Dodge Gets Jabbed – Electrically

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Well, it’s official – more or less.

Dodge hasn’t released an obituary for it yet, but the guy in charge at Dodge – CEO Tim Kuniskis – says ”it’s history” after 2023.

The Hellcat, Dodge’s 700-plus horsepower thumb-in-the-eye to everything political correct as applied to cars.

“I will have this car, this platform, this powertrain as we know it through the end of ’23 . . . There’s two more years to buy a Hellcat, then it’s history.”


It’s not because Dodge is having any difficulty selling Hellcats – the supercharged V8 versions of models like the Charger and Challenger (there are also other models sold under the Jeep brand with the Hellcat’s engine, including the Ram 1500 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee). In fact, it is having trouble building them fast enough to meet demand for them.

Because no one else sells anything like them.

This isn’t Oldsmobile or Pontiac in its waning days.

In our day, healthy car companies like Dodge (and soon, Jeep and Ram, too) are being made sick.

Dodge is having trouble getting its V8 past Brandon’s – that is to say, Joe’s gas mileage mandatory minimums (CAFE) and “emissions” standards, which are not even about that anymore or just barely. Because “emissions” as once defined are barely being emitted in our day, having been almost entirely controlled decades ago – in the mid-late 1990s – by efficient combustion and extremely efficient post-combustion controls such as modern, three-way catalytic converters.

The analogy here is “the virus” – which 99.8 percent of people recover from, as most do from the common cold or the flu – but which  certain interests want everyone to dread they’re going to die from.

As it turns out, 99.8 percent is also just about the same percent “emitted” by modern cars that isn’t an emission  . . . as these were once defined.

That being the noxious gasses resulting from inefficient/uncontrolled combustion that clouded (past tense) the air with smog and caused people health problems. They’ve been cleaned up. Have been cleaned up, since the ’90s. Which is why the air is clean and clear today.

If you want to see smog, you’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

Dial up Los Angeles, in 1970.

But “emissions” were quietly redefined – in the mid 2000s – order to resuscitate the raison d’ etre for the regulation thereof – by folding into the mix carbon dioxide, the gas that while “emitted” does nothing at all (as in zero percent) to cloud the skies with smog or cause people health problems.

But it creates huge compliance problems for any company that still builds internal combustion-engined cars, which necessarily “emit” C02 because C02 is not a byproduct of inefficient or uncontrolled combustion but of combustion, itself.

The only way to reduce it by 99.8 percent is to stop combusting.

Which is the answer to the political problem of combustion engines having been cleaned up such that they stopped emitting about 99.8 percent of the harmful emissions back in the ’90s.

And of car companies like Dodge audaciously selling fully emissions-compliant 700-plus horsepower supercharged Chargers and Challengers.

It’s triggering in certain quarters. Like the sight of an Undiapered Face.

So government hey, presto’d them “dirty” again – by characterizing the C02 as a deadly climate-changing “emission.”

It is an assertion of grotesque and deliberate exaggeration, on par with the one about the “plague of the unvaxxed.” Both meant to instill fear for the purpose of achieving an end.

In this case, the end of the supercharged V8.

But not just them – and not just Dodge. The aim is to accomplish what the original “emissions” regime proved unable to: The extirpation via regulation of the internal combustion engine, itself.

All of them.

They’d hoped to do it sooner – using “emissions” as formerly defined (the gasses that do – that did – cloud the skies and caused people health problems). But the engineers – damn them – managed to all-but-eliminate them without eliminating the internal combustion engine. They were even able to design 700-plus horsepower supercharged V8s that didn’t “emit” anything objectively objectionable.

It was like natural immunity – or just being healthy. No need for the Jab – or the regs.

And that just won’t do.

Because it’s not about “health” – or “emissions.” Those are the pry-bars only. The tools being used to get done – with the acceptance of the victims – what would otherwise incite the victims to fury.

People would see what’s wanted – and why.

But they don’t see it. In part, because they’re not told. It’s not explained. Indeed, they are fed contrary explanations.

The sky is falling! We’re all going to die!

