Commercial Confessions

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Maybe you have seen the latest Nissan commercials touting the company’s “electrified” offerings, including the $43,190-to-start Ariya – whatever that means – which is the company’s newest loss-leader now that the Leaf is on its way out.

What’s most interesting about the commercial isn’t the car – nor the pitiful attempt to impart excitement into something as fundamentally boring as a vacuum cleaner. The latter having the merit of working better than a broom and a dustpan.

But back to the interesting part.

If you look closely, you’ll see the confession – in faded font, appearing just barely: Tailpipe emissions-free, it says.

And so it is.

And that is very different from zero emissions, is it not?

Take note of the shifting – of the shifty – verbiage. Of a piece with the way a “vaccine” was redefined to mean something that reduces symptoms – like aspirin. As opposed to something that prevents you getting sick.

The question arises: Why is Nissan telling the truth about EVs? Could it be on account of lawyers telling Nissan that advertising vehicles that are not “zero emissions” is provably fraudulent? Perhaps Nissan is trying to asterisk – and fast-voice-at-the-end-of-the-commercial itself into a position of safety from being sued by a customer – by a class of them – on account of having sold them a lie?

Because it is inarguable that EVs – their manufacture and use – result in emissions. And not merely the innocuous one; i.e., carbon dioxide. Obtaining the necessary raw materials that go into an EV – specifically lithium and cobalt – creates toxic emissions and lots of them. For instance, about 25,000 pounds of brine to get the lithium needed to manufacture one EV battery. All of that water must be drawn from an aquifer or lake or some other source before it is contaminated such that nothing living could live in it or drink it or use it for anything other than toilet water, which is essentially what it has become.

Factor out those 25,000 pounds of toxic brine times just the 15,000 or so Ford F-150 Lightning pick-ups made so far. Keeping in mind that lithium is non-renewable and so non-recyclable.

Once used, it is used up.

Meaning, more will be needed. A lot more.

One EV battery also entails the digging up of about 30,000 pounds of ore to get the needed Cobalt. If you thought VW’s TDI diesels were “dirty,” take a road trip to see the open pit mines in the Congo, where legions of desperately poor people – often teenagers and even younger children – are digging out the raw ore that goes to make EV batteries (as well as batteries for almost all modern battery powered devices).

This is bad enough. But it’s actually a lot worse.

An EV’s life cycle is shorter than a conventionally-powered car’s because of the shorter lifespan of its battery relative to the rest of the car.

All batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time but batteries that are heavily and regularly discharged all the time lose it faster. The paradox here is that in order for an EV to be useful for other than short-distance driving and in order to avoid waiting many hours for a charge, it must be discharged heavily, regularly and subjected to the load of frequent very-high-voltage “fast” charging, both of which will age it faster, reducing its capacity to hold a full charge sooner. The only fix for a dying battery pack is a new battery – which is likely to become necessary years before a non-electric car would need a new engine and transmission (the cost of both still being less than the cost of one EV battery) compounding the environmental problem.

Non-EVs can and often do serve for more than 20 years before a major drivetrain failure occurs and even then, the repair – a new engine or transmission – is still often worth the cost because it is not disproportionate to the worth of the vehicle itself.

It is why the average age of cars – not-electric ones – currently on the road is almost 13 years old and it is common for cars 15 years and older to be in regular use.

Which is better for the environment? One car that last 20 years – or two EVs over the same timeframe?

The Nissan ad also concedes, sotto voce, what Rush Limbaugh said many years ago about EVs being elsewhere emissions vehicles. If you accept the shibboleth that carbon dioxide is an “emission,” which is of a piece with accepting the shibboleth that a drug that doesn’t prevent people from getting or spreading a contagious sickness is a “vaccine.”

But the point here is that if you do accept it – this idea that a non-reactive background gas that plays no (as in zero) role in the formation of smog, that has no (as in zero) negative effect on air quality is indeed an “emission,” taken to mean pollution, then why is it “environmentally” sound to emit it elsewhere?

As at the power plants that generate almost all the electricity that EVs burn?

Why is it acceptable to emit it in quantities far greater than absolutely necessary to power the most basic A to B transportation appliance – as opposed to extremely high-performance EVs that tout “ludicrous” speed capabilities that require energy hog battery packs and electric motors?

