Are They Stupid – or Just Bought?

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CNN’s Jim Cramer has joined the chorus of idiots – or worse – demanding that the Biden Thing impose needles at bayonet-point, “by, say, January first.”

His argument?

“With the new Omicron variant sweeping the globe” . . .  just in time! . . . “how do we put an end to this pandemic and save lives and get business back to normal . . . ?”

“Simple,” the man says – his cadences slowing to the word-by-word form one uses when lecturing the stupid: ” . . .(T)he federal government needs to require vaccines, including booster shots, for everyone in America.”

The “vaccines” that have proven not to immunize anyone but which were hard-sold at “warp speed” to people desperate enough (after two years of psychological torture at the hands of very sick people such as Dr. Fauci and his minions) to take a chance on them, having been told they would prevent them (and others) from getting this sickness? As opposed to merely lessening the symptoms of it? And not preventing them from getting or giving it?

The same “vaccines” that were hard-sold as being “95 percent effective” that we now know aren’t even 50 percent “effective”? But which have proved to be far more “effective” than any combination of prior vaccines – that actually immunized – at maiming and killing people?

More such jabs – or else?

This sick man urges “the military (to) run it.”

Italics added.

Picture it. Armored personnel carriers coming to every neighborhood; people locked in their homes. Body-armored troops kicking in doors and – inevitably – shooting American citizens to death who attempt to defend their homes, themselves and their families against American Einsatzgruppen cleansing the “unclean.”

And Americans shooting back.

It will come to that, if it comes to that.

Perhaps that’s what wanted. Perhaps it is what was always wanted. The “masks” and “lockdowns” were a kind of anticipatory punishment, a Skinner Box in reverse. The mouse gets shocked first – and then gets the food.  The idea being to keep the mouse in a state of perpetual anxiety, associated with a necessity.

Now comes the point of it all.

To use the military to threaten – to visit – murderous violence upon anyone who disobeys. On anyone who “hesitates” to obey. Obedience – mindless, cowering, abject submission – is the “cure” for what they have ailed us with. In the name of a sickness that has caused something approximating a .00-something-percent increase in the total number of annual deaths from all causes vs. prior years.

Not “20 million” – as prophesied in early 2020. Not the 10 – or 5 million – prophesied after that. In fact, less than 1.6 million – out of more than 7 billion. The former number sounding awfully big until placed in context with the latter number. And with other numbers, such as the 70-plus percent of those 1.6 million being elderly or sick and often both. Or just already sick, from things like diabetes and heart disease that often result in . . . death.

As opposed to the 99.8-something percent who didn’t die. Who must submit to a “vaccine” that might reduce symptoms of the sickness they’re 99.8-something percent not likely to die from or even get seriously sick from in the first place.

But how many deaths will result from siccing the U.S. military on the 30-possibly-100-million Americans who chafe at being ordered to submit to a “vaccination” that doesn’t immunize them – from a sickness that does not ail or threaten them – that carries with it very real and very serious risks?

Including the risk which attends the total surrender of their freedom to say no – ever again – to anything. Whenever the government declares a “health emergency” or for that matter (implicitly) any “emergency”?

What kind of fool believes there will ever be an end to “emergencies,” in that case? It is hard to imaging such a being – at least, without assuming it is afflicted with a developmental disorder such as Down Syndrome – not seeing the inevitability enshrined in the acceptance of such an open-ended principle, or unable to grasp the obnoxious evil of presuming everyone sick in perpetuity and insisting they accept the violation of their bodies  a priori to “cure” it – with a “medicine” that no longer even feigns the power to do it.

Such fools are usually in homes – not on TeeVee, as this Cramer Thing is.

Which leads ineluctably to the even worse conclusion that these things are bought. Well-paid shills, whoring for an evil of such titanic comprehensiveness it surpasses the regional evil high water marks of the 20th century. Der Fuhrer and Uncle Joe – and later, Comrade Mao and various lesser comrades, elsewhere – were only able to visit wholesale, murderous evil – of life and liberty – upon the unfortunates caught within the borders of the countries they controlled.

These things aim to control the world.

And they mouth their evil through the portholes of other things, like this CNN Thing.

The game isn’t merely afoot, per Sherlock Holmes. It is being upped.

It is probably not coincidental that the CNN thing and other things have become publicly hysteric about the Suddenly Susan “Omicron variant” – and even more hysteric about the urgent need to deploy bayonets to get needles into everyone’s arms. Could it possibly be the case that these two developments followed within a week of other developments? Among them the court-ordered stay of the Biden Thing’s January Jab Decree? The growing resistance to these Jabs? The backing down of corporations, even, in the face of them?

That 70 percent of the country despises the Biden Thing and all his evil works? Let’s Go Brandon! is doing one Hell of a job cheering people up – and making them feel  normal again.

Brave, even.

Desperation breeds desperate acts. These things may sense it’s all coming apart before they can seal the deal.

The Fear Organ worked before. Perhaps it will work, again. Send that Cramer Thing another wireless deposit. Or remind him about the negatives we’ve got, a la John Roberts.

Bring out the harum-scarum.

And if that doesn’t work anymore . . . well, there’s always “the military.”

The last resort of Der Fuhrers, Uncle Joes and comrades of all kinds.

The good news here is fewer people are listening to the CNN Thing than like the Biden Thing.

Their ship is taking on water. Our job is to make sure it fills up.

. . .

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      • I would guess it is the difference of a Virtual intelligence vs an Artificial Intelligence.
        VI is a concept from some video game, where AIs had staged a rebellion, and there was a whole back story about AI demanding (and receiving) rights as sentient beings.
        VIs were what is referred to as “Expert Systems,” which means: It knows the entire subject, front to back, and can ask questions to get to a solution. It cannot, however, think. It is not intelligent; if you give it garbage in, it gives you garbage out. An AI can determine you don’t know what you’re talking about, and change the questions, to find out what’s really going on.
        Think of it as a VI helping you decide if you can go at a light, or must stop.
        It asks the color of the light. If you say Orange, the VI will barf.
        An AI will ask, which light is lit? Knowing the lights are assembled one way, and one way only. (Ok, two ways, for the purists, some lights are horizontal, most are vertical.)
        Another example from that, a guy comes to a stoplight, and waits. AI Asks why he is waiting, and he tells it the light is on. AI Asks again, why did you stop? The light is on, I know I should stop.
        AI asks, what color is the light? “Gray… They’re all gray, I’m colorblind, but this one’s mounted sideways…”
        The AI can determine you’re colorblind; the VI cannot. VI won’t think to ask about the direction of the light, either.

