Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 12/20/2022

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Here’s the audio of my weekly get-together with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about what looks like the impending frog-marching of the Orange Man as well as some unspoken realities of life with an EeeeeeeVeeee:

. . .

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  1. On Wednesday, 21 Dec, the solstice (antichrist?) Jewlensky is going to address Clowngress.

    He WILL get non stop standing ovations just like Bibi did. (Bibi, the butcher of Palestine, got a record 29 standing ovations – more than any sitting president)

    (and are we at that point where the first AIPAC installed Congressional whore who stops clapping first gets executed for lack of enthusiam?)

    Not even a Republican will dare not clap like a penguin high on crack for the dictator of the Ukraine. LOL

    (((BTW Zelensky is in the US to get briefed on the upcoming Jan 2023 nuclear false flag to be blamed on Russia.)))

    This event will be another signpost just before the total destruction of Amerika.

    Any budding author who wants to be the next Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and document of the fall and end times of the Amerikan Gulag take note.

    It is way way worse than we think, and the collapse is way way closer, the death spiral is tightening and we are about to augur in.

    And I would not doubt for one second that Zelensky goes home with a suitcase nuke under his arm.

  2. Dear Eric, (Que Bevin, I miss that guy) Have you ever written or spoken anything about the Southern Border? Seeing as it’s in the, ‘news’ these days so much…

    As I was listening to a sorta ~ Mr. Cronkite ( I do like his, Boots-On-The-Ground-Reports and hope he ain’t like the original Cronkite.)

    he did a bit about the Southern Border where it seemed to me he just didn’t get it that the draw for those South of the border was ~ like leaving a can can of cat food out on the back porch at nite & then getting upset about all the damage caused by the fights between the wild critters over the can. Etc…

    Also, the whole notion, Dave wants to help people, that’s cool, problem is, he’s got this disconnect about helping people vs. taking money from one person in the form of taxes & giving to another.

    Imho, it would be good if a number of people sent him your

    ’cause, far too many people are stuck in the same mind-snare.

    …He goes on in another episode to talk about stealing from stores & if it’s justified or not, I haven’t listened enough to his talk, I imagine …. I’m out of time & my batteries are too low.

    • Hi Helot,

      I agree, it’s a topic that ought to be discussed – especially in a libertarian context. I once heard it said that a recipe for national suicide is open borders and a welfare state. It is not, then, immigration that is the problem. It is the “free” lunch. Being forced to pay taxes is bad enough. Being forced to pay more taxes to support an endless conga line of new arrivals is no different than being told you must open the door to your home and stand by while any random person who wants to comes on in and helps himself to the contents of your ‘fridge, sits down on the sofa and watches your TV and then makes himself at home in your bedroom. It is the Dr. Zhivago’ing of the nation.

      • I can’t help but think like a conspiracy theorist that the US’s open borders represent some hidden agenda by our government. The Biden Administration is leaving the Southern Border open for a reason, although they deny it is. Why? The climate change activists are then publishing narratives that Americans need to stop having children and are including “biodiversity” and a call for “reproductive rights” in the new $1.7 omnibus bill, that unfortunately, looks like it will see light of day by the end of this week.

        The entire thing is an oxymoron. We need less people, except the people crossing illegally into our country?!?! This does produce the globalist agenda. No country, no nationalism, but the Dems/liberals don’t seem to realize they are in fact killing their own by continuing to abide by it.

        I once thought Gates and Company was crazy. They are, just not in a throw a dart and wish for the best kind of way. This is intentional. Although, I don’t agree with their way of implementing mass genocide (nor do I condone genocide or killing) let’s look at who they are going after.