Unless . . .

And so they don’t get mad. They just sigh and hope for the best, telling themselves it’s just the way it is and even partially convincing themselves that the government is just looking out for their “health” – like the battered spouse who defends her husband when the cops show up.  

So what will force-replace the Hellcat?   

A gott-verdammt electric something-or-other. Which all-but-assures that Dodge, itself, will be “history” shortly after 2023, too.

Not because the electrified whatever-it-is won’t be Hellcat speedy. Electric cars do that well (if briefly). But an electric this is the same as an electric that. What makes a Hellcat something else is precisely the supercharged V8 that powers it, even if the electric-motored thing in the next lane is quicker.

It’s not the point.

A battery-powered Challenger or Charger is just another whatever. Differently shaped and styled, perhaps. But not much different, otherwise. This latter, some may remember, is why Oldsmobile and Pontiac died some 20 years ago. They once sold something different.

An  Olds was an Olds – not a skin over a Chevy. Same for Pontiac. When they became skin jobs, they became irrelevant. Why buy the Chevy-under-its-skin when you could just buy the Chevy?

Hey, presto! No more Olds or Pontiac.

The same fate likely awaits Dodge, only its death will be unnatural – and sudden. Kind of like all the healthy young athletes suddenly dropping dead, also for artificially induced reasons.

. . .

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  1. My son-in-law is employed at a Chrysler dealership on the finance side of the bidness. He said it is not true that the Hellcat will be canceled, Dodge is going to make them bigger. Same engine, more car.

    Unless he is misinformed, that is what is going to happen.

    From Motor Authority:

    “Automobiles (he’s now head of Stellantis North America) hinted in 2019 at downsized engines aided by electrification for the next Challenger and Charger. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has also said that all new models the company launches will feature some form of electrification.”

    If Dodge foregoes the battery, builds and manufactures a diesel engine to drive electric motors to propel the vehicle, they’re gonna win the race by a country mile. Elimination of a battery in favor of a diesel-electric locomotion will be the zeitgeist.

    BNSF and the Union Pacific have been going locomotion diesel-electric for years now.

    A nuclear battery might replace all of that in the distant future, who knows?

    Can’t argue with diesel-electromotive power, proven winner.

    • Hi Drump,

      I’d like to think so – regarding the Hellcat not being cancelled – but Kuniskis is the head guy and he said it’s done, pretty clearly. As far as making the Charger/Challenger bigger: I definitely don’t see that happening, either – as they are already the biggest cars in their respective classes and almost the biggest cars available, generally. Bigger would mean heavier – absent exotic materials – and that would make them less efficient and cause even more compliance issues for Dodge.

      As far as diesel-hybrid: It’s a fine idea but not in this context. A hybrid-electric Hellcat or even just a Challenger would be fuel-efficient, certainly. But it would be a Hellcat like I’m short.

  2. If the elites have their way, then most of us humans will probably be gone by 2050. Why? Well, even though I’m no prophet, I do know for a fact that CO2 is the new fabricated enemy, and that the elites are looking to rid the world of nearly all sources of the stuff. So once ICE’s and fossil fuels are history (for us anyway), it shouldn’t take a genius to realize their next targets.

  3. Dodge said they will keep the 392 Hemi and some variant of the Hellcat maybe hybrid? So far rumors and no direct verbal bs is happening…We know great cars and engines are being killed off,very sad…Dystopian World here we come…Time to fight/organize against it!

    • Hi Bendix,

      If Dodge (Stellantis) has decided the Hellcat’s V8 can’t survive the regulatory regime, the non-supercharged V8 isn’t long for this world, either as they are both the same basic V8. A hybrid Hellcat is possible – and as ridiculous as a stuffed tiger on display at the zoo. People who buy these cars want the real deal. Electrification is the antithesis of that. It takes away everything that makes a Charger/Challenger – Hellcat or not – a Charger/Challenger. It makes them what everything else already is.

      It makes me ill.

