no different than what the Romans said 2000 years ago….

                      Of course it doesn’t apply to ALL Jews…. but to deny that much of what is happening in this world today is a result of a large long-seated Jewish cabal would be like denying that the Mafia is Italian, or that the pope is Catholic.

                      Speaking of which: Growing up around a bunch of Cat-holics, being Eye-talian as I am, I was always criticized for being “anti-Catholic” for pointing out the various evil deeds of the Calf-lick church, and for trying to expose their nefarious political tactics and objectives- which I have been doing for the past 35 years.

                      Just NOW, since this current Marxist pope Fran-sis has ascended the terlit, and is openly spewing what they used to try to conceal, some of the people who remember my criticisms are FINALLY coming to acknowledge the obvious truth- but of course, as is the cae with just about everything, by the time something becomes THAT obvious, it is too late, as the power that has been grabbed and the objectives which have been achieved are not reversible after centuries of the destruction of what had been restraining them.

                  • Yes, it’s getting late, and a misplaced click just ditched a fairly lengthy reply! I hate when that happens! So quick as possible then I need to turn in as well…

                    I do find it strange that if someone comes from a Jewish background he is judged to be a Jew even if he rejects the religion and culture of his forebears, and “the Jews” are thus collectively responsible for his actions. (Marx is a good example of this.)

                    Yet, when someone of a Christian background is found to be doing unethical things (trying to rule the world, etc.), suddenly he is not a “real” Christian, and Christians are absolved of any collective blame.

                    Ethnicity in these cases seems to be a fluid concept, with a double standard. It’s something I really do not understand. Christians have the teachings of Jesus to guide them, but Jews have the 10 Commandments (as do Christians) and are equally prohibited from acts of evil by those laws. So why is it that when a Jew does evil he is still considered a real Jew, but when a Christian does evil he is no longer a real Christian? I don’t get it.

                    As I said before, I do not see the religion or ethnicity of would-be world rulers to be an issue at all. I also don’t buy the idea that some evil cabal of Jews is at the root of all our problems, there is far too much evidence that there is plenty of evil in the hearts of all men regardless of background. I guess we’ll just have to disagree on that one.

                    When someone says “it’s the Jews” that implies most or are all involved in some devious scheme. (That’s what the aryan warrior numbskulls believe. I know you’re not one of them.) I’d say the same thing if someone were to pick another group to assign collective blame to. If someone would like to bash Mormons, Buddhists, or whatever for vast conspiracies I’ll be happy to argue against them.

                    I for one have no tolerance of would-be rulers regardless of their ethnic backgrounds or whether they call themselves Zionists, Marxists, Socialists, Environmentalists, Republicans, Democrats, or whatever – they all want to further collectivism at the expense of individual liberty.

                    An that’s about it for this, we’re getting far afield from cars and libertarianism and I need to get some shuteye as well! (Someone has to work in the morning and unfortunately that someone is me. I’d love to get in on some of this world domination stuff, I’m tired of eking out a few bucks here and there…)

                    • AAAHHHRRGGG! Jason! I HATE when that happens! The reconstructed reply is never as good as the original! Happened to me yesterday. I usually copy my post before submitting it- The one time I didn’t….it happens!

                      I don’t think anyone’s lumping all Jews under one banner, except in so far that “Jew” can refer to an ethnicity; a religion; a culture; etc. and the group who has engaged in nefarious manipulation of other cultures and nations ultimately belong to that ethnicity, and are aided by quite a large segment of it in carrying out their goals- much like Wops and the Mafia- the difference being that with the Mafia, we have a distinct name to distinguish that group of Dagos from other guineas. I mean, we have “Italians”, “Catholics”, “The Mafia”- all separate labels to make a distinction between the ethnicity, religion, and organized crime- whereas with “Jews” we just have that one word which covers all, and the distinction is only made by context.

