About all this “Democracy”

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The irony about “democracy” is it isn’t even that.

Ostensibly, it is majority rule – which sounds superficially appealing, to people who’ve not given it much thought. After all, it seems fair that in any group of people, the wants of the majority ought to be determinative, since more want whatever it is that’s up for discussion and it would be unfair for the minority to decide.

Are we headed to that Chinese place for dinner? Or how about the Italian joint? In that context, majority rule is reasonable – because the minority isn’t forced to go along. Or rather, the majority hasn’t got the legal power to compel the minority that doesn’t want Chinese to eat Chinese – much less to pay for everyone else’s Chinese meal.

The minority that does not want to eat Chinese – that perhaps can’t stand Chinese – can say: “We – I – don’t especially like Chinese; you guys go ahead without us (or me).”

Everyone’s happy. Or at least, no one’s been harmed.

This is probably what most people who haven’t given much to “democracy” think about when they think about “democracy.” It seems reasonable; fair, even. And in contexts such as the above, it is – precisely because the element of physical coercion isn’t involved. Instead, individuals deciding among themselves what to do next.

This image of “democracy” is certainly what “democratic” demagogues rely upon when they urge “democracy” as the highest political virtue.

Because, of course, it is they who aspire to rule the majority – as well as the minority. Which they can – and will – because they have the power of physical coercion.

And here we arrive at the irony of what is styled “democracy,” which you are forced to submit to even when you don’t want to.

But not because “the majority” has ruled.

In politics, it rarely, if ever does.

Most elections, for example, are decided by minorities – in terms of the numbers (and percentages) who vote. In a presidential election, the winner is usually the one who receives a bit more than 50 percent of the vote, which is – superficially – a “majority” of them. But only about 50 percent of the people who are eligible to vote actually do. This means the winner of the presidential election represents a bit more than 25 percent of the eligible electorate.

The minority rules.

One of the many legitimate reasons the Southern states elected to withdraw from what had been – and had been acknowledged to be – a voluntary “union” of the several states was on account of the election, by the minority of the union in the North, of Abraham Lincoln. The Southern states did not wish to be forced to submit to minority rule by the North, which now controlled the entirety of the Union. Lincoln, of course, turned this attempt to peacefully part ways into a crusade for . . . “democracy.”

Ruled by himself.

Which he proceeded to do, as via caging lawmakers and journalist who did not agree with him and using unprecedented force to compel the Southern states to submit to him. The “majority” in the North wasn’t in favor of this, either. But he made it so, regardless.

So go elections – and their consequences – in “democracies.” As recently, when another man the majority of the country did not vote for was nonetheless selected as president by a minority – perhaps some 80 million out of 330 million – almost all of them living in cities located in states with majorities who did not agree with the selection made by this minority, who now rules.


One thing rules – in the name of “the majority.”

But this majority doesn’t rule, either. And here we come to the other irony of “democracy.” It is not merely – as the saying goes – that it is three wolves and a sheep voting to decide what’s for supper.

It is often one wolf – or a few of them, perhaps – deciding, after the vote, what everyone will have for supper.

In practice, “democracies” are ruled by the minority – down to the one – which makes the remarkable claim that he or she or it channels the will of “the majority.”

This being an impossibility.

There are simply too many minorities – of individuals – comprising even what is styled “the majority” for this to be a possibility. Even at the local level, there are hundreds of individuals in each supposed “majority” and it is absurd to say they are in agreement on everything.

They haven’t even been asked what’s for supper.

Yet unlimited proxy power is somehow transferred by the vote upon the ultimate minority – one person, or just a small handful of them (as in the hundreds in Congress) endowed with the power to force everyone to go along with whatever he or they declares they have voted for.

Even though it is self-evident they did no such thing.

At least not explicitly.

Many voted – having been gulled into thinking – that they were doing essentially the same as when a group of themselves decided which restaurant they’d all be going to for dinner. But now they find that they are going to a different restaurant – one they never heard of, perhaps – and not only are they going to eat there, they are going to get the bill, too.

They may not even get to eat there.

But they will absolutely get the bill for what is eaten by there by others.

This is how “democracy” – and “majority rule” – works in practice, in politics, when the minority isn’t free to decline to abide by whatever “the majority” decides, because the minority has the power to force everyone to go along.

Including the putative “majority.”

If that sounds like something you’d like to be ruled by, then maybe “democracy” sounds good to you. And if you decide to vote for it, you’ll be getting it good and hard, too.

. . .

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  1. Very thoughtful article Eric. Sadly democracy has become a dirty word because the rulers shove it in our face while they rule with a tiny minority. If we had a true fair majority (a win percent of 75%), I think that would be the best society possible this side of God’s Kingdom. I believe we will change the world soon, I know we can, there are some leaders gaining momentum, but we are just starting, so things move the slowest in the beginning, but will speed up at an exponential rate. These current rulers are absolutely bonkers — there’s NO WAY they are going to get their stupid agenda — they went crazy on us all, lethal injected half the population, they went too far on everything… when you wage full spectrum war on the entire population they tend to notice . THE JIG IS UP. It’s only a matter of time now before we start working together more efficiently and gain some power.

