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Why, exactly is Putin Bad! – and Ukraine Good?

I mean, other than because CNN says so. As CNN said so about “masks” (and “vaccines”) good – and those who questioned either being very bad, indeed?

It’s very odd – but very familiar – that so many Americans are worked up about Ukraine, a country most of these Americans probably couldn’t have identified on a map without help a month or so ago. Now it’s something they obsess about at least as much as they obsessed about the cases! the cases! – which CNN no longer urges them to be obsessed about.

Instead, they  are piously careful to properly spell and pronounce Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev – the new spelling of what had been “Kiev” until about a month ago. Of a piece with the prior virtue-signaling one has gotten used to when a TeeVee “reporter” whose native language is English goes out of their way to enunciate Chilll-lay (rather than Chile).

It makes them seem so  . . . internationally correct.

Anyhow, Ukraine. A recently former province of the old Soviet Union that was invaded by a Western power within living memory of many Russians, including the current leader of Russia – who lost family in that invasion. Many of these people are understandably leery of another foreign invasion by the West – or proxies of the West. Like this person who is the current leader of Ukraine – who replaced the prior leader (who happened to be less accommodating of the West) in the course of a violent kerfuffel in which a number of people died. Few Americans waved the blue and gold back then (this was 2015) and demanded the return of the democratically elected prior leader.

Probably because CNN hadn’t urged them to. 

But perhaps the most interesting turnabout of this whole business is that so many Americans are instantly obsessed with a putative foreign tyrant who is in no position to tyrannize them while being supinely indifferent about the ones who actually tyrannize them, right here.

The little doctor, for instance – whom no one elected to be America’s Health Czar yet operated as a Health Czar for more than two years, tyrannizing Americans with arbitrary edicts grounded not in The Science but Because We Say So. 

Is no one interested in sussing out the connections the little doctor seems very likely to have had to the people and facilities that both created and let loose the “virus” that was  subsequently used as a kind of Enabling Act to rule by decree that none but “essentials” – such as Wal Mart and Home Depot – shall do business, while other businesses (smaller and more irritatingly independent of corporate hegemony) were told they were no longer allowed to do business?

Until many of them went out of business?  

That we must wear “masks” – and force kids to wear them, too?

What about the “safe” and “effective” drugs styled “vaccines” that aren’t? Which have been shown to be neither safe nor effective? Facts which the drug pushers appear to have known all about, before these drugs were pushed on the populace? Does it not interest anyone – more than Keeeeeeeeeeev! – that internal documents the drug pushers have been forced to cough up by court order strongly support that contention?

Which order came down right before Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev!

What about all the people – there are millions of them – who were subjected to enormous duress – threatened with summary firing and loss of income and career – to coerce them to take these drugs?

Is it all so easily – so blithely – forgotten and forgiven?

People are literally dying – right here, in America. Thousands of them, so far. The economy is dying, too. Right here. Right now. But never mind that. And never mind the people responsible for all of that.


Does it not grate?

How about the senescent grifter-gangster leader, right here, who – it is now not only coming to light (it was known more than two years ago) but being officially admitted to (as by the New York Times) – appears to have had shall we say family business with the current leadership of Ukraine?

Who has caused Americans to be tyrannized by a doubling of energy costs, right here, which impoverishes them further in the direction of penury every time they fill up their cars or their grocery carts – assuming they can still afford to do either?

This same tyrant – right here – also proposes to have banks report every transaction of $600 or more to the government agency which already tyrannizes Americans in ways that Vladimir Putin never has. So as to tyrannize them even more?

Who wants little kids who sometimes think they are dinosaurs to be legally enabled to  “consent” to taking hormone-suppressing drugs so that little boys never grow into men – and little girls grow into abominations?

Americans can’t blame Vlad for that. Or for anything else that ails them, visited upon them by tyrants who are in a position to tyrannize them, right here.

Never mind.


. . .

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  1. Eric,

    While the Trump Clot Shot is a tangential part of your article, it was mentioned; that said, I have interesting news to share on that front. One of my SIL’s best friends (sorority sister in college and maid of honor at my brother’s wedding) DIED this week! Since my brother’s family took the shot; since my brother’s friends got the shot; since my SIL’s friend is like my SIL in terms thought, worldview, etc. (college educated professional types); I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the vax killed my SIL’s dear friend. Jackie (not her real name), my SIL, is 50, but she’s a healthy 50; she looks better than most 35 year old women do. No, make that 30 year old women! Barbara (again, name changed) was the same age as my SIL. I can’t ask if she got the shot, but since my brother and SIL got theirs, I’m going to assume that Barbara got hers as well. After all, they run in the same, college educated professional crowd. Anyway, it was a shock to hear the news, because I met Barbara at the wedding and I knew her. To hear that she’s gone-wow…

    • Morning, Mark –

      Very sad news about your SIL’s best friend. It is not, however, the only such news… in my own relatively small circle. This is now three people I know/know of who weren’t old who’ve either died or become very sick, with sicknesses previously all-but-unheard of among people their age. And the common denominator is . . .

      If this is the leading edge of something bigger, we’re in for a shit-storm.

  2. Yes, they’re all keeeeeving away as though suffering from a brain glitch.

    I had forgotten about “Cheee-lay.”

    But I do remember the 1980s, when English-speaking newsreading fluffheads started talking about those awful Contras who could be found running “right-wing death squads” in a place called “Kneee-car-ahhggggua.” They all hit that “aggghhhhh” as though theor throats were so full of phlegm that they were in danger of suffocation. Ah, the good old days!

    • Oh, and I’d forgotten about the multiplicative Y at the end of the surname of Our Great Democratic Ukie War Hero, Zelensky … who is morphing into “Zelenskyy.” I think I’ll leapfrog the trend and start using “Zelenskyyyyyyyyyyyyy.” Now, let ’em try to out-Y me!

  3. It’s very telling to see all the “conservative” news sites going on and on with their homoerotic hero worship of that complete freaking idiot Zelensky. Blah, blah, blah, …, democracy, this and that… gotta “do something” about Putin.

    No. No, we don’t… gotta… do shit anything.

    Let’s take a step back and talk about what kind of country is Ukraine? Democracy? EVEN IF IT IS… I don’t care. I don’t want and I don’t like what people these days are calling a “democracy”.

    Is Ukraine a constitutional republic? Doesn’t seem like it! Seems more like the pseudo-/quasi- “democracy” that feels a whole lot like communism to me. You know, the same kind of “democracy” where “mandates” written by a local dictator rule every aspect of our life.

    IDGAF about Ukraine and that eurofag Zelensky makes me sick.

    OBTW… go find The Vineyard of the Saker website and there you can read the other side of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on Russia or Putin’s side. I don’t like either but I’m hugely not a fan of nuclear incineration over some pseudo-democracy that smells a whole lot like a pinko-commie run-by-eurofag.

    And OBTW… if you follow any of the Telegram channels, the Ukraine army is getting annihilated along with whatever random fools think they’re gonna go kill ’em some Russians.

  4. Funny you highlight the news media new found pronunciation of what they had previously always call Kiev (Ukraine), now as Keeeeev!

    Reminds me of the second Gulf war’s coverage by Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings – suddenly referring to the country of Qatar, previously always pronounced – cut-tar, as cutter.