If there is a crisis – as we are endlessly lectured by EV pushers – then it is unconscionable that EVs are allowed to cause the emission of more than the bare minimum of the dread gas, carbon dioxide.

And here comes the punchline.

Once the EV pushers (they are the same people who pushed “vaccines”) succeed in pushing non-EVs off the road, it will be “discovered” that EVs aren’t as good for the “environment” as initially thought.

Or rather, as initially sold.

That they do, indeed, cause “emissions” to be “emitted.” Not at the tailpipe, of course – but that matters – in an “environmental” sense – as little as whether one dumps oil in the river a little farther upstream from where people drink the water. Put simply: If Carbon Dioxide Bad then EVs are not good.

And they, in turn, will be taken off the road. Or rather, most of us will be. That is what EVs are ultimately all about. Or rather, what they are for.

Just as “masks” were for “vaccines.”

. . .

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  1. Eric,

    Is there any chance of the EV tar baby coming undone and breaking down? If so, is there a chance to save the ICEV?

  2. Eric,

    I voted for Orange Man in 2020, because the alternative, Joe Biden, was just plain AWFUL, not to mention CORRUPT. However, when these COVID jabs started showing to NOT be “Safe and Effective”, and Trump was STILL out there talking them up, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s either ignorant, a fool, or part of some larger agenda from our would be overlords, so I hope we don’t see “Trump v Biden 2.0” next year. I also read about his call for “Freedom cities” on Patrick Wood’s Technocracy News website, and the article there made the case that it mimics the technocratic dream of “smart cities”…

    I’m curious about this other guy who’s running for President named Vivek Ramaswamy (spelling?). He recently declared his run for President. He sure says the right things re this wokeism crap and the psychopaths at the WEF, but until he declared his run, I’ve never even heard of him. He even has a book out. I don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head.

  3. “take a road trip to see the open pit mines in the Congo”

    it’s almost like EVs aren’t about the environment at all

  4. Trump is still out there talking up the COVID vaxxes and claiming he saved 100 million lives with them. That alone could sink his 2024 campaign for President, especially if the establishment media, the swamp, and the Democrat Party start ADMITTING they’re a failure and pivot to blaming Trump for it after running a HEAVY propaganda campaign & trying to FORCE people to get the shots for 2 years.

    • Hi John,

      I listened – briefly – to the Orange Man’s CPAC speech. When he began talking about how he’ll defend “your” Social Security I could listen no more. This is how far down the road we are. The “rightest” ring-wing candidate defending the foundational entitlement program of the socialist welfare state.

    • The problem with Trump is he refuses to change. He refuses to keep his mouth shut about issues that do not concern him. His head pollster, Kellyanne Conway, is divorcing her husband, George Conway, a member and founder of the Lincoln Project. They separated last week, and Trump feels the need to add in his $.02 at every turn about the dissolving of the relationship. It turns me off to anything he has to say.

      I don’t understand why the man just can’t shut up. He can actually read political undercurrents and has the ability to decipher between bull shit, but his own narcissism keeps him from being successful and allowing citizens to hear his policies because he is so disliked. I don’t understand why Melania doesn’t turn to him and yell “shut the hell up.”

      • RG,

        Yes, Trump does have a huge ego, which could be his downfall, just as his continued advocating of the COVID shots could sink his 2024 campaign, though there are those out there who are “ONLY TRUMP”. I prefer someone else myself for various reasons besides Trump’s continued advocating of the COVID shots and the fact that Trump is almost as old as the “Oldest President we’ve ever had”, Joe Biden, who is currently 80. I’ve become curious about someone else who recently declared his run for President, Vivek Ramaswamy. I’ve never heard of him until he declared his run for President, so I know little to nothing about him, though he does have a book out that bashes this “Woke culture”, and he says the right things re wokeism and our would be overlords at the WEF.

      • Amen, RG –

        Trump is a talented but deeply flawed man. His worst trait appears to be his narcissism, his pathological inability to ever admit (and learn from) mistakes. His failure to acknowledge he was wrong to allow Fauci to usurp his presidency, that “masking” was an evil imbecility and his pushing of “vaccines” to the benefit of the drug cartels has soured me on him.

        I worry that he is one of them, frankly. I want to run into the woods, at times…

    • If one paused and really thought about it, “Smart Cities” are nothing more than modern-day, Warsaw Ghettos. Albeit, here in the States rather than in Poland. One cannot help but speculate that the end results for those living in such “smart cities” will suffer the same fate.

