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As horribly successful as the effort was to infect the populace with hypochondria – for the sake of controlling it – the attempt ultimately failed because of the Control Group. These were the people who smelled a rat – and refused to “mask up.” Who saw through the mask. Who refused the so-called “vaccines.”

They didn’t die.

In fact, they remained healthy – while many of those who took the “vaccines” found they were still getting sick.

And in many cases, worse.

If everyone had succumbed to the fear – and the pressure – it would have been much more difficult to establish the cause, as well as what was not the solution. It would have been easier for those responsible for creating mass panic to leverage it even further than they managed to.

As bad as it was, it might have been much worse.

We came this close to a regime of “vaccine” passports. To having to provide Proof of Jab in order to be allowed to work – or even to shop. And far worse than that, as the principle would have been cemented that our “health” was now government business. The pretext for controlling everything.

Not just now. Forever.

A nightmare scenario.

Well, for us. For those of us who do not want to transition into feed lot cattle, ear-tagged and penned. Under the watchful eye of the rancher.

That is why – often at great personal and economic cost – some of us refused to join the herd. We took off the “mask” or better yet, never put one on. And by doing so, we showed the herd that “masking” did nothing – other than turn human beings into bipedal cattle. Many still refused to see, of course. And continued to “mask.” A few still do. But it became progressively more absurd to wear the “mask” – and obviously tyrannical to require it – as time passed.

Just the same as the “plague of the unvaccinated” that never materialized.

Or rather, in reverse.

Thank the Control Group for that.

Better yet, join it.

Generally. Not just as regards showing your face (and not rolling up your sleeve) but as regards everything that is contrary to your will. That you see is wrong. Is evil. Don’t be a part of it. Don’t buy into it.

As in, literally.

Observe the effect of the Control Group upon the sales – or rather, the lack – of Bud Light, just-like-that no longer the best-selling beer on account of the Control Group not buying it. Or rather, refusing to buy into the evil of the Alphabet Agenda. The same as regards Target – which was (and still is) targeting children with the same agenda. The Control Group is now targeting Target, by refusing to buy into it.

The less we do, the harder it is for Target, et al, to push it

People who aren’t buying electric cars are not buying into the lie that the “climate” is “changing,” the next pretext for controlling us and – if not checked – locking us down, again. If – when – that happens, it will be even more imperative that a Control Group refuses to be locked down. It would be much better if that Control Group assured such locking-down never happens, in the first place. And the way to assure that is to do essentially the same thing that those of us who refused to “mask” did, by openly challenging the lie behind it.

This is how wrong is exposed – and evil destroyed.

By not enabling it. By not funding it.

Stop buying the products (and using the services) of companies run by people who despise you – and want to control you.

They depend upon your passivity, your understandable desire to not make a fuss and to be let alone. But – understand – they will never leave you alone. It is contrary to their nature, not merely their agenda. They are driven by a deep-seated sadism and hatred of others – of humanity, which they regard as cattle and themselves the ranchers thereof. Everything they say is not merely a lie, it is also something worse.

The Control Group saw and understood this as the “pandemic” unfolded. It was not obdurate selfishness that prompted them to show their faces. It was that they knew what it was really all about and were determined to not be a part of it.

Just the same as parents who have come to understand what government schooling is all about have chosen to not be a part of it.

Homeschooled kids are another – possibly, determinative – Control Group. They do better – academically and psychologically – than kids herded into government schools, where obedience to authority is the primary curriculum. Homeschooled kids develop the wonderful habit of questioning it – and by doing that, become the Control Group of the future.

Ours may may well depend on it, too.

. . .

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  1. The chew wants you dead. 21 trillion lost, filtered thru DOD, off to israhell it goes. Pensions, SS, all gone, stolen. When you break into a home, steal all the valuables, rape the kids, then murder everyone…what do you do? You burn it down to hide any evidence. That describes the chew in America. Fires, train derailments. food plant explosions, poisoned air water and food, vaccinations…do you really think, it’s all just odd cohencidence?

  2. Here in WA 2020 they were establishing “quarantine centers”, the lame stream news didn’t get into the nuts and bolts of the law, but did report on the Governor’s visit:

    And the law info:

    Now you know how he got the nickname “Jaydolf Dimslee”

  3. I’ve BEEN in the control group for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and cancer screenings for decades already

    wuflu shoved me in the control group for ALL western medicine – haven’t seen a doc since circa 2017 – figure I’ll live longer without their “help”

    • Not all western medicine is bad. Since I’m old and grey now, I went and had that fun tailpipe cancer screening. It discovered…. early cancer. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, don’t drink much, so I’m not in a risk group, yet, there it was. Since it was caught early, I had a very minor surgery to remove it, and now I don’t have colon cancer. Had I waited, five years down the road, I would be talking to oncologists and getting chemo. It’s not all bad, so you have to use your judgment.