    They’re all muppets in my opinion.

    • Hi Tim,

      I noticed that, too, during the Gulf War. Drove me crazy. People today still pronounce it as “cutter.” I have always said “kuh-tar.” No one reading the news on Al Jazeera says “cutter.”

        • Or when Persia became Iran? 🙂 I noticed all of my Iranian clients that backed the Shah (before he was overthrown) do not call Iran “Iran”, but “Persia” instead. It is a habit I have succumbed to over the years. When I state what is going on in Persia, most people have no idea what the hell I am talking about.

    • Glad you noticed this, too, Tim!

      It’s a manifestation of the putative sense of effete/smug superiority these people want to convey. It only makes me feel like chucking all over my shoes.

      • Eric,

        I used to listen to shortwave radio a lot when I was a kid; I still do. Anyway, the folks at Radio Kiev pronounced that city’s name as KIEV! I figure that if that’s what they called the city, then it has to be the correct pronunciation. Who’d know better than someone from that part of the world?

  5. In my opinion, if you opposed the draft when you were of fighting age, you shouldn’t be allowed to support it as an older adult. It seems like those with no skin in the game support a war against Russia the most.

    I’ll make a prediction. I feel like one day, we’ll be at war in Ukraine. During that time, I’ll express my unwillingness to die in a pointless war for Boeing. Then I will get lectured by an older adult with no military experience how my generation is just a bunch of soft cowards who only lives for the “likes”. Then he’ll boast how his generation would’ve killed their mother just to join the war, were they my age. Let’s see how my prediction pans out.

    • Amen, Big Daddy –

      That Richard Greene character being an example. Didn’t “serve” in Vietnam when he was eligible – his draft number was high! – but now that’s he’s too old to serve, he is tumescent that you and other young guys “serve.” Like you, I loathe such people. If you’re going to holler for war – one you’re not going to fight – you at least had damned well better have fought in the war you could have fought in.

      There are few things more grating than a chickenhawk.

      • You unpatriotic, weak, rug-licking communist! You need to be supporting our Troooooooooooooooooooooooooooops.

        You can show your support by either sending them to die (but not for America), suddenly hating Russian people (trust us, this is good bigotry this time), or sucking women into the draft (for equali *cough* I mean EQUITY). Better yet, do all three! Be patriotic for once in your life, Eric. This is an emergency, we don’t have time for things like nuance, or American ideals, or knowledge of modern history.

    • Morning, BD –

      When I worked in DC at The Washington Times back in the ’90s, I got to see – up close – the various chickenhawks, such as Billy Kristol. He – and his ilk – are the type who start a bar fight and leave you there to fight it. None of them have probably ever been in a fight themselves. They’re incredibly belligerent – behind a keyboard. But to a man – I speak loosely here – not one of them ever wore the uniform or put themselves in harm’s way. They all found a way to avoid it, in fact. And I can tell you that more than one of them act in the pay of various interests, who are interested in wars. One of the best examples of this type of “hawk” being an old See Eye Aye geek by the name of Cord Meyer, whose “column” the Times carried often, back in the day. And which Times staffers often had to re-write, entirely, due to its illiteracy. There were also others of his stripe who didn’t write their “columns” at all. They just hung their names on them. I was there. I saw this myself. It was enlightening.

  6. This is the best site I know of for rational thinking.

    My take on the world we observe is the elephant in the room.

    Being born is a death sentence. But most of our actions deny that basic fact.

    Nowadays my aim is to get “myself” out of the way and let god decide and enjoy the ride.

    • BTW, my son gets his Audi electron on April 4th. VW have cancelled all leases on EV except the basic I3, he’d ordered a pro! model, maybe they burned?

      I know but for his use it might make sense. He never drives more than 100 miles and charges at home. He’s happy with leasing.

      Moi, I buy a car and drive until it dies.

      • I just talked with Audi service up here in Rockville, MD this morning — I’m wanting to bring my A8 in to check a noise up front. Online, you can’t get a service appointment until 23-Apr! So I called my service rep. He was able to get me in sooner but said that they won’t have any cars at least until 23-Apr!

        I find that seriously difficult to believe but who knows what’s going on.

  7. “If nothing else, at least listen to the first 25 minutes of this interview with Professor John Mearsheimer, in which he explains the most important context for the Ukraine crisis. He emphasizes that no one was accusing Putin of expansionist ambitions before February 22nd of 2014, the date on which a US-influenced coup occurred in Ukraine, replacing a pro-Russian leader with a pro-American leader. Mearsheimer shows clearly how the folly of NATO expansion is at the root of the crisis.”

    • Viktor Y was dethroned because he interrupted Ukraine’s move to becoming part of the EU.

      Before 2014 the vast majority of Ukrainians polled were opposed to joining NATO.

      What they wanted was to join the EU instead of the “Eurasian” U promoted by Russia.

      Putin could have had his demilitarized, neutral buffer state had he just told VY to play along.

      • Hi Bill,

        It’s hard to make out exactly what’s at the bottom of all of this Putin-Ukraine business; but here’s what we can say with certainty: It is not 1938 and Keeeeeeeeeeeev! is not worth a nuclear exchange with Russia. It is also not as important as dealing with the criminals in this country, who turned this country into a gulag for two-plus years and ruined millions of people’s lives.

        Sorry, Zelensky. We have bigger fish to fry.

        • What nuclear war?

          Russia’s already got most of what they want…they can just recognize the territory in the south & east they’ve occupied as the new state of “Rossinova” which gives them a land bridge to Crimea & most of the formerly Ukrainian coastline & put their puppet in place, purge the undesirables, then declare victory.

          Any complaints they’ll just reply with “what, we left you Odessa!”

  8. A lot of the anti-Putin mania is just pent up anti-Trump mania. Throughout almost all of the four years of his presidency, we were spoon-fed stories about how Putin was Trump’s guy and vice versa and how they were both bad dudes, so now that Trump is gone, Putin is a handy target for those same useful idiots.

    • Peter,

      This country is beset with problems that beg dealing with – but you and those who share your views think we should worry about what’s happening in some other country –Keeeeeeeeeev! – which our interference with helped to precipitate what’s going on there now. This idea that Putin is Hitler is just absurd. If Putin were Hitler, Keeeeeeeeeeeev! would be a smoldering ruin by now and Ukraine a part of Russia, again.

        • Hi Peter,

          I’m not buying it, sorry. Putin isn’t a saint – but neither is Zelinsky. This binary idiocy idea that Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! is both idiotic and dangerous. If there’s going to be a wider war, it won’t be because of Putin Bad! It will be because Americans Stupid!

          Do you really consider that risking a nuclear war is worth . . . Keeeeeeeeeeeeev?

          What possible legitimate reason is there for pushing NATO to Russia’s physical border – other than to provoke the Russians? Why does NATO even exist in 2022, for that matter?

          The Cold War ended 30-plus years ago.

          This Keeeeeeeeeeeev! business is a distraction. Meant to take Americans’ minds off the tyranny they’ve suffered for the past two-plus years. Meant to give Americans too wimpy to do anything about the tyranny they suffer under a chance to pretend they’ve recovered their balls by talking tough about tyranny somewhere else. It is a lot like the chest-thumping that goes on at a fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhtttttball game.