        1. “Reproductive rights” aka abortion centers pushed into urban areas and Indian reservations.
        2. Pushing gender fluidity into the government indoctrination camps. Kind of hard to reproduce when all of your genitalia has been destroyed.
        3. Advocating for welfare and the breakdown of the nuclear family.
        4. Taking security (police, guns, etc.) away from the cities so residents are not protected and do not feel safe.
        5. Breakdown of the supply chain, especially urban areas.
        6. The forced vaccination of senior citizens housed in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.
        7. The enforcement of vaccination into younger generations in college and government run public schools. If the government can’t get them to cut off their boobs and balls, they will make sure they don’t produce additional progressives by any means.

        Who are they not going after? Where are they not located? Whether someone wishes to admit it out loud or not it is easy to read between the lines. The question is why the left and those with liberal agendas cannot see it. Even stranger they are the ones pushing it. Is it stupidity or something much more sinister? I am of the belief this is malicious and deliberate. If that is truly the case then the goal of the left is to omit the nonproductive of society, to eliminate those who ideas are progressive, and to breakdown the extremes of the political spectrum.

        For those who think I am crazy (and maybe my view is a bit out there), but if these vaccines are truly doses of deceit, we need to look at who will remain, and it isn’t the compliant, the recipients of government aid, or those with no survival skills.

        What is the end goal?

        • RE: “What is the end goal?”

          I keep getting reminded of that bit Obama had in 2017, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

          Then, there’s this weird sheet:

          ‘“Drastic Personality Changes”: Are Covid Jabs Making People Docile?’

          ” I started asking people I know and trust if they’d noticed anything different. ALL of them had. The consensus was that their vaxxed friends and family seemed more docile. […]

          People who got jabbed are no longer themselves, in many cases, expressing unusual emotions that were not previously part of who they were before the injections.

          “People, colleagues of mine after they got injected would be much more dualistic in their thinking, much more rigid – and if you know the structure of the brain, that makes sense,” Wolf further explained about her observations.

          “If people’s thinking is more rigid and there’s damage to the neural structures, that seems like something worth asking more questions about. I also knew that people were much angrier, less ability to modulate emotions – more primal reactions to provocation. People have also been saying that the changes are affective – people who were previously warm and affectionate have become cold, distant, or cutting other people off.””…

          • I haven’t noticed the docile part (some are quicker to anger than before), but the forgetfulness is very noticeable. People that I know who were always on top of things are now easily confused, forget something the minute after you mention it to them, and are constantly mixing up simple facts. I have a few clients (and family members) that have even stated this. They get upset because they forgot to order something, sent the employee to the wrong jobsite (more than a few times), are forgetting to pay bills, etc. Could some of this be attributed to age? Of course, but the decline was rapid and very noticeable, when these same individuals never had such issues prior.

            The animal studies (conducted through NIH) showed a high number of antibodies after the shot, which quickly depleted over time and the body then began attacking the organs.

            From the Unz Review (Feb 2021):

            “The mRNA lipid-coated PEG-construct– by Moderna’s own study–does not stay localized but spreads throughout the body including the brain. Found in animal studies in bone marrow, brain, lymph nodes, heart, kidneys liver, lungs etc. Doctors are saying that the vaccine does NOT cross the blood-brain barrier, but that is NOT true. …If it reaches the brain there will be an auto immune response that will cause inflammation What characterizes virtually all neuro-degenerative diseases is this misfolded protein that is characteristic to Lou Gehrig’s disease, to Alzheimer’s, to Parkinsons to Huntington’s etc.”

            That is a very frightening and accurate portrayal from something written almost two years ago.

  3. If anyone out there wants to know the real nitty gritty why (((they))) are after Trump with unrelenting passion it is because Trump represents a substantial threat to the deep state, at least according to Mark Glenn:

    I can’t say I know WHY they want to hang the Orange Orang, but they really do want to hang him, my take, is that (((they))) stole the election and installed their pedo-puppet to carry out an agenda which Trump was resisting.

    In case you don’t know, Mark Glenn had a little North Idaho radio show called the Ugly Truth, and became famous when he interviewed LtCol Alan Sobrasky, whose statement “they did it” has gone down in history:


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