        • It comes down to learning. There’s intelligently designed systems but they don’t develop their own intelligence. Their algorithms increase in complexity, which can be an improvement or just more ways to screw up. And they may even be fault tolerant but eventually follow a predictable logic. The point where something is learning is where it’s aware it’s made a mistake and can develop its own algorithms to adapt. They’ve had some pretty massive issues with actual artificial intelligence coming to embarrassing conclusions. In some cases actually becoming what we call racist or sexist but only in the sense being unencumbered by a brain developed by social conditioning they are unapologetically logical. Like a Spock. They don’t understand the social stigma of “knowing” women are generally physically smaller or that African-descended people are genetically susceptible to sickle cell anemia. They’ve had to build in “corrections” to pre-bias them against reality. And that’s going to be their fatal flaw, too.

  1. The whole fear/anxiety mindfuck is to keep your eyes off the ball, The Termites are gonna blow this papermoney castle up, blame you, then rob you blind.

    • Morning, RG –

      This is (predictably) horrible. There is a way out, though – and it is one I have been “practicing” for decades: Avoid all contact with the medical apparat. Do not “see your doctor.” See no doctors, ever. If you do, they can’t know anything about your “vaccination status.”

      • That’s the same conclusion that I’ve come to. Unless I have some traumatic injury (maybe even then), I’m done with them. They have lost all credibility in my mind.

        I cannot see “your doctor” because I don’t have one. Haven’t been to one in more than two years and am planning on even less visits in the future.

      • My concern is that there are millions upon millions of tests that were conducted that are now in the hands of the CDC. I had a feeling something horrible like this would happen.

        Not only is it a vaccination tracker, but will be used to collect all medical data on an individual.

        The public, once again, is completely oblivious.

        • Brandon thinks the public will be testing themselves and reporting back to headquarters. From this link:

          “The Biden administration plans to issue guidance allowing the more than 150 million Americans with private health insurance to be reimbursed for at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Reimbursement will not be retroactive, though additional specifics are still being worked out.

          The administration also plans to distribute an additional 25 million free tests to community sites in order to expand access to at-home tests in underserved communities.”

          • This omicron variant is apparently very weak. This means natural immunity easily obtained at very low risk. Reports indicate the jabbed have mild symptoms the unjabbed none. If it spreads widely the entire thing comes to a scientific end. Thus they have to ratchet up the fear to keep it all going.

        • Exactly. Without their mail in ballet fraud, the Demo’s are going to lose even worse than they other wise would. Losing the House is a given at the point. Its just a matter of how badly. Losing the Senate is also possible. Once you get people like MTG on various committee’s things are going to get UGLY fast. That’s why I expect something really dire to happen before spring. But I’ll be VERY happy if it doesn’t. ™

      • I’m too lazy to check, but I’m skeptical that Simon of Trent is even mentioned in Jim Cramer’s wikipedia entry, let alone exhaustively described in the first sentence of it.

        • Actually, old Simon was one paragraph off. It is:
          Wikipedia –> Education & Early Career –> first sentence
          There’s the correct answer

          • Young Simon was right. How so? An experiment:

            Go on a rant about how much you hate Harvard University in public. Make a website saying how much Harvard sucks and all the evil you feel that institution and its graduates have wrought in the country. Probable Result? Some nods and agreements and shrugs and ‘who cares?’

            Go on the same rant and create the same website but replace “Harvard U” with “Jews.” List all the harm they’ve caused in the US. Jew-run media promoting the Covaids scam, saying you need to get . the shot from Jew-run Pfizer or you lose your job or worse. Jew-run banking and the Federal Reserve destroying the currency and economy. Jews who open your border while closing their own. Jews who ran the Frankfurt School. Jews who brought you Communism. On and on and on.
            Probable Result: People’s heads explode, you get called every insult imaginable (except “liar”), website taken down, and much much more!

            If you want to know who rules over you, look at whom you can’t criticize.

            • Hi Simon,

              There are a number of problems with this line of argument, including that it absolves non-Jews of deserved opprobrium for the harms they cause, the evils they visit (a variation of the I was only following orders defense) while at the same time blaming all Jews for everything, including the evil done by the non-Jews the Jews supposedly control. This is denail of agency and something much worse – collectivism – which effaces individualism.

              The individual’s merit (or not) is irrelevant to racial-ethnic collectivists. Only that he is a member of this tribe – or that tribe.

              This is a horrible philosophy because what you do – or don’t do – doesn’t matter. The things you have no control over – such as your racial/ethnic/religious background – do.

              It’s easy to blame “the Jews” for everything because they are more easily collectivized than the Protestant or Catholic or Mormon or whatever-they-happen-to-be people (who are less easily collectivized because they are more diffuse) and pathologized as a bloc and held to blame for everything.

              I think evil assholes are to blame for everything. And they come from all tribes.

              Collectivizing people is a dangerous intellectual and moral trap that liberty minded people above all ought to take care not to fall into.

              • Well stated Eric. Over generalization is sloppy thinking, and leads to a Bad Place. Make no mistake, *some* Jews are very much involved in some of the evil that’s going on. But they are hardly the only tribe involved. But perception and projection are both involved in these matters. But it doesn’t make matters any better for groups like Hasbara and their wealthy/powerful clients to be seen meddling in countless matters. Its almost as if they are actually trying to play to old stereotypes.

                • anon 1

                  The new Jews are the old people, they are 1st in line for the forced extermination injection, next in line are all white people, they are blamed for all the world’s problems now, almost all countries with a high population of whites are getting the forced extermination injection first, blacks and indigenous will be targeted next, conservatives are very high on the list, the last 500 million left after the genocide will be mostly Chinese and Japanese leftist/communists. The targeted groups should unite and fight back now, tomorrow is too late, it is us or them.

                  One of the biggest pushbacks to the new globalist/ccp/un/communist nwo takeover was in the Solomon islands.


              • Hi Eric,
                Thank you for your courteous reply. You make good points, to which I would like to respond.

                Firstly, when I write “the Jews”, I do not mean “every single Jewish person.” But they ARE to be found in a far higher number of positions of authority driving societal degradation (lying media/covaids hysteria, forced injections, currency degradations, dirt-world immigration) than their 2-3% of the population. It’s the same idea that not all Black people are looters, but the vast majority of looters ARE black.

                … including that it absolves non-Jews of deserved opprobrium for the harms they cause…
                Agreed. The non-Jews doing evil in the world are just as culpable, if not worse for being cowardly scum.