          • Hi Eric

            the useless eaters at the bottom that are helping, cheer leading, enabling the globalist/satanists, gobbling up and respreading their war propaganda 24/7, (a month ago it was cheer leading extermination injections), think they will survive, they are cheer leading a nuclear war that will atomize them, they are beyond stupid and they do it for free.

            • Hi Anon,

              I agree with your take on this – and would add: The people who were fervent about “practicing” Kabuki, then insisting upon “vaccinations” and now, Keeeeeeeeev! are precisely the ones Malone spoke of when he talked about mass psychosis. These serial “crisis” provide deeply alienated/disturbed people whose lives lack coherence/meaning the “belonging” they so desperately crave. It makes them feel part of something – part of something virtuous and noble. It gives them a sense of community. And it makes them dangerous. These are the same people who seig heiled the Fuhrer – and will do the same again.

              • Hi Eric

                Nuclear war

                Russia has built a large number of bomb shelters, in a nuclear war a higher percentage of the population will survive because of this, China isn’t as concerned, they figure they can survive a nuclear war because they have a huge population, so there will be survivors.

                If your leaders are going to get you into a nuclear confrontation at least they should build some shelters for you first, they will hide in their government shelter, you will get fried.

                In G7 countries less bomb shelters have been built, in some almost none have been built, except a few for the government and military leaders, the globalist/satanists at the top will be safe 400 feet underground in their bomb shelters in New Zealand.

                Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

                So instead of building bomb shelters they just stole the money, great leaders.


        • Well. I can’t see it either.
          Some of us understand that launching their Hypersonic missile is actually a message. Additionally, Kyiv was once the capital of ancient Russia and part of the USSR since 1921.
          NATO needs to stop parking weapons on Russia’s borders and maybe there would not be so many issues.

    • Hi Peter,

      I am a believer there is no good guy in this game. I am neither Team Russia or Team Ukraine. This is a territorial dispute and the rest of us need to stay out of it.

      I am of the mind that Putin overplayed his hand by receiving bad information from his own military and confidants. He believed entering Ukraine was going to be a cakewalk, very much like Crimea in 2014. That is why he waited for Trump to leave office and Obama 2.0 to return. I don’t believe he would have entered Ukraine if he anticipated the amount of backlash that he and his Russian constituents have received. From what I have been reading they believed that the Ukraine military was pro Russia and would have helped them overthrow Zelensky’s Administration. They were caught off guard when that didn’t happen. Putin is now trying to save face.

  9. While I haven’t heard the whole keeeev thing in person.
    It reminds me of Barack hussein Obama pronouncing Pakistan Pock-is-tauhn. So educated, refined and classy! as he jokes about drone bombings which had a 70% rate of hitting unintended targets aka non combatants.

    What few people including the alt news sites aren’t saying is: It’s possible there are no “good guys” in this fight.
    Do you support Escobar or El Chapo?
    Are you Democrat or republican?
    Do you like the bloods or the crips?

    Sure I could argue a case to support any of those, but why would I get wrapped up in warlords halfway across the planet who I know nothing about?

    The information we have is what we’re allowed to see from whichever source we deem reliable. Mainstream are pathological liars and many alt sites are just counter-punching mainstream media. Which leads to the mainstream still controlling what everybody is focusing on. I ask myself, but why? Who knows….

    I genuinely get more out of a car guy’s blog and than so called news sites.

    • Anon,

      Do you remember how moms would tell their kids to turn off the tv because it would rot their brains?

      They weren’t wrong. It’s all over the teewee. And people are soaking it up like sponges, then parroting it.

      • Hi Publius,

        As a journalist, one of the things that grates most about today’s “news” is the no-longer-even-trying-to-hide the editorializing. Where once you got a smirk or a frown to indicate the leanings of the person reading the news, what he read was (more or less) the news. As in, what happened, where and to whom. The why was left to the analysts – who gave their “read” on the news, separate from the news.

        There was always bias, of course. But the pushy propaganda being peddled today is insufferable.

      • Which is why we tossed our TV 5-6 years ago. 95% of it is garbage, junk food for the brain. TV is perhaps the most effective mind control device in the history of the world. Smertfones, and antisocial media right next to them.

  10. Per a recent poll, about 30% of Americans are willing to accept a risk of nuclear war to defend Ukraine. One of, if not the most corrupt kleptocratic nations in the world. So, once upon a time it was estimated that about 10% of the population was either sociopathic, or psychopathic. Now its at 30%. The Psychopaths In Charge intended to drive us insane, and have apparently succeeded.

    • from zh

      Putin knows he’s been pushed into this by people who are powerful but psychologically small. And the Russian people have been deeply disrespected to the point of war. That’s why his poll numbers rise while Bidens’ barely budge.

      That all leads to regime change as the end-game because it may be the only option, which implies continued escalation to the point of something unthinkable.

      And it makes perfect sense that’s what they are planning, not just regime change, but a wider war (see the buildup of NATO troops) to grind Russia into a paste and atomize it, Russian culture and the Russian people.

      That said, Davos has very little human intelligence on the ground to actually make that happen. All the sanctions and expelling diplomats helped Russia’s and Putin’s security.

      The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has less than 50 people in it.

      While that is a sad state of affairs and means there is little to no hope of diplomacy, it also means there isn’t any infrastructure to do what Lindsey is so desperately saying… Someone take him out, anyone!

      That’s a sign of creating the new narrative while simultaneously betraying helplessness, in my view.

      Now, unfortunately that leads me into an ever darker place. They don’t just want regime change and some kind of negotiated settlement for Ukraine. That’s actually way off the table now.

      They see the writing on the wall for their financial system which has failed. The only option they see now is making open preparations for WWIII thinking they still have the materiel and the manpower to enforce their Great Reset, which was always leading to war.

      Lindsey Graham’s job is to build up the propaganda war to justify NATO’s entrance into Ukraine in the next few weeks.

      The program now is WWIII, possibly with nukes and the abject humiliation of Russia and its eventual destruction.

      And ours.

      • Part of the great reset is depopulation, good tools for that are injecting bioweapons, nuclear war, starvation, it looks like the agenda is nuclear war now.

        Their stated goal is 500 million world population, all chinese, that means depopulation is on the agenda for anywhere outside of china, a nuclear war between russia and G7/nato could depopulate a lot of countries, helping them reach their 500 million goal. Any country outside of china will be depopulated.

        The globalist/satanists will be safe 400 ft. underground in their bunkers in new zealand.

        • The leftist wef trained politicians that are helping, enabling, the globalist/satanists with their great reset for $1 billion bribes, think they aren’t part of the cull, that they will have a place at the table with the 3000 globalist/satanist control group at the top……

          hahaha……………when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.
          This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned.

          Even worse the useless eaters at the bottom that are helping, cheer leading, enabling the globalist/satanists, gobbling up and respreading their war propaganda 24/7, (a month ago it was cheer leading extermination injections), think they will survive, they are cheer leading a nuclear war that will atomize them, they are beyond stupid and they do it for free.

    • Hi John

      Per a recent poll, about 30% of Americans are willing to accept a risk of nuclear war to defend Ukraine…………….

      Where are they going to hide when the icbm’s come, probably didn’t even think about it. How stupid are they? But they lined up for the bioweapon extermination injection, so it makes sense……..