      • Point well taken, OpLock. But I want a bumper sticker: “Thank you for not telling me about your colonoscopy.”
        Hardly a week goes by that somebody doesn’t brag about “my colonoscopy,” with way more details than I need about the prep.

      • Or not. You might’ve lived all your days, 80-90 years, maybe, without ever knowing or being “affected” by whatever it was they told you they cut out of you. Remember, these are the same folks that told you to wear a mask and take the shots. They like driving new Benzos too.

      • “Not all western medicine is bad”
        Perhaps not all, but a great deal of it. Medical Error is the number three cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. Though it is never shown on a death certificate. Which makes a number hard to come up with, but estimates range from 250k on up Americans die every year from it.
        What kills more people than illegal drug abuse and gun crimes combined? Doctors.
        And it’s been so for decades.
        An uncle of mine likely died from a colonoscopy. His colon was perforated in the process, and he had peritonitis as a result. It took him months and many doctor visits to recover. And then died a year later from “other causes”.

  4. For years we’ve been told there’s a massive overvaluation in the stock market. Double digit PE ratios are just accepted as normal. EPS estimates always hit within a penny. Interest rates are permanently low thanks to the Greenspan philosophy for running the FED. Real estate valuations are over the top while more land is taken off the market and heavily regulated for inefficient utilization. It all worked because the aging populations of the world set aside retirement money.

    How are you going to get big returns in a market that’s saturated? One way is to bet against the bubble. But anyone who tried that over the last 20 years was taken to the cleaners by tech and telecom deflation, along with retail and retirement investors adding to their 401(k) accounts, getting options, and having no where else to go. Being a pessimist is usually a pretty risky move anyway.

    But what if you could engineer a downturn? These people are all on the same boards, they run the conference circuit and do quarterly lunches together. I’m sure all the scheduled sessions at Davos and Aspen Ideas are all very interesting, but the real meat of the meetings is after hours over cigars and cognac. That’s when the schemes take place. Then on Monday morning, after mulling it over they set up their programmed trades and start watching for mistakes. Marketing department blunder? Let’s set up the ladders and see if it goes viral. Downside is you’re out a few bucks on the squeeze, but upside is infinite. And once the snowball starts rolling your program just grows and grows and grows. Hell, even if everyone’s program gets rolling it just becomes an avalanche! Who cares if the retail players down in the village get destroyed? Serves ’em right for trying to play on the black diamond runs.

    A few million people retiring shouldn’t be a problem for the S&P. Most people are going to maintain their 60/40 split for a few more years at least. But they’re no longer putting new money into the market either. So their index funds are just sitting there, holding. It only took a few million people to stop buying to crush the market 30% in 2022. If you’re looking for a long play you have to be a really good picker. If you aren’t as good as you thought, you better be reading up on shorting.

    • People were forced into the Wall Street casino by the fiat currency and its Fed administrators. It’s been decades since savings account interest exceeded inflation. Perhaps since 1971 when the dollar went full fiat. Before that, banks competed with each other for savings deposits, most paying as much interest on a savings account as the Fed would allow. Somewhere just short of 6% if I recall correctly. Now you have to do something with your savings, or lose them. Personally, I buy Gold and Silver, though it is inconvenient to “cash in”. But most go to the casino and play for the dollar. An economy based on gambling?
      Meanwhile, China has the highest savings rate in the world. No wonder the occasional Chinese market catastrophe soon disappears.

      • I hate war and I’ll kill anybody who starts one!


        Forced fiat dollars invested has to mean one thing, a call from an investment adviser who has no clue, just is following orders, you’ve been marked.

        Received a phone call on about September 7th in 2001. The investment adviser was making contact to consider divesting an investment into a set of other investments, diversity is good. You feel pressured, coerced to make a decision when you didn’t have to make one at all. Why the call?

        Made a bad decision, went for the advice against better judgement. A fuel never learns.

        On September 11th, the newly invested funds went kind of south in a New York Minute.

        You just grin and bear it, no need to hang yourself, won’t do any good.

        Besides, there is nothing new under the sun. Hundreds upon hundreds of small investments is your Buffett Moat.

        A one dollar per share cost/investment in 1950 on 5000 shares of an energy company with coal as the commodity to generate electricity is now worth 70 times more than the original speculative dollars spent. 100 years of dividends will generate more wealth. 36 years of dividends distributed pays for it all so far.

