Reader Question: Is the Camry also Great?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Naomi asks: I heard you on Bill Meyer show this morning saying what a wonderful car the Toyota Corolla is. I wonder what you think of the Camry? I had a Camry for 32 years and it served me well. I probably should have asked you first, but a few weeks ago I bought a new 2021 Camry. I prefer something a little bigger than the Corolla and so far I’m liking it very much. However, I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

My reply: The Camry can be thought of as a larger Corolla in that it is designed on the same general criteria – with the added element of more comfort and even luxury (if ordered with the available features). Like the Corolla, it has been a huge sales success; the best-selling mid-sized/family car, with the Honda Accord being the second best.

Like the Corolla – and as you know, based on 32 years of experience with a Camry – this car is very durable. It is one of the main reasons for its enduring popularity. It is also powerful – when equipped with its optional 3.5 liter V6, which is without question one of the finest engines ever produced if the measure is reliability over time. The standard four cylinder engine is also excellent.

The current Camry’s cosmetics are more aggressive than they’ve ever been – I wrote about the 2020 model (which is basically the same as the current/2021 model) here, if you’re interested in reading about it… but the take-home point is that the underlying car is still fundamentally what you’re after, if you’re wanting a car that will probably give you another 32 years of service!

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