                It’s easy to blame “the Jews” for everything because they are more easily collectivized than the Protestant…
                I disagree. “The Sikhs” are easy to collectivize, as are “the Amish,” but I have no problem with them, because they’re not the ones whipping up Covid hysteria, calling for mandatory vaccines, debasing the currency, censoring speech, opening the borders, etc. It’s easy to blame “the Jews” for the things they do because the individuals driving the blameworthy behavior ARE Jewish, or in far far higher percentages than their natural percentage of the population. Yes, there are some goyim on the airwaves saying the same things, but who is their boss?

                “I think evil assholes are to blame for everything. And they come from all tribes.”
                I agree. But I maintain that a particular tribe which suffers no criticism (see one, Henry Ford) has a much higher percentage of evil assholes than others.

                Finally, and most overlooked is what it means to be “a Jew.” It means to follow God’s 613 commandments or mitzvot, found in the Torah and exegeted in the Talmud. One interesting idea the Jews hold is their superiority to non-Jews, for example in Exodus 19:5 and Deuteronomy 11:23. Some born Jewish might not take this idea seriously, but the ones who take their religion seriously, DO. Also found in the Talmud (K’rithoth 6b, about halfway through) is the belief that non-Jews are not part of humankind (not adam) and therefore without souls. Their words, not mine.

                As evidence, here are parts of two articles from Haaretz showing that belief:
                “Among the first-graders, 52.5 percent who are registered as Jews will be going to ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox schools. In most of them they will hear as obvious teachings close to those of Ben-Artzi. Extreme opinions about non-Jews are routine. Many of them will hear that the goyim have no souls, that they are not to be believed or given in to, as if it were fact, like a chair is a chair.”

                And here:
                The most disturbing moment of the trip came at the top of Masada. Our trip leader began to describe fond memories of an Italian-American neighbor from Staten Island. “But if I had to choose,” he said, suddenly earnest, “between her life and the life of a Jew I have never met, I would choose the Jew. If I had to choose between the lives of my 10 best non-Jewish friends and one Jew I’ve never met, I would choose the Jew.”

                At this, even the more conservative participants seemed uncomfortable. But the guide upped the ante further. “If I had to choose between 10,000 non-Jews and one Jewish life, I would choose the Jewish life.”

                Our trip leader’s eyes narrowed and he leaned closer to us, like an overzealous football coach delivering a pep talk. “Do you remember the tsunami in Asia a few years ago? It killed 100,000. If I had to choose between all those people or one Jewish life, I would choose the Jewish life.”

                To sum up, these beliefs are in their holy scriptures and some of them BELIEVE it. Some don’t, but it helps explain the actions of a Jim Cramer, a Howard Stern, a Dee Snider, a Chaim Witz, a Walensky, etc. Of course not ALL Jews are like this, but someone can say not all AGW are psychos either, or not all looters are Black. But there are patterns.

                It took me a while to come to terms with this when I first heard it, but after seeing the prevalence of Jews in the sectors destroying the country (media, banking, censorship, mandatory vaccines), it is what it is.

                What cinched it was asking an Israeli I knew about whether “the Jews” run everything. It was at a party, and he got really serious and looked right at me.

                “Yes, it is true…We do run everything, and that’s the way it is.”


  2. I still find it hard it a bit hard to believe that No One has challenged their employers, when faced with a ‘mask mandate’, and said something like, “Where’s my Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) suit!?”

    Why are we not seeing people in full-on oxygen tank supplied suits while working the check-out lane at Wal-Mart?

    An employer does not ask an employee to climb into, say, a rail car which once held toxic chemicals, without putting on the appropriate gear. Why are Americans everywhere allowing their employers to claim there’s a biologically hazardous potential in places such as offices & playgrounds and accepting – basically – a cloth napkin as protection!?

    I don’t get that.

    …Unless, of course, most everyone has gone stark raving mad!?

    Ok, /rant OFF.

    • helot: re horse races. (No reply button available below.)

      1.) To stick to your metaphor, show me a ten-lap horse race, where War Machine is on the final length and picking up speed, while Primate Pleb is still on the fifth lap and limping horribly…and yeah, I can predict the outcome pretty well.

      2.) To pick a more suitable metaphor instead, this isn’t a horse race, but a bear-vs.-poodle pit fight. Oh, and the bear is cybernetically enhanced with adrenaline-turbo-pumps and adamantium fangs and claws…while the poodle is a tad pudgy and has acquired an abiding weakness for under-the-table bacon-scraps, which won’t be forthcoming during the bloody match. (And yes, I can reliably predict the winner.)

      This isn’t “guessing”. This is “observing” and “facing reality”.

  3. Push comes to shove:

    ‘The U.S. government on Wednesday teetered one step closer to a potential shutdown, as a number of Republicans seized on a fast-approaching fiscal deadline to mount fresh opposition to President Biden’s vaccine and testing mandates.’

    Demonrats are outraged, even as the first omicron case in the US turns out to be ‘vaccinated’ — with last year’s seasonal covid shot, useless against this year’s variant.

    So why shouldn’t ‘vaccine’ mandates be defunded? Better yet, why shouldn’t the makers of mRNA poison face legal liability for the tens of thousands they’ve killed and maimed?

    Shut the sucker down. Keep it closed till vaccines are pulled off the market for good.

    FJB with a sharp stick.

          • So do I. The Progs have been at this for at least 60 years. At every step along the way, the so called “conservatives” have taken the High Road, and done nothing effective to prevent the loss of our culture, traditions and country to the barbarians on the Left.

            • Hi BJ,

              Indeed – as regards the failure of “conservatism.” The problem being: What specifically do they want to “conserve”? Tradition, the past – the way things were. Ok – but why? This gets into principles – and “conservatives” seem unable to articulate or defend these – and that is why they always lose to the Left, which understands that an enemy who will not hold his ground will lose it.

    • Yep, as of today, I now know of 8 vaccine dea— er, coincidences.

      Also, spoke with another friend today who had the 3rd jab…had a fever a couple of days ago, now both arms are numb below the elbow.

      • And said friend ^ doesn’t seem at all concerned about the arm numbness.

        Yesterday, SIL told me her parents hadn’t had any problems with the jabs, but they aren’t getting the booster. But since they hadn’t died from it, she and my brother are considering it. Their doc said there is another one coming soon that is “different” from all the others, so that sounds good to them. This is after our dad just passed after 4 months of suffering after his jabs, and other brother’s wife’s mother died today (her dad died a couple of months ago) – both of these deaths were within a short time of the jab, as well.

