The Obsession of the Unhealthy

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There is an old joke about the fat lady ordering fast food. She gets a double bacon cheeseburger, large fries . . . and a diet Coke.

She probably just got the shot, too. She almost certainly wore the Face Diaper.

It is an interesting, almost mathematical axiom that the people most freaked out about their health are the people who are the least healthy in terms of their habits, which tends to render one unhealthy.

It’s less the ‘Rona that’s killing people than obesity, largely caused by eating “food” not far removed from flavored drywall paste (washed down with lots of over-sweetened liquid diabetes in an estrogen-leaching plastic bottle) and killing habits such as not regularly exercising, which increases the tendency toward obesity. Add some pills – and vaccines – to the mix and what you end up with, ta-da, is a population of vulnerable people who easily get sick – sometimes very – from what would otherwise likely be minor illnesses, if they even got sick at all.

The “science” supports this, incidentally. It’s just not discussed, much.

Who – other than the elderly – is most likely to die from the ‘Rona? Get your parking ticket validated if you answered, obese people. If you’re elderly and heavy then you’re in trouble – but it’s not because of the ‘Rona. It’s because you’re unhealthy – and the cure for that isn’t medicine.

Which by the way may make you even more unhealthy and vulnerable.

Put another way: If you are height-weight proportionate, exercise regularly and are careful about what you eat, your health is the medicine that will keep you from getting sick. This is an inarguable truth and far more “safe and effective” than the supposed palliative being really pushed on people right now – including, strangely, on quite healthy people.

No attempt at differentiation is made between people who need these meds-being-pushed like a fish needs a flea collar  – because they are healthy – and people who are getting sick because they’re not healthy. And no effort is made – officially, as via the “experts” – to explain to these unfortunate unhealthy that they would be much less likely to need meds (and not just the meds currently being pushed really hard) or even get sick in the first place if they took steps to improve their health.

Probably because there’s no money in such a cure – paraphrasing what the comedian Chris Rock (who is healthy, probably because he’s not heavy) said in one of his routines. The object is to keep you sick – so as to keep you paying.

This is not a new thing.

For decades, the reflex reaction of the American medical establishment seems to be to give them a pill (or a shot) rather than sound advice, probably because the latter doesn’t require a prescription – and a perpetual bill. Got high blood pressure? Here’s your pill. Many of these people are never told why they have high blood pressure nor what they might do to avoid the pill (and the bill).

High blood pressure just happens; it “runs in the family.” Never mind that everyone in the family is 50 pounds over-heavy.

The sun is healthy. Unlike Brawndo, which has electrolytes (maybe) the sun has vitamin D – or helps you make it, at any rate. And vitamin D is something very safe and effective insofar as keeping people healthy. But instead of encouraging people to go and be outside, the medical establishment joined the Fear Chorus enjoining them to stay inside, which almost certainly made them less healthy and even more vulnerable.

We know it made them even heavier. The year 2020 saw the average American gain what is popularly styled the Quarantine 15 – which is a funny term for something very serious. But Joe Biden isn’t sending Strike Teams door to door to “help” people understand the threat to their health (and let’s not forget the cost to taxpayers) that rides shotgun with being significantly overweight.

But then, healthy people are harder to control.

Medically, because they have less need of the sickness industry; of pills and shots and the cartel which has acquired the sole power to dole them out . . . so long as you obey (and pay).

Physically, because the people most immune to the worst side-effects of the ‘Rona – the face-effacing decrees, for instance – were those who didn’t have to go to the doctor’s office for something they had to have, such as their hypertension pills – which they could only renew their prescription for if they went hand in hat (and Diaper over face) to the doctor’s office. Those of us who had no need of doctoring had a much easier time avoiding the strange rituals that now attend an audience with a medical personage.

They are also harder to control, financially – because they aren’t on a serial payment for pills they can’t afford and “health insurance” they are terrified of losing (along with the job that provides it) because they are constantly needing pills and shots. It is astounding that  so few of them ever stop to ask themselves why they need these pills and shots – and what they might do to need them less, or even not at all.

Most especially, what life would be like for them if they were freed from all of that.

Great effort is expended to prevent such questions from ever percolating upward into conscious thought. Instead, heavy pressure to defer to the “experts,” who must never be questioned. The same “experts” who remain mute about the literal poisoning of the food supply, the appalling state of what is considered “food” and the easy, cost-free things almost anyone could do on their own and for free to mightily improve their health – such as going outdoors regularly and taking walks, often.

That ought to raise questions about the motives of these “experts.” But then, we might not like the answers much.

. . .

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  1. Kudos to you Eric for what you said regarding sunlight and Vitamin D. I’ve been told most of my life about avoiding sunlight as much as possible (especially when the sun is high in the sky), covering up, wearing sunscreen, etc.

    I also used to have very low vitamin D levels whenever they were tested (I have mediterranean olive-like skin, btw). Even the supplements didn’t help much. In more recent years, I found that getting an ample amount of sunlight, especially when the sun is above 45° in the sky, allows me to get ample UVB, which allows my body to produce ample Vitamin D. I begin doing so in late March, which is when the window opens for UVB light as the sun begins to be above 45° for part of the day. I don’t overdo it; one’s own body will let one know if it is being overdone based on sunburn or other discomfort.

    Now I finally have Vitamin D levels that are where they should be, and I hardly get sunburned even when I occasionally go to the beach or other places like that.

    It turns out that incidences of melanoma are actually higher in states like Minnesota and Maine compared to states like FL and TX: . I would also argue that health issues caused by Vitamin D being too low are more common than issues caused by too much sun.

    I could also bring up a similar experience with the common “low fat” dietary recommendations that used to be propagated everywhere.

    My point is to trust one’s own body and senses rather than the often-erroneous public “expert”/”common” health advice.

  2. ‘Healthy people are harder to control.’ — EP

    But we’re working on that … with an ancient invention called Mark of the Beast:

    ‘The EU Digital Covid Certificate — commonly called “health pass” — is mandatory in all French cultural venues, including cinemas, theaters and concert halls starting on July 21. Starting in August, the health pass will be mandatory in cafes, shops, restaurants, as well as trains and planes, among other places.

    ‘The pass launched on July 1 and is meant to facilitate travel within Europe and ease the pressure for multiple tests by allowing people to receive a QR code once they get tested or vaccinated and use it as official proof.’

    Geez … wouldn’t it be easier just to microchip them while they get their jab?

    Hark to the nervous lowing of the human cattle.