      Russia has built a large number of bomb shelters, in a nuclear war a higher percentage of the population will survive because of this, China isn’t as concerned, they figure they can survive a nuclear war because they have a huge population, so there will be survivors.

      If your leaders are going to get you into a nuclear confrontation at least they should build some shelters for you first.

      In G7 countries less bomb shelters have been built, in some/most almost none have been built, except a few for the government and military leaders, the globalist/satanists at the top will be safe 400 feet underground in their bomb shelters in New Zealand.

      Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

      So instead of building bomb shelters they just stole the money, great leaders.

  11. In most areas of international conflictI I tend to be on the side that says its not ok for a boy to suck a dick. School poster found in Russian liberated Ukraine

    Mark Dice does excellent skits showing how abslutely fucking stupid most folks are. Most famous ones have the theme of offering a gold coin for someone’s hat or something and turned down every time. The lying is so intense on the globo-homo war against Russia it makes the scamdemic blush like a schoolgirl by comparison. Of course the jews, um news, sorry typo, ignored the 14000 civilians or so killed by Ukranian artillery over the last eight years in Donbass, that Zelensky wanted nuclear weapons, that the in 2019 the Ukranian constitution was changed to fast track a Nato membership. In the current conflict outright nazis are celebrated as freedom fighters – the Azov battalion. The same folks using human shields, blowing up downtown areas with ballistic missiles, torturing raping, and killing foreign students and ethnic Russians, tortuting Russian POWs, beating people in public strapped to lamp posts. On and on and on.

    As far as democracy the East European Justin Trudeau/stilleto dancing fag just banned ALL opposition parties in Ukraine. Like huh? Guess that’s coming here too. The one good thing out of all this is that Russia has learned that the lizards in charge of the West are absolutely evil/fucking insane and there is no accomadation with them. Good. Now Russia can build an alternative to the cultural sewer of Western society with its eyes wide open.

    I hate twitter but in this conflict there are some good sources about whats really going on there until they’re banned:

    Eric some free Teslas over there if you want to grab one

    • Hi Mark,

      Like you, I admire Putin’s stand for traditional morality. Some say it’s a pose – but I don’t think so. This guy has been married to the same woman for decades and doesn’t trot her or his two daughters into the public eye to show what a “good family man” he is. Instead, he is a good family man – from all the evidence I’ve seen. For those who’ve not yet seen it, I recommend viewing the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin.

      • Putin divorced his wife about 7-8 years ago. She has since remarried and he paid her off to keep quiet, realizing that shipping her off to Siberia would look worse.

        By all accounts, he just wanted ALL of the perks of being a strongman dictator and being married to an older woman was getting in the way.

  12. I know we all have good excuses, but step back a bit and look at the big picture, most everyone on this planet has been worshipping dictators and we gave them absolute power & control (decisionmaking) over us all. We people are absolutely insane. Are we all just suicidal masochists? This is what we get. Cause & effect. We let these nutjobs have absolute power and we all listen to them and do whatever they say. We all have ZERO control (say in anything) (we don’t get to vote). So, what do we expect? This world is our perfect fantasy — we want dictators… and this is exactly what we want.

    This is worth a listen — this guy has the ULTIMATE SOLUTION (basic concept), he hasn’t worked out final details, but the concept is spot on:

      • Thank you. I probly should’ve just said — basically the solution is to start a new society, one without dictators, where the ppl vote directly on most everything in a fraudproof election system — I’ve been onboard with this idea myself. I may be talking to this guy someday in the near future.

  13. President Thing sure knows how to play the blame game, almost like somebody’s telling him what to think, do and say. Could be. Depends, I guess.

    Not only that, the witch doctor Fauci is crying wolf again.

    When World War II was waged, the US and the Soviet Union were allies. Not until after the war was there a falling out. Can’t forget that one.

    Then you need fallout shelters, probably will be radiation, gamma rays, in the atmosphere and you’ll end up with a malignant glioma after the neoplasty takes hold.

    Radioactive clouds from above ground testing in Nevada drifted east to northern states then further north into Canada.

    Cancer-causing agents were in the radioactivity that did cause brain cancers after all was said and done.

    Always somebody making life miserable for every living soul.

    Got to stop picking on Putin all of the time, he holds the paste boards, he has the ace in the hole. You’ll grand at whist, and Putin will take every trick, you get set, lose the game and won’t even know it. You’ll wonder what happened. You will lose the ten dollar bet.

    Lots of finesse in that sly dog.

    Best to quit while you are behind.

  14. Amongst my circle of friends I’m the only one who says President Putin had valid reasons for his actions in the Ukraine. NATO expansion, ongoing attacks against ethnic Russians in the break away republics and more. My friends all screech “He’s a dictator!!!”, but somehow they all don’t seem to notice when the establishment send in their chain dogs and beat people demanding their freedom from Australia to Canada or petitioning for redress on 1/6 regarding a fraudulent election. This all feels like a “Look squirrel!” moment as they spin the wheel of doom and reposition their boot on our throats, but only for our own good of course.

  15. I just went to use Startpage (The Google alternative for those who care about privacy, and who don’t want to help feed the beast), and what do I see? A banner across the top proclaiming their support for the Ewe-kraine and “how you can help”!

    Funny, because of late I’ve been saying to myself that I think it is time to drastically scale back my use of the interwebs; It’s getting more and more like the Tee-Vee that I axed from my life completely decades ago. For the past two years, everywhere you look it’s been nothing but COVID, COVID, COVID…and now the Ewe-kraine narrative has simply replaced the COVID one.

    Even the few as-of-yet uncensored voices who speak the truth on the issues and debunk the BS, still help to keep the narrative alive and foremost in our consciousness by being as obsessed with the particular issues which the powers-that-be and their mainstream media cohorts have determined to be the muse for public discourse, to the exclusion of almost all else.

    No matter where one looks, we are fed a diet of unnatural bullshit which has little relevance to our lives. Things like “transgenderism” and “racism” which are the musings and tools of a tiny handful of mentally-ill radicals and social-engineers are made a constant topic of our consciousness by reason of the fact that they are constantly being set before eyes and ears, and thus occupy our thoughts, whereas without this artificial stimuli such would never be the case.

    These things would not even come into our minds if it weren’t for the artificial stimuli of media, and the platform that if affords those who are destroying our culture and values and sanity; and while those who speak the truth and debunk the BS and call-out the perverted fiends are certainly appreciated and valued and necessary, they are still ultimately keeping our focus on the things that we should at most only be vaguely aware of we have some personal involvement.

    Think of the Amish: They live their lives and do their thing, and don’t concern themselves with all of the BS…and as a result, they are much freer than most of us, and their lives and families are not contaminated with this toxic garbage which the perverters of humanity want us to be occupied with.

    • Startpage uses the same engine as google. With the same results. Duckduckgo is slightly different. I don’t give one flying shit about the Eeewkraine. Or KEEEEEEV. Fuck the whole damned thing. I’m not willing to pay $7.00 for some democracy bullshit nor am I willing to drive slower to save energy. They can go fuck themselves. I’ll say it again. Fuck Ukraine

      • Amen, Swamp!