  4. VERY SAD!! This is a great platform and car!!

    I am lucky enough to own a Hellcat Challenger,not only 10 second 1/4 mile times and 2.7 second 0-60 with drag radials with the 2015-2018 707 hp versions,they are 717,797,807 hp quicker! These also do handle real good,they are better than people think they out performed many higher end sports cars at Nurburgring!

    FYI:it gets 28.7 mpg on a trip I was on in the summer..I get low 20’s mixed city/hwy daily,sure like any car if you hammer it the mpg goes down..Same with E.V’s you floor it you get less range.

    Its an economy car too!!! I am going to buy another Hellcat,my dealer (my buddy) is going to hook me up..Nicely ordered Hellcat Challenger that I will drive and keep until they pry it out of my hands,seeing how the world is going i figure they will rip it away from my dead body in 5-6 years…

    Very sad!

    • Indeed, Bendix –

      Breaks my heart, too.

      Treasure your Hellcat. And – possibly – consider hiding it. This is Red Barchetta, realized. The Motor Law is coming…

  5. I knew it was a bad day for Dodge when Sergio died. I would like to think that, if he were still alive, he would be able to find a way to keep producing Hellcats.

    • Nope,Government mandates killed these cars..we needed Trump to be in Office and 8 more years of Conservative control…otherwise as we see it cars are done!

      Even Ford said its 5.0 is gone in 2025 for its Mustang…Camaro is gone in 2025 as well..

  6. “… that is to say, Joe’s gas mileage mandatory minimums (CAFE) and “emissions” standards, …”

    Joe’s got no legitimate authority over the above.

    Who’s to blame for “Dodge Gets Jabbed…” – many. The car companies that do not question
    illegitimate authority over automobiles, and the sheeple who do not get politically involved
    to stop the tyranny.

    Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,
    nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    How many have read or understand the 10th Amendment?

    “Politicians achieve power not to solve society’s problems but to personally benefit from their
    privileged positions, positions that over time indebts and impoverishes those they rule.”

    • I agree, libertyx –

      I’ve been asking that very question for decades in my columns and on the radio: How is i that the federal government has acquired the power to decree how many MPGs any car delivers? Isn’t this of a piece with the government decreeing how many calories you’re allowed to eat each day?

      As far as emissions: There is a legitimate issue here… as regards harmful emissions. The mere assertion – as per “climate change” and C02 from motor vehicles – isn’t legitimate. And traditional emissions ought to be subject to the same harm-caused standard that ought to apply to every legal action. Prove your case by presenting evidence that someone – an real person – has been victimized by the action in question; that harm has been caused. Then establish the necessary corrective.

  7. When I was in LA a few years ago I detected no presence of smog. None. The air was no worse than at home. With smog I would at least have expected downtown LA to smell like downtown Chicago in the 1970s. I remember how that was. The only place even remotely like that in Chicago today is the underground bus and truck dock at McCormick Place. It’s a place where buses and trucks idle approximately 24/7 and being underground it traps enough trace pollution that it builds up over time and plus the smell probably is in the concrete walls by now.

    If I want to see smog now I have to watch the opening of the A-Team.

  8. Lots of problems with EV’s

    Worldwide 80% of electricity is produced by oil, gas and coal. electric cars aren’t zero emission they are remote emission.

    The new gas powered cars run so clean they have very very low emissions, very close to zero like .00001% contaminants. The exhaust coming out of a modern diesel is cleaner then the air in a big city. ICE engines will be banned because they are not zero emission, .00001% contaminants is too high, this is leftist insanity.

    NOTE: The biggest pollutant emitted from new cars because they have so low emissions are from tires wearing out while driving, tire particles.
    ATTENTION: Electric cars weigh 50% more than gas powered cars so have higher tire wear, so EV’s pollute more. ATTENTION: Only 5% of electric car batteries are recycled, a huge pollution problem.

    In their entire life cycle including manufacturing, electric cars in total pollute more than gas powered cars. Most electric cars are designed as performance cars so they use far more energy and resources than they should. (the government regulations don’t allow the manufacture of small light electric cars which would make more sense, china does).

    Just like covid this is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, like it’s brother covid, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks.

