Reader Question: Depressive Effect?

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Here’s the latest reader question – which is more a comment – along with my reply!

Ugg writes: As usual I don’t have a question for you. What I have is a point of view. I think you are getting into a depressive state of mind. You need to sit back, don’t flame out. Be positive. This CV bullshit and all the rest will be as dust in a century (for sure) probably by next year as most people want to live life. We will of course take a financial hit.  But as my Dad said: “It’s only money,” though I think the hit will be felt more by the upper crust than by the helots. Like you I have chickens and a garden. The plan seems to be as best I can tell to do what we can to mess things up so more people die so the planet can be saved. As George Carlin stated more eloquently than I, “the planet does not care.” Well it will not work. Never has never will. Be of good cheer, we will prevail. Shit happens and it also goes around. Might get messy so keep your AR even if Wretched offers to purchase your AR.

My reply: Naturally, I’m depressed! It would be unnatural to not be depressed being sane and forced to live among the insane. But I am also angry – and that serves to treat the depression. I’m not just lying in bed, though the urge is there. I’m doing everything I can think of and am capable of doing to ridicule, undermine and treat the pathological condition of this country and my hope is that my small contribution will, along with the contributions of others, stop the spread.

There will be no good cheer here until that happens. War is no fun – and make no mistake, this is a war. One likely to get hot, soon.

That gets me out of bed.

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    • We have lost our ever freaking minds. Just this past Thursday I stopped by my 85 year grandmother’s house to have a cup of coffee and a few pastries for our weekly chat. Upon leaving we hugged like we usually do. This is disturbing that people are terrified to touch each other. The one grandmother wasn’t even wearing a mask (kudos to you, grandma). Do they think that virus particles don’t go around a piece of plastic tarp?

      • I had this older guy run away from me because I was breaking the 6 feet rule.

        To witness an adult act like a 5 year old (He has cooties!) is quite sad yet comical.

        • Hi Handler,

          I have had people walk out in the middle of the road when they see me coming down a sidewalk unmasked. I know better than to leave the house without make up so I don’t scare small children, but this was a first for me with adults.

      • RG, good on you, and your grandma. One purpose of all this rona fear is def to break up the fabric of society the way we know it. End all direct people to people communications so it can be via machines so they can know what each and every one of us is thinking at all times. Also, to push people to a deeper state of isolation so that they look more and more to the state and its tentacles for companionship (here the tentacle responsible for that is the NHS).

        • Hi Nasir,

          I read about your trip to Pakistan to visit your parents and older relatives. I applaud you tremendously. It is so important that we visit family and friends. None of us know when our or our loved ones clock ends and I think it is essential that we hold tight and appreciate our times together through this madness.

          I agree with you this is another form of control. To alienate us so we don’t discuss what is going on, to be scared of physical contact, and distrust those closest to us. It is sick.

      • Ditto, RG! My mother will be 96 in a few weeks- has yet to don a stoopit mask. Some relatives came to visit her a couple’a weeks ago…no masks…but plenty of hugs and kisses.

        I’d like to create a booth for the people who use those hugging booths, so they could safely kiss my ass!

        • Hi Nunzio,

          That is wonderful to hear. I am sure your mother loved having company. I noticed that both of my grandmothers enjoy get togethers especially more as they age. Birthday parties and holidays seem to hold a deeper meaning for them and they love anyone stopping by for lunch and conversation.

  1. No matter our ages, we’ve all been living in a world where both our liberties and the fabric of society have been perpetually but gradually deteriorating; The proverbial frog in the pot or slow hand basket to Hell scenario. Despite the atrocities we’ve endured, we’ve become used to this state of affairs as being normal, and had pictured that things would just continue this way for some time or maybe even forever. We’d become complacent and learned to live with never-ending and compounding assaults.
    Now, the realization is sinking in that the proverbial hand basket has finally reached the bottom, and we are standing before the doors of Hell, just waiting for them to burst open now, and there is no going back. Any hopes we had of retarding the onset of this Hell, or of effecting any change or reformation in society were obviously in vain.
    There comes a time in the lives of most thoughtful lovers of liberty in which it becomes clear that this world is not what we have been told that it is, and that we can not just go along with the crowd and do what everyone does, and prosper and be happy, and that we have to go against the grain and “make other plans” and figure things out for ourselves if we want to live a life that will be happy and productive for US.
    I remember the seminal event which made me come to this realization when I was a teen: Seeing a newspaper article in which a small deli in The Bronx had been raided and it’s owner jailed for “not paying [some particular] taxes”. It was then that it sunk in that taxes are not “voluntary” and that we are all slaves, who either do as they say…or else. While it was depressing (HGone were my dreams of building a small-business and RE empire!) at the same time it was liberating, because I had such a handle on reality, and before I became a victim or slave of the system. I thus had options- the ability to keep myself free and avoid the things which entangle so many others before they even realize what is happening.
    Some people are just coming to that realization now- but now the hour is very late, and our options are very limited- as is our time to take advantage of them. There is still a shred of hope though, if we realize the true gravity of the situation, and exercise our option to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE while we still can, if we are at all able- and if not, then it’s just a matter of time now (and not much time at that) until we are either made to comply, or die resisting- and complying or dying means that THEY win- and I have no intention of letting them win! I’m going to live out the rest of my life, and stay free! No ideological battles with The Beast about ‘standing my ground’, because we know how that would end, and it would be death or slavery for no benefit, as such a stance would have no meaning to anyone other than us- and would benefitr no one except our enemies.

    It’s time to stop sitting on our hands; it’s time to stop hoping that somehow this BS will will delayed a little longer and that we can keep enjoying the slow ride in the hand basket to Hell. It’s time to choose an option that will work for us, and peruse it…now, or never!

