Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED FM 08/04/2023

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Wheels Up! segment with my friend Bill Meyer over at KMED FM in Medford, Oregon! We talked about the 58 MPG fatwa and what it means as regards trucks – in that there soon won’t be any that aren’t EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees. Or very expensive and for the very affluent only:

08-02-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM EP on KMED     

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  1. Two articles of interest recently published on a science website about the coming EV apocalypse:

    What is not mention (because literally no one has a clue about it) are interest rates are now in an upward trend. A relentless waves of increasing rates just like the 1970s.

    Higher interest rates alone could be catastrophic for all car sales, especially EVs, which are very high priced with limited performance. Already, just the small interest rate move off the bottom is knocking down real estate values – which is another hidden reason for the Tesla phenomenon – many people saw their million dollar McMansion double in value in just a couple of years – and with this newfound wealth effect from Fed asset price inflation – giddy emotions of limp wristed faggy Libtards ran down to the Tesla store to get the newest expression of virtue signalling – the all electric supercar that will save the planet from imminent klimate kastrophe. I saw this firsthand at my local organic coop – just a few years prior the parking lot wall to wall Prius, but then Tesla came along, and it beat Prius to the virtue signalling pulp. A real earth caregiver goes all the way with all electric Tesla, if you have a hybrid, you don’t care enough.

    Everyone (especially the newbies get rich quick with pivot) expect imminent pivot – even though Powell says two more rate hikes this year. Apparently those words coming out of the horse’s mouth mean nothing, it’s buy stocks until both hands bleed. Everyone is expecting the Fed to pivot, and once again dump helicopter money all over Manhattan and it’s off to the races stock market bulls.

    Of course, this may not happen. I say something new is happening, Uncle Perv’s credit rating is slipping, which is slow at first, because the “full faith and credit” of US Treasuries can not be challenged, but now it is, another bond rating house Fitch downgraded us debt to AA+, which in itself is a joke, because a nation $33,000,000,000,000 in debt is actually bankrupt and has been so for many decades.

    So like that turd circling the drain, spinning faster and faster, US credit rating will keep slipping faster and faster as Amerika is recognized as an unfit to live Demoncrap shithole with zero fiscal responsibility. As the hegemon influence wanes, so does it’s credit rating, and Biden has brought that to the front.

    I guarantee you all in a few years people will be really pissed when they realized that spending $200 billion turning Ukraine into a bombed out shithole was a complete waste – like those 30,000 Yellow trucking employees who just lost their job and pension.

    BTW, the Wall Street Journal is now saying 500,000 Ukes have died thus far, and 13 million fled for their lives. That is the demonic work of pedo Joe Biden and his Jewish staff like Antony Blinken, Janet Yellin, and Victoria Nuland, who all just recently took a junket to Jewkraine themselves to visit with Jewlensky.

    This one picture says it all, the US Congress is batshit insane:,c_fill

    Jew wars for Jews is bad for Amerika, because all those wars are bankrupting the state. US debt is going exponential, which in reality means US debt is shit paper. We all know the end, in the end, the US Gov is going to default one way or another – and since the crazy loons run the asylum, they may take the whole down with them.


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