        Except, I’ve tried to use DuckDuckGo on many occasions…but it just seems it isn’t very good for anything except the most basic searches. I kinda like that Startpapage uses Ghoul-gool… gives us the benefit of Google…without providing Google with any of the profit or the ability to track and profile us. Startpage is like a good parasite- it shares the juice while helping to kill the evil host.

        And yeah, I’m no eggspurt on the Ukraine or Russia…but it seems to me that Putin is the ONE ‘world leader’ left who is willing to stand up for his country and people against the globalists and against all of their culture-destroying evil agendas……so ‘he must go’ and they were trying to get to him via the Ukraine- and when that didn’t work, now they just declare him the enemy of “the West’ and get the whole coalition of NWO-compliant nations to go against him.

        And just the fact that Pedo Joe, The Clinton Crime Family, Nasty Pelosi, pretty much all of the US, the UK…the media…all of the usual suspects, are FOR the Ukraine and against Putin, pretty much says it all and shows who the good guy is…’cause these evil globalists didn’t just suddenly switch sides and start supporting righteous causes. And what a perfect excuse to now cover up all of the Biden and Clinton crimes relating to the Ukraine…and ‘our’ biolabs there et al (Why do we have biolabs in so many foreign countries??? Gee…I wonder…LOL)

        • I get your point on not playing in the paradigm (at least sans spacesuit per J. Rappoport) but now you’re all in on red herring biolabs? Shit’s fake. 100%. The whole Ukraine thing is a distraction/excuse for domestic consumption on who to blame for inflation and tilting the tables towards the Zoom class and oligarchs while destroying the economy and everyone else.

          • You’re likely correct, Anon.
            It could also well be the case that the globalists (including our own government) are looking to orchestrate a hot war to finish off this country- so as to cover up all the political crimes and absolve the bastards of causing the economic and social destruction they have wrought- and to end America as we knew it…and it’s “pesky constitution” which has been a hindrence to the NWO.

            Who knows for sure?

            But that’s just it: We don’t need to know….because when they want us to not only know, but to draw certain conclusions and feel passionate about things which we know little about and which are really none of our business, it is ALWAYS for the purpose of inciting a desired behavior which they deem necessary to their cause…and consequently contrary to our own interests.

            If everyone’d just turn off the damned TV and ‘news’ sites, most people could just live their lives without being made tools of the (un)chosen few, and without falling prey to all of their nonsense, and serving in their causes.

            I officially gave up the alt. news sites I used to visit as of a few days ago- just so sick of it all….. Wouldn’t mind ONE or TWO stories about the psyop of the moment…but just headline after headline day after day about the same BS- whether pro or con…..for months or YEWARS at a time….that is something new and unprecedented and unnnecesary…and it benefits no one…but rather harms us.

          • Yep. It’s just an audio-video feed that provides a narrative so that the goyim interpret their immiseration in a way that neutralizes any risk of reprisal from the masses, and also sets them up for the next stage of their liquidation. That is, when the bombing begins, the goyim will “know” instantly who is doing it and why. (Here in the Desert of the Real, however, the bombing raids will be done by unmanned, autonomous drones issuing from the nearest domestic military installation–robots with zero connection or allegiance to “Russia.”)

            I likewise have no doubt that the Russian masses are receiving their own electronic audio-visual feed stream that accounts for their own immiseration, as well. Anyone laboring under the delusion that Putin is “anti-globalist” really needs to take note of the tireless work of “Edward Slavsquat” who reports in English on the unabated liquidation of Russia with toxic injections, not to mention to essential ongoing coverage of James Corbett documenting that Putin is very much “down for the cause” of the Great Reset and Rule by Machines.

  16. All this is possible due to the stupidity and ignorance of the average American.

    Research and investigation is best left to the professional chattering class on the TV for them.

    I care not about Putin, Zelensky, Xi or any other foreign leader. We have bad enough leaders right down the street. That does not mean I don’t read up on the why’s & whatfor’s about their actions.

    But precisely because I do, it is advisable to stay out of other people’s business.
    The world is not a simple place to be manipulated for gain and pride.
    It is largely due to our meddling that Ukraine has been attacked.

    When it comes down to it, all high level politicians are evil people. They are playing a game with each other that does concern normal people.
    None of them should be supported.

  17. The Build Back Better™ bill included $1.67 billion (over 10 years) for a payroll tax credit that supports local news organizations for employing journalists.

    Does anyone outside of the old school newspapers and TV stations think this is OK? Sure, this omnibus bill didn’t pass, but you better believe every penny of spending is going to be tacked on and sneaked through every piece of legislation on the docket for the next 36 months.

    And why do the “local” news sources have their hands out? FTFA: It’s focused on the core problem — that the collapse of the business models have led to a shortage of local reporters. This focuses on helping newsrooms to retain or hire local journalists.” Instead of improving their product to attracting readers and viewers the owners consolidated, laid off staff and lost touch with their communities. They continuously ignored online (except for posting to Facebook and Twitter who took away the bulk of ad revenue), and failed to come up with a competitor to Craig’s List. Now they go to the same political system that they’re supposed to have an adversarial relationship with for a bailout. If this actually comes to pass, the best hope is that the newspapers will become even more irrelevelent and milquetoast. At worst, Operation Mockingbird 2.0.

    You think Putin is portrayed as a Bond villian? Just wait until a parent asks the school board why her 8 year old son is being taught how to give a BJ.

  18. “But perhaps the most interesting turnabout of this whole business is that so many Americans are instantly obsessed with a putative foreign tyrant who is in no position to tyrannize them while being indifferent to the ones who actually tyrannize them.” -Eric Peters

    This is purely by design!

    Eric: I’m reminded that it’s been a while since I’ve paid a visit to your tip jar. C-note is on the way. I also encourage others to provide financial support if they haven’t already. We need to make sure Eric’s well fed to keep up the good work. His perspective and this forum are very important.

  19. Thank you, Eric!

    For, at very least, helping me to not feel that my memories were false. Those being of years of referring to the city as Kiev (Key-Ev), not “Kyiv” and “Keeev”, wherever the hell that came from.

    • “Keeev” = Branding-by-Shibboleth. Neurolinguistic programming. A universe of mental distortions and received prejudices, boiled down to a single-phoneme meme.

      Super advanced weaponized narrative technique. Just like the “Covid” lexicon implanted an eradicable new psychic schema on the victims of TeeVee, the “Keeev” code-quantum is designed to purge the psyche of any preexisting notions of Kiev and “The Ukraine” that might be floating around in some pleb’s skull, however nebulous, and replaces them with the hyper-loaded new memetic system of war propaganda. The single syllable effectively connotes “Putin-bad-Ukraine-good-that’s-how-come-the-gas-price-at-the-pump.” Plus, when analyzing telecomm chatter, the government can readily separate the loyal True Believers who subscribe to the prevailing narrative from the outsiders, dissidents, and ideological holdouts, by merely checking the pronunciation of that single coded syllable.

      “Keeev” might seems like a trivial, simple, silly thing….but it is nothing less than high-grade military mind control and weaponized narrative.

      • Don’t disagree with anything you say FP. The thing is, Government already has us separated and knows it all. Who’s been naughty, whose been nice. The dissidents, holdouts, and outsiders vs. those who have been had for a honey of a price.

        May it be we are blessed to live in interesting times

        • OH yes without question we’re all already tagged and categorized. However, the Machine still needs metrics by which to measure the real-time uptake of each of its Narrative updates. New narratives require updated surveillance protocols, and new search-terms to analyze the chatter.