        Eventually, you do prosper.

        It can all go to hell in a hurry in a handbasket, but the investment doesn’t reverse in value.

        You have to be a stalwart stoic, dang it anyhow, the times demand it.

        For fiduciary purposes only.

      • Coin clipping has been around since Rome. In fact I’d guess humans have been dealing with fiat currencies in one form or another since trade began. We only remember when it worked for a time then didn’t.

        Heck, even during the dark ages the church sold “indulgences” that became a tradable asset. And they were backed by the full faith and credit of The Almighty -how can your gold and silver specie beat that?

        • >Coin clipping has been around since Rome.
          Which is why modern coins have milled edges, dating to the time when they had intrinsic value as metal. Now? Vestigial, serving no practical purpose, AFAIK.

    • If you have a brokerage account with at least $15K or so, you can make a few hundred bucks here and there by selling short delta 10 puts on /GC. It’s especially helpful if you wait for a dip but not necessarily required.

      You can do likewise with /ES but it’s certainly more risky. But way down at delta 10, you don’t have much to worry about and those options on futures sell for some good money.

      • Best to wait for the dip to sell the delta-10 puts and/or wait for the surge to sell the delta-10 calls. But the calls are certainly more risky. At least these days.

      • ‘selling short delta 10 puts on /GC.’ — XM

        In layman’s terms:

        GC = Gold futures
        ES = S&P 500 futures
        delta-10 = an option whose strike price is deep out-of-the-money (much lower than the current price) and approximates a 90% probability of not being exercised.

        To quote the immortal Prissy, “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ options, Miss Scarlett.”

        Nor do I recommend them. Selling options is easy, free money … till the ‘market’ goes haywire and devours years worth of cumulative winnings in a few fraught hours. 🙁

        • Right and to make things safer there are also a couple of other guidelines. Don’t sell options too short-period or too long-period. Expiration in 30-60 days (closer to 60) is ideal. Then you have less chance of the market going haywire aka moving against you.

          The other HUGE thing is trade small. Quantity 1 or 2. I mean, unless you have a $100K+ portfolio that you’re comfortable risking.

          To avoid unlimited risk, don’t sell calls. Futures, unlike stocks can go below zero but that’s hugely rare and not gonna happen with gold. So selling puts, you use the rule “sell the put at the strike price where you’d be happy to own the underlying ticker.”

          For example, /GC is trading at $1975.00 — I would love to own one contract at $1875.00 (delta 15).

          Trade: Sell 1 /GCQ23 Jul 26 (46d) 1890 P @5.80 LIMIT Day

          If the market moved /GC below 1875, you would be assigned (or would have to buy it back) but you’d have collected $580 by selling the option. Meaning that you would own 1x /GC for $1,295.00.

          Lastly, watch it every single day. Absolutely not “fire and forget” trades. It’s not a suicide mission if you’re careful but it’s not free lunch either.

        • Oops! I conflated my existing position with the current market.

          The scenario I described, the trade is (which is actually delta 12):

          Sell 1 /GCQ23 Jul 26 (46d) 1875 P @3.50 LIMIT Day

          Which, if you got assigned would be $1875 – $350 = $1525.

          The trade I listed above 1890P is delta 15. Which, if you got assigned would be $1890 – $580 = $1310.

          A couple of days ago, I did:

          Sell 1 /GCQ23 Jul 26 (46d) 1890 P @7.80 LIMIT Day

          Which was a delta 15 at the time (IIRC). So, if gold drops way the hell down, I’ll own one contract at $1110. Slim chance of that happening.

          I won’t wait until expiration and probably buy it back when it’s around 50% of max profit. So I’ll make around $390 or so. Not huge but not bad for a couple weeks. Could happen sooner or later. Also, I could wait the entire 46 days and collect the full $780 but that’s a long time.

    • ‘What if you could engineer a downturn?’ — ReadyKilowatt

      Currently the Federal Reserve is pursuing a radical experiment of hiking interest rates and shrinking its balance sheet at the same time. This has only been tried once before, in autumn 2018. A 25% stock market selloff that bottomed on Christmas Eve 2018 scared the Fed enough to make them back off. What will it take this time?

      Eric Basmajian, a quant who wields a thorough command of economic data, published an article in April which made a deep impression on me. It proposes a three-step series of indicators which serve as a prelude to recession. His conclusion as of April:

      ‘Today the Leading Index is below -1%, and the Coincident Indexes are below 2%, so we have a Signal #2. Historically speaking, a recession became a certainty on this signal.

      ‘We received our Signal #2 five months ago, in December of 2022, and the average lead time before a recession starts is six months.’

