2022 BMW R18 Transcontinental Walk Around

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Here’s a look at what I used to love about new cars… on two wheels:

Full review will be up in the next day or so!


  1. Transcontinental, but for which continent? Well, at least it doesn’t have two big, leaky stromberg carbs, one at each knee, like the older BMWs.

    • Here is a ride review of the non-bagger version by Jerry Paladino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXGCADkY1PY

      Bear in mind, the 1982 Honda GL500i Silverwing was a 500cc v-twin rated at 50-54 horsepower (depending on sources) and the 82 CX500 Turbo was rated at 82 bhp.
      I find it astounding that Honda managed to build bikes with 3 times the horse-power to CC displacement ratio than even the newest twin cylinder 4-strokers of today, and for a fraction of the cost, even with inflation.

  2. RE: Military aircraft. http://davidmhart.com/liberty/Papers/Bastiat/SeenAndUnseen/Bastiat-VocabCluster-SeenUnseen.html

    I once loved watching military aircraft. But then I read Bastiat. Imagine what all those Skunkworks employees might have accomplished if their brilliance and ability wasn’t coopted by Uncle. And for what purpose? The last 30 years of war the United States has owned the skies, alone. No other country can afford to set aside so much of their fighting forces to stand up an Air Force of any size, nor maintain aircraft at the level necessary for surprise combat, so once the bombers have destroyed the infrastructure there’s not much left to do other than surveillance and crash the occasional wedding. Probably could do that with WWII era fighters and bombers just as effectively as the modern stuff.


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