          “9/11”. “Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown”. “Obamacare”. “Trump”. “Covid”. “Keeev”. Coded linguistic quanta allow quick assessment of the success of each new deception, and real-time adjustments in the amplitude and tenor of the Signal.

          • So it sounds like a make work program for deep statists, enabled by fiat. Since AI along with a tiny cadre of geeks/techs can manage the “list” all thats left is who is tasked with the late night visits.

            It seems strange that they cant come up with more interesting and believable narratives. With all their money and computing power. I’m just an average peckerwood and I can see through this shit every single time. What does that say about the 90%> that cant.

            • The difference between them and you is that you are inclined to disbelief. They, on the other hand, find the narratives extremely thrilling and gratifying.

              Peeps LOOOOOOVE they “Nighny-Leven” “terrorist onslaught” and their Andromeda-strain-style “virus apocalypse” and their “Putler Madman War”. They LOOOOOOOOVE this shit. Without it, they would have nothing. It’s not that they can’t see through it, but that to them there’s no upside in doubting any of it, even for a second. They’re living in a beautiful, wonderful, exciting cinematic adventure, and they wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. In fact, I daresay, they would murder you and me if they ever thought for a moment that we might be successful in taking their action-horror fantasies away from them…

              You, Norman Franklin, might not find the available narratives interesting or convincing, but the masses of goyim most eagerly do. Oh, yes, they do. They are fascinated and engrossed in it, and they adore it all.

              • One of the only things that makes it still nominally bearable is living in a state where green gardening is decriminalized. So still have a challenging hobby that calms my zen.

              • The leftist wef trained politicians that are helping, enabling, the globalist/satanists with their great reset for $1 billion bribes, think they aren’t part of the cull, that they will have a place at the table with the 3000 globalist/satanist control group at the top……

                hahaha……………when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.
                This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned.

                Even worse the useless eaters at the bottom that are helping, cheer leading, enabling the globalist/satanists, gobbling up and respreading their war propaganda 24/7, (a month ago it was cheer leading extermination injections), think they will survive, they are cheer leading a nuclear war that will atomize them, they are beyond stupid and they do it for free.

      • Sounds sensible, Freelance. Also, it appears to be highly effective. And yes, I still refer it as “The Ukraine” at times. Old habits die hard, even when there’s a fervent campaign to rewrite history and language underway.

  20. There are a few people in my immediate area who now fly Ukranian flags just below the US flag. I think they’re at best foolishly naive and at worst grotesquely misinformed & could use a dose of EP reality check.

  21. Eric – it is funny isn’t it ? I mean looking at all the constant barrage of media coverage of all the horrible things happening in Ukraine, and then putting it into perspective of whats happened in the very recent past – from Libya (where I have an idea first hand because a friend was posted there with a canadian oil company when it all went down), or Yemen, or even the droning of schools and wedding parties by the Americans in mountains of Pakistan / Afghanistan, which I suspect created more people who will never like America than it ever destroys…..

  22. Not defending the loathsome CNN here by any means, but I’m not sure that it’s fair to give them the credit (or blame) for whipping up the public on Ukraine. CNN is the medium, not the message. Before there was CNN, there was Tass, Izvestia, Pravda, der Völkischer Beobachter, Hearst Newspapers, etc.

    There was no CNN in 1917 when Wilson declared war on Germany one month after his second inaugural, after having campaigned on the slogan “He kept us out of war.”

    And before electronic media and before print media, there were mass religious gatherings telling people what to do, and what to think — from hacking to heart out of a human sacrifice to eating the holy wafer and everything in between.

    The fact is that people are herd animals. The “correct” thinking and “correct” behavior may be transmitted to the herd any number of ways, the important thing is that they follow it. And mostly, they do.

    Libertarianism supposes that people are independent, objective, rational thinkers who carefully weigh all the facts and then make the best decision. Sometimes that is true. It was true of the pioneers who settled this country.

    But unfortunately I think it is more of an aberration than a general rule.

  23. I hardly ever turn on the damned TV anymore. What I do know is that there is no good guy vs bad guy in this conflict. Ukraine has a very corrupt government as well as Russia. The histories of both go back several hundred years and both are intertwined. Our best bet is to stay the hell out of it. The Biden Regime is using this as a distraction to keep the crappy economy and “vaccine” deaths out of the news. Even “Faux” news has drank the Koolaid. So one has to rely on good common sense, a knowledge of history, experience and a desire to find the truth to know what is really going on. The truth is something that is rarely given and you have to diligently seek it out.

    • ‘Our best bet is to stay the hell out of it’ — Allen

      A few weeks of 24/7 media agitprop have quickly separated America First Republicans from foreign-interventionist Republicans.

      Dr Paul Gosar (R-AZ):

      “To be clear, what is happening in Russia is concerning. But it is a problem for Russia, the Ukraine, and eastern Europe.

      “Let me also be perfectly clear: not one American soldier should be shipped across the world to fight to protect the Russian-Ukrainian border. Not one American soldier should die there and not one American bullet should be fired there.”

      Mitt Romney (R-UT):

      “America has a responsibility to defend freedom around the world. We must get Ukraine the capabilities they need–MiG-29 jets, air defense systems, anti-tank missiles, ammunition—to fight and keep their land and skies safe. We cannot wait any longer.”


      Where in the constitution is this alleged ‘responsibility to defend freedom around the world’?

      How did that work out for us so far?

      • “America has a responsibility to defend freedom around the world.” Even if it costs our own freedom. Even if we have to kill those whose “freedom” we propose to protect. Even if we have to starve children to death to get it done. Even if we have to completely destroy vigorous stable nations, like Libya, to get it done. No cost is too high, unless it is imposed on the US Psychopaths In Charge. They are not the least bit concerned about their own fuel, food and housing cost. We cover them.

  24. Elites suggesting price controls because of the Keeeev War. Read and Weep.

    ** Reduce speed limits on highways by at least 10 km/h

    Impact*: Saves around 290 kb/d of oil use from cars, and an additional 140 kb/d from trucks
    Work from home up to three days a week where possible

    Impact: One day a week saves around 170 kb/d; three days saves around 500 kb/d
    Car-free Sundays in cities

    Impact: Every Sunday saves around 380 kb/d; one Sunday a month saves 95 kb/d
    Make the use of public transport cheaper and incentivise micromobility, walking and cycling

    Impact: Saves around 330 kb/d
    Alternate private car access to roads in large cities

    Impact: Saves around 210 kb/d
    Increase car sharing and adopt practices to reduce fuel use

    Impact: Saves around 470 kb/d
    Promote efficient driving for freight trucks and delivery of goods

    Impact: Saves around 320 kb/d
    Using high-speed and night trains instead of planes where possible

    Impact: Saves around 40 kb/d
    Avoid business air travel where alternative options exist

    Impact: Saves around 260 kb/d
    ** Reinforce the adoption of electric and more efficient vehicles

    Impact: Saves around 100 kb/d

    ** Here we go again… more restrictions by “Elites” aka Parasites suggested.


    • Meanwhile, all that saved oil will be consumed in their flights to Davos in their Gulfstreams and Bombardier Global 8000s, where they will discuss with great fear the global warming.