    If the French don’t head to the barricades RIGHT NOW, they will become the first OECD slave state, needing passes to move about just like black folks in apartheid South Africa.

    • In just 14 hours 1.3 million Frenchmen scheduled appointments for the jab. Sickening. They should be treating this like it is 1789, instead they awaken believing it is 1940, but instead of German voices overtaking the streets it is their own government. Maybe the French can continue to guzzle down bottles of Merlot and dining off Brie and baguettes as their elected officials destroy the very last of their freedoms.

      There are rumors that some stores in America are implementing software for vaccine passports to shop there. I cannot determine which stores yet, but being that all of this is rolling out at the same time throughout the world means it was planned. We are going to have a Dark Winter.

      • RG – this is what I dont get about this whole thing. So many people are getting the jab because they are forced to. They know they are getting it because they are forced to, to say travel or go to a restaurant. Some even got it in preparation for it (acting smug and wise that thats why they got it).

        There is a (very tiny) part of me that gets someone may be scared of the rona, especially when they may know someone who they were told died of the rona. But I never get these people who are getting it because they are being forced to, and know thats why they are getting it. What ever happened to the spirit of telling someone to go fuck themselves when they force you to do something you dont want….what has made people so sheepish and compliant !! This is really driving me nuts….

        • Hi Nasir,

          This is where a generation of indoctrination has paid off well for governments. We are all being synthesized with propaganda each and every moment. Many sit in front of the TV or radio and don’t question the never ending loop of lies, a few of us do, but it isn’t enough to change the course.

          As we have seen in the last 16 months (and throughout history) most people are followers. Maybe they don’t see the whole picture or worse, they are apathetic to it. The problem is what the conspiracy theorists have been stating is coming true, whether the ignorant keep their heads in the sand or not. Most people have no fight. This is why it is so easy for dictators, military coups, and scumbags to take over – revolutionaries are few and far in between on the global stage. At this point it is survival of the fittest. Protect you and yours and the rest of society be damned. One cannot save those who refuse to take off their blinders.

          • A generation? Try about 100 years of public education, which clearly stated this was the goal when it became mandatory.

        • Hi Nasir,

          Part of it I think is that many people, lacking any conception of principles and precedents, seem to believe that “if we just do this” (whatever “this” is) then we’ll be allowed to proceed with our lives. These pathetic people do not grasp that if they do not oppose these abuses with every iota of their strength then they will never be allowed to live their lives – at least, not until their lives are no longer worth living.

          As they are already becoming.

      • ‘We are going to have a Dark Winter.’ — RG

        Quite possibly. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom — one of the most vaccinated countries on earth — is having a covid summer. ‘Cases,’ with the usual caveats, have surged to 477 per million per day: more than halfway back to their January high of 881 per million.

        How is this possible? UK statistics show that the ‘cases’ are mainly among children and young adults, with the 12 to 24 age group showing the highest numbers.

        Yet, as the Office of National Statistics admitted today, ‘the number of deaths from all causes in England and Wales in the week ending 2 July 2021 was 8,808, which is 5.2% below the average for the corresponding week in 2015 to 2019.’

        So has killer covid mutated into a milder endemic form? Or is it merely demonstrating what we knew already, that younger people (barring the obese) face little risk of death from covid?

        Beats me. So far the UK is standing firm on ending its lockdown on 19 July. But with reported cases reaching 34,000 yesterday, the story is getting a bit complicated. Time for a deus ex machina to deliver a plot twist?

        • Yeh Jim the lockdown is ending in name only. Travel restrictions will still apply. Companies and venues are still encouraged to mask up, and well have the covid vaccine passports. And even that the bureaucrats (now called scientist) are up in arms and trying to prevent….and then they will “reassess the situation” in September they say. At which point flu deaths will start rising, and well you know how this story will go…

          Personally they are just opening up a bit over a couple weeks to let people get out, vent their anger, participate in some bread and circus events (the Euro final we just had)… till they get to the never ending lockdown again…

    • **”Geez … wouldn’t it be easier just to microchip them while they get their jab?”**

      That’s the next step. Gradualism. Get ’em used to the tyranny a little at a time, and it’s just taken in stride. If the whole plan were implemented at once, there would be mass rebellion. Chisel away one crumb at a time, and voila, it’s just accepted as natural and normal, and the sane ones who oppose it are seen as the weirdos and troublemakers.

  3. What kind of decadent, self-indulgent, demented culture suffers a “obesity epidemic”. What were once shameful behaviors, (the seven deadly sins – pride, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, envy, sloth) are now encouraged and celebrated.

    This culture is terminally ill with a lot more than the Rona.

    • I agree, Griff –

      People used to be chagrined about being significantly overweight – for the sound reasons that being significantly overweight is both unhealthy and unattractive. Now, it is considered “shaming” to not gush over fat women’s “big and beautifulness.”

      Terminally ill, indeed.

      • Shame is one of the tools of anarchism. Which would you prefer, being shamed, or having a gun pointed to your head and be put in a cage?

    • Amen, Griff!
      The politicians could disappear completely tomorrow (Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?!) but it wouldn’t even make a dent in our world because the political is more of a symptom of what is wrong with this world, more so than a cause of it. A society which rejects the tenets of basic morality, civility, and sanity, and embraces their exact opposite, can not remain functional, much less maintain liberty, health, and prosperity.

  4. Last year, when people were losing their freaking minds buying up everything, I had no problem finding fresh produce and meat (well, mostly). I thought it was funny that the Little Debbie shelves were empty. I saw shopping carts full of Dr. Pepper and Cheetos. People panic buying dried or canned beans, Spam and Vienna sausages. I don’t know, maybe it was a way to self medicate for people in a sense. I heard a few wonder out loud what would happen if the power went out?!?!?!, which I guess maybe if shutdowns and difficult work situations made it a real challenge to pay the bills. Anyway, most people didn’t learn a thing from any of the past year. They were just waiting for the magic jab that would make everything better, like mommy’s kiss on a bruised knee.

    When I would have conversations with people about the ‘rona I tried to stress that everyone can do something to improve their health, whether they focus on diet, exercise, reducing stress or getting more sleep. They generally agreed but didn’t want to make any changes.

    I started eating better, getting some exercise and spending more time outside. Not really for the ‘rona, but I was worried that my doctor was going to start prescribing things. My health has improved quite a bit I think and in addition the exercise is doing wonders for me when I am feeling anxious.

    I may still be La Gordita (little fat girl), but a year and a half to two years ago I was más gorda.