      Nothing is 100% certain in the endlessly morphing macroeconomy. Even some of the data are suspect. But working with what we’ve got, I’d say a recession later this year is 90% probable.

      This would be a serious headwind for Democrats in the 2024, just as the covid recession in 2020 reduced the vote total which Trump otherwise would have received.

  5. Glad to be part of the control group. It was only 2 short years ago the organs were making big plans. Talking up a door to door mandatory forced jab operation. The Central Scrutinizer, which knows and sees all, informed TPTB, that most of us in the control group were busy making our peace, and getting our affairs in order. Morituri te Salutant.

    As regards those who would come onto our property and take our bodily autonomy, a line in the sand was drawn and the GovCo pussies were afraid to cross it. TPTB determined the local LEOs wanted little part in the pogrom. Not enough flobotomists and shock troops exist in the entirety of Fedzilla to enact their Pharma fascist fever dream, now or then. The only way they make this reality is with the help of their blue helmeted friends.

    • I just hope the redneck militias are getting red to cap some blue helmets because that WHO take over is looking more and more real.

      • Not sure the juice is worth the squeeze in their minds. They could blockade us, send plagues on us, murder Dollah Dollah Bill, or just get us so stoked up we kill each other. If they do FOAFO, those blue helmets will make great targets for any large caliber rifle. The only place they’ll be safe is in their big blue city green zones.

  6. quote “As bad as it was, it might have been much worse.”

    True, and it could get much, much worse (although we are wired to hope for the best). We humans suffer a huge case of normalcy bias and stockholm syndrome. Just me saying, what is to stop things from getting much, much worse? Not a damn thing, no charismatic personality (except Trump – who is being put away) is coming to stop what is coming down the Albert C. Pike Highway to hell. Freemason Pike, of course, predicted 3 world wars:

    In my ‘twisted’, ‘shamanic’, “conspiracy laced” mind I view the orange sky over Manhattan as a big omen of things to come. Yes, really. I am the most superstitious person I know, really, what are the chances that the very day Orange man is indicted that the skies go deep orange? The chances of that are astronomical, which means some other mechanism, unknown to science is at work. Like those New Agers say, there are no coincidences in the universe. Human emotions and thoughts connected somehow in the ether, creating godly displays that manifest into the physical.

    So I made a graphic: , just like I made thousands of others, but I am very jealous of those who can make really good graphics like David Dees, Smoloko, Ben Garrison:

    All three of those dudes are superstars, unbelievable talent, off the charts creative energy expressed to counter the juggernaut of evil.

    There is a previous “omen” that just preceded WW2, a 1938 premonition of a bloody war – a red sky that Hitler’s maid saw and was reported I read this years ago, so I may be getting the story wrong, but here is another version:

    Without a doubt, we stand at a precipace like pre WW3.

  7. “Stop buying the products (and using the services) of companies run by people who despise you – and want to control you.” EP

    This is probably the most important and effective weapon we have. It’s also hard to vilify those who quietly boycott, because there are no actors to show in a bad light in the regime media. It’s very difficult to portray non-action. That’s why the regime media has to do things like manufacture stories about “threats of violence” against target employees.

    I can do without if necessary. There are very few things that I actually need to survive and thrive in this world. And there are always alternatives.

    • Georgia recently became one of at least 12 states that is rolling out new digital ID driver’s licenses, which of course is exactly what the globalists at the World Economic Forum have been clamoring for since the onset of their push for a “Great Reset,” where they basically digitize all of the basic functions in life, including the bodies of human beings.

  8. The next lockdowns will most likely be “climate emergencies”, the PTB have been broadcasting “advisories” to stay indoors or wear a face diaper if you go outside due to the wildfire smoke. Next up it will be “mandatory” to make up for all the CO2 emissions from said wildfires. I make it a point to go outdoors every day, no matter the weather, to avoid becoming a couch potato in my retirement; was like an episode of the Twilight Zone during the Covid lockdowns, people would cross the street when they saw me coming sans face diaper. Ready to do it again if necessary.

    • Hi, Mike,
      RE: forest fires
      The only “face diaper” which would be of any use would be one made of absorbent cloth and *wetted.* Smoke from fires contain large amounts of particulates, as well as a toxic stew of all manner of nasty substances, some of which are likely carcinogenic. Carbon monoxide is also a concern; carbon dioxide is the least of your worries (relative to other risks).

      If you are *really* in it, the burning sensation in your eyes caused by the acrid smoke will drive you out of the plume, or let you know you really need to be wearing full face respirator, probably with supplied air (SCBA), because your life will depend on it.