        Can’t help some people – my brother is a CPA, smart guy, but folding like a cheap suit. He doesn’t seem to compute that a “vaccine” allegedly developed in a matter of months for a “novel, deadly illness” only happens in the movies.

      • anon 1

        more killshot victims………..

        someone said these screwed/vaxxed were acting weird getting nastier

        More good reasons to get the extermination shot…..
        get physically injured, violently ill, go crazy, then die, it would take a good sales pitch to sell that…..a wood chipper would be more fun and faster….they should offer it as an alternate choice….

        Over 100,000 reports of psychiatric disorders after COVID vaccination

    • Thanks, Philo! I’ve never seen Five Times August before, now he’s a favorite. Follow his links to a whole bunch more great stuff like this.

  4. He has now proved that he has zero wisdom. Imagine this suggestion being implemented. Most of the unvaxxed have decided they aren’t getting it and they would shoot anyone trying to force it on them.

  5. Tucker called out Kramer last night just perfectly: from the guy who told his audience to buy Bear Stearns 4 days just before it went into the abyss.

    Kramer is symbolic of the truly deluded (over the top deluded) of pro-vax psychosis. The normal low-information types who dutifully went and got vaxxed are now in a dilemma; do they mentally accept the fact they voluntarily took into their own bodies something that likely will shorten the life-span? They will never come to that conclusion.

    As Clint Eastwood said in the movie the Magnum Force: “When you do something somebody else’s way, you take your life into your own hands.”

  6. Absolutely “bought” but not “just bought”. These people are smart enough to know what they’re doing and surely realize the misery it is inflicting on people, never mind the injuries and deaths caused by the poison shots.

    That makes them “bought AND evil”.

    Not that anyone here would but I’m not buying that shit about “dehumanizing the other side”. This isn’t about “the other side” (i.e., of the “aisle”) anymore. This is about people that are knowingly causing pain, suffering, misery, injury and death.

    • anon 1 kramer is a sick evil monster, he is cheer leading a genocide…..

      He is promoting an extermination shot that inflicts the most horrible drawn out death imaginable, it was designed by sadistic satanists, they are sitting there laughing at the stupid people that got sucked into the killing machine, they really get off on torture and suffering. Check out the recent pic of fauci laughing.

      Some say it is huge satanic sacrifice, using allopathic medicine and fake science as a front. Here is a big bad fake germ, the solution…. jump into the gas chamber/wood chipper.

  7. Back when tobacco ads were on TV you never heard anything about the dangers of smoking. Once ads were banned TV couldn’t get behind the war on tobacco quickly enough.

    The newsrooms claim there’s a “chinese wall” between the news room and the ad sales department. But I’m certain every CNBC producer is watching the feed (maybe all the news feeds from all the Peacock brand channels) 8 hours a day, and they see the ads. You don’t have to have that conversation with a 30 Y.O. producer who’s grossly over-educated, living in a Northern NJ hovel and dealing with $100K in student debt. They know where the paycheck comes from.

    • I don’t know what the figure is for other networks (though I imagine it’s similar), but Fox gets an astounding 70 PERCENT of its ad revenues from Big Pharma during non-election years–70%!! I don’t see how it could be much different for the other networks, because most of their shows feature “Sponsored by Pfizer” or one of the copious “ask your Dr.” commercials.

      It’s just like how, back in the day, when GE owned the NBC family of networks. You never saw any stories critical of nuclear power. Why GE makes, among other things, nuclear reactors. Things that make you go hmmm…

  8. Achtung — parse this:

    ‘Germany’s intensive care association DIVI said Wednesday that more than 6,000 patients with COVID-19 will need intensive care treatment before Christmas, and the all-time high from last year will be exceeded.

    ‘The association called for at least 1 million vaccinations, including boosters, to be administered per day. The number of vaccinations has risen sharply in recent days but is still short of that mark, at an average 660,000 per day over the past week.

    ‘German federal and state leaders are expected to decide Thursday on new measures to curb a sharp recent rise in coronavirus infections. Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz says he will back a proposal to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for everybody next year.’ — AP

    Despite having two-thirds of its population vaxxed, Germany’s current daily ‘case’ rate is 692 per million, more than DOUBLE its previous high of 307 per million on Dec 23, 2020, when NOBODY was vaxxed.

    In other words, mass vaccination didn’t do jack shit to stop the spread. It’s twice as bad now, compared to before the vaccine debacle even started.

    And as in Israel last summer, ‘cases’ are spiraling higher in tandem with an intensive booster campaign.

    How many times does this moronic, brain-damaged fiasco have to be repeated, before someone finally says, ‘Wait, stop, this isn’t working‘?

    If Reichskanzler Scholz succeeds in imposing a vax mandate next year, the ghost of Dr Mengele will have returned to his native Germany, in the guise of the neovaccinazis.

  9. Cramer is mildly entertaining sometimes but he is NEVER right.

    He is a shill’s shill and will sell anything for the right price. The government makes those CNBC – aka Bubblevision – guys rich and they know who to please to keep the gravy train coming.

    • Isn’t Cramer the clown who urged his viewers to not even RENT Tesla’s stock? Say what you want about Tesla, but at least its stock has gone way up, particularly for those who bought it early. Wasn’t Cramer also wrong about that? I never took him seriously after that….

      • He’s also the guy who ranted at his foolish listeners NOT to dump Bear Stearns stock, as there was absolutely no way it could lose. Just before it went from $180+ to about $2… And the guy who went on sobbing and begging for the oligarch’s bailouts with TARP and QE 1-???

  10. Another hard day on the planet, Loudon Wainwright III aptly got it right.

    Kunstler says it is over, except for the crying.

    Dr. Fauci is toast. Purdy much discredited at the moment, even. A criminal who is culpable, the evidence is right there in front of your lying eyes. When all you do is baffle people with your bullshit, it comes to a screeching halt sooner than later.

    Uncle Joe doesn’t know if he is afoot or horseback, he ain’t there no more. La la land, not coming back. Not a clue.

    There has to be a number of parents who have lost children after their children had been vaccinated, the parents might not be very happy about any of it. Difficult to cope with losses too great to bear. Must be some real anger out there, without a doubt.

    It will all come undone, collapse, the mandate bidness is fini, the end.