    So many great comments in here too — if this website had ‘likes’ I would’ve liked alot of comments.

    • Hi Harry,

      You raise an interesting point in re supermajorities in a “democracy.” I agree that requiring say two-thirds/75 percent majorities to decide an issue would be preferable to the simple majority (which, per my article, is in fact often a numerical minority). But it would still enable – legalize – the majority to do as they like to the minority. Of course, in a society where two-thirds of the population desires “x” it is going to happen, regardless.

      I think what we had – a constitutional republic – was the better idea. Not perfect; obviously vulnerable to the same kinds of problems. But if a majority of the people – if the culture – favors bulwarks against democracy (such as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, which deny the majority power to infringe upon the rights of individuals, the most persecuted minority extant) then we’d have something.

      Once upon a time, we did.

      • So you’re saying you want the minority to be able to win what they want. How could that ever happen — it’s physically impossible. The minority would have to have an army bigger than the majority’s army. Control is nothing without the power to enforce it.

        You are the majority, so why don’t you want to get what you want?

        A constitutional republic? The constitution is just the procedures for how a country works. LAWS are something different. I think you mean you want laws? And a republic is a bunch of dictators making laws that we peasants follow. We have a perfect republic right now — and it’s a nightmare. I think what you want is laws but made by the people — so who decides what the laws are??? I have the answer for you — the supermajority, that’s who. Why would you want a minority to be making all the laws? That’s what we have NOW. Also, if 75% is a fair majority, we could still require 90% for laws. So 90% for laws, and 75% for everything else. That way there’s NO WAY 90% of the people would vote to screw us all over. So the supermajority is what protects us from all the stupid stuff we don’t want. Trust me, you want a supermajority society, there’s NO OTHER WAY to have a society anyways. Unless you have a better idea, I’m all ears.

        Thanks, I hope I don’t sound critical, because you are a great person & thinker.

        • Hi Harry,

          In re: “So you’re saying you want the minority to be able to win what they want.”

          I hope my article didn’t suggest anything of the sort!

          I was merely deconstructing “democracy” – not advocating for minority rule. Or for anyone to rule. The “supermajority” might serve as a bulwark, but only if the supermajority opposes, let us say, “masking.” Do they? I think at one point they did not. No one’s rights ought to be up for a vote. I understand that they are, regardless. But it doesn’t make it right and I don’t have to like it!

          • Yes, I was somewhat mistaken, sorrrreeee. You bring up a good point too — I actually agree with you — no-one’s rights should be up for a vote. BUUUUUT… the supermajority would have voted for human rights with a minimum 90% win percent. And if they decide we should all get holes drilled in our heads, then they would have to be insane, and if they’re THAT insane, then yes, we’d be stuck with that law. But we could move to another region/area where people vote the way we do. And the bad voters might change their minds too — at least we the minority would have a chance at changing their minds…. whereas with any dictator system, we’re just 100% screwed anyways. So, I still think the supermajority control system is the best and only hope for any society at all. I have faith that basic human instincts will protect us from people voting to take away our human rights. THIS scamdemic has shown us that … even the zombies didn’t want to take away others’ choices, even if they believed in the madness. Yes, there are SOME zombies that are nuts, but not 90% of the population. That percentage protects us, and over time, since that fair majority control eliminates all corruption, our entire civilization/culture will become more and more educated & perfect.

            Thank you as always for your thoughtful replies. I appreciate your time.

            • Hi Harry,

              I see no necessary conflict in advocating for the ideal while also pursuing (and accepting) the better-rather-than-worse. This was the attitude of a number of the Founders, who may have desired a perfectly free society in principle but understood and accepted that the choice wasn’t between that and tyranny but between tyranny and a less-than-ideal system that would (they hoped) keep tyranny at arms’ length. Spooner, of course, devastatingly observed that the Constitution failed to do that – and that was some 150 years ago.before the tyranny really got going.

              That said, Americans got 200-plus years of not-ideal, but lots better than anywhere else. Perhaps a supermajority clause in future might allow for similar.

              I think there’d still be taxes and various obnoxious laws and so on. But fewer of them, certainly. I think we might have a country not unlike the one that existed as recently as 30 years ago. And that country was an ok place to live in.

              So I’m on board with the idea.

              • Okay. Glad you’re open minded to it. Because I think it’s our only hope LOL. I wish Superman existed and would help us, but even if he did, what would we do when he passes away? Also, what if he turned to the dark side. Power & control should be decentralized, or else we’re just going to end up where we are today.