      It is sad that so many destructive fires are set, i.e. the work of mentally ill “pyromaniacs,” who get a perverted thrill out of destroying things.

  9. Re: We came this close to a regime of “vaccine” passports.
    Yup, the pressure/propaganda was something I thought I’d never see in the US.
    I was not surprised how many bought into it.
    We were prepared however. Our plan B was to move out of Blue and into deep Red. The only question at the time was fly or drive, if it got ugly. Both had plusses and minuses.

  10. I wonder how many others have joined the control group which no longer buys beef & pork (& veggies) in the grocery stores due to the possibility of MNRA vax shots in the livestock?

    CV19 Bioweapon/Vax Beginning of Transhumanism – Karen Kingston

    On The Farm Report on the AM radio yesterday they were discussing how beef & pork sales were down, they seemed bewildered as to why, chalking it up to consumer debt being high & such.
    I didn’t listen intently, but I think that was the gist of it.

    …I wonder if there are many others buying beef & pork only from local producers who refuse to use The Shot on their livestock?

    • Hi helot,

      With the exception of some toiletries (e.g. hairspray and toothpaste) and paper products I have almost fully removed myself from grocery stores. I will only buy meat and seafood from local sources. I am very lucky that I live in a section of the country that allows me access to close to a hundred local farms and am only an hour or two away from the Chesapeake Bay. The local Farmer Markets have been a godsend and I have been able to link up with many farmers so I can continue to buy beef, pork, and chicken through the winter.

      We have a small (very small) homestead and raise our own chickens for eggs and grow a lot of our own fruits and vegetables. I am also teaching myself bread making and I do make a lot of our desserts from scratch. The rest I am able to supplement through the farmers markets.

      Beef and pork is down because so many cows and pigs were slaughtered over the last few years. It will take another 24-36 months for farmers to replenish their herds. Government regulation and the mass production made by companies such as Smithfield, Cargill, JBS, etc. are also buying up small family farms and adding them to their portfolio since local farmers are not able to match the prices that the mega conglomerates can offer.

      Also, most people are scraping by and no longer have the luxury to purchase steak, bacon, chicken breasts, etc. due to inflation and the dwindling dollar. When rent is due there usually is very little left for a good ribeye.

      Buying local is not cheap, but in my opinion it is well worth it to help my community and to keep these farmers in business. The day that Smithfield owns the world I become a vegetarian.

      • Sad to say, not all of us can afford to cast that wallet vote RG. I would if I could, and do when I can, which ain’t that often. Most of my shopping is perusing the sales flyers.

        • Hi John,

          I usually will buy in bulk and freeze it. I usually don’t buy a 1/4 of a steer (usually around $900+), but will tell the farmer I have this much to spend ($100, $300, etc.). Many will produce a bag for me of various cuts. I freeze most of it and it will feed my family of 4 for a season. I have learned to cook a variety of meat this way, because every once in awhile I come across a cut or part that I have never used before. Dollar for dollar it really comes out to be pretty close to what the grocery store charges and the best part…you know where it comes from.

          • >I freeze most of it
            Hey, RG,
            If you are not already doing so, you should also look into home canning.
            1. no additional energy usage once he product is canned
            2. no spoilage in case of a power outage.
            And the glass jars are reusable.

            When I was a boy, living in central New Jersey, this was pretty much standard practice. Obviously, a freezer will be required for some items. I have vivid memories of my Mom canning tomatoes from our garden, also of helping my Dad shovel the chicken manure which fertilized it.

            • Hi Adi,

              I do can (only water canning)…not brave enough for pressure canning yet. I make and can our salsas, spaghetti sauce, peaches, blackberries, etc. from our garden. It is quite a money saver, I haven’t had to buy salsa in two years. 🙂

              • Hi RG!

                I hesitate to post this publicly, but I do so to come to terms with my own “city boy” stupidity and to perhaps save someone else from doing what I did: When I bought this house back in 2003, it came with a basement full of stuff, including the previous owner’s canning equipment. Boiler, mason jars – everything you’d need to can for a family. I gave it all away to the neighbor, never imagining that buying stuff at the store would be both gross and grotesquely overpriced.

                Lesson learned. The hard way.

                • Hi Eric,

                  I bought my water canner on a whim. I was in Target (circa 2013) and saw it on sale in their clearance aisle. I had no idea how to use it and it sat in my basement in its original packaging until COVID.

                  The world (and empty grocery stores) terrified me. I have been in full fledged prepper mode ever since. I have learned more in the last 3 years than I did in the previous 25 combined.