                      We even have many instances of “The Jews” working against other Jews -as I’m sure you are well aware- such as the “cleansing of their race” that they sought to accomplish through Hitler.(And then using the very Holocaust which they engineered to deflect criticism directed against themselves!)

                      Again, I pose the question: How is it possible that a tiny nation of a few million people has the world’s most powerful superpower doing it’s bidding, fighting it’s wars, protecting it’s crimes, and even curtailing the free speech of it’s own citizens,- and many other such things which are directly contrary to the interests of that superpower?

                      The answer to that question is also the answer as to why the Jews have been expelled and banned from more countries down through history than anyone else- because their behavior is always the same- and since there is no way to distinguish the benign among them from the others by mere glance.

                  • Auric I remembe walking through beautiful Barcelona. The ugliest building? A jewish synagogue shaped like a brick. Paul Joseph Watson has some great ramts about modern art and architecture. Look him up.

              • I dream of owning an early ’60s Coupe de Ville. Those model years had the sleekest-looking bodies, in my opinion. The interiors were also the nicest. The mid to late ’60s is when the design and quality of interiors started to slip.

                • Check out the movie “Tin Men” sometime – although not the main focus, the role that Cadillac had in 1960s American culture is a part of it.

                  • Excellent, yet underrated movie. Favorite lines regarding cadillacs…Guy asks dealership salesman”Why do they call cars she? It’s never he? … “custom, I guess, answers the salesman.” Other line “I drive this car 1/16th of a mile and it’s already dented. I want a loaner now.”

                    The cars in that movie were awesome, reminiscent of a better time for most in this country.

                    • “Rambulance”! LOL! That’s a gem!

                      That must’ve been the bargain ambulance!

                      Hey, when I was a kid, I lived around the corner from a firehouse- used to hang out there a lot and gawk at the trucks. I remember being amazed at how big their Cadillac amberlampses were!

                      I would hate to drive on in the rain- all the weight of the stretched body, extend and raised roof, medical crap, etc….all riding on four car tires… How the hell did they stop them?!

                    • Hi Jason!

                      My buddy Graves – regular poster here – had a Pontiac ambulance in his shop a while back; beautiful car. Green, fully decked out. I should have bought the damned thing!

                    • Nunz, you use Class E 10 ply tires like my one ton has and you have plenty left over weight hauling wise. You could use Class C that are meant for light trucks, but I’d rather have the Class E for many reasons, not the least of which is puncture resistant. I run over mesquite limbs all the time and never have a flat.

                    • Yeah, 8, I use class E’s- but do they even make ’em in those old 15″ car varieties? And remember, back when those amberlamps were on the road, most tahrs were bias ply!

                      Wasn’t so much the load rating I was thinking of (but that is an excellent point too!) but the rather small contact patch for all that weight- ‘specially when wet.

                    • Nunz, the last I knew, you could get Class E in 15 but they were all trailer tires.

                      I’d bet you can’t get them in 15 these days.

                      Getting a set of 16″ in a 5 hole wheel should be easy enough.

                      I have an old 64 Chebby heavy half pickup bed trailer that has 5 hole 16’s on it. I never knew they made such till I got that pickup. It’s the old suspension with the swing arm and coil spring suspension.

                      They were touted as being light but I used to frequently haul 2 tons of remix in that trailer and 3 tons of same in my 82 3/4 T 4WD Chebby pickup(changed from a 6.2 diesel to a 454.

                      I’d gross over 14,000 lbs on the scales every load. Just sold that pickup a month ago and my cousin chewed my butt for not remembering he wanted it. My bad, I really didn’t recall it. I wish new pickups were that good. The bed was galvanized on the inside. Well, it still is since galvanized coated steel is fairly much indestructible. Wish Blackie was galvanized. I wonder if you could get a bed galvanized.

                    • No problem with room. The problem comes in getting a 500 lb anything on the gurney. The gurney has rails to ride on inside so that’s no biggee. You’d just hope you could tell one end from the other on the biggee in the back.