  25. When Mussorgsky composed Pictures at an Exhibition, I wonder if he knew the signature piece should have properly been called the Great Gate of Keeeeeeeev/Kyiv.

  26. ‘How about the senescent grifter-gangster leader … who appears to have had shall we say family business with the current leadership of Ukraine?’ — eric

    ‘Ten percent for the Big Guy,’ as a damning email on Hunter’s laptop spells out.

    That would be the laptop that the ‘intelligence community’ speciously claimed (two weeks before the election) was a Russian hoax — but which the NYT now admits is genuine.

    If Hunter is indicted, the grifter-gangster who’s impersonating the president will find himself — like Richard Nixon — facing both an inflation-wracked economy AND a criminal investigation.

    One Term Joe has a choice: hunker down and refuse to leave the White House as the dirt is dished, or quit early.

    What to do, what to do?

    Exciting times, comrades.

    • If Bident resigns or assumes room temperature prior to Inauguration Day 2025, why does anyone believe that Nancy Pelosi or her post-midterm Republican replacement as Speaker will allow a vote on a new VP to hit the floor of the House after Kamala moves up.


      Exciting times, indeed!

    • Nothing’s going to happen to Biden, his crackhead son, Kamala Harris or any of these criminals in DC. Putin would be a better president of the US than this criminal.

  27. I feel like I am none of the only people who think that Putin has done good things for the people in his country. Eric’s graphic shows it. I follow a young Russian couple on Youtube as they go through their daily lives. They are doing as well or better than any average American. I don’t know why he invaded the “uuuuuukraaaaine”. I don’t know what type of person he is, but facts are facts. And I doubt that a complete tyrant would have allowed the economic growth that the average Russian has experienced in the last 20 years. Just saying. Who knows what direction that is going, either. All I know is that I’m not willing to pay $7.00 for a gallon of gas to virtue signal to anyone. These pointy headed little fags should get a cup of shut the hell up. Take your Keeeeev and shove it in your ass.

    • I am with you, Nixon –

      I have been watching the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin; he (Putin) comes across as a level-headed, measured nationalist who articulates sound reasons for his actions. Nothing like the scripted talking points and catchphrases eructed by the buffoons who run this country. I also respect Putin as a man – because he is one.

  28. YEP…we went from all trump all the time, to all covid all the time and now to all ukraine all the time. It’s as if NOTHING else is happening on the entire planet.

    • One thing that is happening is that Biden started bombing Somalia about the same time as Russian troops entered Ukraine.

      It’s a pretty safe bet that Biden has killed more Somali civilians than Putin has killed Ukrainian civilians.

  29. My hope is that these elites being so overconfident in the execution of their plan is that it will probably not go in the straight line they are envisioning. Their trump card seems to be their belief that they can change biology or hack people to a degree that ensures their ability to dominate. I have more faith in God and humankind. It also makes me laugh to hear the current elites referring to themselves as elites. Have a feeling many of them will be reclassified as, to use their terminology “unsustainable”.

  30. The Bite-Me handlers have shifted the mass psychosis narrative to a new topic which is their favorite Bond Villian: Putin. Their problem is the previous narrative of mass psychosis was the Covidcon where the masses personal safety was portrayed at risk thereby making the fear local and personal. The new mass psychosis is a focus on sympathy for the Ukrainians but not personal fear however it provides a convenient distraction to the failures directly caused by the Bite-Me handlers. The problem they have is how to shift from one focal point of hypnosis of mass psychosis back to the personal fear aspect? Will the masses become de-programmed from the fear now that mask mandates are removed?

    I think the next play is both: the Russian Covid Variant released by evil Putin to specifically to get the West and just before election time. Will they play this in 2022 or 2024?

    I look at my contribution to resistance this way: there were 75MM whom voted against the current regime and 75MM whom voted for the regime with 5MM cast by Falsebook and others. I am 1/75MM of a part of an organism that will fight this to the end. The other side are cowards.

    BTW: will it come from the labs in the Ukraine that the USA built (Black & Veatch) and USA supported? Bio-weapons are against the Geniva Convention…WTF are we doing with this stuff, we’re not supposed have this either.

  31. As has been the case since the ratification of the US Constitution, the gravest threat to our prosperity, our liberty, and our very lives does not reside in some foreign land. It resides in Washington DC, and in certain of the State capitols.
    It’s just too bad for the cultural Russians in Donbass they aren’t Black as well. If they were, US/NATO would have bombed the crap out of Kiev a decade ago to “free” them. Perhaps they are in need of some blackface. Like Trudeau.

  32. You forget about all the children in Ukraine, who are now injured, orphaned, or refugees – this has never happened before and The United States goes to great lengths to avoid this when it bombs sovereign nations. Western Ukrainian children have been subjected to government threats and violence, and war. Their schools have become unsafe spaces. They are traumatized, and may never recover. Many of them may not be vaccinated or may have had their mask torn in the chaos. We must all proudly fly blue and yellow, pronounce it Keev, and denounce the Russian people.

      • Yeah, let’s not forget that the government that is sending billions is arms to Ukraine is the same government that shot dead Randy Weaver’s 14-year-old son, his dog, and his wife because they accused him of having a shotgun barrel 1/4″ too short.

        Weaver was subsequently acquitted.

        “Freedom,” and all that.

        • Hi X,

          I recall the Weaver episode vividly; the “sniper (murderer) of 14-year-old Sammy Weaver and Weaver’s wife, who was holding a baby, was a guy named Lon Horiuchi. A more disgusting sack of shit is hard to imagine.

          • Sammy was murdered by some marshal whose name has never been revealed, so far as I know. Lon murdered Vicki.

            But I think there is a more disgusting sack of shit — the guy who engineered the coverup of the investigation of government wrongdoing at Ruby Ridge, and who was personally responsible for how Lon avoided a trial — an asshat who made a rather recent appearance. Search for “William Barr Ruby Ridge”. Ticks on a dog, says I.

    • True BAC,
      The teevee is full of images of Ukranian children and their bombed out houses. Too bad they never showed any pictures of the umpteen thousands of buildings destroyed and the injured/dead children from the Chimp’s bombing of Iraq. Was “worth it” according to the evil witch Madelien Albright; hope there’s an especially hot place waiting for her in Hell.

    • ‘pronounce it Keev’ — BAC

      Millions of American cookbook users have prided themselves on their chicken kee-EHV, made from a boned and skinned breast which is cut lengthwise, pounded and stuffed with butter.

      Like being unvaxxed or wearing a red MAGA hat, brutishly calling the Ukrainian capital kee-EHV is an unmistakable linguistic marker of an unreconstructed Deplorable.

      Say it loud, say it proud: kee-EHV!

      And insist that the media elite pronounce the French capital ‘Pah-ree,’ not the oafish ‘Peh-risssss.’ The ‘s’ is silent, MFers.

      • “Like being unvaxxed or wearing a red MAGA hat, brutishly calling the Ukrainian capital kee-EHV is an unmistakable linguistic marker of an unreconstructed Deplorable.”