    • Where are we going? To what land is their pure absolute freedom? None. We can sail the high seas, we can live off the grid, we can live in a trailer down by the river, but pure freedom is a carrot on a stick. Always there, but just out of reach. Freedom is an individual mindset, not a government idea. This country was never truly free. Yes, we fought the British and we wrestled control to form our own government, but were Americans ever truly free? Even our Founding Fathers who wrote two of the most brilliant pieces of literature and legislature did not believe in true freedom. A white land owner with land was considered a free man, but a white man who did not have land was not. Women, Indians, immigrants, blacks were not considered free people. An oligarchy was always in control and that is how society has been rued since Day 1.

      • RG, it’s always been an oiligarchy but it’s never been totally powerful as it has become now. There has never been a time when there was such a difference in pay as there is today.

      • Half my family were Palmers, out and out slaves in England. The other half were outlaws who lived in the mountains of Scotland. My GGGrandfather who’s name was give to the family by Robert the Bruce along with land and money were named Turnbull since that grandfather the same age as RTB killed a bull who was on the verge of killing RTB. They emigrated to Canada and my GGrandfather left Canada and ended up in Mobeetee Texas at a trading post for buffalo at the ripe old age of 14. The Palmers managed to live through the war of Northern aggression after their businesses were destroyed as they were in the mercantile business and had left their slave masters in one of the yankee states. Once penniless again after the Sherman march to destroy everything in the Confederacy, they packed up what little they had and managed to get to Texas where the GGrandmother’s family had emigrated. Her illegitimate husbands father was a banker in Tokyo, Texas where he was never a father to my grandfather. Somehow they all moved to Comanche country in west Texas as the Comanche’s were losing their dominance.. When the two families became one, they moved to west Texas where the Comanche’s has recently lost their dominance and into the Rolling Plains where there was unbroken land for the taking, looking nothing like it does now. It was truly like the Asleep at the Wheel song, Miles and Miles of Texas.

        Once some friends from town were visiting and we sat out enjoying the night sky that really is wide and high and taking in the Big Dipper and Milky Way.

        They had kids who were just blown away by the sky. It was really funny when one asked “Mama’ why don’t we have the Milky Way?”

        • Gee, 8, that’s so inty-resting.

          Me? I think my grandfather back in It-lee drank a bottle of wine and ended up on a ship to NY- after having stopped off to work on the Panama Canal for a bit.

      • RG, there are still plenty of places to escape tyranny- most people just don’t want to go there because they want the perks which Big Brother has built for them, like smartphones and smooth-paved roads.

        Patagonia; hundreds of outer islands in the South Pacific; many places in the third-world, where once you get away from the cities and off the beaten track, life is like it was 200 years agho, and the little countries don’t have the resources nor infrastructure to police it like they do here. Hell, there are parts of Mexico City that haven’t even been mapped![NOT recommending that though! :D].

        Maybe I’m weird, but a hut in the jungle or desert, or a cabin in the woods, with no electricity or phone or internet, but plenty of peace and quiet and the freedom to do what we want without being bothered sounds pretty sweet to me- and always has. I don’t anything that should bother anyone….in a sane world I’d be considered a model citizen…but since everything is upside-down today, I’m just the type they can’t leave alone, because I don’t need them; I can be perfectly independent…and that is something that they can not abide.

        • Nunz, funny you say that. I was saying I would just leave and the wife wanted to know where I’d go. i immediately said “Patagonia”. I live in the dirt anyway. If I could take a good amount of tools I’d build one of the bicycles that fit the RR track and you can travel from far south to far north. I suppose I could make one with a side car so she could go too. Might even put some pedals on the other half and get her to do a little peddling too.

          • Ha! 8. I wonder if those tracks are still extant? Watched a vid a few years ago on Jewtube, about this guy who went looking for them….I forget wha’ happind….or maybe never got around to actually watching the vid. Hmmm…may have to see if the vid is still extant……

        • You’d better know how to live off just the land. Go to any of these places overseas and the sins of Blackjack Pershing, the United Fruit Company, the CIA and many others will be likely be quickly visited upon you by the locals. Bad things have happened and they don’t like us, to put it mildly.

          • Hatt, I’ve known quite a few people over the years who have gone- some permanently- some temporarily. They had zero problems with the locals; they were warmly welcomed- especially the omnes who went permanently. Once they know you’re not with the military or some government agency or the UN, and are just looking to make a simple life for yourself and not there to exploit anything. Some have even intermarried. There’s a big difference between what is portrayed, vs. reality. ‘Course, some of the jankier places, ‘specially if they think you’re rich, you may have a problem- but that’s true for anyone- even their own. Just gotta learn to avoid those places…..but out in the country,…. It’s like Newark and Camden vs. Wyoming and Montana….two different worlds.

            • I’ve known surfer guys, far from rich, who’ve gone to some of these places forever, for sure, who’ve come running back 6 mos. later. Even mellower places, like Costa Rica. So, good luck with it. Just know what you might be getting into.

              • Personally, I’m not keen on Central and South America- between the “bad areas”, the budding socialism, US and other foreign intervention, and corrupt governments, unless one truly goes remote- like Patagonia, it’s becoming much less of an option.
                People I’ve known who’ve moved to various places (Chile, Panama, Honduras) mostly 10-12 years ago, are happy- but most came from very oppressive places like California, so they’d pretty much be happy anywhere that was cheap and relatively free. I’ve looked in to the places mentioned above….wouldn’t go there- not these days, anyway. My pre-COVID-BS plan was to set up camp temporarily in the hills of Belize, where many of the Amish have gone, and use that as a base from which to travel, and maybe explore some of the further reaches of the South Pacific…but dunno if that’ll still be feasible. But…there’s always Patagonia, and as I’m getting older, and the world is getting smaller, that may be the only option. One thing I know, I’m not gonna waste the rest of my years here, bitching about how bad everything is every day. I’ll give it the old college try….and I’ll tell ya, I don’t think I have ever failed at anything I have seriously tried to do in my entire life.

                • Look- I’ve thought about this stuff for a lot of years, with some considerations folks don’t normally consider like how good the surf is. Even without the virus BS, I know it’s tough but I hope you find what works for you.