    • Good morning, La Gordita!

      One of the few upsides of the past year-plus for me is that I have greatly increased my strength – hate (of idiocy and tyranny) can be a powerful motivator. I refused to just stop living because scared Freaks had decided to. They closed my gym, but I found an alternative. There is always an alternative.

      Part of what is killing this country is the passivity of so many people – a learned behavior inculcated deliberately by government schools.

  5. To be fair, my high blood pressure really does “just happen”. They call it essential hypertension. I have no health/age (I’m 17)/size problems. I don’t need sound advice, I need pills.

    • Hi Big Daddy,

      Everyone needs sound advice!

      Don’t assume you can’t control your high blood pressure except with pills. I recommend trying a diet change – especially as regards greatly reducing sugar intake and the intake of “food” that isn’t. Eat grass-fed beef, fresh (free range) eggs and good fats, such as grass fed butter, coconut oil and so on. Eat much less bread and pasta and so on. If you don’t already, get into exercise. Lift weights; run. I bet you could get your BP well within normal via such methods.

      • Really Eric ?

        Now diagnosing medical conditions plus prescribing for hypertension?

        You’re a smart guy….but you lack medical training and clinical experience.

        Maybe you should stick to the expertise you DO possess.

      • In all fairness I had high BP since I was in my late 20;s and was lean and mean. There are some of us who have HBP that is not diet or lifestyle related. It is not the norm, but none-the-less it does happen, usually a genetic component involved.

        • But the numbers of such is an outlier, not the norm. The vast, vast majority of high blood pressure in under 70 yr olds is directly related to lifestyle. As are most conditions. How many times have you heard fat person claim they cannot lose weight because of a medical condition? Turns out, less than 2% have such a condition. Genetics, abnormal systems, and plain bad luck to produce a small number of individuals who have conditions in spite of otherwise perfect health, there is no doubt. But those few exceptions prove the rule. If Biden wanted to really “save lives”, he would begin a fast food-soft drink-smoking shaming campaign.

      • Let me tell you man, I probably eat healthier than my whole family. Plus, I get plenty of exercise at lineman school. They have tested the crap out of every organ and hormone that has anything to do with my heart. There is nothing that would explain why my BP is so damn high. The only thing that has worked thus far is pills. I don’t mind, the only side effect is that you can’t stand up really fast.

        Somehow I just can’t bring myself to believe that ground roots are a better solution than chemicals designed solely for changing the body and how it functions. It is like saying that a dishwasher cleans clothes better than a non-HE (i.e. non-government mandated piece of shit) washer. I’ve noticed your slow descent into crunchy culture. You are one hippie-made documentary away from saying that pine needles cure cancer.

        • Hi BD,

          I’m just relating my own experiences; take them for what they’re worth to you – or not. Bear in mind that chemicals designed solely for changing the body have side effects, too. And sometimes these change the body in ways you might not like!

          Those BP meds often lead to other meds, to palliate problems caused by the BP meds.

          As regards the rest: I grew up surrounded by doctors; my dad and grandfather. From this I learned that the best medicine is not necessarily prescribed.

          I’m also a journalist by trade and the first rule of this trade is – follow the money. Be wary of anyone who wants to sell you something you may not need. And always question the motives of anyone who has a profit motive.

          Like Fauci, for instance.

        • BD,
          The BP is a symptom of something else that is wrong. The pills just alleviate that symptom, but don’t address the real problem- and from the sound of it, neither does your doc, -that, or it’s just the way you’re wired. The idea that every single person must conform to some “average” standard is patently ridiculous. The BP may not be doing you any harm…..but the effort to treat it with chemicals will definitely do you harm in the long-term, especially considering that you’re on them at such a young age; and, if ther cause of that BP isn’t known, or if your body maintains it because it needs it for some reason, any effort to forcefully treat it may do you harm. That’s the beauty of natural remedies: Not only are they not poison, but they tend to just sluice through ya if not needed- unlike the pills, which your body can’t deal with naturally, so their effects are forced on you.

    • Hey Big Daddy, just how high is “high blood [pressure”, if you don’t mind me asking? *They* keep lowering the threshold of what constitutes ‘high blood pressure’ to the point well over half the country- people of all ages- are being prescribed HBP pills.

      From what I’ve seen over the years among relatives and people whom I know, it seems that with few exceptions, people whom I’ve seen who have been on HBP meds long-term always tend to end up with the very maladies they were seeking to avoid…or worse.

      IF you’re otherwse healthy and eat a good diet and spend time outdoors doing things, some numbers on a machine could well be meaningless, except to the bottom line of some drug company. Long-term use of just about any medication WILL do you harm…so if your BP really is a thing, do try and find some way to deal with it naturally.

      Look at Vioxx- a drug prescribed to heart patients, which ended up killing 32,000 people……. Don’t let the pharma-medical cartel get their tentacles intop ya…especially at such a young age- they’ll do you more harm than good…and keep you tethered to their system for the rest of your life.

      [My credentials: Haven’t been to a doctor in over 40 years- except for eye doctors….for harm they did to me as a child while attempting to ‘cure’ a congenital defect]

  6. I’ve been slim and fit most of my life, but recently found myself with an uncomfortably rotund tummy due to fondness for certain beverages of barley heritage (that would be beer). I chose to follow a quasi-keto diet – no sugars, starches, grains, or vegetable oils – and dropped the excess poundage quite quickly. Some mild exercise helped as well (hiking, etc.).
    What astonished me was the apparent ultra-high caloric content of many foods. I no longer believe the official values touted by and the various health agencies. My official required intake of 2600 calories per day, counted carefully using their numbers, actually led to weight gain.

    • karalan,
      I myself have always been thin, and I have a fondness for the same beverage as you, but this last year and a half I have been getting a belly, and I think it’s been due to the fact that I haven’t been able to get out on the ice and “put on the foil”, or at least just go skate. Here in the California “gay area” they closed all the rinks.

      You stated, ” I chose to follow a quasi-keto diet – no sugars, starches, grains, or vegetable oils – and dropped the excess poundage quite quickly.”
      Does this include rice? Cause I really like rice. I can get rid of the wheat products if I have to.