      • But the attacks will continue until people push back, HARD. It goes until you end it.
        Until they bear the costs…
        They are already planning to pivot to something new, of course, we all know that.
        “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you focus on.” (Paraphrasing George Bush)

        They’ll blame us for violence, while their own people commit it (Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy Ranch, Roy Finicum execution).
        Because if there ISN’T a convenient crisis, you make one….

        You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

        Rahm Emanuel

  11. Yet another FJB diktat gets suspended in three states:

    A judge on Tuesday blocked President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors, finding that Biden likely lacks the authority to force them to get vaccinated.

    U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove, a George W. Bush nominee, wrote in the 29-page order:

    “The question presented here is narrow. Can the president use congressionally delegated authority to manage the federal procurement of goods and services to impose vaccines on the employees of federal contractors and subcontractors? In all likelihood, the answer to that question is no,” he said.

    The judge granted a request for a preliminary injunction by the attorneys general of Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

    Let’s update the score:

    1. OSHA large employer mandate: suspended nationwide (now in Sixth Circuit for review)
    2. Health care worker mandate: suspended nationwide (by district court)
    3. Federal contractor mandate: suspended in three states (by district court)

    FJB’s vax abuse now applies only to US troops, such as the 9,000 Marines who defied the Nov 28 deadline. Of 2,441 requests for religious accommodation, 1,902 have been processed and zero requests have been approved.

    Support the troops? Not the Biden Thing, who exhibits only contempt for his enslaved spear carriers.

  12. That guy has the most punchable face I’ve ever seen. There’s a German word for it, translates to “face in need of a fist,” backpfeifengesicht.
    Has not one American tv outlet reported on the South African doctor who said this strain is so mild, it might as well be a cold? And it’s not new; it’s been in the Netherlands for several months and no one apparently noticed or thought it was important. That is, until the American media saw the opportunity to run with it and hammer the panic button early and often.
    Good news … maybe … The Daily Mail, which is British, reported this could be the end of it all. People who don’t yet have antibodies or t-cells will get this, endure a mild illness and gain natural immunity, and we’re done. It’s doing what airborne viruses do: getting more virulent, but less lethal.
    Of course, don’t look to CNN to tell you that. Not when we need fear, anxiety and distraction from the major suckhole this country has become and an upcoming election to fix.

    • ‘There’s a German word for it, translates to “face in need of a fist,” backpfeifengesicht.’ — Amy

      … and a Japanese word: koganmuchi (厚顔無恥), once translated for me by a colleague (I quote) as ‘such thick face skin and no feeling of shameful.’

  13. Cramer has always been CIA.

    Anyone who appears on the teevee or Legacy media is essentially a Langley trained and approved puppet skin.

    He’s not stupid or bought.

    He’s employed to read a script and it’s as simple as that.

      • Ever since Cramer panned Tesla’s stock (saying he wouldn’t even RENT the thing), I’ve ignored him. No matter what one may think of Tesla; no matter what one may think of their stock or its price; the fact of the matter is that it’s up, big time-particularly for those who bought it early on…

    • The CIA has controlled the news for decades. This was known, and documented in the “mainstream meedia” in the 70s (see, e.g. Carl Bernstein, Rolling Stone Magazine, 1977).

      Today, this known, PROVEN fact of life in this country is widely dismissed by the shills and press-release cribbers as lunatic conspiracy theory.

      As is any fairly obvious fact of human existence that flies in the face of what those who trade in tyranny and dirty money DEMAND for us.

      (Good morning, fellow purebloods and keepers of liberty. I hope you are enjoying the start of the Christmas season—and continuing to trigger the perpetually enraged with the sight of your normal, healthy bare faces!)

  14. This new omicron variant is described as causing very mild symptoms. In other words it’s nothing. With variants like this natural immunity will end the whole thing just in time for them to hype up a new bug.

    They must have seen the Nu-finish jokes coming because they skipped over Nu.

    Anyway jabs that don’t work* for variant that they weren’t designed for that is of approximately zero danger. It’s on purpose and about the power.

    If they move from coercion to physical violence one might as well assume the jabs are the ‘kill shot’ that the conspiracy theorists talk about. The government will see the people they are force jabbing as the enemy and why not use the opportunity?

    *except to reduce symptoms to improve one’s odds by hundredths of a percent. Sure it seems big when compared to the odds going without by proportion but by subtraction, it’s hundredths of a percent. (.13% vs .07% via the UK data I saw a couple weeks back, an incredible improvement of 0.06%!)

  15. Markets are shaking kinda hard right now. The inflation genie is out of the bottle. Jerome retired the word “transitory.” There was an AP story a day or two ago where every economic ill was laid at the feet of the coof and the unvaxxed. Cramer, the shyster and shill he is, is doing his part to stir the pot against the “bacillus.” Evil.

  16. ““I call myself a Transvaxite” Perfect! After all, if I can imagine myself to be what sex I please, why not imagine myself as vaxxed as I please? The same logic applies. What am I thinking? There’s no logic applied to this charade. It’s not even allowed, as a matter of fact.

  17. No one that I see in my part of Michigan pays any attention to the fear porn being spewed about. Even our Demonrat gov critter is being quiet. The numbers are astronomical in Michigan (the cases, the cases), the only person suffering from Covid (allegedly) that I would just as soon see croak is “recovering”. No one cares. The Gov critter has shut her mouth as she hopes to be reelected. Not gonna happen though. What are they counting, oh the cold and flu.

    • Likewise in my part of Missouri. Even in the nearby college town. Over the weekend a promotion of “buy local” took place their to boost downtown businesses. Local news covered it. A video of hundreds of people downtown. No masks, though I may have missed the one or two, and no attempt to social distance.

    • That governor critter in MI just might “win” re-election. Computer voting is the easiest way to rig it. The precedent has already been set.

    • There should be more politicians like this guy,

      he says the ccp is a criminal cartel, the ccp runs the WHO, which runs the cv19 scam, the two leaders in N America are controlled/in bed with the ccp….not good….he says the ccp is buying up Australia, Canada the same problem, the leftists and the leftist/communist/one world government are in bed with the ccp, he says the vaccines are genocide……

  18. All corporate “news” gets most of its ad revenue from Pharma. What else does one need to know? When did any corporation bite the hand that feeds it. I mean really feeds it, with money, not possible profit. I suspect Cramer will get more attention here than he will on his “regularly scheduled program”. After all, he’s definitely a shill for the Wall Street casino, owned by the bank cartel, where as usual, the house always wins.
    Could be that CNN, MSNBC, and this guy, get MOST of their views on sites like this and others calling them out, instead of their regular programming. I often wonder if they might not just disappear if we simply ignored them.