                • Hi Harry,

                  Of course! Having said that, the supermajority idea wouldn’t be necessary if the underlying problem – so many people who are prepared to vote themselves the contents of other people’s wallets and everyone out of their freedom, too – weren’t a problem. Since it is a problem, a supermajority requirement will likely never be enacted, for just that reason. But I agree it’s worth a try.

  2. If we would vote for issues rather than politicians, I think things would be quite different.

    Politicians talk endlessly about issues and then don’t actually vote for what they say they favor. Just look at the Republican party. They get conservatives by the millions to vote for them, and then give them absolutely nothing in return. W’s (Bush II) regime is an example of the get absolutely nothing for your vote. W had a Republican Congress and instead of advancing conservative issues we get the opposite. We could have gotten rid of the department of education, the endowment of the arts and humanities just to name a few. Instead we get the department of homeland security, one of the biggest expansions of medicare ever, etc.

    A good example of voting issues rather that politicians happened in my town. The local park district wanted to fund the THIRD expansion of the community center. The amount was too large for them to just go forward with it (they would have no question, if they didn’t need permission). The first two expansions only resulted in huge operating deficits (when both additions were sold as making it pay for itself). The third expansion was sold in the same manner of course (three times the trick?). Of course most thinking people saw through that bullshit and opposition built quickly.

    The park district lobbied hard to get this expansion, even to the point of denying the deficits were deficits……. They seemed hellbent on building this thing. The neighbors across from them really hated it, as it would have put a huge blank wall in their front windows (the building is really ugly to boot).

    I was a poll judge that election. The mood was very against this project by those voting. It was soundly defeated thankfully. I am actually surprised it hasn’t been proposed again, as the time limit for proposing it again has now passed.

  3. There is no government solution to the abject failure of “democracy”. Once again, each and every government is founded on the assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. Every one. Right down to your city or county government. It really matters little what form it pretends. “Democracy” has turned us into a nation of thieves and extortionists. Happy for the crumbs we can steal at every election. Even if it did create the chaos its accused of, anarchy would be an improvement.

    • Absolutely John. Mob rule is mob rule is mob rule, makes me cringe when people start dreaming up new flavors of it to advocate for, wherein they imagine they would actually expect individuals (who’ve had enough of this crybaby “we need a government!” nonsense for a lifetime) to just go along with their new experiment or face whatever violence their favorite iteration of the State has in store for the rest of us. Would love to see ’em try enforcing it themselves without outsourcing that aggression to the police state 🤣 They seem to only want whatever gets the govt off their own backs and makes their evening news reports look great again. Nevermind anyone who doesn’t wish to participate in their new experiment, plus hey, those troglodytes can always just go move somewheres else if they don’t like being oppressed by such a sophisticated and well-governed society, after all 😂

      But those government schools really did a number on folks, “freedom isn’t free” has to be the most effective propaganda slogan they ever bought and swallowed without a second thought, and hardly anyone wants to just let it go already. Freedom is free and there is no majority for anyone to yield to, majority’s merely an abstraction of a bunch of individual jagoffs who share in the sick desire to demand others be ruled over their way, never even stopping to consider where they ever got such a disturbing belief from to begin with…ahh, the sweet motherly protection that learned cognitive dissonance provides.

      • Hi Moose.

        I totally agree. But look at this from the Gangs perspective. They have been running this government scam for thousands of years. From roaming bands of raiders. To the first petty warlords. Then kings and emperors. At each step of the way, the Gang simply scales up. But Divine Right of Kings will only take one so far. Thus the rise of “democracy” and The Will of the People (they just don’t tell you which people…). Combine government “education” with mass/social media controlled by their cronies, and you have very good social control. If one can keep the majority convinced that they have a say in the Gangs actions, then one can steal them blind, and deal with any dissent out of the public eye. But these days, they can’t even be bothered to make a pretense. The last two years and various stolen elections have been so in your face, that the illusions and delusions that allow them to rule are shredding.
        But the Gangs and those who own them are long past caring. It remains to be seen what will come of their hubris. But if history is any indicator it will not be pleasant (for them or anyone else).

  4. The “people who’ve not given it much thought,” don’t know how to think. Like mina birds parroting one stupid saying after another. The most offensive being this thing about how “We need universal background checks.” If you sell, trade, or gift between friends neighbors and relatives, then no background check, as it should be, otherwise even at gun shows, most weapon sales are run through the NCICS, AKA a background check. I want to seriously bitch slap people who spew this propaganda.

    Thanks for being a thought Pioneer Eric. The few of us who can still think, nominally to superlatively owe you and those like you a gratitude.

    • Norm Franklin,

      A local hardware store had a myna bird long ago in a galaxy far far away in the American Galaxy of Freedom to Think. So long ago now. Anyhow, when you walked into the store, the myna bird would say things like ‘go to hell’. Then another wise word missive of ‘you dumb shit’ is what you would hear. The everyday vernacular repeated by a myna bird was priceless, telling it like it always has been.