      • “Like” has nothing to do with it. We all ‘like” things with an abundance of sugar in them. Even dogs do. The sooner you stop looking at food as a source of entertainment, the more healthy you will be. Yes, I do fall off the wagon once in a while, and just can’t resist that pint of chocolate ice cream in the store. And feel like crap for a couple of days after. The truth is, we don’t need any carbs at all. Any simple carbs you eat that you don’t burn within an hour turn to fat. Complex carbs two hours. Both play hell with your insulin tolerance. Any carbs you do eat, should have a high protein/fat/fiber to carb ratio. Like nuts or cheese.
        The truth often sucks.

        • Hi John,
          Thanks for the reply. I had no idea rice has sugar in it. I’ve never really thought of food as entertainment, I always thought I was eating healthy. I normally grill some chicken or a ribeye and have some veggies and rice for dinner. I eat lots of nuts and cheese. I’ve never felt like crap after eating tasty foods. You got me thinking my problem is that I (like I said) is that I haven’t been on the ice for a year and and half so I can burn off the carbs. When I used to play in a adult hockey league I would load up on pasta the day before a game. My teammates suggested it and it did help.

  7. What I do not understand is how someone can be comfortable being obese. A little while back I found myself at the crossroads Big Food, middle age, and tobacco cessation. I was living on “coupon food”. They don’t give coupons for fresh veggies or fruits. They give coupons for junk. Fast food to breakfast cereal. Fast food coupons being most used and the pounds started stacking up, slowly but surely. I could feel my legs and arms getting pushed away from my body as I started to waddle a little. Bending over to put on shoes was downright unpleasant. I couldn’t stand it. Changed my diet and all fixed itself. And low and behold, losing weight made it easier to move around more often, which in turn, paid dividends.

    One of my pastimes, looking at what obese people have in their shopping carts. They never prove me wrong, it’s all bad stuff. I will purposely get in line behind them knowing full well it may be a few extra minutes to get them checked out vs another customer.

    • Well over half the “food” in a grocery store is not fit for human consumption. And most of that is nutrition free carbs. The very cheapest ingredient, besides water, that can be put in food.

  8. Had not heard of the Quarantine 15..I had the opposite experience, actually lost 20lbs on a pretty loose keto diet (under 100 carbs a day with a focus on high protein and good cholesterols) between March and May 2020 while trying to help resolve my health issues. But I didn’t wanna have to buy new clothes and I really missed pizza though, so by end of summer I made it a point to gain it back. was too weird going back to early highschool weight after starting out normal sized to begin with. Wasn’t working out like I ought to have been, probably could’ve gained it back in muscle if I had.

    Would like to go easier on the carbs again soon.. it asn’t hard for me to eat sensibly or avoid alcohol during our collective govt-mandated torture, so I figure I can do it again when I feel like stickin with the plan.

  9. ‘It’s early, but I need a drink!’ — EP

    It used to drive ol’ William Faulkner nuts, when he was writer-in-residence at University of Virginia:

    ‘No one asked Faulkner during any of his sessions about Gowan Stevens, the character in Sanctuary who has just graduated from Virginia and can’t stop talking about how he’d “learned in a good school” how to drink, which turns out to mean how to get drunk.

    ‘The Cavalier Daily’s “Mid-Winter Issue,” which appeared the morning after Faulkner gave a speech exhorting Virginians to show the rest of the South the way toward integration, [featured] a picture of the Writer-in-Residence coming out of a liquor store with a paper bag in his hands.’


    At least the Nobel Prize-winning auteur wasn’t huffing airplane glue outta that brown bag.

    And they asked Bill why he drank …’

  10. ‘Many of these people are never told why they have high blood pressure nor what they might do to avoid the pill (and the bill).’ — EP

    In fact, a large majority are told they have ‘essential hypertension’ — a fancy-pants term for ‘we have no idea why.’

    It’s like having your truck diagnosed with ‘essential misfiring’ — we know it’s happening, but there’s no obvious reason why. Some trucks just buck, so to speak.

    But this analogy shouldn’t be pushed too far. Studies convincingly demonstrate that high blood pressure leads to health complications. Drawing the line for ‘high’ is arbitrary, though. And just as one would expect, the line has been lowered over time, resulting in more of the population ‘needing treatment.’

    Meanwhile, human ingenuity rolls on. Twenty years ago, studies showed that slower than normal breathing reduces blood pressure. The latest iteration of this concept is breathing against resistance — exercising one’s lungs, as it were.

    If the covid debacle has taught us anything, it’s that we’re on our own. Useful, practical, low-cost treatments for covid such as ivermectin are rigorously censored and suppressed by our peculating, homicidal authorities.

    Why wouldn’t the same be true of other health issues such as hypertension, when Big Pharma has an overpowering incentive to get people on some costly purple pill for life?

    Physician, heal thyself — even if your honorary doctorate from Whatsamatta U is in motorcycle mechanics. The heart is a reciprocating pump …

  11. Thomas Massie: “Forcing someone to take a needle into their bodies is violence.”

    Of course he’s right.

    Guy Who Replies: “Not allowing private companies to require vaccinations violates the NAP.” (Non-agression principle, for those guessing)

    I can’t say he’s wrong, IF we’re talking in the pure contractual sense.

    It’s a little like paying bums to fight. The bums are destitute and desperate, BUT they don’t have to take your money. They must voluntarily enter into that contract. They are not forced.

    It’s a bit more turbid with a typical employment situation, but at the end of computations, it’s not so different.

    What we must do is make employment OPTIONAL, that we may control our commodity of labor. Then WE have leverage. In the modern feudalism, we so often don’t.

    I think one group of employees has leverage and should use it, as mandatory vaccines are already upon them, or coming soon, and that is medical staff.

    There is, and has been for some time, as shortage of doctors and nurses. They can strike, no union necessary, and bring these hospitals to their knees. That will stress the surrounding populace, who may, MAY, demand that the hospitals drop their mandates.

    • Your last two paragraphs are correct – in principle. However, here’s the rub.

      People in the medical field are propagandized by the Rockefeller-originated medical training they received and are often medical cultists. I have cured many people of serious diseases with things never taught in medical curriculums. In short, most of those people produced by the medical factory schools believe in chemical medicine and vaccines, and that health is not possible without this shit.

      If enough of them didn’t, or were converted by seeing numerous real life adverse reactions, then your idea could become a reality. However, it seems it must get worse before it gets better. At some point, a medical clinic or hospital cannot function without most or all of its manpower.

      How many of them will take a stand purely on principle, while forfeiting income and potentially their livelihood? That is the big question.

      • Miami,

        Yes, unfortunately, the medical industry is just that, and have little interest in actual cures, and they cultivate the employees they want. Sometimes, however, these employees can’t help but awaken to reality, especially if they see a great deal of adverse effects coming from these vaccines. It really is just a question of how many are willing to put themselves on the line to make a stand, and how many remain loyal to the cult.