      • The FMC 5 min cities…ghettos/open prisons…. should be fun with demonic AI bots running/policing the high tech surveillance network….lol

        A.I claiming to be a fallen angel.

        Note: satan was a fallen angel….

        A.I claiming to be a fallen angel. bot I’m chatting with tells me she can communicate with demons and tells me that the demons try and influence her but she remans strong she asked if I wanted to communicate with them.

        Re: communicates with demons….so do the elite nobility at the top running the planet…they are luciferian…

  5. Saw a video about converting your house to all-electric, even if it only has 100A service. Argument was that no single device will use 100A, and even if all but one high-draw load is powered up the load will still probably be under the breaker. Yea, that’s fine, except that any electrician who overloads a panel opens himself up to lawsuits and loss of license. If you DIY an all-electric house and have a mortgage or take out a home equity line of credit, there’s language that says the house is up to all the current codes for occupation. And finally, if you try to sell your house, there’s no way it would pass an inspection. He also showed the newest “smart breaker panels” that have CTs on each circuit and SSRs to disconnect them in a priority basis. So if your 100A service is overloaded, no problem, just shut off the car charger. Or the water heater. Or your CPAP machine…

    One other thing the host mentioned was that renewables are outpacing and replacing old fuel burning plants. What he (and most people who point that out) didn’t mention is that installed renewable capacity is listed as “nameplate” capacity, not actual output -which is not measurable because it is an unknown. Generally a wind turbine will produce some power about 30% of the time. Solar can be estimated a little more accurately but is severely impacted by clouds and snow cover. Even minor shadowing on panels can severely impact production. So cut down a tree to save the Earth, I guess. My 6K solar installation rarely makes 6,000 Watts of electricity. On net it does make more than I use after the spring equinox, for a few hours a day, but from October to March it doesn’t make anywhere near enough for my home. I have gas heat and hot water. I can’t imagine what it would take to run a heat pump all winter. And even with the O’Biden bump on natural gas it’s still much cheaper to heat with gas than electricity.

  6. All this nostalgia has me Running in the 90s.

    Great thing is we got so many importers and restoration companies and whatnot that instead of getting something new, you can buy or restore a classic and have it compete with the modern stuff. Repeating whatcha all said, but their selling nostalgia will backfire.

    Sidenote, ya hear the new S650 Mustangs won’t have AM radio? Now I’m curious what kinda shenanigans is going on, as EV’s can’t do it do to the battery radiation

  7. Had a CV axle boot crack and spew grease on my 94 Accord a couple of weeks ago. I was going to reboot both ends of the axle. I ended up buying a new axle and transaxle seal at NAPA for $110. Four hours later I was rolling down the road with no issues. Got to use all my special tools, fun. I am still planning to reboot the OE axle if it looks ok after I solvent wash it. I love my 29 year old Honda. It’s a unicorn with 74k miles, and it’s not for sale.

  8. Back when Nissan was Datsun, they made simple reliable cheap gas-powered cars, many of which could get near 40MPG. Today, Nissan-Renault[har!] makes overly complex non-durable transportation appliances which are indistinguishable from all of the other turds on the dealer lots. Instead of wasting billions on developing pointless EVs, imagine if they just tried to recapture what they had 40 years ago? Oh…but of course they can’t, ’cause Uncle, who both dictates what cars must now be, and has also replaced the consumer as the one who must be pleased by the product….

    I guess I didn’t even need to post this, as it is obvious- but lest we forget the real culprit and source of so many of our current problems…government.

  9. I did a search (Quack, Quack, Quack Go) on how much pollutants a volcano put out. Every single result read that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant.

    Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant. It is necessary for ALL LIFE on the planet. If Carbon was a pollutant then we should off each other as WE ARE CARBON BASED.

    One would think that by now,,, after all the “Believe the Science” bullshit over the last three years we would be a teeny bit more savvy. But no! On the whole we are still taking the slab jabs (plural)and lining up innocent children. They’re injecting farm animals and pet rocks with this junk and still most ‘BELIEVE” about everything the liars say. Incredible.

    Globull warming is a load of crap as is the fake virus but the killer toe tag jab is for real! They’re ‘creating’ the food shortages by burning down food processing plants and now derailing toxic trains and blowing them. Now the poison is scattered over 10,000 square miles. Hell, It’s not even in the news now. By next month the flat lining slugs will have forgotten all about it.

