Reader Question: EVs and the Grid

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Paul asks: Can the power grid support this fleet of EVs?

My reply: There are actually several regional grids rather than one national grid – and my understanding is that at least a couple of these regional grids are already generating at or very near peak capacity; any significant additional demand would result in brownouts/blackouts  – which would necessitate energy rationing to reduce demand.

Or, the building of additional generating capacity – which will cost money.

At the moment, EVs constitute only about 1 percent of the market but if that were to increase to say 25 percent, the stress on current generating capacity would be significant.

Almost no one seems to want to discuss this – and other – serious practical/economic problems with EVs. Or the environmental problems. It’s very odd. Which leads me to conclude there’s more to this than the protestations about “good for the environment” (a whole ‘nother fraud).

I’ve written – and said – that the EV thing is fundamentally about controlling – and limiting – mobility. And not just physically, via limited range and long recharge times and the EV being tied into the hive.

But also financially – by increasing the average person’s cost of living; ideally, to keep him in perpetual debt – renting everything and owning nothing.

But hey, I’m a kook… pay no attention to me!

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  1. Last summer during the heat wave here in Texas the power generation was nearly at its limit due to the shutdown of the coal plants. And there have been worse heatwaves in the past. Thrown in a few million electric cars then suddenly we’re back in time a century, sans the knowledge of living that lifestyle. Interesting times, interesting times indeed….

    • What power grid are you speaking of michael? There is a glut of electricity in Texas. In off hours electricity is sold as cheaply as negative $8/KWH. Due to ERCOT, Texas is not connected to the national grid.

      In a national SHTF scenario I have to wonder how fast that commie bunch in Austin would genuflect to the feds and put us in the same shit of those states that make little power.

  2. As a retired utility worker I can guarantee the grid can barely keep up with the present load, especially if equipment that gets to cool down overnight has to now run at full load. As far as generation goes we can’t even get “green” hydropower down from Canada because the nimbys don’t want to see power lines. I wish they’d all just go back to living in caves and leave the rest of us alone.


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