              • I’m sure that among your collection of cook books there are simple instructions for the use of a pressure cooker. There is nothing inherently dangerous about them, as long as you pay attention and don’t overheat them. Even then, they do have a pressure relief plug. Very unlikely to explode. They do take some diligent monitoring, but also take far less time. In high altitudes they are a near necessity, since water boils at a lower temperature there. Your beans may not get soft in one day. In a pressure cooker, a couple of hours, since the water is boiling at a much higher temperature. They will also tenderize tough meat. Squirrel for instance.

                • Hi John,

                  I will do it eventually because I will start growing our own green beans, peas, and carrots and they have to be pressure canned.

                  I just need to do a lot of research. I refuse to do anything until I know how it operates inside and out.

                • Nothing to it.
                  What you want is a pressure canner.
                  The “jiggler” holds 5,10,or 15 psi, depending which orifice faces the pressurized container. Since this is a loose piece, there is almost no way to produce over pressure, but in that case there is also an emergency blowout valve. Main safety issue is to realize this is *live* *steam* escaping from around the jiggler.
                  Speaking of live steam:

                  > tenderize tough meat
                  Make your own pastrami:
                  1. Start with corned beef brisket
                  (you can “corn” your own, if you wish)
                  2. Dry rub with black pepper and ground coriander (let sit covered in fridge for >24 hr.)
                  3. Smoke @ ~225F for 1-1.5 hr., using water pan(s) under the meat in the smoke chamber of your wood smoker, to prevent drying out. (I like to think of my New Braunfels smoker as Chevron El Segundo meets Casey Jones.)
                  4. Pressure cook for ~ 1hr. @ 10psi, supported on crumpled Al foil over ~1 inch of water

                  Where I live, corned beef brisket is not commonly available in chain grocery stores except around St. Patrick’s Day. It is frequently heavily discounted immediately following 17 March, sometimes going for as little as $2/lb. Pounce! 🙂

                  Or, you can corn your own using curing salt, which is cheap. “Store bought” pastrami generally fetches a pretty penny. Me? I am into living well on the cheap.

      • “ I am also teaching myself bread making “

        Nothing beats a fresh loaf of bread right out of the oven! If you have, or can find, an older Betty Crocker cookbook there is a recipe for egg bread that is near foolproof. It will rise tremendously while baking makes a wonderful tall bread loaf.

        • Thanks, Sparkey I have a ton of old cookbooks (I buy them from the antique store). 🙂 I will see if I can find it and try it out. Right now I am working on a rosemary focaccia bread, but it still needs improvement. I am determined to make it as good as the bakery down the street.

          • >rosemary
            You can probably grow your own rosemary.
            Although commonly associated with Mediterranean climates, according to Wikipedia:
            >is reasonably hardy in cool climates. Special cultivars like ‘Arp’ can withstand winter temperatures down to about −20 °C (−4 °F)

            Rosemary is drought tolerant, but flourishes with rainfall, producing pretty, small blue flowers. There is no comparison between fresh rosemary and its desiccated remains. Fragrance of the live plant is amazing.

      • The experienced grocery shopper said she’s never seen bacon so on sale, and the shelves were fully stocked & that usually when it’s on sale like that it’s all gone.

        I do suspect that a great number of people are catching on about the MNRA shots in livestock.

        …Talked to a local beef farmer today, said they Never will use MNRA shots in their beef. That was good to hear in contrast to this bit from Off Grid with Doug and Stacy:

        ‘CONFIRMED The PIGS are being INJECTED and fed to YOU!’

        • Hi Helot (and RG) –

          I love pork, especially bacon. But have not had any in months, after I found out the major hog producers feed the pigs plastic/garbage. Not to mention the MRNA. I am trying to wean myself off store-bought beef, too – for all the reasons you guys have set forth. It’s hard, though. And, expensive!

          • In fact too expensive for many, if not most. For me, there simply isn’t a choice, yet. Hell, I can’t afford store bought beef, much less some grass fed organic beef. Probably not in my lifetime, but I pray the cost of such somehow comes down.

            • There’s always (so far?) the wild caught fish option.

              …Do you fish?
              Sometimes, fish can be caught on the cheap. YMMV.

  11. For every Hitler there’s a Dietrich Bonhoffer, Hans & Sophie Scholl, et al.
    For every Stalin there’s an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky, et al.

    And in the current age of tyranny, for every Obama, Biden, Fauci, Whitmer, etc there’s us.

    • In new age parlance, the reason for the dicotomy is to maximize creative opportunity for souls. Earth is some kind of hell and we are being used as toilet paper for some unknown higher mind.

  12. Boycott the bums at Target and AB!

    All of what is being done is just plain brainwashing, it is all propaganda. All clear as mud.