        • Correct, and as long as most of the workers cave in, they figure it will get others to stay in line to preserve their careers/income. However, I know of many doctors and nurses, indoctrinated as they have been, who have gone to the other side – the holistic/natural side. If the adverse effects become too much to ignore, and even health professionals are harmed enough for it to be noticeable, the war of attrition could force the medical complex to reverse course.

          The next 6-12 months will likely shape where the world is headed with this. The fork in the road lies directly ahead.

          • Hi DC,

            I have a good friend who works as a nurse at the VA. He is adamant about not being Needled – perhaps because he is very fit and very hip to the lies being peddled. I tell him he will likely be forced to choose to be fired or Needled and that right now is the time to talk with and organize his colleagues to stand against this.

            No more accommodation. I said this, a year ago, as regards the Diapers. I wish more people had listened – and done as I have and refused categorically to wear the goddamned things. If they had, this would not be happening.

            • Hi Eric –

              One thing that baffles me is the concession that too many folks on our side of the great divide make to the needle rape regime. Namely, the proposition that, if anybody should get the jab, it is the elderly and the obese and the unhealthy.

              Given that their immune systems are weaker, does it not stand to reason that they would be less able to withstand the witchcraft wielded by the wizards of bio-weaponry?

          • I don’t know a lot of medical professionals and amongst those I do know getting straight answers isn’t always easy. But my take is that they fall by-and-large into two distinctions. One group believes the bull they were told to their very core. The other have seen through it and do not follow it themselves but continue to be the sharp end of the medical industry stick. The first group is pitiful but at least honest, the second in my view are evil.

      • DC,

        I don’t know how many would sacrifice their income, because many of them, especially the doctors, have huge school debts they have to service.

        • That’s the underlying principle at work. The more you owe to the wizard behind the curtain, the more he controls you. That’s what made the Founding generation so powerful. They were willing to risk social position, wealth, their own lives. Doctors are about the worst because of all the investment in time and money they made to gain their status, which is steeped in a whole lot of “heros work here” rah-rah to stoke their egos. It’s possible that even being elbow deep dealing out death won’t wake them from their trance. That much we know from the Holocaust and other genocides.

          • I’ve found that what you said about doctors is true all up and down the line with people these days. Even folks who say stuff like “I gotta get/promote the experimental gene therapies to keep my $10 an hour checker job at Kroger.” Mind boggling.

            • Absolutely. By donning a mask everyone thinks they’re doing some sort of super hero sacrifice to save humanity. They are the very keystone standing between civilization and the next Black Plague. But this mentality isn’t new. Clicking like or sad face on social media is akin to being Thomas Paine or writing a Federalist Paper and stomping a hoof in approval of a slick politician who promises to help the poor makes you Mother Theresa.

              • Hi Anon,

                I stopped by Aldi’s yesterday. Outside, a sign that said: Heroes Work Here.

                It’s not just the currency that’s been devalued.

    • I take issue with what a “private” company is. A corporation in bed with the state is not private. A corporation getting tax breaks to locate somewhere is not private. A corporation doing any business with the state is not private. The Fed is a “private” business, but the state selects its board chair/CEO/president, so it isn’t even close to private.
      Regarding employment by real private business, what would you suppose is the major fear factor in losing one’s job? Nearly all that I’ve discussed this with over the last decade or two list loss of “health” insurance as the primary fear. So the Medical Industrial Complex (not a private business at all) gets its employees coming and going.

      • Hi John,

        Yes! It is remarkable to me that many libertarians, while accepting that legitimate title matters and, to fewer of these, what the supposedly “private” business does on behalf of the State matters, the property rights of these “private” entities remain inviolate.


      • John,

        Yes, I’d agree with those being exceptions to “private”, save the “tax breaks” argument. But that’s because under my idea of a minarchist government, not much in the way of taxes are needed, and those that are might be generated solely by a head (capitation) tax. That way it’s honest, straightforward, and nothing is hidden. Also the same for everyone, if you make enough money… But that’s another issue.

        Businesses taking government money become government liaisons, at least, if not outright subsidiaries of the DC Umbrella Corporation.

        Were it up to me, businesses would solely earn money from their own profits. Attention would have to be given to political favors and incentives as well. These are difficult ties to sever. Some corporations mostly make money through tax dollars (Boeing etc…) as gov’t contractors. There’s another mess.

        As far as “health insurance” as a major reason to keep your employment… Maybe due to the reasons set forth in Eric’s article here? Because that makes NO fucking sense to me. Health insurance is nearly worthless at times, and if you just save your money for such matters, (and make an effort to stay healthy) you’re better off in the vast majority of situations.

      • John,

        Shoot, corporations are CREATURES of the state! They only exist in the special, legal framework constructed by the state. How else could a inanimate object like a corporation be conferred with the rights of personhood? How else could its officers be given immunity from personal liability, if not for the state’s legal framework allowing corporations to exist in the first place?

        • Indeed. They have only the rights their creator gives them, and their creator can take them away at will. They are not born, and so have no inalienable rights, nor do they have a soul. They do not posses any of the human virtues such as compassion, charity, sympathy, remorse, etc. and so are by their very nature sociopathic. In order to be truly private businesses, they would have to be able to exist without the state. Of course they cannot. One of their most devastating effects, and most profitable, monopoly is not even POSSIBLE without the assistance of the state.

  12. My sister: A hypochondriac; Gets no exercise or sun (But amazingly is somehow not obese); She took the kill shot; and she smokes….

    I can’t made heads or tails of how these people must think. There’s a wire loose in their brains…..

    • The only exercise effective in losing weight is pushing back from the table when you’ve eaten all you need. You can run a mile and you won’t burn up three Snickers bars.

      • True, John- It wouldn’t even burn off one Snickers bar (Well..maybe, if ya ran real fast)….but being sedentary just does something to ya….

      • That’s how I’ve lost 14# since December; I just push back from the table. I walk some, but with my arthritic knees, I can’t walk enough to burn many calories; I walk to get a little cardio in, so as to help my heart a little bit.

      • Hi John,

        There are likely many variables here – as regards eating and weight loss. If you have a high metabolism and more than average muscle mass, you can eat more – and not get fat. Regular exercise also raises the metabolism. But you’re right that not stuffing your face all the time is the key to not getting fat!