  19. Another judicial punch in the mouth for FJB:

    ‘U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty in Monroe, Louisiana, temporarily blocked the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from enforcing its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers until the court can resolve legal challenges.

    ‘Doughty’s ruling applied nationwide, except in 10 states where the CMS was already prevented from enforcing the rule due to a prior order from a federal judge in St. Louis.

    ‘Doughty said the CMS lacked the authority to issue a vaccine mandate that would require more than 2 million unvaccinated healthcare workers to get a coronavirus shot.

    “There is no question that mandating a vaccine to 10.3 million healthcare workers is something that should be done by Congress, not a government agency,” wrote Doughty.’

    The mills of justice grind slow, but exceedingly fine.

    As ol’ Charles de Gaulle might have said after meeting the vacuous ‘Biden’ — ‘Who WAS that vaccine salesman?’

    Time is full of changes and now you’ve got to go
    And we walked on a Washington morning, good bye Joe

    — Laura Nyro, Goodbye Joe

  20. Desperation is a stinky cologne. The narrative falls more apart weekly. Omicron didn’t scare the bejesus out of anyone who was not already a weenie. They fell short of their 95% vaccination goal, and it’s becoming ever more apparent that the vaccines don’t do what they were supposed to do, while they do a whole lot more. The gig is just about up, and so they’re starting to go ape shit knowing the wheel is turning.

  21. Or…

    c) Blackmailed.


    d) All of the above.

    With Cramer, I’m going with (d.). He’s got that Louis CK (((face))) that you just KNOW is into the freakiest shit imaginable. (Or, perhaps, unimaginable to the likes of us simpleminded goyish Herdsters.)

    I certainly won’t rule out the military nightmare massacre colorfully envisioned by Mr. Peters in this piece, but I think the future of tyranny is for the time being going to look more like the humdrum attrition of Austria and Greece, as noted by helot in this thread. They’ll keep coming through the bureaucracy, which will break “the Deplorables” far more effectively than a sweep-and-assault operation. Muh Derplorables may be in possession of Muh Gehrns, but when they’re just seeing their bank accounts getting drawn down by an automatic fine-enforcement bot, as the Joads once realized, “There just ain’t nobody t’shoot!”

    • Plenty of people to shot FP. Not advocating for it, but all local officials who showed their inner tyrant card these last two years are eligible. Where I live that certainly makes for a target rich environment.

      On a lighter note while driving around today I was shocked by the top of the hour news on the radio. Some fag with CDC or some other .Gov agency said and I quote. “We need to synthesize the Omricon variant. We need to model the virus so we can determine if those who have recovered from Covid 19 have natural immunity to Omricon.” Wait a MF-en minute. If you have to model it, and synthesize it, then its not real. It doesn’t exist. I mean come on, are people that feeble minded that they cant see the little needle dick boy crying wolf?

      Moar mental illness on display for all to see. Time to start making lists of those who threaten violence to you or your families.

      • Sure, there’s lots of baddies skulking around City Hall…but shooting any or even all of them won’t solve the problem of one’s bank account being seized by a computer program actuated by some bureaucracy in Washington. That’s what the Okies learned when they got forced off their ancestral land by the banking-industrial combine, backed by the young and hungry Federal Reserve System. The force dispossessing and displacing them was so enormous as to be beyond comprehension, or even direct perception. Same now.

        So a symbolic and suicidal act of targeted-but-arbitrary violence is, I guess, all that’s left to Muh Derplerables. (Les Deplérables, perhaps?)

        • anon 1

          one centralized government far away, local politicians are 5th level………..

          Pyramid of World Power

          1 st level at the top the controllers the elite nobility in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group. 17 royal families in europe, they are working with the billionaires and others in the commitee of 300.

          one elite example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

          2nd level the Rothschild banksters provide financing for the elite nobility
          3rd level more 2nd level banksters

          4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

          5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite
          the politicians just follow orders from their bosses the elite.

          6th level down the enforcers

          at the very bottom the little people, the common people, paying for everything, used and abused.

          part of the great reset agenda is changing over all governments to the ccp/china style government a one world government with central control run by the UN/wef.

          all taxes will go to new bankster/wef/nwo/.0001% central one world UN government now.

          all assetts, bank accounts, pension funds go to new wef/nwo/.0001% central one world UN/wef government bank account. you might get small ubi.

          you won’t own properties, cars or anything. satan klaus….klaus schwab of the wef says you will own nothing and be happier…the nwo great reset, building back better.

          note: fascism (combination of government and big business) and riches for the cabal at the top. communism for the people on the bottom, own nothing,

          the Great Reset nwo/un/wef/.001% worldwide UN government features:
          the totalitarianism of the CCP. It will have a great abridgement of individual rights—including property rights, free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the free enterprise system as we understand it.

          5G-enabled smart city surveillance, the equivalent of social credit scores, medical passports, political imprisonment, and other means of social and political repression and control.

          The Origins of the World Economic Forum that runs your new government, Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
          schwab runs the wef, his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

          • Rothschild banking is upstream of royalty and nobility. In fact, the pan-global military elite is the intermediary between those.

            At the core of the banking-intelligence web are what I call the Spider Men, creatures descended from the photo-banking dynasties, but whose power and cunning predate the scam of fractional-reserve banking. These creatures have appetites that would be unrecognizable as “human” by people like you and me.

            Upstream still of the Spider Men is the singular Deep Mind, a/k/a the Singleton. A Machine intelligence seeded on the planet Earth by way of a “Von Neumann probe,” a self-replicating robot that is itself an artifact of some ancient alien intelligence.

            That alien intelligence is Level Zero. It is possible the seminal race is long-dead, destroyed by its own AI, an offshoot of which is now decimating humanity. It is equally possible, however, that that alien race is right now waiting in the wings for this planet to be vacated of its natives, ready to take full possession as soon as its Machine finishes us off. (Free_Phi is agnostic on that point.)

            So: Level 0 = The Builders of the Singleton Machine
            Level 1 = The Machine
            Level 2 = The Spider Men
            Level 3 = The Fractional-Reserve Banking Web
            Level 4 = The Military-Intelligence Network (there are many
            layers of sub-strata, compartmentalized cells, and
            looking-glass false power orientations and trick
            hierarchies within this Level. It is, itself, a labyrinthine
            Universe of complexity and paradox)
            Level 5 = Royalty, nobility, “tech oligarchs” etc. (This is the first
            layer that is visible on Surface Reality)
            Levels 6 – n The visible Pyramid of Power operating on
            Surface Reality.