    Remember the tobacco companies that were crucified and burned at the stake for being in denial concerning the harm tobacco does to those who use tobacco?

    The gov made them pay through the nose.

    Tobacco is the most addictive plant on earth, remove tobacco from the store shelves and you will have an instant black market. Nobody boycotts tobacco anywhere.

    Tobacco farmers in Virginia, North and South Carolina weren’t forced out of business and no more tobacco farming. People in Winston and Salem would not have been too happy.

    If you want nicotinamides, you have to grow tobacco. Niconics are a big deal in the greenhouse business. Tobacco is a commercial crop that is a commodity. The Chinese smoke tobacco too, never stop, chain smoker champions.

    You can’t stop Cuba from growing tobacco. The Cubans make rum too.

    Charles Boycott couldn’t get any help to harvest his turnips, people said no, hell no, even.

    Hence, the eponym.

    Not that many fell for the vaccine hard sell, rejected it all, really.

    The vaccination program pogrom failed, have to boycott what is being attempted, you might die if you receive the death jab.

    Gin and Tonic today. Maybe even a vodka gimlet.

    • >Tobacco is the most addictive plant on earth
      Nicotine is a deadly poison, as well as being addictive.
      And yet, AlGore has bragged about being a tobacco farmer…
      I wonder why.

      • Having experimented with most if not all of the available illegal drugs in my youth, I would say Nicotine is the most addictive substance on earth. It’s the only one I failed to give up. I think it was a Swedish study that decades ago determined that it actually makes your brain function better, and has been used to treat Alzheimer’s. A hard thing to give up.

  13. Instead of looking at whether the COVID “vaccines” might be responsible for an explosion in cancers over the past 2 years, the media and corrupt public health bureaucrats are now trying to say that COVID is causing that, despite papers from the vaccine manufacturers themselves and actual studies indicating that developing cancer is one of the possible side effects of these mRNA jabs. There’s also been papers and studies indicating that these “vaccines” effectively shut down one’s immune system, and that the more jabs one takes, the MORE likely they are to get the dreaded ‘Rona.

  14. All I know is that I am glad I resisted and glad I didn’t take the jab. Standing up for my rights is in my DNA. You have to choose your battles, though. We have limited resources, a media and government that is against us. The war is ongoing. The war is coordinated. To fight back, you can’t hit it head on. It has to be done asymmetrically. If we think that our .22 pea shooter guns can out do Biden’s armored tanks, his army of federal officers and even our federally funded police officers, we’re going to lose. The way we win is to become unjust, to steal their weapons. They’re counting on us dust having a temper tantrum over Tucker and over Race Theory and that’s about it.

  15. This was a first attempt. the ground has been laid and will be built upon in the future.

    Cancel culture, forced jabbing, forced acceptance of degeneracy. These are symptoms of the current great awakening, and like previous versions it will be pushed too far and rebelled against. It’s a matter of time, and refusals to buy into queer beer, satan clothes for kids, experimental meds, etc shows there can be effective resistance.

    The unknown is how much of our freedoms and will get stripped until the pendulum returns.

    There is Canadian smoke in the air where I’m at and “they” are trying to get the masses to break out their covid masks again. This manifests in a local TV goofball reporting while wearing a surgical mask. Apparently sucking in smoke particles through the sides of a mask is much preferred to inhaling directly into the mouth.

    Don’t ask questions, just mimic, you monkeys.

  16. ‘Don’t be a part of it. Don’t buy into it.’ — eric

    The Swamp’s corrupt indictment of Donald Trump shows that they have no remorse for their gross presidential election interference in 2016 and 2020. Rather, they are DOUBLING DOWN in 2024 by purging, Soviet-style, a credible presidential candidate.

    Mr Trump has been indicted for two of the same offenses unquestionably committed by candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016: mishandling classified documents [in her insecure private email server] and obstruction of justice [destruction of 30,000 emails sought by Congress].

    In contrast to Mr Trump, Hillary’s posse was welcomed to the FBI, where then-Director James Comey invented a legal defense for her [‘No reasonable prosecutor …’] and dismissed the Clinton ‘matter.’

    Meanwhile, Clinton’s forged, campaign-related ‘dossier’ lived on to be weaponized into the 2-1/2 year, $32 million Mueller investigation which sowed chaos, but turned up nothing on Trump.

    Likewise, two weeks before the 2020 election, the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop was dismissed as probable ‘Russian tradecraft’ by 51 intelligence analysts. Worse, their agencies bullied the media into killing a story which could have derailed the Biden campaign.

    Now the masks are off, so to speak. The bent FBI and the corrupt Beria Garland DOJ are openly seeking to jail a 2024 electoral candidate.

