Magnets Here, Finally!

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I wanted to let everyone know I sorted out the problem with my supplier of EPautos magnets and stickers – which was really a problem with Yahoo email, which has gone from minor annoyance to everyday hassle.

Yahoo is aggressively pushing fee-for-email with pushy (daily, sometimes several times daily) pop-ups that force you to decline their offer before you can access your email – and then you are routed to a “basic” email that is worse than what AOL offered back in ’97. It doesn’t allow italics or live links in text; it doesn’t let you access unread mail. It routinely loses mail – or routes mail you want to the spam folder, where it is very hard to find.

So when I ordered new magnets, the email to ok the “proof” never arrived. I went back and forth and then again. I finally got a new email – with Proton – and now all is ok. And the magnets will be on their way shortly. I just put a batch in the mail yesterday, in fact. It is going to take a few days to get through the backlog. I do all this myself, by the way – one at a time – so it takes a little time!

Anyhow, I wanted to let everyone know and to thank everyone for being patient!

Your support has made it possible for me to keep on Diaper Reporting and dissenting and being a general thumb-in-the-eye to the powers-that-be!

It has also enabled me to restrict advertising to what it ought to be – incidental and in the background. No pushy sales pitches in my rants. No annoying pop ups. Instead, an open place that’s free to all, supported by those who are able.

My deeply felt thanks to all of you who have made that possible!

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  1. I was always a little surprised that you don’t have your own email server/service, especially since you have I’ve had my own domain and a virtual Microsoft Exchange server for years. Yes, I pay an annual fee that’s the equivalent of a small business account, but I get fantastic spam filtering, no ads, no snooping and everything syncs with it. And if my service provider wants to change the deal I can move my domain to another provider. About the only problem I’ve had is some other servers don’t pass along my messages because my email address looks “fake” but for most of that stuff I don’t really care.

    Of course I do try to keep it pretty clean and have several old accounts that are still active for registering sites and other stuff likely to attract spam. And of course there’s the problem of the computer illiterates in the family who still can’t figure out how to update my contact info…

  2. No matter how often it is “trained,” Yahoo Basic email consistently routes emails from three US senators (two Republicans; one Democrat) whose mailing lists I’m on to the Spam file.

    If politicians were aware of how seriously Yahoo is subverting their attempts to communicate with constituents, maybe they would clap Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg into the dock, and apply a blowtorch to him till he cracks.

    Meanwhile, investment banks are taking note of the incredible run-up in used car prices. BofA chief economist Ethan Harris notes that used cars are impacting inflation: in July and August combined, used-car prices soared by 7.7%, the biggest two-month increase since 1969.

    Since used cars and trucks make up 2.75% of the Consumer Price Index basket, this surge alone has added 0.2% to the overall CPI, which as BofA notes, is “a lot when inflation is this low.”

    But with fresh stimulus checks off the table until after the election, and maybe even until a new Congress is seated in January, the question is whether the used car market is now suspended in midair like Wile E Coyote, waiting for a merciless gravity lesson.