Reader Question: When Did GPS Become Standard?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Clint asks: So I’m wondering when GPS came into being as installed standard equipment?  I have late 90’s cars which all have OBDII which came in in 95 or 96. I assume the only way I could be made to comply would be if I allowed a government tentacle into my port, which is not going to happen. I guess I’ll be an outlaw.  I’m curious how much of this data might be gotten without my consent? I’m also curious how much data is being harvested with license plate readers posted on major roads and then sucked into the NSA or other deep state computer for analysis. and how long before anti mask/vax will be targeted?  Also wonder when license plates are going to come out with some kind of smart technology (like GPS) since that is one area where you must have a government owned apparatus on your private conveyance in order to be in compliance with our masters?

My reply: It depends. GM was one of the first to install send-receive capability (via Onstar) in its new cars, which generally have come standard with this technology since the late 1990s. Most new cars made since the mid-2000s at least offer navigation, which of course requires GPS to work. Pretty much all cars made in the past five years come standard with navigation/GPS. Many also come “bundled” with various “apps” that entail “connectivity” – which means what it sounds like.

If your car only has OBD (and the data part) but not GPS/navigation or a “concierge” system such as Onstar, you should be ok.

I agree with you about not bowing to any of this. I’ve had enough – and I’m not going to take anymore! If enough of us express these same sentiments – and act on them – then this will stop.

But not before.

. . . .

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