                  • Thanks, Hatt.
                    I’m pretty much a minimalist- As long as I’m left alone, and in a natural place, I will thrive.
                    I’ve been very blessed throughout my life to have lived under many different scenarios, pretty much running the gamut from suburban Long NYC, to small towns, and out in the country.
                    I’d be very happy to stay where i am now, out in the country- I have lots of beauty around me; space; good land…I see it as having bought myself 19 years (thus far) that would have been wasted in misery had i stayed in NY- but just like NY, I see what’s coming down the pike; It’s been building slowly….but very shortly, the flood gates are a’gonna open.
                    I mean heck, 50 years ago, Long Island was paradise. Now it’s hell. So goes the rest of the country. Most has already gone- and what hasn’t, is on the fast track now…and more so after Jan 20.
                    The time is soon coming when we won’t even be able to leave with “proof of immunity” (And they’ll sure make it hard if we stay!), so I know I’m getting my ducks in order before it’s too late, and I’d recommend that everyone else who is concerened enough to be reading here do the same.

                    Hey, think of me when you’re enjoying that surf though! 😀

                    • My ducks are in order and giving my family 3 eggs a day. For real! They love the coastal life as much as I do. I know that makes me a Kulak but my mentality now is “get at me.” We’ll see…

                    • A few of us should get together and sell our places here and collectively buy an island in the South Pacific or some such remote place outside the jurisdiction of any of the big countries. There are many out there for under a million bucks- Just split the land up according to the percentage we pay, and play Gilligan’s Island!

                      Just need one person with a decent sized sailboat….

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      Is there such a place? I mean, one not under the jurisdiction of an even worse tyranny than the one we’re dealing with here?

                    • Nunz, it would be just my luck that somebody would be a bitcher. Get enough people together and somebody will bitch about something you never thought about. I can just hear the one going off the deep end saying I had nearly shot them when I was shooting 90 degrees to them.

                    • Mornin’ Eric,
                      Well…there is technically no place that is not under some country’s jurisdiction- Thing is though, many little places are only concerned with what goes on in populated places, and will just leave you alone if you don’t have money, or aren’t trying to declare an independent state or sell off resources, etc.
                      A few decades ago, some people- not sure if they bought the island or just claimed it- started living on an island off of Tonga. They would have had no problem, but they foolishly tried to declare themselves an independent nation…so of course the king of Tonga sent in the troops.
                      We are currently living in what is probably the most tyrannical nation on earth right now as touching day-to-day actual personal freedom. True, there may be no truly free places, except deep in the wilderness…but there are a plethora of places where the tyranny is less than what we’ve known for the past few decades- even in Mexico (But again, with discretion- anywhere- One is not going to have any more freedom in Mexico City or Paris than in NYC or NoVa…but one can have a great deal more freedom in a remote rural Mexican town, or the countryside of France than one has here- though of course, with a little diligence and effort, we could do far better, if we value liberty over convenience and culture- though those things might have appeal depending on how one views a particular culture)
                      Thing is, when you talk to those who have traveled (and not just to cities and touristy places) the common motif seems to be the quality of life that people enjoy in many other places, and how odd it seems when they coming back here (‘specially if they are just visiting after having expatriated) to see the dysfunction, incivility, and level of control that affects the average person here. Other people in many other parts of the world simply do not live like this. We are often only shown the ones who do, or who have it worse (usually due to their own culture)- Why show the bird in the cage that other birds live in the trees and fly around freely? How else do they perpetuate the myth of “The greatest country on earth, with freedom and justice for all”? LOL!

                    • Good point, 8. Then again, who would they complain to? We’d just own our own property on some rock. Don’t like it? See ya….maybe they could sell theirs…but there’d be no one to bitch to, ’cause there’d be no formal community…just some neighbors owning property near each other.

                      We could unfriend them on anti-social media (A patch of sand down at the lagoon where we scratch messages into the wet sand for others to see).

                      No Skippers on our Gilligan’s Island! I’m kind of a cross between the Professor and Mr. Howell. Who’s gonna be Maryanne? (Brandonjin can be Gilligan!)

                • Nunzio, how will you get out? The airlines are all saying that they’ll require proof that you took the COVID vaccine in order to fly. You could get a sailboat, but that’ll take months. Finally, what if the countries you stop at or end up at require the vaxx? This shit is global, and I don’t see anywhere to run to…

                  • MM, I would fly, anyway! Was done with that even before the TSA thuggery.
                    That vax stuff ya mention is exactly the type of thing I was talking about in the past when I would say “One day we’re gonna wake up and suddenly everything’s gonna be different”.
                    It ain’t quite here yet though. And even so, private sailboat, or even just driving to a jumping-off point in Sud America may yet remain an option- and there’s always stealth mode…which is probably the best idea at any time.
                    Determined Jews made it out of Germany; I made it out of NY about 10 days after 9-11….. but as I’ve been saying, one day soon our opportunioty is going to be gone. Those who can go now should not waste the opportunity.

                    • Nunzio, how would you fly if they don’t let you BOARD the aircraft? That’s what the airlines are all starting to say-no proof of vaccination, no flight.

                    • MM, You’re missing my words. I don’t fly now; haven’t flown in over 30 years, and never will again, unless things somehow changed drastically- it’s a settled deal for me- vax or no vax.

        • Nunz – you’re quite right. Always find that we have been so conditioned to accept a certain lifestyle in the west that we are afraid to go anywhere else… I mean even if I think about going to Pk, I immediately start fearing the issues there more than the issues here. But who knows whats worse. At least the government there is quite impotent on most matters, and usually nothing is the best thing a government can do..

          • Hey Nasir!

            Heh, yeah, if there has to be government…let it be inept government!

