Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 10/13/21

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about some encouraging developments, such as Texas Governor Gregg Abbott’s statewide ban on vaccine mandates as well as the apparent mass walk-out by airline employees in Florida!

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  1. About the AZ election audits: They can’t really audit the election because the election is unauditable — it was so corrupt with procedures not followed and no ballots saved, that it is unauditable. So, what they should do is simply redo the election but this time follow proper procedures so that it’s auditable… but they won’t even suggest that because they don’t want an accurate & honest election.

    All elections nationwide did everything wrong, what they SHOULD be doing is this: put voter’s ID (in form of an anonymous username/PIN code) on the ballots, let voters verify their own ballot is in the list of ballots, let voters verify the total votes (each county has it’s own ballot list to keep each file small), let voters verify other voters by being able to look at each voter’s proof of residence documents (each voter only needs to check their two nearest neighbors for this crowdsourcing method to work but can check more voters if they want to), let voters choose more than one item in each contest (not force them to choose only one item), not have primaries because those limit the choices & help frauders know how many fake ballots to make, let voters select “none of the above” so their no vote is counted instead of calling it an “undervote”, and require the winners to achieve at least 75% win percent instead of 50% which isn’t even fair and makes fraud easier.

    American elections do NOTHING correctly, they completely corrupt. If they weren’t massively frauding us, then they would do things correctly. But they don’t even do ONE SINGLE THING correctly!

    Plus they used astronomically expensive custom electronic voting machines because the code is on a computer chip so it can’t be audited — they didn’t want the people to see their fraudulent code that only counts a fraction of the votes the frauders didn’t want to win, and their code also destroyed ballot evidence, and it allowed criminal workers to throw out ballots & replace them with fake votes. Whereas they didn’t want to use a cheap website because website code is not compiled and it’s easily visible & easy to audit. Notice how no-one EVER talks about using a simple inexpensive website — because they don’t want that since it’s auditable. But computers weren’t how they frauded us — it was NON-transparency of the ballots and the computer code that frauded us… and paper ballots are also non-transparent because the voters can’t verify their own ballots or the totals… whereas computers DO let voters verify their own ballots & the totals.

    We need an election system that doesn’t require us to TRUST election staff — because they can’t be trusted.

    If there is ever any rule of law in this world… these criminals will get lifetime jail sentences with no chance of parole, or the death penalty, nothing less. This is high treason and mass public fraud of the foundation of democracy & civilization/society itself.

    • Hi Harry,

      Your suggestions are all excellent – which is why they’ll never be adopted. Not, at least, until the current regime is swept aside and we start over, from scratch. And that will take sweeping aside the fraudsters as well as the fools who follow them.

      • Thank you very much for your nice comment Eric. Haha, yeah you’re right. I suppose the people could force the counties to do things right, but it’d take some leadership to organize them, and even then, we’d still have dictators and all the corruption that goes along with it. So I think starting over is actually a much easier option, and since we’re starting over we can do things right from the ground up so everything will be better. We don’t have any other option anyway lol. Pray we have more time to get things going.

        • Amen, Harry –

          The task right now – as I see it – is to weather this storm and prepare for life after it passes. I expect things to eventually get a lot better but they may have to get a lot worse, first. I suspect that roughly 30 percent of the population is incurably pathological and cannot be helped. These will have to be contained somehow. Perhaps the problem will take care of itself, if indeed the “vaccines” are a depopulation tool. It is horrible to think along these lines; but I admit – I am tired of the Freaks and the damage they are causing. (Of course, the Freaks view us similarly; that we are the ones causing all the trouble. It’s a very strange thing.)


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