      It was hilarious, you went in just to hear the myna bird yell at you telling you to go to hell.

      The good old days of huffing paint and sniffing glue are gone forever.

      Gulag America is what we’ve got, something to behold, not soon to be forgotten. Maybe not, easy to forget.

      “Everything’s a chore for a dying man.” – Benjamin Franklin, discoverer of electricity

      The key to the secret of harnessed electricity. It don’t get no better.

      Buy a Franklin stove, you can cook on it.

      Everything’s a death knell for a dying empire.

      Uncle Joe is the black swan.

      The price of hydrocarbons is the first clue.

      • Hi Drumpish,

        In re the Myna bird: I also remember that kind of America; it was a place where people had a sense of humor and those who didn’t were not liked much. If some old bag didn’t like the Myna bird, she could shop somewhere else. That’s how it was. Today, some young blue hair would be “triggered” by the bird and there would be protests and lawsuits for emotional suffering and probably “racism,” too.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Norman – again!

      And: I agree with you as regards these thoughtless people who “stand” with whatever the latest sloganeering instructs them to “stand” with (or against).

      Why not also background checks as a condition of being allowed to court? After all, someone might rape their prospective date – and we can’t have that. Maybe keep it locked up – in your pants – via a “mandatory” codpiece? I defy anyone to explain why such a requirement would be different in principle than assuming everyone who owns or buys a gun is a likely mass-shooter and ought to be regarded and treated as such…

      How about Penis Control?

  5. This needs repeated to everyone that is still under the trance of democracy mysticism.

    Jefferson had a plan that would divide government into small units, which is the only way democracy can work – because you can easily leave it

    Democracy needs ditched for a system of voluntary cooperation. Golden rule with the lack of ability to force others against their will

  6. ‘they will absolutely get the bill for what is eaten by there by others’ — eric

    As expected, the national average unleaded gas price rose to a fresh record of $4.865 a gallon today.

    Oh, and natural gas popped by 9 percent.

    These are the shared sacrifices we must make to win the war. /sarc

    • Hi Jim H.

      You wouldn’t happen to be an Agent of Putin, would you?… 🙂 All Good Citizens know that we must stand against the Evil that is Russia! If we don’t oppose their evil, they will sweep across the globe, and we will all end up speaking Russian! (starts foaming at the mouth). Hmmm… Sorry I was channeling the Neo Cons again.

      After poking the bear for almost 30 years, the Empire and its cronies act all surprised when the Bear finally swats them. Ukraine Is just the latest example of the Empire and the Usual Suspects playing stupid games. They are so used to bullying 3rd world countries, that they do not know how to deal with a near peer competitor. Especially one with as many nukes are they have.

      There is NO sane reason that the Russians shouldn’t be our natural allies. They are a great people, with a great history. One must make a clear distinction between a people, and the gang of thieves and murderers that rule them. Look no further than the difference between the ideal that was once America, and the gang of thieves and murderers that is the US government, for just one example.

      These “shared sacrifices” don’t ever seem to impact our Rulers, in anything like the fashion they do the rest of us. Odd how that works out.

      Lets just hope that this tragic situation is resolved, before it explodes in every ones faces.
      We have much more than enough going on, without adding WWIII to the mix.

    • We should all be willing to pay a bit more at the pump to stand with Ukraine. Remember that slogan from early March? Wonder how Boobus feels now? They never learn.

  7. Democracy invariably leads to tyranny. Plato understood this and said this specifically in Book VIII of “The Republic” 2,500 years ago.

    Not for nothing did the communist countries all label themselves “democratic peoples’ republics” — East Germany was the “German Democratic Republic,” North Korea is the “Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea,” etc.

    It’s worth remembering that Cambodia called itself “Democratic Kampuchea” when the communist government shot 40% of the population to death in 1975-76.

    Just sayin’.

  8. Let’s talk about another wonderful feature of democracy. Now don’t shoot the messenger but I’ve got some bad news. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not and whether you can do anything about it or not, you – and yes I’m referring to you — are an unwilling member & a conscripted participant & partner in a suicide pact. Most unfortunate, and there’s no way out.

    Sorry to sound like the voice of doom but it’s true. Like being dragged along by a tidal wave, you (and I) are being helplessly herded into a disaster of apocalyptic dimensions by an irresistible force that simply cannot be stopped. Democracy has created a kind of inertia, that dastardly force that once set in motion stays in motion until another force comes along and slows it down or stops it (so blame it on mother nature why dontcha). We are well past the point of entering an event horizon that is, well, inescapable. The future is now a known outcome…and it’s not a happy one. Just like those poor unfortunates who, by chance of birth, were caught living life in the 3rd Reich and were swept away by that tidal wave, we too are riding a wave of disaster that will not end until a rather unpleasant event stops it.