  9. truly sad

    i thought dodge would be the big middle finger that we could all rally behind

    we are watching everything good turn to crap, so we can be controlled and fulfill the tyrants’ wet dreams

  10. You know, I’d bet if somebody invented catalytic converter 2.0 that could sequester carbon from emissions and make pure oxygen come out of the tailpipe, the PTB would still find something to say about it. Of course, that would throw a real monkey-wrench into their plans, which is always a fun thing to do.

    • Forget catalytic converters. I bet if compressed air powered cars became the norm (yes, they exist[ed]), then the elites would cry about “too much oxygen”. Maybe we should all just ride bicycles instead! 😂

  11. Just as free, free as we’ll ever be… – Zac Brown Band

    As we sail into the mystic.

    Since when does an auto manufacturer have to listen to some useless clueless nitwit bureaucrat knothead useful idiot?

    Who built that? Who’s running the business?

    Not The Donald.

    Not Uncle Joe, not the fathead Obama, not Hillary, not Schumer, not Nancy, not a single one of them. All those fools can make is laughingstock of themselves. By the looks of those has beens, they’re history too. Bill is out of the picture.

    Quite evident that they all speak from their toothless wonders. Goes without saying.

    Dodge might as well give all of the profits from sales to the holier-than-thou hallowed gov, plus tax.

    Ram it all Dodge’s throat.

    You can’t fight them physically, you can’t fight them militarily, can’t even starve them out, but you can fight them psychologically and can actually drive them insane. It can be done.

    That’s how it all can be done, those nutjobs can be conquered, they’ll be babbling drooling idiots.

    Drive Nancy out of her new digs in Florida, it can be done.

  12. The “vaccine ” is the virus.
    And the “vaxecutions” will continue until the people rise up.
    What are You going to do???

  13. I just read a press release from Ciena networks (some of your Internet probably traveled through their products) touting their new 400 GB/s SFP. The engineers managed to reduce the power consumption from 15 Watts to 13! Two Watts!

    With 20,000 400ZRs deployed in a single facility, the energy savings directly associated with these networking devices, as well as the related cooling equipment, results in >50kW power savings – for each data center. This translates to material energy gains across the distributed network. Just think, if you have 20 data centers, we’re talking about >1MW of power savings.

    It’s all about scale. Scale up everything enough and you’ll be saving the world! Never mind that all the engineering talent that goes into saving that 2W could have been doing something relevant and useful with their time. No, that’s not important. What’s important is to save 2W. BTW, what data center has 20,000 400 GB/s SFP in use? There might be like three in the world, and two of them are run by the NSA. Who cares?

    This is the world they want us to live in. Where minutia is the rule.

  14. You know, I’m ambivalent. I’ve never owned a new car- I like old ones. I love my cars, bikes, planes, and guns.

    But most of the herd of humanity isn’t really human- they use their cars to ferry them back and forth to dead end jobs, haul their sad offspring to day care and indoctrination centers.

    If they are overpaid for the papers they shuffle they will have a beach or lake home. They frantically run in circles, think and live as little as possible. In short, their existences are meaningless to themselves and to God.

    Most folks have used their travel freedom to run in faster circles.

    So I cannot get too excited about electric cars. There will be consequences to those of us who live their lives and actually value their freedom, but we are few and adaptable.

    Far more concerning is the metastatic spread of the surveillance and control society. And we’ve lost at least the first round of that battle.

  15. I can’t think of any industry or producer whose leadership will tell the bureaucrats to get bent. Closest is Elon Musk / SpaceX vs FAA. But it’s hard to take it seriously since he relies on government to strongarm consumers on electric cars.


  16. All this BS could have been avoided had the Supreme Joke….Court had ruled that CO2 was not a pollutant. After the jerks did that, everything became fair game to excessive regulation and bans. Banning CO2 carried out to it’s logical conclusion would end up banning “excessive” population. Then again, the Covidians and their forced jabs on people would take care of that “problem”.

    • The powers that be talk about overpopulation and population reduction by various methods many of which are nefarious for fifty plus years but now it’s a conspiracy theory they that these jabs may be tool to that end. We can just blindly trust the people who want to reduce the population not to reduce it.

