2020 Subaru Outback Walk-Around

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The Outback is famous for going just about anywhere . . . slowly. The new Outback gets there a lot faster!

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  1. Can you turn the Eye of Sauron off? Something tells me the SAAAAAFETY goons disallow that degree of control.

    I love FHI’s maintenance accessibility philosophy. It’s helped by the boxer engine layout to be sure, but they do seem to put extra care into maintainability than any other auto manufacturer.

    Other than that, Subies tend to be priced out of my range, compared to equivalent VW offerings. Ah well, I can dream.

    • You don’t even need to crawl under to reach the drain plug, Soobies come with the automatic oil draining function, though the timing is somewhat erratic and unpredictable. You just change the filter and add oil again – LOL


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