            So true though about being conditioned to all of the conveniences. So many of the people I knew back in NY would never leave for a saner state, despite the massive oppression and terrible quality of life, because they somehow think that they will die if they can’t run out at midnight and go down the block for a slice of pizza; or that it would be too great a sacrifice to plan grocery shopping so ya get everything you need in one trip, once every week or so…as opposed to just running to the store 3 blacks away the moment ya need something.
            Never mind “really roughing it”, like heating with wood (UHhhhh!!! That’s for barbarians!) or not having a good cell signal!
            It’s hilarious. People in the cities think that they are so “educated” and consider themselves free of prejudices, and yet they don’t even have a clue about other places in their very own country- like they’ll say that “People in small towns are so racist”……yeah Karen, I guess that explains all of the white girls in every town these days who have a gaggle of niglets of uncertain parentage……

            Uhggg…it’s all just so hopeless. We have truly entered a dark age, and the Barbarians are prevailing.

            • You’re mixing up a lot of complaints about things that are primarily American in nature. I know more people from the places you romanticize as “freer” who live in the US near me than vice versa. These are “not rich” folks from Peru and Costa Rica who previously grew up there. The collectivism is just as pervasive in those places. The rank corruption is on par with the US or even worse.

              • Oh, very true, Hatteras.

                I lived amongst people from all over the world back in NY- but as I say, it’s just like when speaking of the US: There’s Brooklyn, or Camden…and then there’s Montana. You could talk to the guy from Brooklyn, and be sure he was from a different country than the guy from MT.
                Virtually all of the SA immigrants I’ve known here were from the cities or their environs- which are indeed all hell-holes. They’d be like the equivalent of asking the guy from Brooklyn or Camden what America is like- “Oh, it’s a crime-ridden place with a crazy liberal government and terribly expensive”- but that’s not representative of all America- certainly not of me here on >27 acres in rural KY, or the guy who lives in the buswh of Alaska. But yeah, I definitely won’t be going to Peru (Crazy military governemt, with checkpoints on the roads)- not even the remotest area. Costa Rica’s gotten too expensive for me…and the money they’ve taken in from milking expats from here and Europe, they’re using to erect a full-on socialist dystopia.
                But yopu’re largely right: Seeing the placers that most of these people are willing to live in when they come here, makes one wonder how bad it was where they came from!

    • It’s weird how people’s perspectives on this are all determined relative to other circumstances. I moved from NJ to NC (for ocean related reasons) 10 years ago and was pleasantly surprised by the lower taxes and less gov’t. Now NC is getting more like NJ every day and I’m considering uprooting to politically safer pastures elsewhere, even though I love where I’m at. People are talking about FL and two acquaintances with similar thoughts on things have already moved. What’s crazy is that real estate prices here are booming at mid-00s level or higher because of all the people from Up North and elsewhere trying to move here for what they perceive as MORE freedom.

      OT, but I mentioned your comment above to my wife and she noticed your handle. She’s got family in the 5 Towns area and actually lived with her Aunt there for a year or so while attending NYU in the early 90s. She was like, “back then my Aunt used to buy coffee and whatnot at Nunzio’s deli every day.” I said, nah, couldn’t be…

      • Hahahaha! Hatteras!

        No…not me- though I am from Lon Guyland…. But Suffolk, not Nassau (There seem to be a lot of Nunzios in Nassau…it was also my fishing buddy’s name- he lived in Elmont).

        FL and NC- the two most common places for escaping NYers…and why I avoided them when I made my escape! I guess now, Joisey-ites too! Anywhere the Yanks (or Californians) go…turns into an exact copy of what they moved to get away from, because most of them don’t realize that THEY (and their politics) are the problem.

        I made sure to locate in an area that would be really out of the way for coast-dwellers to get to/far from any major city, and with nothing to attract them. -And still, it turned out there was another NYer living right down the road, not a mile from me! (But just one, thankfully- It’s not exactly Cary,NC or New Port Richey FL….which are like New New York, and South New New York :D)

        TN seems to be a new hot-spot for north-easterners AND Californians…and that’s a little too close to me!!!!! (I’m only about 20 miles from the TN border!)

        Know what ya mean about the water though- always loved it, and am a former clammer…… Tell ya the truth though, I don’t spend much time missing it, ’cause I have so much else here that I could never have had back east…like acreage, and guns (which I can shoot on my own property, or take with me when I go out), and negligible taxes, and beautiful skies, etc.

        • My wife’s aunt is well known in Nassau County Republican politics, so you got that right about Nassau! Hatteras has the best surf on the East Coast and I’m three lots back from the ocean right now. Saddam Cooper is really grinding my gears right now, though.

          • I can only imagine, Hatt! I’ve never been- but my rich friend would often vacation on the Outer Banks, and he’s been around the water all his life, having had sailboats and even a sea plane…and he says the same as you.

            Me? Fire Island and the Rockaways were “my ocean”- so no real comparison. (Unless ya count queers and jigs!)

            I have no idea who or what Saddam Cooper is…..

              • Oh…that “thimg”. They all seem to be cut from the same cloth these days….Cooper, Coonman, Newsom, Cuomo- and here in KY we have Andy Beshear now, thanks to the Teacher’s Union (Luckily, we have a good attorney general- Daniel Cameron- a black dude, who is keeping Asshole Andy in check! )

      • Try the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Standard of living is low. Land is cheap. Few people. A little cold at times, but summer is awesome. If you have a cabin, a snow machine and a firearm or 3 you are set.

        • Why. ARE. The good-places-always-cold!!!! Mackinac Island was probably orgasmic before it became touristy! When I was a teen, I used to dream about a cabin deep in the woods of Alberta…. (That was about 40 years before Canada announced they’d be canceling anyone who doesn’t get jabbed!). I was impervious to the cold when I was young. After being in KY. for 19 years, I can now take the heat…but it’s 43* and I’m dreading going out to empty the cat boxes!

          • My to go places when the SHTF: Roatan, St. John, Vieques, Anguilla, or Bonaire. Beautiful water, warm weather, and nice people that mind their own business.

            If I have to live under socialism the place better be pretty.

            • You should’ve seen the commie retards turn on “outsiders” after the March “lockdowns” in the Outer Banks. That included second home owners (restrictions eventually overturned by the courts) Btw. So, you can triple that negative response for jurisdictions outside the US.