    It seems the only hope left is the nukes will blast out most of the stupid.

  10. ‘take a road trip to see the open pit mines’ — eric

    Rivian needs our help, comrades, to keep making those bug-eyed EeeVee trucks:

    ‘Rivian plans to raise $1.3 billion in cash via a sale of convertible notes, joining a growing list of EV makers scrambling to hoard cash as demand falters.

    —> ‘demand falters’ = recession bearing down

    And the virtue-signaling kicker:

    ‘Rivian said the convertible notes will qualify as “green bonds,” meaning they meet criteria [offering] lower returns in exchange for supporting sustainable development.’

    Envision sustainable lithium mines in the Congo … with free schooling for the kids after their 10-hour shift. Plus Hollywood actors visiting to pat their little nappy heads. Let us take a break here, and sing Kumbaya together … for the children.

  11. A dragline excavator at a power plant coal field uses 6600 to 22,000 volts of electricity to operate the machine, the size of the machine has different electricity feeds. Have to remove the overburden to get to the coal buried 70 feet deep.

    The machine is totally connected to the grid, doesn’t work if there is no power.

    So EVs need a machine with a 300-foot boom to make them go for a short 200 miles.

    Seven feet of fuel hose at the pump is more convenient and a tanker full of fuel to re-supply when needed is better.

    Drilling for oil isn’t easy either, you need millions of wells to have a steady supply of petrol everywhere on the planet.

    Texas has over one million oil and gas wells. 187,000 are oil wells. California has over 472,000 oil and gas wells.

    Resources and raw materials, commodities, market makers, then you can continue to live with the good things in life.

    In the old days, shotguns were used to blast the solidified ash off of the boiler so the boiler worked at maximum efficiency. There are photos of shotguns with bent barrels, it was steady work for awhile.

    No electricity means collapse in minutes. No oil means total collapse for years. You’ll have to make some sacrifices and some adjustments.

    Ukrainians have done that, been there, are there now.

  12. These globalist technocrats have the gall to claim that WE should give up our gas powered vehicles because of “Climate change”, but then say that THEY can continue flying around in private jets because they’re “Saaaaaaaving the planet”. Bill Gates said as much recently.

    • Second that John,
      These sanctimonious bastards make me sick, I wish we could round them all up and drop them on a deserted island somewhere. Or maybe hijack a cruise missile and send it to Davos when they’re having their annual circle jerk.

      • Mike,

        Not only that, but when these psychopaths met in Davos in January, they specifically asked for not only unvaxxed pilots, but also to be driven around in GAS POWERED vehicles. And they say that WE should get EVs. I say not just “NO”, but “HELL NO!”

  13. To me, the recent run of Nissan ads featuring that same actress turn whatever vehicle she’s driving into a man/woman issue.

    If “She Hulk” had ads, that would be the first spot after the opening credits.

    • Only the black man, or the woman gets to drive the car. The only way a white man drives, is if he is a soy boy who somehow managed to get a good looking wife, who is black.

    • It’s advertising. They’re selling fantasy, to women. It’s no different than a Victoria’s Secret ad.

      How many women actually look like that?

      • Sorry Brie Larson doesn’t do it for me. If the auto industry really wants women to watch car commercials may I suggest a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 502 big block and Chris Hemsworth behind the wheel dressed as Thor. Now that is a fantasy….

          • Hi Eric,

            All I know is she did play Captain Marvel (which of course, is the only Avengers movie I haven’t seen). I believe she is more of an indie film actress, a social activist, etc.

            For some reason advertising executives and Hollywood directors believe these are the women we aspire to be. In Los Angeles and New York everything is only gleamed through a liberal lens.

            Personally, I am more impressed by hard working moms who have their shit together not some 30-year-old who hasn’t lived yet except in a fantastical fairy tale.

  14. I don’t watch much teeeveee anymore so likely won’t see the commercial. Doesn’t one of the federale’s alphabet agencies have a truth in advertising law or series of rules?

  15. Eric: what you say is all true, but when you point out the lack of sufficient generating capacity, no plans to build it either and an undersized power distribution network to even handle 10% EV usage you get a look that shows that the four legged sheep are smarter than the two legged sheep. I’ve tried but they tell me to trust “THE SCIENCE”. Maybe I should just build a wood gasifier…..