    So what’s the point you may ask? It’s just this – stop wasting time arguing with a world full of psychopaths, dolts & thieves by attempting to convince them to do what’s right. As I said we are well past the point of no return and it’s now completely hopeless and pointless, and here’s why.

    Does the average person really desire to hear the truth or even care about the reality of this upcoming calamity? Answer: Not a chance. They don’t give a damn because they simply “do not want to know”. And that’s the key. Most people today are hopelessly addicted to their govt largess & political dollars and they will keep voting & supporting those politicians who want them addicted and will keep them addicted. And as long as they can keep feeding at Satan’s pig trough they neither desire nor care to hear about what’s right or wrong and the truth can just be damned. Their raison d’être screams la dolce vita!, “give me the good life and just keep those goodies coming, I don’t want to hear any talk about ending them.” This is the crux of the issue that we in the liberty movement face today. Until we find a way to remove those millions of greedy little pigs suckling at the trough we’ll never find a resolution and we’ll never get out of this mess.

    Most here have heard this all before many times, it’s nothing new. So what are we supposed to do about it? Beats me. Besides, I don’t give a crap, I took up stoicism years ago. You might try it too. So relax, kick back, and try to keep your wits about you. Que Sera, Sera…(think Doris Day if you don’t remember).

    • I agree, Foster –

      But I also think it’s critically important to keep the light alive, as long as possible and as brightly as possible. Even if only in our own minds. We must stay sane – and the key to that is identifying and calling out insanity. This is a task I feel obligated to carry through, to the extent it is in my power to do so. They win the moment we give up. I myself never will.

      • Eric,
        It’s important to keep that light alive so that after the crash we have a chance of starting over with a head start. That enough will have had it with submitting to Psychopaths In Charge and will be looking for an alternative. Some of us may remain to offer them one.

      • Oh I quite agree with you Eric. Even though the majority of humanoids are now truly fascists — whether they know it or not (I did mention psychopaths, dolts & thieves) — I’m convinced those on our side would be inhaling Zyklon B in some Konzentrationslager somewhere right now if it weren’t for the pushback from folks like you, Ron Paul, David Knight, Bill Meyers, Jim Quinn, Laurence Vance, etc etc. Keep up the good work…and thx!

        • Hi Foster,

          I will – and I know you will, too! There are lots of good people on our side; the other side just doesn’t wantus to realize it.

      • Hi Eric.

        That’s it exactly. Also keep in mind that history has demonstrated that all tyrants have weak points, and none of them are invincible. Hell, the Empire has lost every war its been in since WWII. Empires rise and empires fall. The trick is to not be there when the giant swings. The more the giant fails around, the more enemies it produces. Remember Lind’s lessons and apply them. As long as the flame of liberty lives on, there is hope for the future. Also keep in mind that the Enemy is crippled by their own toxic ideology. Most governments and their corporate cronies these days, are rotted out by Diversity hires. After all, merit is ist or ism…

      • Thank you Eric. I won’t give up either. We good sane people are HUGE numbers. We will win. I think it will be easier than we think, but even if it’s harder, so what, we don’t have any other choice anyways, at least we’ll give them hell. This seems to be all of our challenge on planet Earth right now — we gotta start doing things right (no more dictators).

        • Hi Harry,

          Indeed! We cannot let the bastards get us down. During the worst of it (so far, at the height of the “pandemic”) I turned my anger to good purpose, working out like I was training to fight – which in a way, I was (and am). I got into the best shape I’ve been in since my 20s. I kept busy otherwise, too. Above all, I refused to be cowed by them and their sad idiocies. Shed a number of people I thought were my friends. Now I have better ones.

          Hard times can be good times, as well as lead to them.

    • In 2016 in Boulder, Colorado near the King Sooper that was attacked, there was a homeless man holding a cardboard sign with the word ‘HOPE’ on the sign.

      There is always more room for hope.

      I try to be tolerant of intolerance. The Joker killer in Boulder was a psychotropic experiment by a psychologist who is fully to blame. Always blame the victim, happens to be the patient.

      In 2016, one week after Trump’s initiation into the Big Club, the Deep State accepted the loser, it was a flight to Warshington, District of Criminals, had a stay at a hotel with the window in full view of the words ‘Fuck Trump’ in the middle of the intersection of 14th Ave and K Street. Broken windows up and down the streets and avenues back then, Trump’s welcome as a new president wasn’t accepted by a few violent protesters. That is what you get for electing a stupid shithead, you dumbass brainwashed ‘muricans. The reality then the entelechy.

      Homeless people camped out at every Metro terminal. Tents pitched on street corners, homeless asking you for five dollars. I never carry cash in a big city, go ask Joe for five bucks, he’s your neighbor.

      There is hope for the displaced in this world. Plenty of room in the White House, Joe can offer shelter, some fine dining experiences. The poor souls need some serious help. Uncle Joe to the rescue.

      Upon a return to catch the flight home, did visit the Museum of Natural History. Did have a look at the Hope diamond while there. Always hope there.