    • co2 bs = insanity. another nutcase theory for low iq leftist morons
      This professor completly dismantles the climate change lie, worth watching, these leftists pushing this climate change bs are the biggest liars in history.

      Climate change just like covid is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, like it’s brother covid, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks, chasing you with the nazi needle to exterminate you.

      • The thing is facts no longer matter.
        There is a minority who go by the facts. Everyone else by emotion and following authority. No amount of facts will sway either.

        • the leftists just lie and make stuff up and are very aggressive shoving their lies in your face, conservatives have to get more aggressive stand their ground, take the offensive……

  17. It’s because of stuff like this that, when Royal Enfield brings their Classic 350 here, I’m going out to buy one. Though I already own the Meteor 350 sharing the same engine, frame, and brakes; though I can’t LOGICALLY justify another bike; I’m going to get one while the gettin’ is good. Why? There’s a big push in India to eliminate all ICEVs later in this decade.

    Well, if they’re eliminating ICEVs, that’ll include ICE bikes. If India stops making them there, how long will they make them for export-ESPECIALLY since there’s a similar push in the West to eliminate ICEVs? I missed getting the Classic 500 when RE brought it here (which was ELIMINATED, thanks to emissions regs in India!); I’ve been kicking myself in the ass for years because of that; so, when the Classic 350 is brought here next year, I’m GETTING one! I want to get one while they’re still making them. With the push to eliminate ICEVs, RE won’t be bringing ANY version of the Classic here.

    Eric, as you pointed out, people buy the Dodge Hellcat because they LOVE that supercharged V8! Even though an EV may be faster, it doesn’t have that V8 rumble. Likewise, people buy Royal Enfield motorcycles, in part, because they like thumpers; they like the character single cylinder bikes have. Even if an electric motorcycle looked like the old Classic, it wouldn’t be the same without that thump. SO! While Royal Enfield is still making thumpers, I’m getting the Classic when it goes on sale next year. One has to get while the gettin’ is good…

    • The silent generation was a socially liberal, permissive generation for sure. Back then, they were listening to Bossa Nova, partying with suits and dresses, dancing, working at things like the space program and innovating. They stayed quiet and they worked hard. They didn’t take too much interest in families and prefered nightlife, fashion and frolocking in the woods.

      They earned a lot of money and spent it too.

      Promonent entertainers like the Johnny Carson, Bob Barker, Johnny Olsen typified the group. Terrible presidents, George HW Bush (evil) and James Earl Carter were also members. Walter Mondale was also an early member of the silent gen. They are the people we hear about with the $75.00 mortgage and the paid off house by 1975 or 80. They got to see and drive cars with fins, fill them up with regular, get free roadmaps at the gas station, got to drive 75 mph on roads posted 65 today in cars that you would feel unsafe driving at 50 today. They raised their late boomer kids and early Gen X kids on a TV set.

      And, yes, their divorce rate was 50% higher than their predecessors.

      My mom was part of this group and my dad was GI, but they knew how to work and play during the 1960s through the early 1970s, the wonder years, so it was good. They would be shaking their head at this shit show. My dad warned that we lived in a decadant society as early as 1975 when I was being admitted to the hospital. Little did he realize how bad it could get. Or maybe he did.

      • My parents are still alive, members of that generation. As are Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Ron Paul. They got a lot of the benefits our grandparents fought for, but I think they were overwhelmed by the boomers. They did fight back in the 1970s, as the hippies burned out the rise of south led to a bit of a return to normal… big luxo-boat cars, the rise of the evangelist churches, Hee Haw and Dolly Parton, the colonial revival… all that happened in the ’70s. The boomer generation fought back in the 1980s though, taking culture back into the city. Away from the dinner party, country club, hunting camp and into the 5 star restaurant, night club, campy musical. Luckily by that point media was fracturing into a million pieces so by the time Gen X came along we could do our own thing.

