Reader Question: That Other Jeep . . . ?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Kristy asks: I heard you talking about an inexpensive jeep that was about $15,000.  Similar to a Willys. I cant remember the complete name, but Rock was part of it. I am hoping you remember. It was in a discussion with Bryan Hyde sometime last year.

My reply: You’re close!

It’s the Roxor, made by Mahindra, an Indian company that also makes tractors and other heavy equipment. It looks like an old Willys Jeep because it essentially is. Mahindra had a license to make them overseas. The current owners of the Jeep brand (FCA, lately Stellantis) did not, however, like it much when Mahindra brought Jeep-looking-alike Roxors over here and began to sell them, even though they were not street legal and could only be used off-road, as ATVs.

Mahindra redesigned the grill/front end to make the Roxor look less like the iconic Willys Jeep and you can buy them, but they are still not legal for on-road use, chiefly because they are basically 50-year-old Jeeps and so do not “comply” with all of the latest emissions and saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety regulations. However, because they do look so much like old Jeeps, one could probably “get away” with using one on-road, especially in rural areas.

Here’s the Roxor site, for more info.

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