              • Ah, Hatt, that’s only ’cause NC has been invaded by commie librul Yanks. Get into the outback here where they don’t go (No Starbucks, bagels on NY pizza) and it’s a different story. I’ve yet to see one person in my county wearing a mask. (Neighboring counties where I go shopping is a different story- but there’s no enforcement, and no Corona Karens as far as has been my experience these last 9 months).

                Hell, if I showed up in the little town near me, or the county seat wearing a mask, I’m sure people would point and laugh, and say “See? I knew it! Ya get them Noooo-Yorkers down here and thjey bring their sissy fancy city ways with ’em!”.

                • Nunz, nobody but people who work for companies out of county wear masks here. The wife and I were in the grocery store one day and an old ugly biddy was wearing a mask. Not even the store owner wore a mask.

                  So we’re looking over the cheeses and the biddy has to turn a corner where we are so she stops and gives me, just me, hell for not wearing a mask. I tried to ignore here and finally told her the boxes the masks came in said on the side that masks didn’t stop virus or bacteria. It was like talking to a fence post that couldn’t quit bitching. Then she said she hoped I’d die from not wearing one. Way over the top. People in our county just aren’t like that but she is the exception. There were people in the store including all the employees and owner and nobody was wearing a mask. Why she assaulted me was a head scratcher.

                  I said something about her being too old a biddy(she looked it)to understand manners and the wife said “You’re older than she is”. But that’s the only time anyone has mentioned a mask to me.

            • Heh, you’re right, RG. One would even do better to vamoose to one of the socialist countries of Europe- like Denmark or the Netherlands, than to stay here. At least they do it right, and people have more sense, and life is much more pleasant, and one has more actual freedom on a day-to-day basis than has been possible here for a long time in most places (‘cept for those of us who live mostly self-sufficiently in the sticks). And it’s gotten to the point, when all is considered, that the taxes are no higher there- and often actually lower when all things are considered.

              F*&^ this country!
              People wait 4 hours in an emergency room here now, even while the system is still semi-private…imagine when it is fully socialized here? It’ll be like the freaking V.A.!

              If I were gonna live in a town or city, I’d high-tail it to Europe or Asia pronto! (It seems many places in Asia are less socialistic than Europe).

              It’s gotten to the point where the US and all of the former commonwealth countries have gone totsally insane, and have become the new USSR. At least many places in Europe still have a civil society.
              I’ve known these immigrants from Yugoslavia for 40 years; They’re in the process of going back to [what is now] Croatia- and likely losing well over half a million bucks on their NYC row-house by going now…. Everyone on their block [virutally all foreigners] and in their entire neighborhood are bailing.

              • Hi Nunz,

                Tyranny is always bad but stupid tyranny – imbeciles marching around wearing a Face Diaper and gladly performing bizarre rituals based on the “science” is insufferable beyond articulation. It is as if we are being made to emulate barnyard animals, a thing not even Hitler or Stalin insisted on.

                • This thing about following nonsensical, counterproductive, and internally contradictory rules is something communists added in the late 1940s or 1950s best that I can tell.

                  The company town model uses human management based on industrial livestock management. That’s why it seems we are being made to emulate farm animals. because those are the techniques being deployed.

                  • Hi Brent,

                    Yes – and in addition, there is the element of trauma-based conditioning. This is partially what the Diaper Regime is all about. Get people scared and you get them to agree – and also to insist that everyone agrees.

              • Nunzio, dont know so much about Europe. Maybe its a case of the grass being greener on the other side but we look to the US for more liberty and freedom!! I mean try to get something done in an ER here in less than a day! And taxes – dont even get me started how many ways you get shafted here… re freedom, the worst bit here is the people are so compliant with what the gov and media tell them, its insane. At least in the US there is some dissent or some contrarian argument to things. Even the few more sane so called conservative or self declared libertarian types here are on board with the covid propaganda… in many places things are more enforced by the people (say people ratting out others for non compliance, people stopping others from entering touristy parts of Wales for example).

                Just went to Lanzarote last week for a couple days (yeh I need to travel) – again very much full compliance with mask mandates – even out doors, even children. In a hot, sunny island !!! And the cops are quite strict about it (i was waking past a couple who it seemed were patting down a bum or something – one saw me and my kids walking without a mask – shouted across the street and singled to me to get the mask on!!!).

                Maybe theres hope in Souther Europe (say Greece or souther Italy). Have a Greek friend and he tells me legendary stories of how they show two fingers to the gov there. Or even Eastern Europe. Some of the most sane people ive know in the UK have been people who grew up in Eastern Europe under the Iron Curtain – they understand communism better than most in the west who seem to have no idea where they are headed…

              • I have had lefties bring up that the US should be more like the socialist countries of europe. And I say, fine a welfare state is better than corporatist-warfare-welfare state. The debate or discussion then implodes. I am not sure exactly why but I continue to use it when need be.

                If I were to guess the evil has been conditioned into people and they cannot imagine giving up the corporatist structure or the warfare state. Whatever the welfare is I offer up the warfare and/or cronyism to get what they say they want and no takers. There are a few rare exceptions out there but they offer the exchange as well.

                • It’s “empire” Brent- and the supposed superiority that being part of it conveys- just like residents of the large “sophisticated” cities imagine themselves so enlightened and brilliant for putting up with zero quality of life and oppression and absurd cost-of-living, while picturing small-town and rural dwellers as racist ignorant rubes.
                  The average ‘Mercan has zero idea of how people elsewhere live, and they imagine themselves superior just by dint of lbeing American- and that that somehow grants them the right to control the world, and look upon every other nation as inferior. Basically sports-fan mentality applied to politics. “My country’s better than yours!”.

            • I dunno Mark, There are tons of Somalis in Minneapolis now…and everything under the sun even in Canada now….. So much for the Great White North… 😀

              Maybe we can go to Africa- the freaking place should be just about empty now, and the baboons and orangutans would make better neighbors.