        • KW – Good point about the 1980’s. I have always thought the 1980’s was the beginning of this country turning to shit. Boy George, Prince, Michael Jackson were the leaders in the feminizing of music, culture and everything else. Feminist women of all generations swooned over those fags.

          Prince, in his later years, had a wake up, so I won’t call him a fag, but the music, the culture, and everythign was pretty bad in the 80’s. It was uptight but at the same time a sissified culture was dawning. The 90’s were a little bit of a repreieve in that they were less uptight, but the 2010’s and 2020s can be characterized as the revenge of the puritans.

          As for X, we weren’t able to do our own thing. Most of us have had to accept escalating home prices, falling wages, and a fractured culture. Most of us have had to be two earner households, so the public skool brainwasahing campaign could continue unabated. Some of us are fighting back, though.

          • The two income family is a little bit of a red herring. Once I was in school all day mom went to work. She probably didn’t need to, but I’m certain she was bored at home. My grandmother worked, then volunteered, well into her 80s. Electricity freed the woman of the house from housework, taking what was a full time job to once a week chores.

            As for inexpensive houses, that’s more a function of land use restrictions and building codes than anything. Oh sure, many of those restrictions are based on mortgage issuers’ demands, but nevertheless a solution for expensive houses should be met by a glut of builders ready to speculate.

            But I was speaking more to the culture that shaped the generations, not necessarily the overly restrictive market forces at work. Gen X lives in a world where there are millions of songs available across dozens of genres, and if your band doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into the available choices, they’re free to come up with their own. Food choices are a global goulash of spices, textures and flavors cooked in 20 different ways. Hobbies run the gamut from traditional hunting, fishing, sports, to cosplay, electronics, off-road vehicles, and even painting. And whatever your kink, there’s a group of like-minded individuals you can communicate with.

            Oh, and you can be very well informed without having to ever pick up a newspaper (or read a news web site), watch any television at all, or own a radio. That all started with Gen X.

          • Youre right – the 80s were our last hurrah, the last decade of good, the last time White people were allowed to make distinctive pop music. That may sound silly, but think about it and look at history…
            The 80s were a good time; the economy was relatively good, boys were boys and girls were girls and both were glad of it. Some good tunes on the radio and V8s were still everywhere making their own music. Fashion got a bit out of control as it always does, but in the mainstream, fashion was ‘cleaned up’ and looking nice was no longer a sin. There was even somewhat of a Revival in the nation. Yep, the 80s were the last of the West.

  18. During the past six months or so, Audi has both emailed and snail mailed at least 8 separate offers to buy my A8 (4.0T)! They even want to buy back my little A4 Allroad but not nearly as aggressively. They offer me a wonderfully generous price (from a dealer) but sorry, NFW.

    • I was in the process of purchasing and shipping a VW Up! GTI a couple of months ago but was informed they now only come with Emergency Braking and Lane Assist as a mandatory option. I cancelled the order and in my cancellation letter, informed the dealer the reason why remarking also, an Electric Up! in not in my future any more than any other VAG product (including Porsche) I can think of.

  19. People simply can’t believe that at least 90% of their government is composed of sociopaths and/or psychopaths. They persist in their delusion that their government actually cares abut them, despite their mental disorder PREVENTING them from caring in the least little bit, unless it serves their psychosis, as in voting for them, or giving them more power. “They can’t possibly intend to do away with private transportation, that would be insane.” But, my friends, they ARE insane. They are so insane they intend to insist you take a “vaccine” that does not reduce or prevent transmission, has ZERO long term testing, the worst adverse event record of any real vaccine ever even allowed to remain available, much less forced into use, to benefit your “health”, while it kills thousands, at least.

    • So true!

      Another thing with electric cars,the government has control of them to brick you,meaning shut you down,you cant drive it! Look right now California turned the electricity off to people again,how can you charge your car?

      Electric cars lose power even when not being driven! Each day a pretty big percentage is lost,lowering your range…Electric cars are to get rid of people driving when and where they want to go,and nobody knows/talks or cares about it..Until its too late,just watch this is a total nightmare!! I am truly lost for words on whats going on right now,most people dont seem to get it…


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