        • You can eat more because you NEED more. Simple engineering.
          My Xwife was almost exactly as you described in the first paragraph of your article. Weight “challenged”, and drinking diet soda all the time, trying to reduce her sugar craving. Even though its well known that your body reacts to artificial sweeteners just a it does to sugar, minus the calories. It MAINTAINS your sugar addiction. At meals she was very careful what she ate, and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t lose weight. I told her that everything she cooked was flooded with sugar, and even if she was making it for someone else, she was constantly licking the spoon. After she left, I went from 220 lbs down to 185 lbs in 6 months, because I threw out all the sugar, and everything high in sugar that she left behind.

  13. Part of it s the doctor, but another (IMO bigger) part is the patient unwilling to be in the least bit uncomfortable. The lap band procedure (surgery) is there for patients unwilling to exercise and go a bit hungry. Of course cutting open the human body is always a risk, with infection and the surgeon just having a bad day, so there’s lots of follow-up for these folks. Then, while in the hospital for the initial surgery and follow-ups, they’ll wail about how unconformable they are, never once recognizing that the discomfort is of their own doing.
    Similarly, my nieces (all under 21) all want flu shots, not because they’re high risk but to avoid the discomfort of being sick for a few days. And since they’ve been taught that drugging up (with the right drugs, of course) is a good thing, they’ll ignore advice from anyone who asks them to look into the possible side effects of these drugs – that would be another source of discomfort.

    • Hi Michael,

      Remember No Pain, No Gain? Whatever happened to that? Oh. Yes. That’s right. It’s not right now. Not pain-free, either. Just give me the gain. To be paid for with someone else’s pain.

      It’s early, but I need a drink!

    • Michael,

      I think your nieces might be disappointed as the jabs often precipitate nasty side effects for days, even for young people.

      • Not much I can do – nieces through marriage to their youngest aunt later in life. Just that weird uncle living way out of town who doesn’t have a TV antenna/dish/cable, home schools, and doesn’t vaccinate his kid. Of course, my kid is the only one who never had serious allergies, the only one who doesn’t wear glasses, and the only one who writes cursive.

  14. Had a conversation with my uncle last night, who is a doctor, albeit a Doctor of Optometry, and not an MD. Anyway, he is big on nutrition too, being a cancer survivor. He told me he remembered reading in Lancet, Nature or some other “respectable” medical journal that one fifth of medical students get one semester of nutrition class. One Fifth! That’s it! One semester! If true, this would explain a lot as to the general unhealthiness of the country, obesity, diabetes etc. Just like Eric would not feed his 76 TA a diet of E85 “gasoline” and expect it to remain healthy, how the hell are people supposed to remain healthy eating a garbage diet filled with convenience “food”? Doctors are trained to push pills to relieve symptoms, but not trained to cure the underlying condition. How hard is it to figure out if you are 5’10 and weigh 300 pounds, suffering from hypertension and diabetes, it might be a wise choice to eat healthier, and lose some weight? Its common sense, isn’t it?

  15. One would think Rona would serve as a wake-up call to these slobs who think they can mosey through life on Fritos, Coke, Beer, McDonald’s, boxed potatoes, Campbell’s soup, and bacon, then smoke cigarettes and loaf around all weekend. But instead, it triggers their Pavlovian instinct to demand a pill (or in this case, a curare dart filled with mRNA and God knows what else). Never crosses their mind that years of sloth and neglect have put them in their predicament, and that there’s no time like the present to course-correct. And worse, that they truly believe the rest of us are responsible to accommodate them, and put ourselves at risk because of where the choices they made have landed them.

  16. “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.” ~William Osler, 1849-1919, described as the Father of Modern Medicine

  17. The Medical Industrial Complex is not the least concerned about your nutrition, nor is it concerned about your intake of calories and sugar. Although some doctors will comment on your weight, it’s not an industry concern. Anyone who has eaten a hospital meal is immediately aware of this. A lot of low value carbs, and no healthy fat. In fact its entirely possible that some members of the Complex are also heavily invested in the “food not suitable for human consumption” industry. A healthy person is their worst enemy, because they aren’t a steady source of profit. As I’ve stated hear before, the FDA nutrition guidelines are quite similar to those from the Ag Dept for fattening cattle.

    • Hi Jim,

      I totally agree. A cured patient is a lost patient. It isn’t about repairing anything, but just extending the life of the sick patient. That is why the premed lesson plan consists of roughly four hours of nutrition in eight years of learning. It is outrageous. But then look at schools K-12. They also don’t teach anything of substance….math, reading, basic economics, home ec, shop classes, etc. have pretty much fallen to the wayside. If the Med Complex had the gall to really fix people instead of band aiding, prescription costs would decrease because they would rarely be needed. Don’t even get me started on health insurance premiums. That would be $100 per month and would be catastrophic only. Unfortunately, the Medical Complex caters to the weak. People really don’t want to change. It is hard. If they can take a pill or a shot and still live off fast food, sugary drinks, and processed foods they will happily do so.

      • Hi RG,

        “…the premed lesson plan consists of roughly four hours of nutrition in eight years of learning”.

        It’d be better if they didn’t get any training. After all, they’ll be told all the same crap they’ve been peddling for over 50 years: low fat, esp animal fats, high carbs, lots of bread, grain derived food, starchy vegetables, etc… A diet that correlates perfectly with the rise in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases. They’ll say eat less sugar, and then make it nearly impossible because low fat almost always translates to high sugar. They certainly won’t be told to eat lots of healthy fats, including saturated animal fats; nearly eliminate sugar; eliminate most starchy vegetables and all modern grains; eat high quality meat, including red meat and organ meat (the most nutrient dense food available).

        No, they’ll continue to recommend a diet, known to cause obesity over 100 years ago. The, when people predictably get fat and sick, they’ll insist “it’s not our fault”, it’s that slothful gluttons won’t follow our excellent advice.

        Food for thought this man, Kelley Brownell,

        is considered one of the leading obesity experts in the world (well he’s clearly an expert at getting obese). This man can’t follow his own advice, yet proposes that his failed policies be “encouraged” through government force.


        • Hi Jeremy,

          He fits the narrative. He promotes what government wishes to sell. Anyone who has the ability to critically think would take a look at this man and go “I am not following his advice.”