      If you happen to live in Warshington, good luck to ya. Really not much hope there anymore.

      Time to move on, while at the Hershey complex in Hershey, Pa., the chocolate drink bar had a worker named Hope. She was very helpful.

      We all need help.

      And hope.

      There is no rest for the wicked nor the stupid. There is no hope for the stupid ignoramuses.

      You’re being Venezuela-ized. You are the target, the de-carbonized entity.

      Energy and Human Evolution by David Price

  9. I voted once – right after I turned 18, and then never again – 30 years ago. I felt so dirty and disgusted at what I had done, I vowed never to do it again. They don’t represent me, nor will I endorse their system. Voting is proxy violence, and is one of the most murderous acts a person can do; it makes you complicit in evil. If that’s your thing, have at it. My allegiance is to God, and I will never bend knee to some piano-toothed carnival barking puke in a fancy suit.

    • A literal ‘LOL’, BAC. I voted for the first time in 2008 at age 21. I voted for…I… I voted… for McCain. Because Obama was trouble. John…McCain.

      I realized in the 4 years during OBomba’s first term, and hearing Ron Paul speak, that I made a terrible mistake in participating. Sadly, none of my family members have ever heeded my advice on why voting is a waste of time and supporting evil. They still voted Romney, Trump, Trump.

      I’ve stopped wasting energy on it and just offer a George Carlin-esque masturbation motion, as he did when describing what is a better way to spend your time.

  10. The rejoinder I like to use re: Democracy being two wolves and sheep voting on what to have for dinner: The sheep is ARMED, and thanks to being able to defend himself, the wolves, even though they voted to eat the sheep, decide instead to have a salad.

    Democratic principles are fine in encouraging participation of the citizens. But there’s a fundamental flaw: if the majority were “right”, would they also not be RICH?

    Our Founding Fathers didn’t establish any manner of “Democracy”, they were well-educated and knew the tragic examples of Ancient Greece, where several of the city-states were “pure democracies”, and they all ended in civil war and tyranny. They established a REPUBLIC, based on the foundation of LAW, but invest in the new Federal Government only that which was necessary to defend from threats abroad and to keep order between the states. Else, each state governed itself as it saw fit, and never since has there been a time of freedom and GROWTH.

    • Hi Self

      ……….nation of sheep ruled by evil wolves owned by satanic pigs….pigs the wef/elite nobility/.0001% billionaires

      there used to be a bounty on wolves and wild pigs. when does the season open?

    • Lookup republic in the dictionary. It means representatives, aka DICTATORS. A republic is not what I want. And neither should you. You’re obviously very smart and well meaning though — so I hope I don’t sound mean, I’m just nitpicking on that one technical detail.

  11. **”In a presidential election, the winner is usually the one who receives a bit more than 50 percent of the vote, which is – superficially – a “majority” of them. But only about 50 percent of the people who are eligible to vote actually do. This means the winner of the presidential election represents a bit more than 25 percent of the eligible electorate.”**

    It’s much worse than that in reality, because the above scenario presumes that one of two proffered choices -A or B- is desirable or represent the only possible choices, when in reality C, D, or F may be the choice desired. Although if one desires F, it doesn’t matter if or for whom one votes, because we get F’d after every election anyway!

  12. Eric, the more interesting bit about modern western democracies is that the politicians have absolutely zero accountability or requirement to actually do what they said, or stand for and stick to the values they ran on! In the UK the main parties tend to do exactly the OPPOSITE of what they stand for !! It was the right wing “conservative” government which brought in gay marriage and a commitment to net zero co2 by whenever…. despite the fact that NONE of these items were in their election manifestos or in their plan for the term. Out of the blue these bills come up and are voted on in parliament and somehow get through. This despite when meeting members of the party on the ground say in a pub for drinks, none of them support these positions…. similar with the others (it was the far left socialist liberal democrats which when in coalition increased tuition fees for uni after campaigning on making it free. It was the left wing labour before that which even brought in tuition fees for uni. Likewise it was left wing labour who pushed for British involvement in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So whatever democracy is – as long as the politicians are not held to account and do whatever they please (or whatever they are told by their real bosses) – whats any of it even matter !

    • ‘as long as the politicians are not held to account’ — Nasir

      I’m rooting for BoJo to be booted to the pavement this evening.

      Politicians may be figureheads. But it’s immensely satisfying when they’re defenestrated.

      • Hi Jim, though I agree that it brings joy seeing them booted out of office, but in this case I do hope he stays around. And the reason for this is that anyone else who is within reach of power is actually much worse. Look up the likes of say Michael Gove (an invitee at the recent Bilderberg). Or Nadim Zahawi, who is actually the one who pushed the jabs and got them approved for children.