        “Our neural scan shows that you are guilty of Criminal Evasion of Narrative Update Download v.6.6.6. You are presently being detained for immediate reconfiguration and revision of neural architecture by high-amperage opsin activation. Please stay still and bite down on your mandated leather jawstrap, conveniently located inside your Perma-Mask. Any movement during the procedure may result in permanent damage to the eyes and mucous membranes of the face. Thank you for your cooperation, and may Gaia Bless the Singleton.”

    • Fear not. The Ukrainian government will take all comers, regardless of age to join the fight.

      Child soldiers are now a good thing since this is not Africa.

  33. Well I guess the USSofA has itz Monroe Doctrine and Russia has itz Putin Doctrine.

    “The Monroe Doctrine was a United States foreign policy position that opposed European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere. It held that any intervention in the political affairs of the Americas by foreign powers was a potentially hostile act against the U.S. The doctrine was central to U.S. foreign policy for much of the 19th and early 20th centuries.”

    I feel bad for both those countries. They already have low birth rates. I don’t want to imagine what the futures of those countries will be without enough children. Western style economies rely on continuous population growth to fuel economic growth.
    Where were all those people who support intervention in Ukraine when Iraq was bombed back into the stone age? We truly are a nation of Sheeple.

    • Hi euro,

      The point was always to lower the birth rates of Western and European countries by 1) pushing abortion as a woman’s “right to choose”, 2) destroying the nuclear family; and 3) pushing immigration and refugee programs to provide enough people to be productive as the older and feeble continue to pass away. Once those that collect the pensions, Social Security, and hold a large amount of the 401Ks die off it will be very easy to continue to transfer the additional wealth to the oligarchy or just collapse the system in general.

      The Great Reset is just that, a reset. It is literally erasing everything that was and starting again from scratch. The problem that the elites suffer from (other than being psychopaths) is Mother Nature, other wannabe alpha dogs, and age.

      No type of government or control has lasted forever. Everything is a continuous cycle of birth, growth, decline, and then death. It applies to people, businesses, and government alike.

      • The people who need to lower their birth rates are Sub-Saharan Africans, China and India. The population of Sub-Saharan Africa in 1900 was about 100 million. It currently stands at around 1.2 billion. It is projected to grow to 2 billion in about 30 years or so. This is a disaster waiting to happen. African immigration to Europe and USA needs to stop because in a democracy demographics rules. If only 10% of Africa moves to Europe or USA than we will be ruled by them. Our rulers will make sure that there will be no population decline in the USA even if they have to import the third world here.

        • Hi euro,

          The point is for democracy (or the belief in democracy) to be shuttered. Most African nations are made up of Presidential Republics. Are they republics? Most of these republics have been established through civil wars or military coups and not general elections so I would argue that they are more autocracies, compared to most of the world today which is ruled by Parliamentary governments that the elite keep reminding us are “democratic” but are true oligarchs in nature.

          Your last sentence says it all. Migration will be the key to hold up the USSA until it collapses, and the Great Reset begins. If one immigrates from nations that are ruled by dictators, oligarchies, and totalitarianism then those people are easier to sway and lead. Free thinkers are not wanted and can cause many a government duress.

  34. Nicely done Eric,

    A well reasoned and well thought out rant. Un-disputable in its assertions. Its so depressing to talk to people who 1 month ago were waking up, now completely under the either of ‘the Hitler of our times.’

    And whats the deal with Keeeeeeev. The glitterati must think it makes them sound smart. People who say it with the new enunciation actually sound like fags. The Winston Smiths of the world are hard at work, collecting their shekels and increased chocolate rations.

      • Most days when I turn on my computer I feel the same. Today the weather is fine, later we’re firing up the T-bird, taking off the top and making a run up to Pine. That always helps.

      • eric, same here. I have read from people with more knowledge than me that the “now” leader of Ukraine is right out of the powerful in Russia. It certainly makes sense. He’s done everything he can to draw the US and the US alone into this massacre. A massacre is another way of starting a war, a full-blown war.

        I heard an exchange between a woman senator from Florida with Tucker Carlson this morning and she’s a Commie turned around making all this seem just like it’s saving Cuba. She refuses to even admit certain discussions make sense. If I had it in front of me I’d put up the link for it. She was very ungracious toward Biden and accused him of not caring about Ukraine at all and wouldn’t answer straight-forward questions. It didn’t put Tucker down and he finally shut her down.

        • Hi Eight,

          Yup. The whole thing stinks. I just hope Putin is what he appears to be – a Russian nationalist acting in the interests of Russia, as he sees it. Have you watched the Stone interviews with him?

          • I’m not willing to bet that he is, but, if he is, I would invite him to clean these this band of homos, drug addicts, drunks, theives, tyrants and criminals that inhabit the nation’s capital. If Eric wasn’t so close to it, I would say nuke the damned place. Or maybe just drop some real bombs on it. Fuck DC.

    • Yes, I agree. That article although clumsily worded, sums up with heartbreaking accuracy what the new world order involves for us as individuals and the massive amount of power being wielded by the key players. I have tried to explain to my husband that if you understand the goals and timeline of the new world order, every action our politicians are taking on both the democrat and republican side makes total sense. It took me years to understand and accept this reality. It is sad to hear people saying the midterm elections will result in republicans swooping in to save the day. Covid and the bungled election of 2020 woke me up the the degree of decay in our election process and our government and corporate institutions. I will never be able to unsee what I have seen.

      • Hi RS,

        While I, like you, have seen – and cannot unsee – I also think it’s important to see that these people are not gods, aren’t infallible or omnipotent. They can be beaten. But we are beaten if – by acceding to inevitability – we just shrug and go along with it. I know many have, already. They always do. Such people are the lowing cattle of the elites’ imaginings. What is decisive – always – is the cohort that does not go along with it. That’s us and those like us. Look at guys like Schwab and Gates and Fauci. Really? They are – to borrow a phrase from someone whose name we all know – little worms.

          • Hi RS,

            I take these articles with a grain of salt. The destruction of humankind has been an ongoing drumbeat since the first caveman walked the Earth. Just as I have watched the Negative Nellies (such as Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, and Jeremy Grantham) pound into our head that the Stock Market will collapse every day for the past fourteen years. Will the Stock Market collapse? Of course, everything is cyclical. These guys will hold their chests out and state “see, I told you.” Yep, they did, for the last decade. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

            The thing is none of us knows what will happen. We will opine, we will prophesize, and we will declare that our way of thinking is the only way of thinking. Sometimes, we may land the right call. Other times we will be so foregone it isn’t worth mentioning, because the backlash would be embarrassing.

            I can’t say I share a lot of faith in mankind, we are where we are because of them, but I do hold Mother Nature in great esteem. It doesn’t matter how much money, power, or smarts one has a tornado or tsunami doesn’t care who you are. A meteor cannot be turned around by offering them billions. The planet will overcome. Until then enjoy your life to the fullest and ignore the “insight” of others.

            • RE: “Until then enjoy your life to the fullest and ignore the “insight” of others.”

              “Duck! There’s a two ton heavy thing swinging your way!” – unknown.

              “Buy gold. Buy Silver. Have Faith.” – Darryl Robert Schoon.

              White Rabbit: Why, Mary Ann! What are you doing out here?

              Alice: Mary Ann?

              White Rabbit: Don’t just do something, stand there. No no! Go go! Go get my gloves! I’m late!

              • I feel like Grace Slick should be singing in the background.

                “And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall
                Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call”


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