  2. I am probably a day late and a dollar short on commenting on this, but I think Ugg made a very good post and I agree with him/her. There is a sadness coming through on your posts that was not there two or three months ago. I can also sympathize, because you have a whole lot on your plate and I think any of us would have a difficult time not being discouraged.

    All of our bubbles have gotten smaller, friendships have soured, the governments reins have gotten tighter, and there is no physical or mental form of release to be had so we can escape our current reality for even an hour or two. It seems the whole year has been all miserable all of the time.

    Anger has its benefits, but it is not something one should be using for fuel. Anger like depression is draining. It is an intense state to be in for any length of time. I know it sounds impossible, but each of us has to find some form of contentment or bliss no matter how dire circumstances look. There is beauty and goodness out there….watching the sunrise come up over the mountains first thing in the morning, inviting a few sane friends over for some crab legs and a couple beers, taking up a new hobby, watching old commercials from the 1980s when life seemed sensible and the only thing everyone in this country hated was the USSR, driving around and looking at the ridiculous amount of money people spent on Christmas lights this year, a glass of wine and some good jazz, the list goes on.

    The point is Hell doesn’t last forever, escape anyway you can until it is over. This will pass.

    • For many social bubbles have become black holes, singularities.

      And this never ends until the safety cult is deposed. Entirely. When they can’t extend the ‘rona any further they’ll switch to something else. The control freaks, the politicians, and the moral busy bodies love the power far too much to ever let it go.

      • Morning, Brent –

        “And this never ends until the safety cult is deposed. Entirely.”

        Precisely. “Safety” is effectively a license to impose limitless restrictions and prohibitions, ever-increasing as the tolerance for “risk” decreases.

        What is “safe”? Who gets to define its meaning? Exactly. It’s as vague and endlessly parsable as a Picasso painting. An objective, inarguable standard is necessary as the basis for restrictions/prohibitions. Don’t cause harm is a good one. Because if harm is caused, it is inarguable. And, therefore, holding the responsible party accountable is inarguably just.

        If I go before a traffic court judge accused of “speeding,” I feel abused for I know I have not harmed anyone and this business that I might have sticks in the craw – very much as being told I must wear a ridiculous/degrading garment in order to “stop the spread” of something I might (but don’t actually) have also sticks in the craw.

        But if I crash my car into yours I know I crashed my car into yours and it would be absurd for me to claim I ought not to be held accountable. The justice of this is self-evident.

        Just as the injustice of holding people “accountable” when they have caused no harm ought to be equally obvious.

      • Social bubbles only become black holes if the individual allows it. Cut ties with people that are unable to remain open minded and who drag you down. I don’t hold mask wearers in ill regard, many are just scared or want to fit in with society. If that individual can respect my decision for not wearing the device I can accept theirs for wearing it. If I have an individual who feels a constant need to nag at me and screams at me for being selfish and afflicting harm in people then that person needs no longer be part of my posse.

        We give the government and the people in it to much credit….they aren’t that smart. We are allowing them to live in our head rent free and to affect our life. They can demand whatever the hell they want, that doesn’t mean we dance to their jig. Yes, some levels of society have been cutoff to us, but much like death we have to accept this and move on.

        At the end of the day the individual mind reins supreme. We are free people because we refuse to accept the constraints forced on us by the governed. Us libertarians have always been at war with tranny, this new affliction is nothing out of the ordinary. The government putting a boot on our neck did not begin in March, but was always prevalent. We soldier on. We need to prepare for potential conflict, but we cannot allow it to eat away at us.

        • Hi RG,

          Ordinarily, I feel pity for fools. But these fools are dangerous. Every person who willingly wears a Diaper is enabling the normalization of tyranny and that I cannot abide.

          Children and the feeble-minded are entitled to consideration. The rest deserve contempt.

          • eric, I agree with RG. Years ago the wife was going off and taking care of her mother for extended times. To get to our house You have to unlock and open a big heavy gate I built, hold your mouth just right, try to get some good out of cheap solar lamps marking the gate posts and try to get through without damaging anything. Trot back to the gate, shut it and lock it, get in the rig, unlock the brakes blow the horns and try to get cattle out of the way so you can go on and there’s always some that want to play a game and I always wanted to just run over them and get up some speed. Finally get to the house(8 pm or later, in the dark), open the door and fend off CJ and tell him to go do his duty and the cars poured out and a few poured in. Set my cooler down, unload it and put my ice block in the freezer then start cleaning cat boxes by the porch light and that is a long thankless task my wife has never done.

            I”d try to think of something I could fix to eat quick cause I hadn’t done anything but run as fast as that truck would go all day when I wasn’t changing trailers to haul something some dipstick of a boss would point out to me that was supposed to be done first thing that morning and I’d point out to him the tractor I needed still hadn’t showed up all the while half a dozen people with nothing to do would play with their phones and watch me hump timbers from there to the trailer so it wouldn’t sink and I’d be too low when I used it again later in the day.

            The truck I needed would finally show up with the driver bitching he’d been working all night. Not much I could say but I need you to help me drop this trailer because I need it under that trailer.

            I wouldn’t even know what to haul till some uhn-uhn straw boss would tell me I needed to go load that over-width, over0length, over-weight pumping unit they didn’t even have lifted properly with a crane. I couldn’t back in till it was right and then got the pleasure of throwing chains and straps to keep it on and slide past a 1500 lb pressure 15″ pipeline to get out and only then told to follow a pickup that would invariable run off from me.

            Once that was done it was time to go back, get the other tractor and try to hook up to a belly dump that had no timbers under the feet so I’d steal a piece of equipment to raise it up, put timbers under it and return the piece of equipment before someone else with nothing to do would come chew my ass for using their equipment. I’d take that rig to a quarry and hope the door code I had was right, load it up and take it to a location 60 miles away where everyone would be standing there tapping their toes with the usual comment of I was supposed to have that load there first thing in the morning. I’d dump it and air a tire or two and go back for another load. When it was obvious it would be dark before the last load they’d just tell me they needed the last one or maybe two more than that first thing tomorrow.