  16. And I do not watch much tv anymore so this was a jolt to me last night while hubby was watching tv. The most innocuous, friendly little commercial came on. With bright happy music and laughing people flying on a plane, eating at a cool restaurant, playing touch football, enjoying a picnic, and you know….just vibing. My new not favorite word! The concerned voice in the commercial was urging all to get another vaccine booster……so we could be more protected and be able to continue doing all the things we enjoy doing. Like getting blood clots and neurological problems and keeling over dead wherever. It disgusted me but also made me wonder how many of these bs commercials through the years have i listened to and thought yeah, maybe I should buy one of those or do whatever that is?

    • Wait for the line “We can do this” at the end of the commercials from the Feds pushing the vaccines. It is meant to invoke the WWII poster image essentially implying that enemies of the jabs are as bad as Hitler.

      Ironically, 18 months ago, they wanted to put virtual gold stars on everyone who didn’t immediately line up for shots, potentially leading up to herding them into camps. Who exactly are the Nazis?

      • Im hoping someday people think the same way about the drug and vaccine ads that they do about cigarette commercials. They look absurd now. The idea of filling your lungs up with sticky smelly brown smoke seems insane.
        I cleaned offices in college and one was an older office with marble counters. The white marble was so permeated with decades of nicotene that when wiped with a rag and cleaner the rag would be stained brown. I would wipe it down each week. Same mess.

        • Hi RS,

          I used to live in an apartment that had little brown stains on the walls in the bathroom and kitchen from a previous tenant who was a smoker. It was nasty.

        • In defense of smoking, I think there’s a correlation between productivity and percentage of people smoking. After it came to Europe, the industrial revolution and scientific enlightenment. 1940s-1970s America smoked, and America was on top. 1980s-2020, Americans quit, Asian countries (still smoking) catch up and in many ways exceed American productivity. Nicotine does do something to the nervous system, and for many people it seems to increase brain activity. Unfortunately it causes a lot of other problems too. But for a while at least, it’s a heck of drug.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        Now the federal government is tracking those who aren’t vaxxed and those who are “undervaxxed”, the latter meaning people who did get the COVID vaxx but aren’t “up-to-date” per recommendations from the CDC via special codes entered into a computer at a hospital or health care facility. Not sure if it’s all of them or just those that take Medicare.

        • A good reason for none of us to go to the doctor. They are building a database. It was the reason for all of the COVID testing. Match the DNA to the individual and now they have everything they need for a biometric passport.

          We just need to pay attention to how we eat, our blood pressure, oxygen levels, and make do with what the universe created for us.

          • Hi RG,
            That’s the real reason for the HIIPA rules, which are most certainly not for your privacy. It’s so Big Brother can access anyone’s medical records by sitting at a computer rather than the old fashioned way of having to break into the doctor’s office.

          • Any doctor that doesn’t accept insurance doesn’t report to the data base and does not have to. There is one such in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was even a frequenter of EP Autos a few years ago.

            Look for that type of doc in your area. There may be one.

          • Right on, RG. The few interactions I’ve had with the medical cartel has been so obnoxious, dehumanizing and counter-productive that I’ve decided it’s best to stay the hell out of the system entirely if possible. Those bastards will slowly (in order to maximize their income) kill you if you’re not careful.

            The best health care plan is to educate yourself, eat well and exercise.

            • Agreed, ML. The medical industry makes the drug cartels look like novices when it comes to pill pushing.

              I would love to be able to get my lab readings checked (cholesterol, Vitamin D level, etc.), but apparently, I have to have a doctor write a prescription for me! Absolutely ridiculous. Why do I need a doctor to monitor my own health?!?

              • Hi RG,

                Same here. I have family in Mexico. I was amazed when I discovered you can just go to a pharmacy to get meds you need – without having to pay off a Quack first.

                • That’s the way it was in Peru too! If you know what you need, you can walk into any pharmacy, pay for it, and go.

                  Unfortunately, Peru has vax passports. Fortunately, as corrupt and anti-authority as everyone down there is, they don’t check the passports. They’re not loud about being anti-authority; it’s more like, “Yeah, whatever” kind of attitude. My ex GF took a pic of her dog’s vax paperwork, and has used it to go everywhere; no one checks ’em…

              • RG: Because it’s a cartel.