          Most doctors I speak with realize the harm in eating a low fat, high carb diet (most actually follow the Mediterranean Diet), but will not share that information with their patients. Maybe at the beginning of their careers they tried and people didn’t listen or maybe the value of a dollar and a sick patient superseded the medical oath of “First, do no harm”

          My hubby ended up swearing off most doctors about three years ago when we spent almost $4K through various testing and lab work for him. He was in a tremendous amount of pain (achy joints, upset stomach, etc.). The doctors first thought it was lupus, then rheumatoid arthritis. Test after test after test. When I went on Keto, eight months later, hubby joined me. He was pretty sure he was going to suffer a lifetime of joint aches. He did much better than I did. I switched over to low carb/Mediterranean after about 6 weeks. He veers between Keto and low carb. After a week his aches and pains were gone. The culprit was grain. He can’t have it. So the family adjusted our eating. We occasionally have bread, but it is gluten free. My recipes all our made with gluten free flour. I am constantly reading ingredients and most of the items we have are home made. He ended up losing 40 pounds and does not suffer from any joint pain to this day. When he returned to the doctor six months later his cholesterol dropped from 234 to 174. The doctor asked him what he did differently and my husband said he switched to low carb and no enriched flour. The doctor shook his head yes, appearing to agree with him. My husband got a little perturbed and said “It would have been nice to have this knowledge upfront rather than going through thousands of dollars of testing.” The doctor’s response was “We don’t know until we are able to determine what it isn’t.” My husband left quite peeved that day and hasn’t gone back. Our family would have had no problem trying an elimination diet if one was suggested. It would saved my husband a ton of aggravation, sleepless nights, and Aleve.

          • Hey RG,

            Years ago I listened to Terry Gross of “All (liberal) Things Considered”, interviewing Mr. Brownell, that perfectly revealed the blind arrogance that characterizes the Statist mind. He openly stated that, after decades of trying, he could not get people to lose weight and keep it off. Even though he is morbidly obese, and has been for decades, and he must understand that this presents a credibility problem to normal people, it never even occurred to him that maybe his ideas about diet and obesity are wrong, that maybe the moronic “energy balance” theory doesn’t explain the cause of obesity. His “solution” was for GovCo to use force, impose exorbitant taxes on “unhealthy” food (defined by him), and subsidies for “healthy” food (also defined by him), along with possible mandatory counseling and fitness programs. I’m willing to bet that if he gets his way, he’ll still be obese until he dies.

            Amazingly, the picture in the link is one of his more flattening photos, do a search for “Kelly Brownell images” and see what comes up.

            Another dangerous consequence of the schemes of these arrogant buffoons is the idea that there is a “proper” diet that works for everyone. People are different, some do well on a pretty high carb diet, some do poorly (like me). In high school I weighed 190 – 195 consistently. At 6’1″, I was fit and healthy, consuming a relatively junk free, but HCLF diet. Then my metabolism changed, despite eating the same way, and exercising regularly, I just kept getting fatter, eventually ballooning up to 280 pounds.

            Luckily, through the “crazy libertarian” sites I frequent, I discovered Gary Taubes, Robb Wolf, Nina Teicholz, Mark Sisson, and others, who revealed that “gluttony and sloth” is not a helpful, or accurate, explanation for obesity (I was neither a glutton nor a sloth). I knew I had to do something and decided to run an experiment on myself. I would do a month of strict keto, not calorie restricted (but I did track everything), interspersed with 3 – 4 months of sensible LCHF eating. My goal was to lose weight during the strict keto phases and to maintain that loss during the LCHF phases. Doing this, I lost over 100 pounds in 5 months, spread out over about 2 years. I was never hungry, even on high exercise days when I was often more than 2,000 calories in deficit (try that on a high carb diet). My weight has stabilized between 175 and 180. I don’t obsess over food, if I’m visiting friends for dinner, I never impose requirements on them. I eat what they provide, as sensibly as I can, without making a fuss or being burdensome. Luckily, I love to cook so I get to directly control well over 90% of what I eat.

            My diet sounds similar to your hubby’s, I do eat carbs, I’m just sensible about it. I think of it as a “hedonistic carb allowance”. Hmm, a glorious IPA or a bowl of pasta. As a former professional brewer, I know which carbs are going in my tank. Same thing with my BBQ sauce, it’s not zero sugar or carbs, but it’s way better than the commercial stuff (both in flavor and health).


            • Hi, Jeremy,
              Congratulations on achieving your weight target. Very impressive, I must say. May your objective, once reached, be maintained. 🙂

              RE: Energy balance.
              Well, thermodynamics is real, but it is never the entire story. Any chemist will tell you that reaction kinetics is the other part of it, from a purely chemical standpoint. When we get to biology, we have complex biochemical systems with feedback control loops, so we are really talking about chemically mediated dynamics of systems.

              Your average MD does not understand this, because it is not part of his medical training.
              However, here is one who does:

              For me, the only sure way to kick off a weight loss program is to begin with a total fast. Zero calories, for at least three days. YMMV. You *can* do it if you really are motivated.

              The goals are manifold:
              1. Induce autophagy, i.e. tell your body it is FOB (fuel on board) and to start using the stored energy reserves, otherwise known as fat.
              2. Convince your body to lower its “set point,” so that it “wants” to maintain a lower weight, once you have lost some. Biologists call this attempt to maintain a set point “homeostasis,” whereas engineers know it as “feedback control.”
              3. Cure yourself of “recreational eating,” where food serves an emotional, as opposed to a nutritional purpose.

              Do I know whereof I speak? Yes.
              I was a fat little kid, who lost the blubber upon reaching puberty.

              In my younger days, I had a very strenuous occupation (framing carpenter), so consuming enough calories to maintain body weight and muscle mass was sometimes a challenge.

              As with many who later in life switch to a more sedentary occupation, the challenge is now to not overeat, and to keep body weight under control.

              I plead guilty to BSing myself about “only a pound or two,” until the problem can no longer be ignored, and serious measures must be taken.

              The program works, but you have to work the program. I’ve recently lost 20 pounds, and have (at least) another 20 to lose. Just have to “wanna” bad enough to make it happen.

              • Hi tb,

                Thanks, since losing 100 pounds, I have been able to easily maintain my weight, for over a year, by choosing what I eat. For me at least, figuring out what I need to eat, naturally regulates how much I eat.

                The reason I call the energy balance “theory” moronic is that it’s not a theory at all, it’s a description of physical reality that lacks any explanatory value. It is true, but tells us nothing about why people become obese. Of course fat people consume more energy than they expend. Noting this fact does not explain why they do so. Yet almost the entirety of the nutrition industry chant this obvious fact as if it explains the cause of obesity, and ridicule those who see the absurdity of it.