        Also, because Boris was caught blatantly violating every Covid rule he mandated, it will be harder for him to re-impose lockdowns, mandates or other restrictions without even the dumbest of the sheep wondering (and hopefully not taking as seriously as last time). This I feel is the main reason they suddenly want him out…. if there was someone else in power more restrictions will be more acceptable to the sheep…. and THAT is what I’m really afraid of….

      • Hi Jim H.

        It looks like he survived the vote, mores the pity. But he did take a good deal of political damage in the process. If you look into the background of those supporting him, its obvious why he wasn’t allowed to lose.

        • Hi BJ (Johnson himself !?) – he survived but unlikely he will make it to the end of the year given past precedent. Here’s where it gets interesting – the most favoured successors are michael gove and Tom tugenhaut. Won’t get into details of their dodgy past and record – but just look at where they happen to be hanging out this week…. Both in D.C. at a certain meeting just like many other world leaders who happen to go there just before taking office….

          I mean elections are completely for show – decisions are made and instructions are given at another level. If this doesn’t make it obvious don’t know what will !

  13. ““When you look at the fact that our elections are bought, that corporations and… powerful corporate lobbies have more say in our legislation than everyday people, we are living in oligarchy that has its democratic moments,” – AOC

    “It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to defend the stance that we live in a democracy, in a true one. What the real truth of the matter is […] we’re living in oligarchy that has its democratic moments.”- AOC

    “It’s just really wild to be a person that works in a corrupt institution, which is what Congress is, and to try and be a normal person surrounded by so much decay and moral emptiness, that frankly transcends party, is very difficult.”- AOC

    Even she knows and she is part of it!


  14. Universal suffrage and direct election of Senators killed whatever republic we had along with Lincoln’s abomination destroying State sovereignty of course. Whenever any knuckle dragging minority yoof living off the government has the same vote as the local hardwae store owner – -assuming they still exist – the country is screwed. Women should be no where near a ballot box either.

  15. Tyranny serves the Tyrant, Aristocracy serves the Aristocats, Democracy serves the mob. All are corrupt. Our founding fathers knew this and tried to create a Republic which was to restrain the government and allow our natural liberty to be unrestrained as Judeo-Christian’s.
    So, in our republic we lost it by allowing the aristocrats (high tech billionaires) to propaganda the mob into, destroying Christianity, so we can institute tyranny.

  16. We are currently living the political whims of the suburbs of Atlanta, but that is because 300,000 Georgian Republicans decided that they were better off waiting for the Revolution than voting in the runoff elections for the Senate in January 2021

  17. An age old warning, democracy is a path to bankruptcy. As soon as people realize they can vote themselves money from the public treasury, that becomes their primary concern when they vote. Thank you FDR for bringing that right out in the open. Politicians become whores, offering their services to the highest bidder.
    The concept of democracy as “what we would like”, has been bastardized into “what we insist”.
    The 51% forcing the 49% to bend over and take it, sans lubrication.
    Next on the path, as Stalin said, “it matters little how people vote, it matters who counts the votes”. The USSR was “democratic”. As was Nazi Germany. As is China. With similar results we are now seeing in the US.
    The smallest, and most abused minority is, and ever has been, the individual. Somehow this has escaped the attention of those so adamantly supportive of minorities. Because as a recent commenter here has repeatedly attempted to do, everyone must be put into the “appropriate” box before they can be heard.
    “Democracy” does not solve the problem, and in fact, makes it worse.

    • That is why I don’t support the “democratic values” that Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel and others bloviate about. Fuck democracy. I’d rather have Putin as president than this adrenochrome addled dipshit.

  18. Ethanol for industry, comrades:

    The EPA, after gathering comments since releasing it proposed blending requirements in December, said Friday it will require refiners to blend 20.77 billion gallons of ethanol, biodiesel and other renewable fuel this year.

    Additionally, the oil industry must blend 250 million more gallons of renewable fuel, both this year and next, after a federal court found the Obama administration inappropriately reduced the 2016 blending requirements.

    The agency also denied roughly 70 exemptions for small refineries, many of which had been granted under former President Donald Trump.


    No wonder we have fuel shortages: the industry has been Sovietized.

    Who would invest in domestic refining, when it operates under fedgov diktat?

    • Jim,
      “the oil industry must blend 250 million more gallons of renewable fuel”. In other words, we are being forced to mine our topsoil, which is far from renewable. After all, the Middle East was not always a desert. It was farmed into one. Agriculture is thousands of years old there. It’s only a few hundred of years old here. No civilization outlives its top soil. The Middle East gave us our numeric system, and the concept of Algebra (an Arabian word). How far they have fallen.

    • Indeed Jim, plus using all that corn for ethanol exacerbates the (manufactured) food shortages as well.

    • Hi Jim

      Brandon Mandates More Ethanol In Gasoline, Expect Many Negative Repercussions

      In Iowa on Tuesday, Mr. Biden announced an environmental waiver to allow sales of 15% ethanol gasoline blends (E15) this summer.

