Reader Question: Car Buying Advice?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Jim asks: I appreciate your articles very much. I’m looking at buying a used vehicle and I wanted your opinion on the most feasible option. I’ve got saved about $15,000 and looking for one that travels the highway well. Any thoughts?

My reply: Yes, many!

The problem is narrowing it down… I wish you’d given me some general parameters, such as the type of vehicle you’re interested in. $15k should be enough to buy a lightly used compact-sized crossover such as a 3-5 year old Subaru Crosstrek or  Toyota RAV4 (two of my favorites because they’re fun and useful and have good track records for being free of major problems/design weaknesses) or a small sedan/hatch such as a Toyota Corolla (another favorite/recommend of mine). You could probably also find a Camry or Accord – mid-sized family sedans – if you needed something a a little larger. Either car would be an excellent choice.

Your budget should also be sufficient to buy a medium-sized pickup like the Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma in the 6-7 year-old range.

Something else I’d personally consider would be a TDI (diesel) powered VW Golf or Jetta; these were made through 2016 and some were offered with a manual transmission, if that interests you. I’m guessing 50-plus MPG and the ability to go 700 miles on a tank will also interest you! These are great cars killed off by a government determined to eliminate affordable, high-mileage cars for the sake of expensive, long-recharge time electric cars tethered to the corporate-government Hive Mind.

Those are some general thoughts; happy to offer up some more specifics!

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  1. TDI is only going to appreciate in value, and diesels can run forever should you find a way to delete the emissions.

    Stick with a stick if possible, adds resale value down the line and is more involving/fun, not to mention the millennial anti-theft device.

    Curious whatcha have in mind specifically Jim, I’d love to offer more advice myself.


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