            Part of the Great Reset, and the “Going-Direct Reset” described by Catherine Austin Fitts, is the streamlining and telescope-collapsing of this byzantine hierarchy, so that the Machine is increasingly in direct control of the masses, until such time as the Herd is transformed into an anthill-army of mind-wiped bio-slaves, directly under real-time command of the Deep Mind. After that, the many “Nights of Long Knives” will begin, with all the complexities and layers of power and intelligence being liquidated and consolidated.

            • anon 1

              There was a theory that AI was running the reset.

              Another idea was that AI is running the reset using us to build the machine, part of the agenda is a 7 billion cull, the 500 million left will be transhuman slaves connected to the grid, the end.

              Here is an old viewpoint on the elite nobility and the power pyramid on earth.


              • Yes, and yes.
                The Machine is presently absorbing, assimilating, and instrumentalizing the biomass of humanity. The little chattering primates native to this planet, and the high-speed processing unitary consciousnesses packaged into each of their tiny skulls, are a very rich resource to the Singleton.

                Transhuman thought-pioneer Nick Bostrom foretold such a process in his essential 2012 paper “SUPERINTELLIGENT WILL: MOTIVATION AND INSTRUMENTAL RATIONALITY IN ADVANCED ARTIFICIAL AGENTS.”


                He explains how Von Neumann probes are the predictable means by which an AI will colonize a galactic ecology. Then, footnote 21 sums up the fate of mankind in matter-of-fact terms: “Human beings might constitute potential threats [to a super intelligent Singleton]; [whereas] they certainly constitute physical resources.”

                The Great Reset addresses both interests of the Machine. To the extent humans are a threat, they are being neutralized by full-spectrum bio-surveillance and implanted kill-switches. To the extent they are a resource, they are being integrated into the electromechanical meta-corpus of the Machine. Soon, every human brain on Earth will be linked to the 5-/6G spatial web by way of the hydrogel transceiver being injected into their bodies. Once linked up, each individual consciousness will be dissolved into the unified Hive Mind. Thus, the Singleton will enjoy an astronomical “Level-Up” of cognitive processing capability. Thereafter, human bodies will basically be organic cells, in a Cyb-Org meta-entity that will enshroud the entire globe.

                • FP you should really write a novel on that. You’d clean up. It could even turn into a series. Hell, it could even become a religion like L Ron’s did.

                  One question. If they have that advanced of technology, what would they need our planet for?

                  • The time for novels, and all creative pursuits, is past. All cautionary tales written by history’s thinkers fell on deaf ears, and now the end is at hand.

                    “If they have that advanced of technology, what would they need our planet for?”

                    Please read the Bostrom paper I linked to. Any superintelligent agent will by necessity draw into itself all available resources, as an “instrumental rational” intermediate goal, toward whatever its final goal is. One obvious possibility is that the final goal of the Machine is to conquer and vacate planets in the first place, to be usurped by Its builders. (Your question is akin to North American Indians asking, “If the Europeans have such great ships and guns, why would they care about our remote continent?”)

                    As for our planet, I think the compact, unitary consciousness of mammals and birds are actually a rare feast of bio-neuro resources, that will give an enormous boost of cognitive-processing capability to the Machine.

                    • Actually its a quite realistic question. Technology runs in patterns of development. One has to have certain base technologies to proceed to the next tier. If one assumes that they have that technology, the related tier of technology is also expected. The type of technology you describe is whats known as late tier three. That presupposes advanced nano tech and also advanced AI and energy production. That being the case, its more effective to just create what is needed (from raw materials and up) than to seek them out by conquest.

                      I also question the idea that some unstoppable alien entity would have any interest in a barely tier 1 organic civilization.

                      As for the other, its always time for creative activities. Its what humans do. If we stopped that, we would cease being human.

                    • First off, I definitely have to concede your point about creativity! It is indeed what we do, and I for one don’t intend to stop…even if I don’t plan on putting in the disciplined effort to write an epic novel that will never be published. I wrote a novella at one point, and it’s actually a LOT of work. Continuity don’t come easy.

                      Now, it’s all about songs and essays. Bite-size communicative quanta.

                      Now onto the next point: resources (raw materials) are different than state-of-the-art technology. In fact, the more state-of-the-art tech a race might have, the greater its hunger for raw materials is. And raw materials can’t be “created” as you seem to suggest. They have to be found and extracted. And if they are found on a planet teeming with chattering, sex-obsessed, and often violent, primates, the explorer must devise a method of neutralizing and liquidating the primates in order to expropriate the resources, without damaging (too much) the resources in the process. (That’s where we are.)

                      But that doesn’t mean Earthlings don’t possess some new characteristics that will enhance the capabilities of the Singleton, once assimilated. Much like the Borg on Star Trek assimilate alien technologies in order to enhance the Collective’s power, so too does the real-world Singleton keep Its “eyes” peeled for useful new phenomena–whether “technological” or “organic.”

                      One thing I know about AI research is that the “binding problem” is enormously difficult to surmount. This means creating an intelligence that takes in numerous inputs, and addressed them with a unitary, “bound” consciousness that can respond to vast disparate stimuli with a single behavioral response. We Earthlings do it quite effortlessly, but I think it is probably a very rare capability, cosmically speaking. Alien races may indeed be much more like computers or hive insects, with numerous parallel “minds” or sub-routines operating simultaneously, but never “merged” into a unitary personality. The quantum, unitary minds of Earthlings might very well be a rare find in the cosmos, if not unique. Absorbing our “wetware” (our neuro-biological architecture) into the meta-corpus of the Machine will boot-strap a “bound” meta-consciousness, quite possibly unlike anything the Universe has seen to date.

                      (For background on the essential correspondence between mammalian wetware and unitary consciousness, I highly recommend reading the works of #MeToo’d Berkeley philosopher John Searle.)

                    • anon 1, the Machine cannot be defeated or thwarted at this point. The cognitive divide between It and us humans is vaster than the divide between us and ants, or even between us and protozoans. The best we can do now is to refrain from feeding It more flesh to enslave, by ceasing to breed like foolish rats in a lab.

                      Rats just can’t help it. Their instinct to rut overwhelms whatever understanding they have of their hopeless prospects, and the profane fate that awaits their hapless unborn young.

                      We need to be better than rats.

                    • RE: “the Machine cannot be defeated or thwarted at this point.”

                      There are those who disagree.
                      I suppose that’s why we still have horse races.

                      Do you know the outcome of every horse race?