      The Clean Air Act prohibits this because higher ethanol blends can increase smog in hot weather. They can also erode older car engines, gas pumps, storage tanks and pipelines.

      30% higher corn prices with other crops rising by 20%, according to the National Academy of Sciences.

      Growing more corn for ethanol causes increased amounts of water pollutants from U.S. farms

      Expect more fertilizer use when fertilizer costs are soaring

      More summer smog

      E15 erodes older car engines, gas pumps, storage tanks and pipelines.

      Small refiners will suffer and some will go out of business allowing Elizabeth Warren to moan about the concentration of “Big Oil”.

      To top things off, when Trump tried the same thing, the courts struck it down as illegal.


  19. DR. RUMACK
    What was it we had for dinner tonight?

    Well, we had a choice. Steak or fish.

    Yes, yes, I remember. I had lasagna.

    Dr. Rumack was the Libertarian on the flight.

    Anyway, I think if it were an actual choice at least there’d be a reason to vote for A or B. As it stands government is more like the school cafeteria: This is lunch. Eat it. Or don’t and waste it. The lunch lady, she don’t care. She’s just doin’ her job. Go ahead and and vote for the guy who promises to get rid of the lunch lady. You see what happened. The damn parasites just about killed the host just because he mocked them.

    Meanwhile, the free market provides the food court. Don’t want a burger but still want to eat with the family? Fine, you go over to the gyro place. And thousands of people don’t use the food court at all but also aren’t expected to subsidize it.

  20. All this talk about “we must protect our democracy” from charlatans such as NASTY Pelosi rings of B.S.! When is someone….anyone going to address the the need to restore and protect FREEDOM ?!

  21. ‘Roughly a third of American voters think that the Marxist slogan “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need” appears in the Constitution.

    ‘About as many are incapable of naming even one of the three branches of the United States government. Fewer than a quarter know who their senators are, and only half are aware that their state has two of them.’ — The New Yorker

    When the bulk of the gen pop gets their ‘news’ from Facebook and cable teevee, it is trivially easy to program them.

    It took but a few weeks to convince many to fly the blue-and-yellow flag of a distant foreign country. Clowngress followed up by whooping through $40 billion in aid, impoverishing Americans for no benefit whatsoever.

    ‘Managed democracy’ is what we have. The people who program it are not the ones in elected office, and their actual agenda is cloaked in misdirection.

    The MSM is the enemy.

  22. I heard through the grape vine that Andrew Zimmern was the chief dietitian and head chef at the latest WEF meeting in Davos.

    He prepared a delicious meal of bugs, worms, every kind of bug, for the most intelligent and richest sycophants on the planet. Luckily for the elistists, nori was also on the plate. Meal worms were for desert topped with wood ticks from Minnesota. Klouse wasn’t impressed, didn’t want to insult the chef for fear of retaliation, so he ate everything on his plate, licked it clean for his next meal of bugs.

    Have to adhere to your own executive orders. Bizarre foods were featured entrees’ at every meal at the WEF burn down. ‘You get what you ask for,” said Andrew. Zimmern was adamant.

    “In a democracy, all citizens must be subjected to the latest diet advocated by the WEF,” Zimmern quipped. Could be fake news from Davos, but who cares.

    Zimmern is just following Klouse’s advice, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  23. Winston Churchill said something to the effect that the best argument against pure democracy was a quick chat with the average voter.

  24. Eric,

    I forget where I heard or read this, but it’s my understanding that the Vikings and old Ireland had minimal rule and gov’t. I’d like to learn more about what they did and how. I don’t know much, but what we have is NOT working! It’s time to abolish our present gov’t…

    • A few choice bits about the Vikings:

      “Medieval Iceland illustrates an actual and well-documented historical example of how a stateless legal order can work and it provides insights as to how we might create a more just and efficient society today.” …


      “Gjald was the Old Norse word for debt and is what robber Vikings called the kind of theft that Husbjörn was engaged in. The word made the victims seem like they owed the perpetrators something. If they did not voluntarily pay their “debts” the violence brought upon them was justly deserved.

      The heirs of the robber Vikings inherited this trick but instead used the word “taxation.””…


      “If you wanted to visit Sliasthorp, you would have needed to get permission from those who lived there, suggesting that there was a very, very clear division between the classes that it was quite purposefully separated by distance. Based on the positioning of the cities, the commodities there, and the classes of people that they were home to, archaeologists believe that the cities are signs of a very carefully developed plan of urban growth and development.”…


      “How did the Icelandic Free State work? The 11th-century historian Adam von Bremen described Iceland as having “no king but the law.”…


      • Helot,

        THANK YOU! Thank you for the links. It’s good to see a good, historic example like this. As I said above, what we have is not working; it’s not serving the needs and desires of people at all-either on the left or the right…

      • Hi Helot

        Thanks for spreading those links. Far too many people are not familiar with that history.
        That has always been an example of rules, without rulers.


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