    Whatever one may think of Mr Trump — I never voted for him; do not consider him suited for the job — his warped indictment ends the pretense of a republican [small ‘r’] form of government. Direct partisan intervention by the executive branch is the camel’s nose under the tent for dictatorship, rubber-stamped by a managed vote corrupted by spook agencies and the Lügenpresse.

    I utterly repudiate this outrageous hijacking of our country by the sordid Merrick Beria Garland. Not flying the stars ‘n stripes no more, except upside down in distress.

      • Trump’s indictment also coincided with a human-caused event, Britain’s denial of Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to the American gulag.

        During his term, Trump could have pardoned Assange and even (speculatively) himself. Now both are to be thrown to the hyenas for confronting the vicious, lawless fedgov.

        • I hope the Orange Ass enjoys his orange jumpsuit. Mr. Warpspeed deserves it. Not only Assange, but every poor sap J6 dupe he knowingly threw to the wolves, while he prances around. Every vaccine injury and death, directly at his feet as he groveled before Bourla. His brand of 4D chess and krakens, which led to the installation of the demented kid sniffer. While we now circle the drain and await our fate. May this fraudulent tangerine rot.

          • Bravo, BAC!

            And – amen. The Orange Buffoon deserves this. Much as I despise the demented old crook who occupies the thrown, I despise the Orange Buffoon more. For it is he who is responsible for it. He who did not end the “emergency” when he had the power to do it. He who did nothing before the election to prevent the selection. He who not only “warp speeded” the drugs into circulation – and into millions of victims – but has yet to admit his grievous error and apologize for it.

            I understand full well this is trumped-up, politically motivated theater. But it could not have happened to a more deserving person.

            • Couldn’t agree more but nothing is as it seems. Methinks the false flaggery will accelerate into something we’ve not yet seen. Keep your powder dry.

    • >Not flying the stars ‘n stripes no more

      I burned my copy long ago, gave it a decent and respectful burial.
      The U.S. of A. was a nice idea while it lasted.
      I owe no allegiance to the current GIW (Government In Warshington, [District of Criminals]).

  17. We’ve had a lot of victory. But the deeper we go, the more difficult it will be. When you begin to challenge those things that have been broadly accepted, such as taxes and “fees”, it will likely become down right dangerous. As in goons with guns at your door. I don’t mean to discourage, just warn.
    80k new IRS agents who will only attack the rich. That was the exact mantra espoused with the original institution of the income tax. And we can all see how that went.
    “When laws are unjust, where should a just man be?”

    • >80k new [armed] IRS agents
      Meanwhile, the Gabbin’ Nuisance wants a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in order to void the 2nd amendment by outlawing “assault weapons” (here we go again).

      Has anyone ever successfully invaded Switzerland? Of course not, because, aside from the terrain advantage, able bodied Swiss are issued an actual assault rifle, and taught how to use it.

      There was, I believe, a Japanese general who said, “You cannot invade the U.S. There is a rifle behind every blade of grass.” A friend of mine who was SS classified I-Y (qualified to serve in time of national emergency) asked the draft board, “What exactly constitutes a national emergency?” He was told, “Well, Richard, when the Red Chinese steam into Long Beach Harbor, that is a national emergency.” His response was, “I’ll be there.”

      Molon labe, f*ers.

      • That was Admiral Yamamoto, right before Pearl Harbor.

        As a side note, unlike any American officer who joined after September 2, 1945, he actually won a war (Russo-Japanese war).

      • “able bodied Swiss are issued an actual assault rifle, and taught how to use it.”
        And required to fire X amount of ammo on the range every year, so they don’t lose that training.
        By the way, they also have a very low violent crime rate.

        • >By the way, they also have a very low violent crime rate.
          Ya think?

          Meanwhile in Chicago, those who arm themselves for purposes of self defense are re-classified as “criminals,” without a shot being fired. During the short time I spent in Hyde Park, many years ago, the “weapons of choice” for *professional* criminals were edged weapons, i.e. knives. That may still be the case, IDK.

          So, how come there is no outcry to “stop the knife violence?”

  18. If honest results of any experiment are desired, a control group is essential. Which is why the Psychopaths In Charge tried to eliminate this one. Honest results were never their intent. In fact there is nothing honest in their intent.
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath if not a psychopath.
    One of many reasons I don’t vote. They’re either pathological liars, or they aren’t on the ballot. Including the “Libertarian” candidate if that party has a place on the ballot. The fundamental flaw in the Libertarian party is the same as the other two parties. The system is just fine, if only we could get our psychopaths elected.


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