            If I was lucky, there’d be a pickup sitting there and I damned sure didn’t care who’s it was as long as it had the right company on the side. 90 mph 150 miles home and do it all again.

            But in the morning I’d have to get away about 2 after may 2 hours sleep and get that next load hauled at the dark quarry to be there first thing then back to another location I had found out I’d need another trailer and tractor to haul some piece of equipment I couldn’t even put a name too.

            When the wife got back I was in late again and out early again. I’d been working 16 or more illegal hours 7 days a week and finally got a day off except it wasn’t a day off, it was a day to service a truck. I’d be cussing one thing or another that some bozo had ripped off and I’d have to weld on and air up a dozen or more tires, find out it was low on coolant and I had none so go to somewhere like Wally on a Sunday and get a couple gallons, come back and then change the oil and filter, grease the whole rig driveline including, add oil(my own expensive Amsoil for my pickup powere steering to that truck). Then blow the really nasty interior out and throw away all the old uneaten food this guy and his wife had left in it, wash all the mud out of the floorboard and clean all the glass inside and out.

            About that time the wife would say she was tired and going to bed. I’d ask if there was anything to eat. LIke I was the biggest fool in the world she’d say the fridge is full of anything you want. Good to know since I was dying to fix supper for myself and something for the next day, hopefully, the same thing.

            She told me one day I was ANGRY as if it was a condition I could avoid. I told her it was anger that got me through the day, without anger I’d be asleep when I was supposed to be working. You don’t turn in 100 hr weeks and not be just a little bent.

            I did realize I was angry and it was killing me and I slowed down and just let the “hurry ups” and things slide off. Working on something one day the boss said I was supposed to be hauling a load “they really needed fast”. I pointed to the truck and said “The keys are in it”. Tough to do two things at once. He just left and not another word was said.

            And that’s just work angry. I’m surprised you don’t do something like I would. If my mother had been kidnapped and had been held prisoner and tortured for 9 months I’d probably have done something that would have us both in jail. I commend you for having the good attitude you do. It just shows you’re smarter than me and have better control.

            If it were me I’d steal a fireman’s suit, blow the back door off and whisk her away and stash her somewhere and then tell the cops if they didn’t find my mother they’d have hell to pay and I had an attorney was about going to sue toot sweet. Like “Leon: The professional” where he rescues a girl who’s entire family has been killed by a drug gang and protected by Gary Oldham, a DEA agent who Jean Reno the hit man, kills at the end.

            • For what it’s worth, my wife asks me regularly if you’ve ever been able to see your mother or get her out of jail. I haven’t had good news so far but hang in there. There are other people thinking of your family and it just makes us more determined to do something about this tyranny in this country.

          • Eggsactly, Eric!

            But you know the ones who really “get” me? The ones who know that the ‘Rona shit is BS, and will tell you so- but who will don the rag at the drop of a hat, because they just apparently don’t care about their own autonomy or self-ownership or liberty.
            I’ve encountered a lot of young adults (Late teens – mid 20’s) like this lately. They don’t normally wear a mask, and they know that masks do nothing; and they’re not worried about getting the ‘Rona…..but in public, if others are wearing masks- or if, heaven forbid, there is a SIGN, or something, they will gladly don the rag- even when there is absolutely NO CONSEQUENCE for resisting. This is even more abhorrent than the fools who do what they do because they “believe”. These, instead don’t believe, but will gladly act as though they do/pretend they do, just because they don’t have the guts to “be different”.
            Just think how that extrapolates to every other sphere of life…… This is the level of conformity and obedience that has been inculcated. Mindless obedience without regard to reality or facts or cause and effect. The primary objective becomes “fitting in” and being in compliance when someone is looking. Disgusting!
            Remember when that age group were the rebels; the ones hardest to control? The Beast has apparently won another victory for the hearts and minds of men, thanks to daycare, skools and the media.(These young’uns are used to “compliance” from a young age)

            • Hi Nunzio,

              My question is why should we care what others are doing? Libertarianism is about freedom of choice…. everyone’s freedom of choice even those that we don’t agree with and believe in.

              If people want to don the mask let them. Just don’t force me to. Yes, I look at mask wearers with pity, not anger, not disgust, but pure sadness. They have done zero empirical research to show that the masks do not work although the outliers of society have produced significant evidence that masks have never stopped a virus and usually manifests it.

              Why should that anger us non mask wearers? We say they are throwing freedom away with both hands, but whose freedom? Their own. Not ours. I refuse to go through life allowing others to control my emotions. I am a free woman, until I am physically accosted. Then I fight. Until then people can do as they say and feel as long as they stay out of my business.

              • While I agree with your point generally, the situation has developed in a manner that live and let live is now, via growing gov’t attempts at coercion, a one way street. In my opinion, that is the the source of the anger. That being said, the very weirdest thing is seeing people diaper up in situations where there is no one else is around. In my area, there is no USPS delivery so you have to get your mail at a PO Box. Of course, there have been stupid cartoon signs everywhere about diapers since March. When it’s open, the actual communist postmaster is a maniac about it. So I’ve diminished my interactions to a minimum and really only go there to get what little mail I do get when it’s closed. For many months, even before Govking’s edicts, I have observed other people diaper up alone to enter an otherwise CLOSED building with NO ONE else inside. The level of obedience/dedication it take or someone to do that actually scares me. Now they’ve been empowered to snitch. They’re already in our business…

                • I agree with you most Americans psyche is blown. But, history will tell us most people love being led. If they didn’t bad men were never have been in very powerful positions.

                  Today, Trump’s lawyer, Lin Wood, called for Trump to institute martial law. I have never heard of a stupider thing in my life! Does Trump only know how to hire imbeciles? He has every right to use our judicial system until the very end, but he is losing in the court of law. The cases they have brought forth are weak and without merit. I realize time is not on Trump’s side, but if his team cannot establish a strong lawsuit then he needs to walk. Throwing pasta at the wall and hoping it sticks isn’t going to work. The Trump Administration and the Republican state legislatures knew that cheating was a possibility and they did nothing.