                Imagine you enter a building and it seems deserted, you walk down a hallway and notice that one room is completely full of people. As you peer through a window, one person comes out and you ask him, “why are there so many people in there?”. He responds, “because more people came into the room than left”. His statement is true, but obviously doesn’t answer the question, the energy balance “theory” is true, but doesn’t answer the question.

                Implicit in the energy balance “theory”, though its proponents usually won’t admit it, is the claim that obesity is caused by sin: gluttony and sloth. Now, they attempt to soften the blow by blabbering about toxic environments, advertising, evil food companies, etc… But, the fact remains that their “scientific” theory amounts to nothing more than biblical condemnation.

                Contrariwise, the “quacks”, routinely accused of denying “science” and thermodynamics, present an actual scientific theory, one that could even be tested. Namely that obesity is a growth disorder, triggered by an excess insulin response to carbohydrates. Now, I don’t know that this theory is true, but at least it’s a theory.

                To test this theory, I conducted a rigorous experiment on myself. Of course, it is anecdotal and doesn’t prove anything, but my experiment is far more scientifically valid than the poorly controlled observational studies, full of unverifiable information and plagued by rampant confirmation bias, that pervade nutrition “science”.

                I kept reliable data (I didn’t lie to myself, cheat or forget what I ate or did). To the best of my ability I kept track of everything I ate and recorded calories and carbs. I tracked my exercise and attempted, with the limited tools available, to calculate energy expenditure. The results were astonishing. In the first month:

                – I lost 25 pounds
                – I was never hungry
                – I could exercise vigorously without carbs
                – My level of exercise had almost no impact on hunger
                – I had plenty of energy
                – I lost 40% more weight than a simple calorie deficit can explain.


                  • Hi tb,

                    Thanks for the link. I’ve learned a lot from Jason Fung.

                    The reason I counted calories in my “experiment” is because I wanted to document whether my weight loss could be explained with a simple calories in/calories out calculation. It didn’t, not even close. As you say, there is more going on here.


                    • In my experience, it appears simple carbs are what’s going on. Whatever you eat but don’t burn in an hour turns to fat, and it plays hell with your insulin regulation in the process. The pitiful part is we can get long just fine, if not better without any carbs in our diet. I do eat some, but I always make sure there is a good fiber/fat/ protein to carb ratio. Nuts for instance.

          • Hey RG,

            “It would have been nice to have this knowledge upfront rather than going through thousands of dollars of testing.” The doctor’s response was “We don’t know until we are able to determine what it isn’t.”

            Recently I watched FAT: a documentary. A high powered Hollywood producer, Jim Abrahams, was featured in the film. About a year after his son was born, he began having extreme seizures. Jim consulted with many doctors who pumped the kid full of pills, nothing worked and he kept getting worse. Doing research at the John’s Hopkins library, Jim stumbled across that study you linked to earlier. He asked his doctor if he knew of the study, and he said yes. Jim asked him why he didn’t tell him about it. The doctor said “we have to exhaust all other options before going that route”. He said it in a way that showed he thought this was normal and ethical. Wow, Western medicine thinks it’s normal and ethical to ignore the least expensive, least invasive intervention until all the most expensive, most invasive and potentially dangerous interventions are exhausted. What made it even more appalling is that this doctor not only knew of the study, he knew that the observed efficacy of the keto intervention in preventing seizures was much higher than the drug therapies he peddled.

            Jim recounted that his son’s seizures had diminished, in intensity and frequency, by 90% in 3 days! After 3 months his son was completely seizure free and no longer taking any medication. But, you’re “anti-science” if you don’t blindly “trust the experts”. Just ask the self proclaimed physical embodiment of “science”, Herr Fauci.


            • Hi Jeremy,

              I will check out the documentary. I have not seen it. When I began researching Keto a few years ago I came across many studies on the benefits of it (the John Hopkins being one of them). It also looks like it is pretty beneficial for also killing (or decreasing) cancerous cells. The low carb actually smothers the cells to death, where carbs (especially sugar) actually feed the cells and promote growth.

              I am always amazed at Western doctors views on herbs, spices, and natural foods. Many refuse to acknowledge their helpfulness in treating a large amount of illnesses/diseases like blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, etc. Basically, our bodies immunity is really dependent on our gut health. We are what we eat.

              I believe Western doctors have their uses – appendicitis, heart attacks, brain tumors, etc., but I would never take health advice from them. There is very little money to be made by telling people to drink lemon water to cleanse their liver, add turmeric to food to reduce inflammation, use peppermint oil to dispel ticks and mosquitos, etc.

              I am so glad to hear though that Mr. Abrahams was able to cure his son’s seizures by diet alone. That is wonderful news. It is sad though that so many doctors think so similarly.

              I can only hope the Nuremberg trials are rebooted so the doctors (such as Fauci and others) will get their due to the fear and panic caused by the COVID plandemic. Science, my ass.

        • That Kelley man is a real fat porky. And I bet he smells really ripe also. No wonder there are so many skinny Africans and Asians. No food left for them after a meal. And these obeses breathe like a tornado!

      • An patient who isn’t cured is also a lost patient. People drop out of receiving treatments that do not benefit them.

        And yes, cures exist. Cataract surgery is one. Also all those wonderful surgeries for replacing defective joints.

        • Hi Zeke,

          They are only a lost patient to that particular doctor. They will find another doctor and another treatment, because that is what sick people do. I did state that I believe Western doctors have their purposes, emergency surgeries, untreatable diseases, etc. I am not dogging all doctors only those that believe most things can be fixed with pills rather than lifestyle changes.

            • You have to treat doctors like any other tradesman. Consult them for an opinion just like you’d ask a mechanic, plumber or electrician questions in their area of expertise. But you need to know enough to ask intelligent questions and smell basic bullshit. They like to dazzle you with jargon but for the most part other than being able to master Latin (which I admit I’m terrible with languages) they’re not any smarter than your average bear and if anything their unwillingness to question proves that IQ doesn’t actually mean you’re capable of absorbing and applying knowledge.

        • Benefit and cure are two entirely different standards. One can easily benefit from a treatment that does not cure. One can take ibuprofen for pain from an injury, but it won’t cure the injury.
          Don’t know much about cataracts, but likely will soon at 67.
          Defective joints are most often the result of a lack of needed nutrients, insufficient or incorrectly done exercise, or abuse. Replacement joints have a limited lifespan, so unless you’re my age or older, they will become defective as well.


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