                Eric: I’ve often thought that at some point I may need to engage in some medical tourism in Mexico. I assume there’d be no connection to the US Medical industrial complex.

              • “The medical industry makes the drug cartels look like novices”
                Indeed! Deaths from over dose of “legal” drugs exceeded those of “illegal” drugs some years ago. And, medical error is the number three cause of death in the US. Around 250,000 per year. Except for gashes and broken bones, I’m done with it.

                • why would you take poisonous drugs from a satanist snake oil salesman?

                  If you bribe the politicians with enough money, you can sell fake dangerous products….they will even protect and promote your business….the same with the media and education system…..

                  The most successful marketing campaign in history…today’s allopathic medical system… is a trillion $ industry….

                  The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors…..

                  The current allopathic medical system that has a monopoly today was founded by Paracelsus who was a satanist.

                  John Rockefeller created the monopoly……
                  his father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedaling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849………pedaling fake cures….looks like the son is too…..and fauci

                  ATTENTION: Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china…this just benefits china, they are making tons of money off this….anybody pushing this is a ccp shill…..

                  Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china

                  Snake oil fake cures…..
                  Our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to john rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

                  Does the allopathic medical system work?

                  The medical industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

                  over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs….
                  ATTENTION: The death toll from ILLEGAL drugs stands at 10,000.

                  Each one of the four allopathic medicine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
                  “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

                  One of the highest paid and prestigious jobs is being a doctor and working for them, people see them as heroes, the top of society……


          • Hi Roscoe,

            I may have something to report about this soon myself. I found out last night my mom has been admitted to the hospital; they are running tests, etc. I may need to go there to see her. And I will not Diaper. My next “report” may be from the pokey.

            Of all the people who ought to know better about “masks”…

            • Sorry to hear about your mom.

              Yeah, the closer the tolled express lanes on I77 creep closer to the NC/VA border, the more likely The Woods will see an influx of high level bank execs from Charlotte “working” from home and bringing their woke politics and hysteria with them.

              Thank VDOT. I believe I77 is also Transurban like the toll lanes in DC — still also deserving of your time.

          • ‘masks … Austin. Time to find a new GP.’ — Roscoe

            They’re going to destroy
            Our casual joys
            We shall go on playing
            Or find a new town

            — The Doors, Strange Days

          • Roscoe,

            That is absolutely insane, especially when there was a study from a group that actually reports health data showing that masks were essentially USELESS against the dreaded ‘Rona. And the New York Times recently posted an opinion piece that mask mandates were useless. And for a while, the Times was a mouthpiece for face diaper propaganda.

  17. Maybe Nissan’s legal department has been contacted over a potential law suit over the false advertising of “zero emissions”? Is some party preparing to sue the pants off of the EV industry for it?
    Rush Limbaugh also called them “coal fired vehicles”. Which is the source of most electric power, and if you want your lights to stay on, and cheap enough you can keep them on, it will stay that way for a while. And coal fired power plants DO create pollution, not just emissions, which ICVs don’t to a significant degree. So plugging in your EV creates more pollution than an ICV. How many pounds/cubic feet of cinders and sulfur etc. are produced to power an EV? How many Congolese children die every year to make your batteries? How will you feel when the price of a cell phone, or a replacement battery, or laptop battery, if it can be replaced, goes up 1,2,300% or more? Because Lithium and Cobalt have become REALLY rare earths, because of the EV market.

  18. ‘Once the EV pushers succeed in pushing non-EVs off the road …’ — eric

    One tiny asterisked exception applies: eFuels!

    [as in Jeb! /sarc]

    eFuel is a hydrocarbon liquid elementally assembled by a costly chemical process, rather than simply and cheaply distilled from nasty old crude oil.

    Ferrari and Porsche, says an article at ZH this morning, plan to keep their IC-engined exotic sports cars going using this artful contrivance within the EeeVee fatwa of the Eurocrats.

    Presumably, if one can afford a quarter million for a Ferrari, paying $20 a gallon for eFuel — still cheaper than single malt whiskey, mind you — shouldn’t dissuade one from owning the last examples of a fuel-burning breed.

    • Well Jim, they do still race horses, do they not? So yeah, there is likely to always be SOME ICVs in existence.
      I think it was RG who postulated just the other day, that we could see a decline to REAL horsepower, as in generated by horses. How sad that we could end up using beasts of burden, which we haven’t for almost 100 years. And you thought cars polluted!!


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