                  • I’ll take up for Trump on the “knowing cheating was a possibility”. The deep state has done everything it could to hurt Trump.

                    I will diss Trump for hiring so many obvious criminals bent on causing him harm. Every time he’d hire somebody I’d wonder if he had good sense, not the same as having good intentions.

                    • I agree Eightsouthman. I think Trump’s intentions are good to put America first, but his judgement of people leave much to be desired. His ego got the best of him and the Swamp prevailed.

              • Hi, RG,
                I do agree that people should be free to do as they please, of course, and it doesn’t even anger me- it just makes me sad that the majority of those around us have been corrupted by external forces to either believe in lies, or to act as though they believe the lies, even when they don’t.

                I feel bad for these people, because they are adrift without an internal moral compass or any standard which they will not allow to be transgressed- and if this is what they allow themselves, then they are ready fodder to do whatever else Uncle decrees, without conscience or thought- and thus will likely be used against US.

                If they had simply come to the conclusion that it is in their best interest- or anyone’s best interest to wear a mask or stick their finger up their rear, or whatever- that would be fine; But if they do it because they don’t care enough to even investigate the evidence enough to make an informed decision, and are doing what they do just because the TV and the goobernor and the minimum-wage store clerk tells them to- or they simply don’t give a damn, and just do what those around them do, or demand, even when they know it is specious….those kinds of people are dangerous, because that is how we ended up with Nazi Germany…or 2020 America.
                Could you imagine being like that? -Not standing for anything; not caring; just mindlessly obeying? It is very disturbing to see the majority of society in that condition- and not just in regards to allowing their faces to be covered, but in tolerating their movement being restricted, their busy-nesses being destroyed, their DNA being taken, their personal contacts being traced, etc.
                It’s to the point where these people are really hardly even human anymore.

                • Hi Nunzio,

                  I agree with you. I feel sadness when I see the sheeple among us. I will never understand people who go along with the flow even when that is a direct contradiction of their rights and freedoms.

                  The thanks for the dumbing down of America should solely be laid at the feet of the parents and the teacher unions. They have allowed their children the inability to assess critical situations and refused to allow them the tools needed to avoid or circumvent said position. The rest of us are paying the price.

                  All any of us can do is educate someone who is willing to question the system and hope it sticks.

                    • Hi Eightsouthman,

                      The zombies are already here….their the ones walking in and out of the grocery with their masks on to and from their car, the ones who feel it is perfectly acceptable to put a 3 year old in a mask so she doesn’t kill grandma, the ones threatening businesses and people who don’t abide by their misinformed virtue signaling.

                      I just keep thinking we are going to be those people that find some small camp in upstate NY like those people did at the end of I Am Legend, the Will Smith movie. I can’t remember what happened to the zombies though.

            • Nunz,
              There are consequences at the very least in they are conditioned that there are. It’s done in the schools to every non-conformist. It must be far worse now than when I was in school. Part of this is to single out people who are different for the most trivial of things. Punish them even for self defense.

              So very much of this ‘rona crap is like junior high all over again for me. Yeah it’s just a sign but if one person is going to be singled out for enforcement I know who it will be.

  3. Ugg,
    Ugg(verb)- even when/if the sickness Kabuki goes away, it will only be after having achieved great destruction to not just our wallets, but to any remaining embers of liberty. This Kabuki is psy-op being used to implement “a new world order”[NWO]- which is effectively unified worldwide communism. The Kabuki may go away once it has achieved it’s objective, but the control and tyranny it has enabled to be imposed upon us will not go away.
    Rose-colored glasses will not help; they will only prevent us from formulating effective strategies to extricate ourselves and find a place in the wilderness to ride this out, if we want to remain free and alive.
    Persoinally, I don’t see any reason to be depressed any more so than at any other time- the sickness Kabuki is just one of the many tyrannies which we have long endured- and not even the worst of them. Storm troopers/killer pigs; a dysfunctional oppressive justice system; endless taxes; surveillance; compulsory insurance; gov’t interference in family matters; a manipulated centralized banking system; “civil rights” which must be upheld by other citizens but not by gov’t; terrorism theater; drug culture theater; communal schools spouting leftist propaganda at our expense; yada yada….really, this sickness Kabuki is the easiest of them to resist- and really only shows how thoroughly communized our fellow countrymen are, because 90% of the time, they are the ones we are forced to resist, rather than the overlords, because it is more often our countrymen who are enforcing the Kabuki more so than Uncle- and in a way, it kind of fitting to see such things as this coming upon those who deserve it, because they advocate it and are complicit with it.

  4. Regarding automotive dystopia, I know that there will always be, at least for the rest of my life (I’m in my 40s), kit cars, crate engines, and older cars that can be refurbished.

    • dood, you’re right… some extent. Kit cars, crate engines and older cars will exist. If you can drive them on the “state’s” streets is another question. I’ve watched our rights disappear at a continually increasing speed, esp. the last 20 years and the Covid was a great move to create the real Prison Planet.

      I notice something that hopefully the rest of govt and the idiots on the left and right coasts don’t. The Armed People of Texas are reaching the point of Secession. From Ft. Worth east and south, the rest of us don’t care. That’s part of the wall that we’ll build along the Mexican border and maybe the Red River and along New Mexico.

      • God I hope Texas wakes the heck up and pushes back. They may have some legal standing to attempt a potentially peaceful secession, being I surmise actually annexed rather than admitted as a State. So they may technically still have sovereignty and the Union’s military action during the Civil War an illegal occupation. Of course the United States says Texas became a state in 1845 but it would set up a Constitutional crisis perhaps if the Republic of Texas decided to tell the federal government to suck on the 9th and 10th Amendments.

      • Eight, I hope you’re observations are one, but Texas could be something to save and restore the republic if they wished. As I recall from Texas history the ROT reserved the right to reconstitute as several sovereign independent states at the time of annexation. That would be an interesting checkmate on DC and PR statehood and such.


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