                    • Hand,
                      They didn’t do much operating in those amberlamrses….it was mostly just pick you up, and sachet ya to the hospi’l.

                      I think that’s mainly why they switched to box-style trucks, when the crews started becoming EMTs and paramedics, rather than just ambulance drivers and “attendants”.

                      500 lbs? Sheesh, what, were they picking up whales? Hey, Walmarts weren’t too common back then!

                    • Nunz, you’re right. It’s only because of Wally that people that size can even go to the store.

                      Every time I see one I want to tell them if they’d get up off their asses and walk they wouldn’t need a scooter. I have noticed the people like that don’t change clothes. I couldn’t take that.

                      I can be filthy dirty up to the point I quit working and then it’s time to get clean.

                      Back in the day of hauling grain in S. Texas I would go out to the dock on a cotton gin since they were generally on the same property as the grainery and take a cold water hose shower. When the wife was with me, I’d hold the hose for her and we’d both change into fresh clothes. I don’t know how people can go without bathing.

          • Only Caddy I ever said to myself “Damn, I’d love one” is the last gen CTS-V and the ATS-V Coupe, but that’s also because I’m a Speed Demon.

            Ironically, forgot I’m turning 31 on Thursday and yet my two friends who are younger are already at the “I wanna get married” already stage of life and think Caddy’s are classy; One has a Dad’s XT5 and the other wants a ATS Sedan (3.6 with no modding potential)

            What happened with getting a sports car to impress women? Now it’s all “AWD SEDANS, FOR THE FUTURE FAMILY!!1”

            • Zane, send them my condolences. Not even 30 and wanting to get married. I could tell them some stories.

              It’s like a professor I once had told us guys “Don’t go off the deep end. Women are like busses, there’s another one along every 5 minutes. It seemed harsh at the time(although funny as hell). He was right though. Live with any woman long enough and Dr. Jeckyl will turn into Mr. Hyde right in front of you. Pray they don’t shoot worth a damn.

              If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t marry for any reason. The state is a “harsh mistress” and if you don’t believe me, get one pregnant and have the mother call the state to mulct you of your wages. The state of Texas doesn’t care for shit if she gets any money. The state takes its cut off the top. I’ve had to do all sorts of crap including pay a lot of money to get hands out of jail and back to work cause they were late with a payment. It doesn’t matter if work is slow or no nor does it make any difference if you get laid off or get sick or hurt and can’t work, you still “owe the state”. I shoulda moved to Mexico back in 04 like I wanted and let the old lady do whatever the hell she wanted.

              • Amen, 8! Alimony and child-support are the new slavery. The man always loses; don’t matter what the bitch does.

                And that 20-something year-old hottie (if she’s even hot now) will most likely start going downhill right after the marriage ceremony- and without a doubt by the time she’s 35.

                And there’s no end to what they want: Fancy houses; new cars; the latest clothes. Even if she grew up impoverished and still was yesterday…day after the marriage, she’ll want “the good life”, and if you don’t provide it, she’ll divorce ya, and Uncle will take the money from ya and give it to her.

                I agree whole-heartedly with 8- One has to be insane to get married today! Marriage, like children, is yet another thing that the state has weaponized against us.

                No matter how wonderful the girl seems or may actually be, with the power that the state now gives ’em, your authority is diminished, and she holds all the cards, and knows it- and that will corrupt any woman- and cause them to be your master- whether subtly, or brazenly. This is why most marriages now end in divorce.

                • Nunz, you summed it up nicely and succinctly. The “state” has ruined marriage. And in Texas, if you live together longer than the state can stand, they consider you married. Both of you can say it’s not so but the state will still say you are “common law” married and enforce anything they want on the both of you.

                  They actually try to make women accuse the man of non-support. All the woman has to do is say “yes” and it’s a done deal.