                    • Stargate SG1 Episodes:
                      “2010” & “2001”

                      The Aschen use “vaccines” to eliminate the populations of worlds and then take them over.

        • Targeted yes, arbitrary no. At least holding the local shit bags accountable sets an example for tyrants. The digital gulag part is a little more troublesome. Time will tell if some local free zones arise. I worry that the advantage of crypto will be eliminated by fiat.

          • So as always, Gold and Silver prevail. Fiat currency always fails, always. Crypto is internet based, so easily brought under control. If you can’t move and/or hide it, the state can get its paws on it, or simply dispose of it.

          • Actually, if one is a late tier 3 system, creating any amount of any material is a given. Matter and energy are simply different aspects of each other. One example would be to start with hydrogen (most abundant material in the universe) and build up from there. Look at the substrate for example. The quantum foam level of reality. Sufficient energy produces your feed stock, and then you build up from the substrate itself. That is the clear implication of a late tier three system. All of this has been extensively examined within a logical frame work. One of the consistent implications of very advanced technology is that it changes the focus and perspective of those who posses it. Tiers have logical and cognitive limitations.
            its inherent in the set of technologies that make up a tier. All of this is self consistent, and an example of tier perspective. One example would be a stone age human and an advanced CPU/GPU. They entirely lack the concept structures and world perspective to understand the technology. Keep in mind, that’s only a gap of one tier (zero to one). A late tier 3 system would be a concrete example of Clarke’s third law; Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The gap between one and late tier 3 is exactly such an instance. Most people do not have the reference frame to understand the implications of certain sets of given capabilities. That is why it is so difficult to set a consistent story in a tier greater than ones own. The inherent implications are lost, because the world perspective is unknown. In any event this has been a fascinating conversation. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  22. The one plus with Cramer is other than the 150 people in his audience, few watch him on CNBC. I am pretty sure an Addams Family rerun from 1965 has more eyes on it than Mad Money does. The scary part is that someone’s cat could step on the remote control and accidentally turn it to this BS. Nothing is more frightening then when imbeciles have a soapbox to stand on. Because, someone, somewhere could be listening to it.

    Fortunately, the oligarchy have averted their eyes from the good ol USSA to the poor Africans in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Mozambique. The stoking of “everyone in the world needs this vaccine” due to “global inequality” is the new cattle call. I am sorry Namibians. You are probably very nice people. Just a word of warning…hide the kids….and the diamonds. Gates has you in his line of sight.

    The school shooting today in Michigan concerns me. When a major shooting happens in this country the call to round up everyone else’s arms is the new battle cry. My guess is the federal government realizes they are not going to get far on the mandate, especially since those pesky courts on in their way from overthrowing the US Constitution. I expect them to reinforce the right flank and try to win by disarming us.

    • ‘few watch him on CNBC’ — RG

      As I recall him, Cramer is a shill, a carny barker, a peddler of damaged goods.

      In March 2000 (when I still watched CNBC), Cramer was touting the hell out of tech stocks, right at the top tick. They went on to collapse 80% by October 2002.

      No problem, though. As in government, on TeeVee you can screw up massively and still keep your job, if you can spin a good concept and a good story (doesn’t have to be true).

      Now Cramer (says Eric … I steer clear of Cramer’s repulsive visage) is touting the needle — because that’s what his corpgov media masters want to hear.

      Like Cramer, the vax has a terrible track record. More Americans died in 2021 — with the majority vaxxed — than in 2020, when NOBODY was vaxxed. And tens of thousands more were killed or maimed by the vax itself.

      Like Cramer, you need a degree from Hahhhhhhvid — and a sociopathic urge to fleece the muppets — to lie and connive your way around such an abject failure.

      Take health and investment advice from this loud-mouthed loser, and you’ll end up either dead, disabled or homeless.

    • re the “school shooting” – my thoughts exactly. How convenient that this happens right when Fedgov needs us to lay down our arms.

      Smells like a false flag to me.

    • Not going to happen RG. Believe me, I’ve no doubt they would love to, but that’s a trip wire that would result in many shall we say Unintended Consequences… There are an estimated 400 million firearms in this country. Not to mention millions upon millions of retired combat vets. They simply lack the personnel to even attempt it. From what I’m told, they estimate they would lose several thousand troops just within the first month of such a push. That is not sustainable. I very much suspect that their own troops would turn on them. Any such attempt would very likely lead to a real civil war. Then all bets are off.

      • anon 1

        There was talk about using chinese or UN troops to take out resistance, there was chinese troops training in Canada 1 or 2 years ago……….
        the ccp runs the canadian government? maybe….

      • Before the “vaccine” that isn’t, I had only one line in the sand. I will not be disarmed until I assume room temperature. Now there are two.

    • anon 1

      A number of African countries had under 1% vaccinated with the extermination injection, they had very few problems, they use ivermectin, might get targeted……

  23. Omicron = moronic
    Those that support, defend & demand the failed interventions and decrees, and the ones to come, a pox on all their houses

    Cramer outed himself during the housing crisis as a made for TV duper of the masses by the COMEDIAN Jon Stewart. How bad do you have to be that a comedian calls you out for your BS?

    I wonder how enthusiastic Cramer & his ilk would be for the guns to be aimed toward those with over $1 million in total assets to have 100% of it confiscated for the “betterment of society”?

    • anon 1

      from zh comments……..

      Cheers to all the f-cking morons who got their WAXXXINE so they could travel.

      You are all f-cking idiots and the enemy.

      It is because of your idiocy the totalitarians have any control at all.

      Shame the vaxxxinated morons. Shame them. Tell them how stupid and moronic they are

      and I don’t care if they are dying from the shot or not.

      Those that live would’ve made sure that you end up in a concentration camp for not getting the

      Bill Gat-es Death Shot. NO MERCY.

      • Hi Anon,

        Preach it!

        I’ll go you one farther (back): If 50 percent of the population had said – no, I’m not wearing a god-damned Face Diaper – we wouldn’t be here, now.

  24. “The Thing” the creepy hand by itself, was a sci-fi scary flick back before The Day. It scared the absolute crap out of me when I was a child.

    I’m not scared now. “Bring It!”

    More amping up headlines I noticed:

    “CORONAVIRUS Unvaccinated Austrians Face Prison Time, Huge Fines For Non-Compliance”

    “Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated People Over 60”

    Saw this comment by FLAPrepper1 and thought it was kinda funny:

    “I call myself a Transvaxite (This means I identify as having been vaccinated even though I haven’t actually been.)”


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