Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 09/07/2023

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Wheels Up! segment with Bill Meyer over at KMED FM in Medford, Oregon:

09-06-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM_EponKMED (1)     

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  1. Bill Gates wants to chop down 70 million trees and bury them. Needless to say, that is insane, and trees are not fossil fuels, and are the primary carbon scrubbers of the atmosphere.

    Bill Gates needs to be permanently put out of comission with 123 grains of justice injected behind his left ear, if you know what I mean.

    Bill Gates is a dangerous menace to society to say the least, and chopping down millions of trees so he can stuff his bank account with carbon credits is not even the most insane thing he says he wants to do – that idiot wants to blot out the sun with high atmosphere aerosols.

    Big surprise is in for the carbon warming cult. Solar Cycle 25 may have already peaked and in less than 10 years the sun will be in remission:

    No sun spots in 2035 will coincide with no gasoline cars either. Total fail.

    Listen to me now, or listen to me later, earth is STILL in an ice age, 8,000 years past the interglacial warmest temps (the Holocene optimum) and now we are going into another solar min – so get yourself a snow shovel and ice pick because you are going to need it.



    Blotting out the atmosphere going into a solar minimum may be the last thing the human specie does before it goes extinct.

    Seriously, Bill Gates needs to be stopped.

    • Hi Jack,

      Gates’ evil began with Microsoft. When his business practices came to general light, he whitewashed himself by becoming a magnanimous benefactor of humanity via his foundation and “vaccine” pushing. It is clear to me that he has a desire to hurt people. That his immense wealth is insufficient; he must have power over others.

      • Yes I agree, Bill Gates evil goes way back. I first became suspicious of him and Microsoft when his Windows programs started needing massive updates, then with W10 the program would update automatically, and these updates were huge hundreds of millions of megabytes – then I blogged on it and said W10 was SPYWARE.

        Think about it, if you buy a car and it immediately needs it’s engine “updated” to run, would you be suspicious? I have older computers, which I never update, and they run fine. I have machines in my library with Linux systems (free online opensource) and they run perfectly never needing updates.

        Then with W10, if the machine bogs down or quits you fix it by a “factory reset”. Which erases everything and starts over. So why did you need Updates and fixes when the ultimate fix is to start clean with the fresh install?

    • Hi X,

      Well, the fact is many – maybe most – new cars have microphones embedded that do listen in. For example, I have a Benz GLC 300 this week. You ask it to do things, like change the radio station. It hears – and it responds. Now, the tech that lets it hear commands implicitly lets it hear anything else said, eh? Whether it records what is said is another matter. But I would never want a car with a microphone in it. Just as I do not want a TeleScreen in my bedroom, either.

      • Any device that takes voice commands has to be listening, always. A few years ago I read that everything Alexa hears, which is everything, is uploaded to Amazon’s cloud.

      • Well certainly if you have an Alexa-type voice interface in the car, or you have your cell phone connected to it (I think they ALL have microphones for that now) it is possible for “them” to record what is said in the vehicle.

        The question is, are they still able to utilize those devices if they are not deliberately, connected, and can they be disabled by the driver?


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