                  I don’t know how many women I’ve heard say “I wish I’d never filed on my man”. Once done, they never let up till the kid is 18 and they continue to push people to 21. Hell, I was my own man well before 21. Now we have 21 year old’s living with their parents and instead of busting ass to make money, work as some shithole like a fast food place for nothing. Get up boys. Get up off your asses and be a man. Your mama won’t always be there to take care of you.

              • That’s exactly why I’m not getting married or getting a gf, the Bus analogy.

                Better yet, just gonna stick to cars, less troublesome in the long run

                • Hi Zane,

                  I’m (like many here) among the Walking Dead – a guy who did get married and now isn’t and is back in the “game,” as it’s styled. I tell myself the same things. Don’t even consider getting married again; that having a gf is fraught with perils, too. But – like most guys – I reluctantly admit to still liking women. Not just the sex, either. So there’s that vulnerability. And with it comes the risk. I have no good answer that doesn’t involve either Japanese Sex Robots or a monastery. The former might be viable, once the tech is perfected. Meanwhile, what to do?

                  • Go to a strip club. Or better yet, maybe an Asian massage parlor. Maybe find some young chick from somewhere (that isn’t a lesbian). I’ve heard that they are not that interested in dudes their own age due to many of them sounding like girls

                  • Oh, I like women too, and being Italian, my parents are always on my case to get a girl (2 of my sisters are married, ones divorced, so just the one I live with and I are single), though I always thought how it was sad I never had that cool bachelor uncle, so maybe that’s what I’m here to do.

                    Ironically to Swamprats point, two AMP’s a walk both sides of my condo.

                    Only women I actually would be friends with are blood (cousin and sister), so I’m all good there.

                    Way I see it, if I’m single in my 30s and up, all the $$$$ I’d of spent on “The family SUV”, “Diapers and other childcare expenses”, wedding rings, etc., Can go towards building tuners or moving wherever I want and living debt free after a short while

                    Also to your point Nunzio, always self sufficiency

                    • Haha! I’m the bachelor uncle, Zane. I’m 57, and my soon-to-be 95 year-old Eye-talian mother is STILL after me to get married!

                      I tell her I’d have to be certifiably CRAZY to marry at this age- even if womankind weren’t hopelessly ruined and society hadn’t gone to hell.

                      I don’t think I know anyone above the age of 40 who’s still married AND happy. I’m happy; I see no reason to jeopardize that happiness for something that is almost certain to make me miserable.

                      There seem to be a lot of people among my family and old family friends who never married- more common with the women among my relatives- I have several aunts and cousins who are/were spinsters. Seems to keep them young! One spinster cousin is 76- you’d think she was under 40!

                • There have been no women I’d care to be friends with for a long time. Even the best of ’em are like children who need to be taught the basics.

                  As for the other stuff, no one ever died from having an unrequited boner.

                  • I found out in Mexico women there like older men. Don’t take this as a sign to marry one and bring her to this country. Go to Mexico and live with her and everything will be fine.

                  • Couldn’t reply to your other one, so here I am with this one.

                    Besides that, while they’re my half sisters, I got 4 nephews and a niece, so while they’re not my kids, they’re still sort of my blood in a way, and I’d rather be the uncle they love than the Father with all the ups and downs associated with it

                    Also, back to topic in a way, but it is just me, or does a XT5 seem like an odd choice for a 30yo guy? (One of my friends)

                    At least the other one is now open to a Stinger, even if he’s of the mindset of “AWD or bust”

        • Cadillacs were once known for their grand proportions, which gave them a truly commanding presence.

          Today, they look no better than a Hyundai.

      • The lack of differentiation is one of the reasons why the industry is heading towards commoditization (appliancization). We’ve already lost some iconic brands as a result. Industry analysts are expecting that number to skyrocket as electrification and automation become the focal point.

        • Hi Handler,

          I think you’re right about commoditization – trust me, it’s getting hard to write about these increasingly same-same appliances. It’s so sad – because so unnecessary. I took my TA out yesterday. So refreshing to drive a car that has personality – that’s different.


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